Stay Savannah Van Leone has been in love with Peter Clarke ever since she literally fell head over heels in front of him on the first day of college Now six years later instead of standing across from hi

  • Title: Stay
  • Author: Allie Larkin
  • ISBN: 9780525951711
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Savannah Van Leone has been in love with Peter Clarke ever since she literally fell head over heels in front of him on the first day of college Now, six years later, instead of standing across from him at the altar, Van s standing behind her best friend Janie as maid of honor, trying to mask her heartache and guilt as Janie marries the only man Van s ever loved Before,Savannah Van Leone has been in love with Peter Clarke ever since she literally fell head over heels in front of him on the first day of college Now, six years later, instead of standing across from him at the altar, Van s standing behind her best friend Janie as maid of honor, trying to mask her heartache and guilt as Janie marries the only man Van s ever loved Before, Van s mother died, she told Van never to let Peter go, but as the couple exchanges vows, Van wonders if her fairy tale ending will ever come true After the wedding, Van drowns her sorrows in Kool Aid vodka cocktails and reruns of Rin Tin Tin, and does what any heartbroken woman in her situation would do She impulsively buys a German Shepherd over the Internet The pocket size puppy Van is expecting turns out to be a clumsy, hundred pound beast who only responds to commands in Slovak, and Van is at the end of her rope until she realizes that this quirky giant may be the only living being who will always be loyal to her, no matter what Van affectionately names her dog Joe, and together, they work to mend the pieces of Van s shattered heart And it certainly doesn t hurt that Joe s vet is a rugged sweetheart with floppy blond hair and a winning smile But when the newlyweds return from their honeymoon, Van is forced to decide just how much she s willing to sacrifice in order to have everything she ever wanted, proving that sometimes life needs to get complicated before it can get better.

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    • Allie Larkin

      Allie Larkin is the internationally bestselling author of the novel Stay, and Why Can t I Be You 2013 She has never ordered a dog off the internet or assumed a new identity to attend a high school reunion When Allie writes, she wears an oversized circa 1980 s acrylic sweater that is a crime against fashion and good taste in general She loves Boston The band, not the city But the city is great too.Allie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Jeremy, their German Shepherd, Stella, and Stella s stuffed monster, Murray.

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    • On the surface, this books is a sweet, funny and heartwarming chick-lit story. Van is wallowing with a broken heart after the “love of her life” marries her best friend.We get to see Van’s history with Peter unfold as she deals with the consequences of making a drunken, expensive, slobbery purchase online. “Stekat'!" Dr. Brandt said, and Joe sat up and barked once. Dr. Brandt raised one eyebrow and looked at me."He's from Slovakia," I blurted out. "I accidentally bought him online." I wa [...]

    • OK, I get it that characters are supposed to be flawed like the rest of us and show some kind of growth by the end of the book, but I almost did not get past the opening chapters of "Stay". Savannah, 'Van', Leone is not very sympathetic -- a foul-mouthed drunken slob who still carries a torch for her college crush who just married her best friend. Peter, the object of her crush, seems hardly worth it. He's cute and wealthy with nice manners, but is happy to follow the lures of a cushy job and ni [...]

    • What a wonderful story. I don't read reviews of books before I read them and, somehow, (I guess from the book's description) I'd gotten it into my head that Stay was going to be a light, fluffy romance. But really isn't. There is romance, that's true. But Stay is also about friends and how we sometimes take them for granted and how sometimes we don't know them like we think we do. It's about family, the biological and the family-of-the-heart, and about the good times and the bad. And it's about [...]

    • Written with a fresh voice and a compassionate heart, Ms. Larkin has crafted a story that is thoroughly entertaining and witty. When the brokenhearted Van buys a puppy off the Internet, she soon discovers that she had no idea what she was getting into. The puppy is, like so many things in life, representative of how something that seems so wrong can end up being oh, so right. While Van learns to adjust to (and love) her clumsy four-legged friend, she also undergoes a transformation that sets her [...]

    • Oh, how I loved Allie Larkin's Stay. Nevermind that I'm a total dog lover who thinks her golden retriever has human qualities and really "gets" her. Or that I'm a sucker for love triangles and tales of first love, especially when they're coupled with the struggles and triumphs of modern dating. This is just a really great book.Stay surprised me in the absolute best way possible. I'll admit that I accepted a review copy based solely on that adorable pup on the cover (don't judge) and expected a l [...]

    • After Peter, the guy she has loved for years, marries her best friend, Van goes on a bender drinking a lot of vodka and watching re-runs of Rin Tin Tin. Alone and lonely she impulsively buys a dog online. When the dog arrives at the airport from Slovakia she finds a whole lot more than she was expecting. Joe turns out to be a fully trained law enforcement German Shepherd that only obeys commands spoken in Slovakian. Joe soon brings Alex, a vet specialising in large dogs into her life and in him [...]

    • I left like I was misled into picking this book up. I was hoping for a Marley and Me type story about raising a hellish dog, but what I got instead was a chick book with a dog thrown in to advance the plot. I don't read many of these kind of books - the kind where the female protagonist won't leave the house without makeup on and she is in love with the man her best friend is marrying and she meets a very different kind of guy and blah blah blah. Her characters, though, were much more three dime [...]

    • I have no doubt that this is a book some people will adore. Me, not so much. I do appreciate this book but I still had issues with it.This story follows Savannah, aka Van, who is pretty much the definition of a Mary Sue. Despite that, she feels like a very real and developed person, and as far as protagonists go there have been much worse.Van is feeling really down about her ex marrying her best friend. She ends up getting drunk one night and buying a German Shepherd online. Antics ensue, as you [...]

    • Most of the books I pick up are things that look interesting at the library or a friend recommends. I'm never one to read bestseller lists or New York Times reviews, but I started hearing some pre-release buzz about Allie Larkin's Stay, and added it to my wishlist to track it. When I realized she was from the same city I am and an alum of my college, it bumped up to a must-read, and I ordered it right after it was released.::: The Plot :::Savanannah Leone has lost everything. Her father took of [...]

    • I wanted to like it. Honest, I did. The cover is cute as all get out, for pete's sake.But what we have is a Savannah, known to her friends as Van, a woman who puts her romantic life on hold over a crush--for seven years! Ack. And when the crush, Peter, finally ties the knot with Van's best friend, Janie (cliche alert), he immediately realizes that the girl he got was incredibly high-maintenance, putting him in the "too dumb to live" category. Nonetheless, he goes off with new wife--on a honeymoo [...]

    • When I was reading the book, "CHEESY!" was what echoed in my mind all the time!I love romantic and pet stories; and I bought this book hoping I can read more lovely stories about some dogs, but I was disappointed on how the story was structured: there is a dog in the story, but the story is more centered on the poor pitiful girl - Van.I'm not saying all stories should centered only on the dogs, but "Stay" can just dispose the idea of the dog and still progresses fine.I mean, there is just so lit [...]

    • Ok, this has got to be a the book equivalent of a chick-flic :-) I bought it because I love dogs (have two) and thought the book was mostly about the dog. I started reading, and it is not about the dog, but mostly about the antagonist's personal life. Had I known that, I would have been unlikely to buy the book. To make things weirder - I really liked this book :-) It was heartwarming, (minor spoiler alert), had a happy ending on all fronts and was well-written. We went to Thanksgiving dinner ye [...]

    • A charming, big-hearted novel about Savannah (Van), a young woman who has devoted the last few years of her life to pining after her good friend from college, Peter, who falls in love with her childhood best friend, Janie. When the two officially tie the knot, however, she is finally forced to make a clean break. Drunk and lonely one night, she "accidentally" buys a German shepherd puppy from Slovakia over the internet, and her life gets just the shake-up she's been needing. I loved the complex [...]

    • นางเอกที่ตกหลุมรักเพื่อนชายตั้งแต่พบกันวันแรก จนหกปีต่อมาเธอต้องมายืนเป็นเพื่อนเจ้าสาวแทนเป็นเจ้าสาวเสียเองเมื่อผิดหวังจากรักครั้งแรก (ที่จริงก็คือแอบรักโดยไม่เคยบอกให้ [...]

    • I loved this book. The first two chapters or so I was very "meh", figuring it would be more typical chick lit, and it was, sort of, and it was a tad predictable, but once I hit about 1/4 of the way through the book, I didn't want to put it down at all. The characterization was real and vivid and the dog-- I LOVED the dog! The book made me laugh several times and cry a little. Allie Larkin's writing is very reminiscent in tone and style to my all time favorite woman author, Jennifer Weiner. I can [...]

    • Savannah “Van” Leone has just watched the love of her life, Peter, marry her best friend Janie. Wallowing in sadness and Kool-Aid vodka cocktails, Van impulsively orders a German Shepard puppy online from Slovakia, who she names Joe. After the purchase, she realizes he cost $6,000, and when he arrives, he’s a lot bigger than expected, and only understands commands in Slovakian. Though he’s a bit much, Van loves him something fierce. He helps heal her heart, broken from losing the love of [...]

    • I'm a dog lover. Big time. Every book with good, fun dog character in it usually makes a story so much better. This time, although Joe the German Shepherd "puppy" was adorable and one of the best behaving dogs I've read about, he could not save the story for me.At first, it looked promising and funny. To get over the heartbreak of her best friend marrying the man of her dreams, Savannah gets really drunk and accidentally buys a puppy online from Slovakia. This should have been the first warning. [...]

    • Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesIf I could recommend only one book to read this summer, it might very well be Stay. There’s some stiff competition, but I adored this book from Joe’s doggie antics, to Van’s journey. This book captured my heart – so much so that I wanted to reach out and wrap my arms around Van at every turn. Stay is about unrequited love, finding oneself and starting over and was wrapped in warmth and humour. It’s touching, charming and full of laugh out loud moment [...]

    • "Stay," by Allie Larkin was one of the most fun and delightful novels I have read in years! I wish there were another word than "love" to describe how I felt about it, because love is overused, but for lack of a better word, just know that I ABSOLUTELY loved this novel! Van (Savannah) has been in love with Pete for nearly 10 years, since they met in college, but she was from the wrong side of the tracks and he never let their friendship grow into more. Instead, he married her best friend, Jane. [...]

    • This is not a story about a dog really but about a young woman struggling with heartbreak, loss, and life in general and the dog helps her thru it.Full review: wwwbookbabe/2010/Superb. 5 stars.

    • Over the past several months, I’ve become increasingly disenchanted with the romance genre, stepping away from it without much regret. But this book was a hard-drive holdover, and I’m actually glad I gave it a shot. Here’s why:Savannah (Van) Leone has been quietly in love with Peter Clark for years. They attended the same college, but that’s where the common ground ended in many respects. Peter is well off; Van is the daughter of a women who kept house for a wealthy family in Westchester [...]

    • set within 100 miles of your location: I loved all of the Rochester references without being obnoxious. Sometimes predictability annoys me but in this book I found it comforting.

    • Book Review: Stay, by Allie LarkinThe characters spring to life from the first sentence in Allie Larkin’s debut novel, Stay. Savannah “Van” Leone has sacrificed other possible relationships and put all her hopes and dreams in one basket. She is devastated when her ultimate love blindsides her, begins a romance with her best friend, and marrying Janie instead of Van. There are always consequences to alcohol consumption, as Savannah soon finds out. She orders a dog from the internet to assua [...]

    • I'm not even sure that I can begin to describe how much I loved this book. I'll admit, the beginning made me a bit wary (those types of situations are just heartbreaking to me), but the book only got better as it went along. Starting around the time she comes home from the wedding and gets completely drunk, this book had me laughing hard and laughing often. I started the book kind of hoping Peter would come to his senses and leave Janie, but I didn't exactly like that either. It's not like Janie [...]

    • I read this from around 11 p.m. to 3 a.m straight through, and I mention this because I don't know if it was lateness and sleep deprivation alone, or the effectiveness of writing, or how easy it was for me to empathise with the lead character of this book - but wow, I cried. I cried three chapters in, and then every once in a while something would happen and my heart would sink all over again. I want to liken this to a YA novel? not for any reason except for the way this book felt. it felt. it w [...]

    • The protagonist of Stay, by Allie Larkin, Savannah “Van” Leone has a problem – the man (Peter) that she’s in love with just married her best friend, Janie. It’s more complicated than that however, not only is Janie from a privileged family, but Van grew up in her carriage house. Her late mother, Natalie, was the housekeeper for Janie’s family (and also Diane, Janie’s mother’s best friend.) Yes. Her life is complex and not free of drama.And it didn’t help any when, rather than d [...]

    • This book was so random. I didn't understand why the characters did whatever they did. I liked Van sometimes, especially when she is with Joe. Joe made everything hilarious. But other times Van is so annoying and like a doormat? She let Peter force her to set up a party. What the hell? I wouldn't even let them in my house and WHY does it have to be in her house? Peter was such a selfish bastard I don't even know what Van liked about him. And what the hell is wrong with Janie? Jane? or whatever h [...]

    • Janie is Savannah's (Van's) best friend since childhood. Peter is the man she literally fell for her first day of college. Her biggest mistake was introducing them to each other. That is why as this book starts she is dressed up looking like a satin orange pumpkin as maid of honor at their wedding. After the wedding hoopla she decides to drown her sorrows with a little Vodka and a Rin-Tin-Tin movie marathon. During the night she drunk orders a puppy off the internet. When the puppy arrives she f [...]

    • Craicky, I found a link to chick-lit novels that feature pets, mainly dogs. I am screwed! But if this book is any indication on what is to come, I might give up soon. It was cute, but lame at the same time and didn't really bring anything new to the table.Girl is all sad that her best friend (whose parents employed her mother, so they are sort of more like sisters then anything) married the guy she had been crushing on in college (Something Blue, anyone??) and in a fit of drunkenness, buys a Ger [...]

    • I'm borrowing parts of this review from another one of my chick-lit book reviews, largely because, on some level, all of these chick-lit books are basically the same.Okay, let's be honest here. If you're anything like me, you don't read a book like this because it's a lyrical masterpiece or because you expect to get a lot out of it. You read it for entertainment, and because you like things that wrap up in nice boxes with happy endings. You read it because it's fun. Like candy for the brain.In t [...]

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