Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats International best selling author Bradley Trevor Greive with over million books sold in countries teams up with award winning pet photographer Rachael Hale to create a gift package on why dog

  • Title: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
  • Author: Bradley Trevor Greive
  • ISBN: 9780740789762
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • International best selling author Bradley Trevor Greive, with over 16 million books sold in 115 countries, teams up with award winning pet photographer Rachael Hale to create a gift package on why dogs make better pets than cats.

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    • Bradley Trevor Greive

      Bradley Trevor Greive BTG is one of Australia s most prolific and successful authors He has written 20 books which have been translated into 27 different languages, and have been sold in 115 different countries Several of which have appeared in the New York Times bestseller list Greive s work has won multiple awards worldwide and has sold than 20 million copies He lives mostly in Tasmania, Australia.Greive rose to prominence as an author in 2000 with the release of his hugely successful Blue Day Book, a collection of amusing animal photos and inspirational text designed to lift the spirits of anyone who has got the blues Since then he has published in excess of 20 books and has won numerous awards for his work, including the ABA Book of the Year Award 2000 , the APA Best Designed Children s Non fiction Book Award 2003 and numerous 1 placings in bestseller lists across the world Greive s work has been published on 6 continents and has sold in excess of 20 million copies to date.

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    • Turbūt kiekvienas šeimoje ar tarp draugų turi bent po vieną tokį žmogų-orlauską, kuris, bent jau savo įsivaizdavimu, yra "linksmų plaučių žmogus, biškį prie bajerio", o išvertus į normatyvinę lietuvių kalbą tai reiškia, kad su juo susitikus, pirmas penkias minutes atrodo visai normalus ir fainas žmogus, po sekančių penkių minučių pradeda erzint, dar po penkių minučių - vargint, o po pusvalandžio norisi arba nuo jo pabėgti, arba trenkti per galvą lygintuvu ar kitu [...]

    • I’m a cat lady. I’ve always loved my feline friends although I haven’t actually owned a cat for years. When I was a kid, though, I had many and loved them all!Although I should genuinely be offended by Bradley Greive’s literary and literal screed against cats, I’m not. Why Dogs are Better Than Cats is such a heartwarming book full of the most amazing photos of both dogs and cats taken by Rachel Hale that I completely forgot that Greive’s entire point is to argue dogs are much better [...]

    • This not about hating cats, but about loving dogs. It confirms the things we all know, but cat-fanciers don't like to admit. The photos are superb. They made me want to dash down to the animal shelter and bring home a carload of canines. The text is a little corny at times, but the guy lives in Tasmania, so chalk it up to continental drift.

    • One of the most monumental books of all time for dog lovers. Brilliant photography and a whimsical yet unveiled truth of what dog lovers really believe about cats and their owners. funny, light hearted, inoffensive and a pet lovers visual delight. One for the whole family, but cat lovers, beware, home truths may sting just a touch.

    • I can only compare this to a dinner party with those whose company you cherish most; without the photos, the excruciatingly funny, poignant, educational text is the filets mignon, the gourmet sides, even the sparkling champagne. WITH the photos, you have the oozing brie, the crusty loaf, the caviar, the decadent chocolate dessert this book is that good, it really is. Before I even reached page 50, I had cried and laughed, and had experienced more than one episode of each. I adore cats; I only ow [...]

    • Why Dogs Are Better Than Dogs is about, as the title states, is about why cats are better than dogs. It goes through the pros of dogs, well going through the cons of cats. However, it does show the cons of dogs and the pros of cats, so it's not totally biased. It's very witty, often coating facts with humor. I loved the book, the wit kept me laughing the first time I read it. Also, it agrees with my opinions about dogs and cats. Plus, the pictures are just adorable! This is definitely a book for [...]

    • I received this book for Christmas from one of my best friends who just happens to be a dog-lover like me. A light-hearted and touching coffee table book with beautiful photography of dogs and cats, the book uses essay-style writing to show the merits of canines vs. felines. It also explores the psychology behind the people that love them, and what it all means. One example that made me smile is "Dogs are social; cats are sociopaths." Being an animal lover in general and recognizing universal tr [...]

    • I liked this book a lot. I received it as a Christmas gift from my oldest brother and his wife. I agree with the author that dogs are better than cats. I only had one cat and about four dogs so far and I can say that the dogs are like a best friend to me. Cats aren't too bad but I like that dogs are dependent on us.

    • My family has always had both dogs and cats, and while I do enjoy the company of both, I’ve always been aware that dogs are clearly better, so Bradley Trevor Greive’s book explaining why they are didn’t come as much of a surprise. I wasn’t expecting the book to have much factual argument though, so I was surprised on how many studies Greive cites.Did you know that cat owners are more likely to be “divorced, widowed, or separated,” (p. 9) or that “stray cats are fifteen times less l [...]

    • Whoa, whoa, WHOA! What the hell, man?! Am I the only person who didn't find this book completely and disgustingly offensive? In the first three pages, Greive makes four hideous moves:1. He colourfully paints cat-lovers as weak, desperate losers. I mean, it's one thing to poke fun at cats and their inevitable involvement in the downfall of man - THOSE things I'm on board with. There is nothing the least bit funny, however, about just bashing and bashing and bashing another group of people. Seriou [...]

    • Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats by Bradley Trevor Greive is a tongue in cheek look at why dogs have become “Man’s Best Friend.” When it came down to claiming the title, dogs had some stiff competition from all sorts of animals and Greive explains why many didn’t make the cut, including cats, who he claims, “were gonged off the stage in the preliminary rounds due to lack of interest (on their part).” He includes the full bracket to the championship and according to Grieve, it came down [...]

    • I found this book to be a very humorous romp through the virtues of dogs. Being a cat lover, I have 4 cats (working on crazy cat lady status) and a faithful friend, Basil, the Yellow Lab. I have to say the author is way off the mark with cats. Cats have soul, compassion, loyalty, and give love freely (not just for food). My tiger striped tabby sleeps next to my head and has, many times, put herself cheek to cheek with me and a paw around my neck during a sob session, love sessions too. My 4 cats [...]

    • Okay, I completely disagree with his conclusive title. Cats are awesome =^^=But he does have some very good points about how wonderful dogs are (which I do agree with), and his sense of humor (don't worry--the book is a humor publication, not a real-life polemic) is dry and erudite. It's a coffee-table-type bookt a heavy read, but the photography, done by Rachael Hale, is gorgeous. Though I got a little miffed with some of his kitty conclusions (like cats are linked to the decline of civilizatio [...]

    • Great book, that is written I'm sure in the usual BTG style. Can be rather scathing at times toward cats and their owners, but there are also signs that there is some admiration and sympathetic liking of cats at times. (I thought the comment about the fact that more lost dogs are sought out for by their owners, compared to cats is terrible, poor kittys)I really liked this book, and the photo's within are just wonderful.For the record, although I like both animals, cats and dogs, if I have to swe [...]

    • I had an hour spare today and this was a nice quick read. The book is loaded with facts. I believe them but I am not sure everyone will. The author liberally sprinkles humour throughout and the colour photos are delightful. My only disappointment was no dachshund photos but at least there was one o the inside cover.

    • Tongue in cheek humour (I hope for Henry’s sake) and photography that makes you want to reach out and touch the pages. A must have coffee table book. Note to self – return to coffee table. Bradley Trevor Greive is the author of The Blue Day Book, Meaning Of Life, and others in the style of using gorgeous animal photos and inspirational text.

    • I'm giving it five stars for the pictures. As much as I love dogs, I'm totally against his cat bashing. The text gets a single star, especially since he had a huge number of endnotes where he could have used footnotes. 60-some instances of having to find the note number on the last pages of the book. I started to keep a finger in the notes page because the comments came so frequently.

    • This book is absolutely hilarious to read about. To me the photos and captions are very funny. I wonder how they got the animals to position themselves. It must have been trial and error, because the cat that I used to take care, would never allow me to photograph her in such a fashion.

    • Very tongue-in-cheek, but also makes some very good points. As the author says, I'm not anti-cat, I'm just pro-dog. I've never liked cats. If you prefer cats, that's your choice. Just keep them away from me.Beautiful pictures of dogs (and maybe of a cat or two). Great fun to read!

    • What would appear to be just a funny books about dogs versus cats actually makes some very good points and would get even the most catty cat person to think about getting a dog. Plus at over 200 pages, the pictures are almost cute enough to make the book worth it.

    • As the author said in the epilogue this book is "the literary equivalent of a lemonade enema". A great coffee table book. A lovely, short read.

    • I love both cats and dogs and love them both. This book is such a cute and easy read with lots of amazing, funny and cute pictures. Recommend to any animal lover :)

    • This book caught my eye and being a cat lover I had to pick it up. Great pictures and the writing is hilarious.

    • Clearly, I am a dog lover. I love the pictures, and Bradley Trevor Greive is always good at making the words and pictures match. I've been a fan of his ever since The Blue Day Book.

    • Well written arguments here, I did enjoye pictures helped quite a bit and the reference to a Pug at the end made me chuckle for the truth in the words!

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