The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner Practical handsome thirty year old stockbroker Jordon Buck never believed in the fairy tale romances or being head over heels in love even though his mother Maureen assured him it existed Jordon d

  • Title: The Wedding Planner
  • Author: G.A. Hauser
  • ISBN: 9781451589849
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Practical, handsome, thirty year old stockbroker Jordon Buck never believed in the fairy tale romances or being head over heels in love, even though his mother Maureen, assured him it existed Jordon dated Fawn Lea, the energetic, independent, twenty six year old, blonde airline hostess for three years and felt they had enough in common to tie the knot He was weary of tPractical, handsome, thirty year old stockbroker Jordon Buck never believed in the fairy tale romances or being head over heels in love, even though his mother Maureen, assured him it existed Jordon dated Fawn Lea, the energetic, independent, twenty six year old, blonde airline hostess for three years and felt they had enough in common to tie the knot He was weary of the endless search for a companion and though Fawn was off flying than she was in the Big Apple, he imagined it was time to settle down Gorgeous, gay, twenty eight year old, Tyler Holliday wasn t keen on his current career as a wedding planner Though Tyler aspired for something greater, a ghost from his youth haunted him and seemed to prevent him from getting into his preferred occupation as a model Trying not to be bitter about his fortune, Tyler lived his day to day existence with a positive attitude that someday fate would intervene and his life would take on a new direction The day he met Jordon Buck and Fawn Lea to help them plan the big event, fate met up with Tyler Holliday As Jordon s busy life on Wall Street is interrupted to begin the arrangements of a luxurious nuptial affair, Fawn s indifference to the details begins to get on Jordon s nerves Soon Jordon makes a shocking discovery about his fiance that changes everything And with that change, Jordon s eyes are opened to a relationship he never imagined could be so rewarding Maybe his mother was right and fairy tales do come true.

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    • G.A. Hauser

      About the Author Award winning author G.A Hauser was born in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA and attended university in New York City She moved to Seattle, Washington where she worked as a patrol officer with the Seattle Police Department In early 2000 G.A moved to Hertfordshire, England where she began her writing in earnest and published her first book, In the Shadow of Alexander Now a full time writer, G.A has written over eighty novels, including several best sellers of gay fiction GA is also the Executive Producer for her first feature film, CAPITAL GAMES For information on other books by G.A visit the author at her official website authorgahauser G.A has won awards from All Romance eBooks for Best Author 2010, 2009, Best Novel 2008, Mile High, and Best Author 2008, Best Novel 2007, Secrets and Misdemeanors, Best Author 2007 Note from Staff G.A has contacted us requesting for her blog not to be linked to her profile Please do not update RSS feed settings.

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    • G.A. Hauser’s books have a tendency to be either a hit or miss with me. When I saw The Wedding Planner written by her, I thought I would give her another shot and read it. I’m very glad I did. There isn’t a lot of angst in this book and it’s a very easy and quick read. When Jordon Buck’s fiancée, Fawn, wanted to hire a wedding planner, he was all for it. Neither he nor Fawn has the time or the inclination to be bothered with planning their upcoming nuptials. He and Fawn have been dati [...]

    • ^^HERE COMES THE BRIDE,THATS STILL UP FOR DEBATE^^So I read this book because the concept sounded so interesting, guy falls in love with the wedding planner while planning his own wedding. You think it would get all angsty and drama orientated, but its surprisingly sweet, and has a few life lessons about what you should feel about the person you are going to marry. Settling is never an option, you should, love and crave the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.Jordan Buck is engag [...]

    • Is it me?A 15 year old boy involved in the porn industry is a gay icon, a star?I was of the understanding it was child pornography.One reviewer didn't understand why he gave his real name. Huh- maybe because he was 15.Said it before and I'll say it again, if the character was a 15 year old girl, they would be screaming bloody murder.Oh- the editing sucked and this book was nothing but absurd stereotypes.

    • 4.5 starsThis is the third book I've read by G.A. Hauser. I was so unimpressed by the first two that I had pretty much decided not to read any more of her stuff. But the blurb for this one just sounded so enticing I couldn't help myself.I'm really glad I gave her a third chance. I ended up really enjoying this one.I'm a fan of the slow burn - even while I'm yelling "Just do it already!" I'm loving it. This one was one of those - rife with sexual tension to the point where you're about to break. [...]

    • I'm so glad I read this Hauser, having been disappointed a few times before. For a detailed review, read Daisiemae's. I concur with everything :PTyler is everything I want in a man, whether as friend or lover. Jordon was a bit too naive to be credible as a successful Wall Street stockbroker and yes, Fawn was overdone.That said, I am happy to have read a book I enjoyed right after I'm Your Drill Sergeant. I was worrying about what to pick after that, as usual, coz everything would be compared to [...]

    • I'm actually re-reading The Wedding Planner and I can't believe I'd forgotten what an adorable story this is. Jordon Buck, in all of his confused angst, was nothing short of cute. I liked the way he didn't fail to see his fiance Fawn's shortcomings. He was annoyed with her but at the same time he didn't immediately blame her. He tried to see if he was part of the problem. I liked that he didn't immediately put all of the blame for the state of the relationship on someone else. Jordon's interacti [...]

    • Kudos to Ms. Hauser for setting up all the necessary circumstances to make this a believable story. Jordon loves his gay brother Bryan, his mother's unconditional acceptance and support of both her sons is the right environment for him to be open to the idea of a different sexual orientation. He still freaks but hey, woudn't anyone, after believing themselves straight for their whole life? His work environment is also progressive and non-discriminatory. Jordon does have some ingrained stereotype [...]

    • I was expecting total fluff and fun with this one and it was fun but it had real emotions. Even made my chest hurt. I was waiting for silly but what I got felt genuine. I really loved this story. The editing could use a bit of help and some parts didn't seem very realistic but I enjoyed it anyways. Made me happy!

    • ********** CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS **********As much as I would love to start this with my opinions on the actual story, I can't. I have to start with something that bugged me throughout this entire book: bad editing. I don't know if it was just MY copy or what but there are major editing issues throughout this book. Misspelled words, names in places where they should not be (Tyler's name is where Jordon's should be several times), sentences that run together without proper punctuation, the list [...]

    • Ok i know this novel is super dreamy and the writer was living in fantasy land BUT I LIKE IT OKAY lol i like every thing about it it was a very light reading what i needed while all the college drama is happening in the other side of my brain :D #enjoyedreadingit

    • I cringed my way through this entire book. The writing was atrocious, and boy does she need an editor. The horrible stereotypes of women and gay men were really off-putting. It was such a bad book.

    • The Wedding Planner is a bit more on the usual trend of G.A. Hauser’s previous Gay Romance, where women have not exactly an exemplar role, but at least they manage to redeem a bit in the end. Perfect Groom Jordon is the dream of every woman: successful stockbroker with penthouse apartment near Wall Street and detached house in the suburbs, he is soon to be married with bimbo flight attendant Fawn. It’s not that Fawn is not a nice girl, it’s only that she doesn’t give the impression to be [...]

    • 3.5 -4 starsWhat a nice slow burn for Tyler, the wedding planner, and Jordon, the stockbroker! Jordon is a bit bicurious, a bit GFY. He is getting married.I'm not sure why other than he thinks he should be. When we meet his fiance she is nothing like you expect! She is completely self centered! Jordon and Tyler become friends and are completely in lust with each other! I loved Jordon's mom! I felt that Jordon was too naive.I mean he has NEVERED!!! WHHHAATTTT? NO. WAY.!!The gay slurs by Fawn were [...]

    • Jordan and Tyler are a very cute couple. I loved there banter and I enjoyed how easy it was for them to get alongbut I couldn't fully enjoy it because the last 20% seemed to me to be written by a different author. it was way over the top with these love declarations. don't get me wrong, usually I love a happy ending. but they only know each other for a week or so. al this talk about being the loves of their life and the thought of them getting married soon?!?! nope, not realistic.but over all it [...]

    • This is a much better Hauser than that Acting Badly/Dirty series.Truly enjoyable. The characters did not have that high volume voice they often have in her books and the peripheral characters all seemed real. There was a cameo from Claire Epstein (the modelling agency from The Kiss) she is the cousin of our hero Jordan.

    • I was sitting on my couch, wrapped in a comfy blanket, and grinning like a fool while feeling warm and cuddly on the inside The only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate.Now imagine that feeling, and that describes how much I loved this book.

    • Way too much heterosexuality and Fawn here for my liking.The story was good and I loved Tyler and Jordon, but I actually hated all Jordon's whining and begging in hopes to have sex with Fawn. Seriously it was embarrassing to read and not at all what I want to see in m/m romance books. Actually him getting hard from the sight of her boobs was way out of place in this type of story, imo. Here goes countless mentions of periods and such.And I didn't get the basics of Jordon and Fawn's odd relations [...]

    • Jordon Buck is a middle-aged stock broker on the verge of getting married to his fiance, Fawn and since the couple are very busy, they hired the services of wedding planner Tyler Holliday.The conflict arises when Fawn starts to deprive her future groom of much needed time in bed. To complicate the situation further, Jordon's life is thrown off its axis after meeting their wedding planner. The attraction was instant and although both men were reluctant to admit their feelings initially, Jordon an [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Jordon is engaged to be married to one of the most disinterested brides in the history of brides. It's not a love match. Jordon thinks it's time to get married, and Fawn will do. It's not clear why he puts up with her, even though she treats him like crap. His cluelessness was a bit grating (as was his stereotypes about gay men). He meets Tyler the wedding planner and is instantly smitten. Soon, they're working out together and sharing meals Jordon prepared. Tyler has a past that peop [...]

    • 3.5This book was quite good, despite my 3.5 rating. It would have actually the 4 except for some really. . . "urgh" parts. I loved the sexual tension and playful banter between the two characters, and how even though he was attracted to Tyler he didn't act upon it. I thought the little twist (if it could be called that, since it was pretty damn obvious) was pretty hilarious. And I loved loved loved the very secondary characters, such as Adrian and the Spanish? guy (forgot his name. . .) from the [...]

    • Two complaints with this book. First, everyone is gay, to the point of ridiculousness. They only straight people are the parents and every other side character and relative is gay. Second, who really does porn in their own name? Everyone knows porn stars have fake names, so that was the dumbest plot device ever.

    • I liked this story. I thought it was a very sweet romance. All I can say about Fawn (Jordon was engaged to her) is that I'm glad (view spoiler)[Jordon ditched the bitch and that (hide spoiler)] she isn't in the story that much be cause she was really ANNOYING!

    • 2-2,5 starsGroom falls for the wedding-planner.Cute story but stereotypical characters and the awkward writing with dialogue on elemantary school level made me want to pull my hair out

    • Ok, this is completely a guilty pleasure read! So many times throughout the book I kept saying that is just so wrong, but I couldn't stop myself from just loving these two!

    • This book just feels really off. How people act and react and interact. It's a bit like fanfiction written by a schoolkid with very limited life experiences. You know, that uncanny valley where things seems normal enough on the surface, but enough things are slightly off to be really creepy.Even the basic premises. Jordon is engaged to be married to a woman he doesn't really love, who acts like a teenager or maybe a young twenty and suddenly, inexplicably get the hots for his wedding planner. Bu [...]

    • I liked the idea of this book but I spent a lot of it wanting to shout at it. I cringed at all the stereotypes. I was really uncomfortable at Jordan pushing Fawn to have sex and his upset at her having her period. I could understand him being upset at the lack of intimacy but I was truly put off by the way he tried to resolve it rather than sitting down and having a serious adult conversation with her. At times it the story felt so absurd that Fawn wasn't living with her fiancé or the fact that [...]

    • If your are in need of a good easy read, this is one. One was getting the married, the other the planner. Jordon was getting married, but was questioning the affections of his finance. He just intended to settle until he met Tyler. The attraction to Tyler blew him away, but he kept saying he was not gay.They became fast friends. ( there was no cheating)then lovers when the engagement came to an end.

    • 3.5 starsWell, terlepas dari karakter MC yg nyebelin bgt, ceritanya menarik dan menghibur, sehingga kupikir 4 bintang cukup layak. Tapi, akhirnya kuturunkan 0.5 bintang karena sewaktu memasuki adegan seks di bagian akhir buku aku jadi ngerasa "Huh? WTH? LOL" gitu sama tingkah kedua MC, terutama si Jordon yg lagi 'diservis' sama Tyler itu kok sempat2nya ingat sama hubungan seksnya dengan Fawn (mantan tunangan), dan adiknya si Bryan dan berpikir betapa beruntungnya Bryan krn selama ini kehidupan s [...]

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