Passing Under Heaven

Passing Under Heaven In the last years of the Tang Dynasty a beautiful girl is born in a fort along the Great Wall of China and is set to become the most famous and celebrated courtesan of her age Set in the th century

  • Title: Passing Under Heaven
  • Author: Justin Hill
  • ISBN: 9780349117409
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the last years of the Tang Dynasty, a beautiful girl is born in a fort along the Great Wall of China, and is set to become the most famous and celebrated courtesan of her age Set in the 9th century, Passing Under Heaven tells the tragic love story of Lily, a Chinese poet and documents a time when Chinese women enjoyed a window of unprecedented personal freedom includIn the last years of the Tang Dynasty, a beautiful girl is born in a fort along the Great Wall of China, and is set to become the most famous and celebrated courtesan of her age Set in the 9th century, Passing Under Heaven tells the tragic love story of Lily, a Chinese poet and documents a time when Chinese women enjoyed a window of unprecedented personal freedom including the freedom to fall in love But when Lily pushes that freedom to its limits disaster ensues, leaving her child and husband to forever mourn her loss.Based on historical fact, Passing Under Heaven is than the story of the end of a love affair, this book also chronicles the passing of the Chinese golden age into civil war and ruin.

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    About “Justin Hill

    • Justin Hill

      Justin is an English novelist whose work has twice been nominated for the Man Booker Prize He was born in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island in 1971 and was brought up in York He was educated at St Peter s School, York, and was a member of St Cuthbert s Society, Durham University He worked for seven years as a volunteer with VSO Voluntary Service Overseas in rural China and Africa, before returning home to Yorkshire in 1999 His internationally acclaimed first novel, The Drink and Dream Teahouse, won the 2003 Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and a 2002 Betty Trask Award, and banned by the government in China It was also picked by the Washington Post as one of the Top Novels of 2001.His second novel, Passing Under Heaven, won the 2005 Somerset Maugham Award and was shortlisted for the Encore Award The Independent on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph both picked it for their Christmas Recommended Reads in 2005.Ciao Asmara, a factual account of his time in Eritrea, was shortlisted for the 2003 Thomas Cook Travel Book Award In December 2009, he signed a two book deal with Little, Brown, to publish his Conquest Series His work has been translated into fourteen languages.

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    • 4.5 starsThis novel is so completely different from Shieldwall which I recently read and was very impressed by. I am always impressed by a creative person who doesn't stick in a groove but it does render it impossible, at most points, to make any real comparison. I will say I found this story perhaps less coherent (that is, it didn't hang together as well) and I couldn't much like Lily (view spoiler)[ (but I am a dog lover and I never got over that bit!) (hide spoiler)]. In the end, neither of t [...]

    • This book is sometimes categorized as 'historical fiction', but that's still not quite accurate. The book is a fictional account of a historical Tang Dynasty (618-906 CE) poetess (Yu Xuanji) whom we know only vaguely through a handful of poems, a reference to a book of her works and diaries (now lost), and a historical reference to her death 12 years after she was executed. It is, however, a beautifully written story woven around the main themes of her poetry--the betrayals of life, love, beauty [...]

    • As a Tang Dynasty buff, I found this to be an absorbing read. On one part for the span of historical detail and peek into the life of women inside and outside the home, and in large part of the restless energy of the protagonist, Lily or Yu Xuanji. It's another poignantly tragic tale about a Chinese maiden who has the misfortune of both falling in love and yearning to have her own way. The difference being that this was more than a woman trapped in the oppressiveness of her time. Lily fights aga [...]

    • Reasonably interesting fiction but as a novel seeking to fill in the considerable blank that is the life of the Tang dynasty poetess - Yu Xuanji - there was very little about her creative process. One minute she was a little girl, the next minute she was a concubine and was writing poems. The poems are inserted in the text but it took me a while to realise that they were actually HER surviving poems, because the novel did not examine or seek to illustrate the development of her creativity and sk [...]

    • I really did enjoy this book. I would be reading and take a break only to realize I've been reading for an hour. However, I did feel like it never really took off. The events and conflicts were interesting and all but it was a steady fizzle rather than a boom then aftershocks. I didn't truly connect to the characters and felt as if I was just watching these things play out and not being brought in.The ending was unexpected and Minister Li's actions were frustrating throughout the book.Enjoyed th [...]

    • This historical fiction depicts the life of a beautiful young Chinese girl living at the end of the Tang Dynasty who grows up to become a celebrated poet and renown courtesan. The story is fiction, but based on historical facts.The story skips around in time a little bit and while normally I don't mind that, it didn't seem to add anything to the story, even detracting from it from time to time. The poetry in the book is lovely, but also interrupted the flow of the plot.

    • Interesting times, 850 A.D. and 900 A.D. in China. A concubine and, more rare, a female poet. actually published. Fictionalized version of her life. The system of "justice" particularly brutal. Clothes, food, gardens, homes, resting in monasteries, all very interesting. Poetry was the entertainment of the time.

    • Fictional yet insightful. Heartbreaking story about one of my favorite poets of China. This book tears you apart with the suffering and injustices women in the past have been through. The story really encapsulates the sorrowful fatalism in daoism. moving and tragic

    • I read about 200 pages before I gave up. I heard the part when Lily was a child was slow but even when I got past that, it was still slow. And depressing. I wasn't enjoying it so I decided to stop reading it.

    • Beautifully written and imagined. Poetic and tragic. Historical fiction at it's best framed by fragments of the Poetess' actual writings. Chinese culture depicted truly. A wonderful, lyrical, literate stunner!

    • An unusual , and rather quirky read. The Tang Dynasty is so unlike anything I have read before , the relationship between husband wife and concubines is so different from western culture. A good read!

    • Beautifully written story with colourful characters. I definitely enjoyed the book but thought her childhood dragged a bit in a book. I felt it was more like a summer read than historical fiction.

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