Rivers West

Rivers West His dream was to build magnificent steamboats to ply the rivers of the American frontier But when Jean Talon began his journey westward he stumbled upon a deadly conspiracy involving a young woman s

  • Title: Rivers West
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553254365
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • His dream was to build magnificent steamboats to ply the rivers of the American frontier But when Jean Talon began his journey westward, he stumbled upon a deadly conspiracy involving a young woman s search to find her missing brother, and a ruthless band of renegades Led by the brazen Baron Torville, this makeshift army of opportunists is plotting a violent takeover ofHis dream was to build magnificent steamboats to ply the rivers of the American frontier But when Jean Talon began his journey westward, he stumbled upon a deadly conspiracy involving a young woman s search to find her missing brother, and a ruthless band of renegades Led by the brazen Baron Torville, this makeshift army of opportunists is plotting a violent takeover of the Louisiana Territory Jean swears to find a way to stop this daring plan If he doesn t, it will not only put an end to all his dreams it will change the course of history and destroy the promise of the American frontier.

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      Louis L Amour was an American author L Amour s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels, 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world s most popular writers.

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    • Louis L'Amour, of course, is a quintessential American popular novelist and short story writer, the leading name in the modern Western genre, an author whose phenomenal sales the world over are generally conceded to reflect his genuine ability as a storyteller. He's also my wife Barb's favorite writer. So it's perhaps surprising that this is the first of his novels that I've read. However, it definitely won't be the last!This is not, in terms of length, one of L'Amour's major novels. One of the [...]

    • This is another fine story of the American frontier by Louis L'Amour.When L'Amour writes, I feel the bite of the wind on my skin, smell the wet, broken grass at my feet, and feel the mud suck at my feet as I creep through swamp, forest or plain with his characters.L'Amour's men are strong, steadfast, just, unyielding in the face of danger, and clever. They are quick to think and act, and often ponder the philosophy of law and order, justice, and history. His women are beautiful and intelligent. [...]

    • Pulp reads of the very best kind. The Talon family is one of 3 family lines that Louis L'Amour began and as I understand intended to write sagas on. Young Mr. Talon begins his life as any good hero should, helping someone in desperate need; and like all true heroes stepping square into the middle of trouble.This book is based in the early times of our great country (yes I am a patriot). It is based loosely on a known plot of the time to use the natives to wrest a portion of the United States awa [...]

    • 56th book read in 2014.Number 130 out of 399 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=qg4nT

    • Mr. L'Amour packed a lot of plot twists into this story and I wonder if he had a page limit from the publisher. Now my book was only 149 pages but there are others that are 190+ pages. Did I miss something along the way? This is a quick read with lots of history and a number of fights and wrestling matches. Now most of the time I have no problem with the characters in Mr. L'Amour's stories. Most of the people in his books are down to earth people just trying to make a better life for themselves [...]

    • I was not that big of a fan of this book. This book was to slow paced for me. I got lost a lot too. I love Louis L'Amour and have read some of his books that have been really good. My favorite part is the wrestling match. Miss Majoribanks I think was a influence on Jean Talon.

    • Sometimes we must do what is correct despite the fact it doesn't help us in our own personal endeavors. This book bespeaks truth as it focuses on what should be done.

    • Pretty standard L'Amour fare. Not bad, but nothing special. It all seemed to wrap up a little too quickly and neatly for me.

    • The memories are what I love most about this book. I remember my grandpa - a fan of boxing and wrestling - reading this book to us grand kids while my male cousins acted out the action scenes. They loved it. I did not. I disliked the main female character, Ms. Marjoriebanks, for being a snot-nosed brat (I refused to act her part). I was apathetic to the main male character, Jean Daniel Talon, because he doesn't feel complete (and that's probably why I don't like Marjoribanks either, L'Amour didn [...]

    • My first pulp western! I enjoyed it. The first-person narration of hyper-masculinity had the hilarious result of sometimes coming across unintentionally homo-erotic. The narrator was always talking about the impressive buff build of himself and half the other blokes he came across. Interestingly, in terms of action/heroic stuff this novel was focused more on wrestling (yes, wrestling) than gunfighter scenes. Indeed, the narrator went on so much about his own massive muscular endowment that I sta [...]

    • This is a hard read to get through. In reality, the story doesn't feel edited, or even finished for that matter. Jean Daniel Talon is a shipwright, and loves working with his hands. Of course, he's muscular, solid, the best wrestler in town, and can box better than the best. Standard, typical L'Amour character. Not a flaw in him.First, the plot doesn't seem thought through. The Bad Guys are going to steal the Louisiana Territory for themselves. Except, you don't really know who is who. Miss Marg [...]

    • Wow, just wow! Louis L'Amour was such an amazing writer for so many reasons. Although "Jubal Sackett" will probably always be my favorite, this book is another example of how incredibly skilled a storyteller L'Amour was. "Rivers West" may be brief (151 pages), but L'Amour manages to provoke a lot of critical thinking that still holds true today. Jean Talon, the main character and narrator, is a young yet world-wise shipbuilder journeying down from Quebec to pursue a future in shipbuilding. His d [...]

    • Although I don't generally admit it in casual conversation, I believe that I own nearly every Louis L'Amour book out there.Louis L'Amour was not a great writer, but he was a good storyteller. He knew how to craft a story that keeps your interest as you read. Usually.This particular book was work for me. It took three or four chapters before I felt interested enough in the main character, and then I struggled to keep caring.Whether it's unique to this particlaur book or common in L'Amour books, I [...]

    • I read another review of this book, and the guy stated that Louis L'Amour was a good story teller, but not a good writer. I would have to agree with that. However, in L'Amour's defense, this story was written in first person, so it is possible that he wanted to create the image of the character actually being the one telling the story.This book was o.k. It was short, 151 pages, and it spent about 135 of those building up the story, only to wrap it up in a quick conclusion that took about 15 page [...]

    • This is the second of three Louis L'Amour books I'm reading in a row. This one is a step up from the first, 'The Broken Gun'. Still it is muddled with a main character that claims up and down to be a mere ship builder, who then acts as a brilliants detective. The inconsistency of the main character is as bothersome as a weird paranoia amongst the main character and others in the beginning of the book that dissipates as the story pages by.The plot is lightweight, though the journey is fun. Just w [...]

    • Jean Talon, a shipwright from Canada, comes upon a dying man on a lonely trail. As he comorts him as he can he gets just enough information to begin an unplanned journey west. A short, quick read with bits of historical facts thrown in for added flavor. Helpful people always appear, bad guys are obvious, there is a girl but that is not settled until the very last paragraph. Probably would have been better as a short story as about half the book is a bit contrived.As always when thinking of the s [...]

    • This is my fiftieth Louis L'Amour novel which I often read as a break between more tedious books. L'Amour has a pattern in most of his westerns which include a fellow in a white hat, one in a black hat, a pretty girl, a shootout and a vivid description of all parts of the western Umited States. I enjoy these novels, but have enjoyed the books that venture elsewhere and with different themes like "Sitka", the first Sackett books and "Last of the Breed" all of which do not take place primarily in [...]

    • Absolutely loved it. Modest heroes, spunky ladies, honesty, treachery, and action galore. Plus tidbits of history like anti-Catholic laws in Massachusetts in the 1820's. This seems to be a fictionalized takeoff on the alleged Aaron Burr attempt to seize the Louisiana Purchase and to set up a separate county, foiled by patriotic citizens, noble gentlemen, and sassy ladies. Ended too abruptly, but what a great show!

    • I think Louis L'Amour is a very good author. The main character in the book is Jean Talon. He was heading westward and had to help a girl when he was on his way. This book is exciting and is a short book to read. I felt like taking the book back because I never got what was going on but I just kept reading and then found out what was happening in the story. The book ended to quick and never really finished.

    • TALON WINS!!Another excellent read by Louis L'Amour! This is the first installment in the TALON SERIES. Read them all, as I have but a second or more times only makes them better!

    • Fabulous!! great story, as are all Louis L'Amour books. The political intrigue was very neat, and easy to follow, (some times things like that in a book are hard to understand).All round super fun adventure book. I highly recommend it!

    • This book was surprisingly entertaining, a lot like the first part of the Wheel of Time series, minus the magic bits and set in the early days of the United States.

    • One of his efforts that sort of trails off too soon. These were interesting characters, but it was too short for much development.

    • Jean Talon dreams of building steamboats in the American West. Renegades and a deadly conspiracy could put an end to his plans unless he can stop them.

    • Another of the "Mountain Man / Explorer" types of L'Amour's books. But this is a really good one, partially because the main character, Jean Talon, is a good hero.

    • I liked this book. Easy to read and hard to put down. Quick read for those who like adventure and having the good guy win.

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