Obelix and Co.

Obelix and Co Julius Caesar sends Caius Preposterus a bright young graduate of the Latin school of Economics to corrupt the indomitable Gauls by introducing them to big business Obelix s menhir trade is soon thri

  • Title: Obelix and Co.
  • Author: René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9780752866529
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Julius Caesar sends Caius Preposterus, a bright young graduate of the Latin school of Economics, to corrupt the indomitable Gauls by introducing them to big business Obelix s menhir trade is soon thriving, backed by a heavy advertising campaign but does wealth bring happiness And what will happen when the bottom falls out of the menhir market

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      300 René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
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    About “René Goscinny Albert Uderzo

    • René Goscinny Albert Uderzo

      Ren Goscinny was a French author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic book Ast rix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered the series golden age.Series Asterix

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    • Another one of my favourites. Financial whiz kid Caius Preposterus has the bright idea of subverting the Gauls through money. His plan is simple - buy up as many menhirs as the Gauls can make at exorbitant prices, so that they will not have the time or the inclination to bash Romans, and the rich lifestyle will make them decadent. Then make a demand for the utterly useless thing by appealing to the vanity of the people, and sell them off at a profit - thus making a killing both way.Things work f [...]

    • One of the few missing from my dad's collection when I was a kid, I only had a few pages to go on.Here is one of the few instances where there's actually a decent plan to take down the Gaulsis time, revolving around commerce, and the menhir.A Roman economist tells JC (Julius Caesar) that they could keep the Gauls distracted from fighting by making them ruled by coingo, the menhir trade takes off, Obelix becomes wealthy, everyone works for him or makes their own menhirs, which Asterix sees right [...]

    • পাঁচ-তারা ছাড়া আর কোনো রেটিং কি গসিনী-উদেরজোর সম্মিলিত কোনো আস্তেরিক্সকে দেয়া যায়?ময়লা একটা সংস্করণ কিনলাম, আজকেই, বাড়াবাড়ি রকমের স্বল্পমূল্যে। এটা হচ্ছে আস্তেরিক্সের সেইসব বইয়ের একটা, যে [...]

    • When I was a child a trip to the library meant a beeline to the low-lying shelf that, if you were lucky, would have an Asterix book or two. I discovered many a fantastic tale there, and years later I’ve steadily been rediscovering them by buying the modern re-coloured versions published by Orion. I’m finally up to what couled be, quite possibly, my favourite, so thought I’d share it, just on the off-chance you’d never come across it yourself.From the outset, the very title stands this bo [...]

    • Excellent story withwait for it an actual message. That's right, it's a comic strip with a goal in mind. But what is the goal? Answer: Marxism.Well, this may be gowing a bit too far, but as Wiki notes:"-The book is a parody of capitalism as, while Obelix could hunt boar before, he begins to overwork for the purpose of buying them (and ridiculous clothing). This pointless circle of money is something Obelix never understands in the first place, when all this stress could be prevented by simply hu [...]

    • Questa volta Cesare decide di affidarsi ad un esperto di economia di nome Assurdus per battere i Galli. Obelix cade in pieno nella trappola vendendo i suoi menhir a prezzi sempre crescenti scoprendo il valore dell'oro. Per fortuna Asterix e Panoramix, saggiamente, vigileranno sul villaggio, obbligando Assurdus e Cesare a una mossa piuttosto azzardata.Albo bellissimo non solo per le battute e l'ironia, ma soprattutto per la satira sul consumismo e l'economia che pervade tutto l'album.Da non perde [...]

    • Podľa mňa jeden z naj príbehov aj s morálnym ponaučením, ako dokážu biznis a peniaze pokriviť charakter. A nádherná satira na "ekonomický" jazyk.

    • Solo la lezione di marketing impartita da Caius Assurdus a Cesare (oggetto: le strategie di vendita dei menhir nel mercato romano) vale la lettura.

    • ¿Se puede hacer una sátira al sistema capítalista desde un comic infanto juvenil? Si y si. Obelix y compañía no solo fue uno de los puntos más altos de Goscinny en los guiones de Asterix, sino uno de los mejores ejemplos de comic franco-belga que dio el siglo XX. La idea es tan descabellada como brilante ¿Como desarticular a un pueblo invencible de armas temer? Introduciendolos al mundo de la oferta y la demanda a través de los menhires. De ahí, saltaran decenas de chistes y ocurrencias [...]

    • Caius Preposterus, a Roman kid just out of the Latin School of Economics advise Julius Caesar to corrupt the little village of Gauls and distract them from fighting the Roman Army. The plan is very simple. Caius ask for the delivery of menhir and pays a lot of money, and ask more menhirs each day and pays more moneyOvelix, is a business man now, has people working for him, has to change cloths and has to attend meet lunches to talk about business this issue is a comic parody of capitalism But a [...]

    • Nyt on yksi omista Asterix-suosikeista. Markkinatalous tulee Galliaan ja siitä saada irti koko sarjan tähän asti parasta huumoria.

    • Os legionários junto à aldeia, sabem que não podem domar os gauleses por isso, desmazeladamente, só esperam que os venham render. César em roma pensa numa nova estratégia: Tornar os gauleses decadentes por causa do dinheiro. Isto é, se os gauleses estiverem a pensar em ganhar dinheiro, não pensam em bater nos romanos. um jovem, Caius Saugrenus, que estudou estratégia económica, é enviado à Gália e lança-se na compra de menires a Obélix, oferece-lhe sestércios, e como obélix tem [...]

    • Berdasarkan saran dari Propesterus alumni Latin School of Economics, Julius Caesar memakai taktik ekonomi untuk mengalahkan orang-orang Galia pemberani ini.Menhirs yang sebenarnya tak ada nilainya dibeli oleh Propesterus dari desa Galia, dengan harga tinggi yang terus dinaikkan. Hal ini menimbulkan kekacauan pada masyarakat Galia yang berubah orientasi ekonominya dari cara tradisi barter ke penggunaan mata uang. Dari masyarakat yang kental kekeluargaan dan gotong royong menjadi makhluk2 ekonomi [...]

    • Nella ventitreesima avventura degli irriducibili galli stavolta si affronta la tematica del liberalismo, dove vediamo Obelix che lentamente si allontana dal suo migliore amico Asterix per colpa del vil denaro, vendendo i suoi menhir ai romani. Una tematica simile, la cupidigia, era già stata affrontare nella storia "Asterix e il paiolo" e, indirettamente, in "Asterix e lo scudo degli Arverni". Palese è la cocente ironia sugli uomini di marketing che con i loro grafici ti spiegavano come vender [...]

    • This is a very funny book with discipline in the Roman camp becoming lax as they get used to a procession of flamboyant Gauls entering their garrison and the absurd clothes the Gauls wear when they become rich are hilarious. This is one of the best in the Asterix series with its satirical look at marketing, capitalism and greed. The Romans are determined to rid themselves of their Gaulish problem and employ Caius Preposterous to corrupt the Gauls by creating huge demand for the useless menhir. D [...]

    • A new centurion arrives at a Roman camp. He's Centurion Ignoramus. He plans to attack the Gauls from the village. Its Obelix's birthday, so they're letting him fight the Romans by himself. Some guy from Rome thinks he can corrupt the Gauls and make them weaker.(The way the Roman speaks is basically making fun of Native Americans.)His idea was to get the people in the village to make menhirs and all become so interested in making money they wouldn't devote any time to fighting. Things get out of [...]

    • Waktu mengajar materi perubahan sosial, saya langsung terpikir untuk memanfaatkan cerita ini! Saya minta murid-murid saya menyusun urutan yang benar bagaimana warga desa Asterix yang tidak punya uang (karena tidak butuh) kemudian berlomba-lomba menjadi wirausaha bidang batu menhir :) Selain saya singgung tentang teori permintaan dan penawaran (ala Romawi yang ngawur di buku ini), mereka juga saya minta menganalisis asal mula kata-kata ini: "Kenapa kamu orang bicara seperti itu, toh?"Kocak abis, [...]

    • It was good. There isn't really laugh-out-loud humour so I won't say 4 stars. Over all, it's a satire on capitalism and I didn't get some jokes. some interesting twists:Asterix and Getafix introduce the competitive market. Impedimenta insists on being dropped off at the shops on her husband's official shield. Preposterous (Roman finacial adviser) is a caricature of someoneI'm not sure Menhirs are marketed in Rome as a luxury commodity.Competing Roman menhir hits the market including an Egyptian [...]

    • The Romans decide to use Obelix’s notoriously useless menhir business against him: a Roman agent arrives at the Roman camp and persuades Obelix to sell him menhirs at high prices, in hopes that the new flow of wealth and prestige will create competition and jealousy that will eventually corrupt and undermine the village. The resulting boom in the previously non-existent menhir trade creates a wide array of amusing problems for both the Gauls and the Romans.A hilarious tale with a clear lesson [...]

    • Um dos melhores livros de gestão e marketing. Este volume de banda desenhada tem a particularidade de mostrar como se desenrola a publicidade para fomentar o consumismo de algo supérfluo e os mecanismos de oferta/procura/concorrência. O mais interessante é que o principal motivo em torno desta propaganda é a geração de uma crise no cerne duma população "saudável e normal", com o despoletar de sentimentos de poder, inveja, vaidade e competição.English version in booksliteraryreviews.

    • Ini adalah buku Asterix & Obelix yg paling terakhir saya beli, sekitar jaman SMP (taon 93-95) skr dah ilang entah kemana karena uda pindah rumah.Yg masih jelas teringat dari cerita ini adalah, bangsa romawi mencoba menyibukkan bangsa galia dengan membeli menhir sebanyak2x-nya dari galia meski sebenarnya mereka gk tau mau dikemanakan menhir2x itu kekekekeEntah berapa liter tinta dan berapa drum bir yang habis utk membuat komik ini hohoho

    • "The following passage will be difficult for those of you unacquainted with the ancient business world to understand, especially as, these days, such a state of affairs could never exist, since no one would dream of trying to sell something utterly useless"Hahahahahaha What a hoot?!One of the best satires i've read on capitalism.And oh, Obelix & Co has its use - unlike the menhirs. *grin*

    • Obelix Co. – an excellent companion to Asterix and the Cauldron, flipping the premise to the side of capital; as a recent Roman business school grad prompts Obelix to mass-produce menhirs for Roman consumption

    • Watch out! Julius Caesar has devised his most cunning attack yet on the indomitable Gauls. He has sent Caius Preposterus, a graduate of the Latin School of Economics, to corrupt them by introducing big business into their little town. But will wealth and success bring the Gauls happinessor trouble?

    • Ce que j'ai tiré de ce livre c'est que le capitalisme c'est mal et ça rend décadent. Rendre décadent les gaulois, c'est la solution pour les vaincre selon ce tome des aventures d'Astérix. Quelle idée ridicule!!! Tout le bien de cette BD part en fumée simplement à cause de cette idée stupide. C'est une des pire histoire d'Astérix depuis le début.

    • During my childhood, every summer holiday meant a visit to my grandparents house, which had a library of sorts, and a reunion with all my beloved characters from the Asterix and Obelix series. I never get bored of reading these, I've probably read them all a gazillion times over and enjoyed them immensely every time

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