The Heights

The Heights Tim Welch is a popular history teacher at the Montague Academy an exclusive private school in Brooklyn Heights As he says I was an odd looking gawky kid but I like to think my rocky start forced me

  • Title: The Heights
  • Author: Peter Hedges
  • ISBN: 9780525951131
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tim Welch is a popular history teacher at the Montague Academy, an exclusive private school in Brooklyn Heights As he says, I was an odd looking, gawky kid but I like to think my rocky start forced me to develop empathy, kindness, and a tendency to be enthusiastic All of this, I m now convinced, helped in my quest to be worthy of Kate Oliver Now, Kate is not inherent Tim Welch is a popular history teacher at the Montague Academy, an exclusive private school in Brooklyn Heights As he says, I was an odd looking, gawky kid but I like to think my rocky start forced me to develop empathy, kindness, and a tendency to be enthusiastic All of this, I m now convinced, helped in my quest to be worthy of Kate Oliver Now, Kate is not inherently ordinary But she aspires to be She stays home with their two young sons in a modest apartment trying desperately to become the parent she never had They are seemingly the last middle class family in the Heights, whose world is turned upside down by Anna Brody, the new neighbor who moves into the most expensive brownstone in Brooklyn, sending the local society into a tailspin Anna is not only beautiful and wealthy she s also mysterious And for reasons Kate doesn t quite understand, even as all the Range Rover driving moms jockey for invitations into Anna s circle, Anna sets her sights on Kate and Tim and brings them into her world Like Tom Perrotta, Peter Hedges has a keen eye for the surprising truths of daily life The Heights is at once light of touch and packed with emotion and depth of character Watch a Video

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    • Peter Hedges

      Peter Hedges is an American novelist, screenwriter, and film director His novel What s Eating Gilbert Grape was adapted into a critically acclaimed movie of the same title, which launched his film career.In 2002 he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for About a Boy In the same year, he wrote and directed Pieces of April, starring Katie Holmes, which he dedicated to his mother.

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    • This is not the kind of thing I usually read, and there's a really good reason. It was pretty shallow and yuppie-ish and self-indulgent. The writing was fair, good enough to keep me reading but not good enough for me to ever read another by this author. The first half of the novel was markedly better than the second half, but still not that great. It was okay. The characters didn't ring true to me. These are not people I know or would ever want to know. This book had a kind of keeping-up-with-th [...]

    • I can't finish. It's just too not good / prosaic / lacking / ordinary / pedestrian / drivelly. (This is how the author writes, with a lot of slashes.) The author desperately needs a haircut and also a career change. Will probably be made into a movie, as author is a scriptwriter.

    • Wow, this is a first. I sit down to write a review of this book and the word that pops into my mind is vomitous. From the utterly unlikeable married couple at the center of the story to the ridiculousness of the story (coupled with details that are idiotic and plotlines that trail off into nothingness), this is one of those books that any sensible person would put down after 20 pages. I am begging for an intervention - help me stop HAVING to finish any book I start. Anna Karenina is in my to rea [...]

    • The Heights by Peter Hedges is an entertaining story with funny, likable and believable characters. It is a story of the danger of "secrets" in a relationship.Tim and Kate Welch, a young married couple with two small boys, live in the Heights (Brooklyn) surrounded by the wealthy elite. They are the outsiders - young and poor. Tim is a history teacher working on a never-ending thesis and Kate is a stay-at-home Mom.Then Anna Brody-Ashworth moves into the neighbourhood and life changes for the Welc [...]

    • One of the worst books I have ever read, and I can't put into words how much I hated it. The main characters were entirely unlikable in every way imaginable, and the only characters I had any sympathy for at all were the children in both marriages and Bruno, the boss. The only redeeming quality is that the writing was decent the content, however, was atrocious. When you find yourself rooting against both people in a marriage because they are both horrible, selfish, petulant, child-brained morons [...]

    • The Heights is the story of Kate and Time Welch, a young married couple living in Brooklyn whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of a new neighbor, the alluring and enigmatic Anna Brody. On the whole, I liked this book well enough, but expected more from it. Written in short chapters that alternate in viewpoint between Kate and Tim (with a few other characters sometimes thrown into the mix), the pace of the narrative is quick and propels the reader forward. At the same time, however, [...]

    • I bought this book a few years ago, and since then have had it sitting on my "to read" pile. Now I wish I had picked it up sooner. The story is told in a very subtle manner so if feels like you are just checking in with friends rather than following a plot. But woven into those check-ins are some great observations about life, and commentary about wishing for what you don't have.Hedges' style of writing made this very easy to read. The characters created were flawed enough to be be real, and hon [...]

    • There were a lot of things I didn't like about this book. But I won't go into that, because in all honesty it hit me to the core. I've never been in any kind of situation portrayed in the book, but I deeply felt everything that was happening in the bookd at the end I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. Just a deep emotional connection to the characters! I was sitting there going "NO!" "Don't do that!" "Good choice" I didn't agree with some of the author's choices, but overall this b [...]

    • The Heights is, by evidence presented in this book, an area of Brooklyn that is “out of place” – it is inhabited by the Nuevo Riche, Trust Fund Benefactors, Hedge Fund managers and others who are friends with those “who run the world,” located inside the borough known as “the real Brooklyn.” In this enclave, within the walls of a very modest apartment, reside the Welch family, Tim, Kate and two young boys. Tim teaches history at the exclusive Montague Academy while he works on his [...]

    • I had a feeling I would like this one, just because the author wrote the screenplay for two delightful movies that I love, About a Boy and Dan in Real Life. He has a talent for creating characters that are flawed, complex but loveable. In other words Real! I really enjoyed this novel and did not want to put it down. It is a deftly told tale of the dangers of keeping secrets in a marriage. The storyline was compelling and the characters interesting, almost like you know people just like them. The [...]

    • The Heights by Peter Hedges is the story of Kate and Tim Welch, and their life in the Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Tim's a history teacher at Montague Academy, an elite private school and Katie is a stay-at-home mom; together they live in cramped apartment with two young sons. It's not easy existing on a teacher's salary for the couple. In fact it appears this couple is the only middle class couple still living in The Heights. Despite this their life seems relatively content.All t [...]

    • Tim Welch is a history teacher at a private school still working on his dissertation about loss. Kate Welch is a stay at home mom who loves taking care of her children. Everything changes when they meet Anna Brody. Tim takes a year off, Kate gets a job. New feelings appear. Told from several different perspectives, but mainly Tim and Kate you get to learn what life is like in the Heights.Hedges, who wrote both the novel and screenplay for Whats Eating Gilbert Grape as well as several other scree [...]

    • I liked this more than I expected to. For some reason, I had been putting off reading it, afraid that it was going to come off as pretentious. Thankfully, I was wrong. It wasn’t pretentious, but it was one of those novels that didn’t really go far.I was able to connect much more with Tim than with Kate. Tim is a bumbling young father who is somewhat misguided, and more than a little confused about what he wants out of life. Kate was much more dry, and frankly, uninteresting. It’s telling t [...]

    • In truth this book deserves two stars for its rather smutty and childish nature, but I found it so readable that three stars seems more fair. This book reminds me of Little Children (but with an urban edge), MOrningside Heights (yet another book that makes more of a neighborhood than there actually is) and Election (it really echoes it in many ways).The Heights is about a swanky section of Brooklyn and centers around Kate and Tim, a seemingly happy couple whose lives fall apart when a new, myste [...]

    • What a stupid stupid book. This is so sappy and so gooey and so downright creepy. All this jolly family goop - Like some kind of Christmas card by Norman Rockwell only in this one he moves to Brooklyn and paints such sweet pictures of how deep down all us educated sweet white people really love to do good for EVERYONE. I'm puking just describing it I MEAN GIMME A BREAK.He - whatever his name is - goes into a three day depression because his favorite homeless guy dies. Are you getting an idea her [...]

    • Literary fiction with a beachy pace, but I feel like I've read this story so many times before.It didn't help that we were getting baby boomers repackaged as fresh 30-somethings in contemporary Brooklyn. The gender issues, relationship dynamics, and antiquated technology seemed pulled right out of the 80s, but there were several references to pop culture events that place the setting firmly in modern day. I guess that's more of editing problem, but as a contemporary to these people they felt mor [...]

    • I enjoyed this book a lot in the beginning; a little less in the middle, and then went back to loving it in the end. The book takes place in Brooklyn. It's about a couple who, despite being in love and happily married; are both tempted to have extramarital affairs. It's told through first person-alternating viewpoints. Mostly we hear from the husband and wife. Every so often we hear from someone else.Some of the book takes place in Disney World. I thought the scenes there were very interesting a [...]

    • Tim and Kate are happily in love with two boys and struggling to make ends meet. Tim is a history teacher and Kate a stay at home mom. When Kate meets their new glamorous neighbor Anna, things start to change for the happy family. Tim takes a sabbatical to take care of the kids and Kate is offered a lucrative job working for a charitable foundation. With Anna and Tim going on play dates and getting closer Kate begins to drift back towards her former college days lover. The ending is to be expect [...]

    • Just excellent. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed "Prep" or "Admissions." A simple story of ruin. Not really one of deception and secrets, but plain, simple ruin.An ordinary family living among extraordinary wealth in The Heights. But it's not just about the poor amongst the wealthy. It's about an ordinary family making it, not making it, whatever, in New York.It's pretty much a set up for a movie--I'm surprised it hasn't been optioned yet!

    • Begged to be told in third-person- but nope, instead it lurches from chapter to chapter told by a different character.Hedges knows the music, but not the words will make a better movie than it does a book. Only I'm not sure what they'll leave *in*. There's a lot here, but it's almost all glossed over and undercooked. The searing version of this story was Little Children by Perotta, and even that wasn't terrific.

    • The best way to describe this book is mediocre. The characters are rather flat. Kate and Tim are happily married until temptation enters their life. The temptation comes in the form of a new neighbor. Kate also reconnects with famous ex. I felt certainly distanced from the characters. The one thing I liked was the Disney World section towards the endSadly this did not save the book.

    • This was such a weird book. One minute it was engaging and purposeful and the next minute I couldn't figure out why it had been written that way. Needless to say, I finished it. But hated the end. Except just when I thought it was over, there was more and it left me confused and a little irritated. I liked it for the fact that it was anything but predictable.

    • I didn't have much hope for this book. Yet another fluff piece about over-analyzed and over-lamented Brooklyn parents. But it pleasantly surprised me. It's light but fast paced and unlike most light works of fiction, it was intelligently written. And considering this was the first book I read after Atlas Shrugged, it was practically medicinal.

    • So stupid and pointless and boring. How do these things make it past the publishers? 250 pages of buildup to a couple having an affair and then the most unsatisfying resolution ever. A giant crapburger of a book.

    • Don't even bother. I was excited to read this book because the author wrote the movie About a Boy, but "boy" was I disappointed! (Sorry, I couldn't help with the pun) :)

    • Thought I would enjoy this, really like What's Eating Gilbert Grape. This was hard to finish - I just didn't like the characters, I didn't like where they were going, didn't like the story. Pushed through it, only plus was that I listened to it on my work commute and didn't feel I wasted my time as I would have if I had read the physical book.

    • Può sembrare un libro frivolo, noioso o una perdita di tempo, ma leggendolo l'ho trovato molto interessante perché parla di argomenti non facili da trattare, come l'infedeltà e il tradimento, in modo tranquillo e dosato. Meriterebbe più visibilità, a mio parere

    • A young couple are both tempted to be unfaithful with exciting new and old partners. You watch these other relationships develop and hold your breath while you wait to see what will happen next. The ending is not really very satisfying.

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