Bedtime for Mommy

Bedtime for Mommy When it s Mommy s bedtime she begs her little girl Five minutes Ok but then brush your teeth But then Mommy wants another glass of water another story luckily this little girl is very patient A hila

  • Title: Bedtime for Mommy
  • Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal LeUyen Pham
  • ISBN: 9781599903415
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When it s Mommy s bedtime, she begs her little girl Five minutes Ok, but then brush your teeth But then Mommy wants another glass of water another story luckily this little girl is very patient A hilarious reversal of the classic bedtime routine in which a little girl puts Mommy and then Daddy to bed Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 3 30 When it s Mommy s bedtime, she begs her little girl Five minutes Ok, but then brush your teeth But then Mommy wants another glass of water another story luckily this little girl is very patient A hilarious reversal of the classic bedtime routine in which a little girl puts Mommy and then Daddy to bed.Book Details Format HardcoverPublication Date 3 30 2010Pages 32Reading Level Age 3 and Up

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      430 Amy Krouse Rosenthal LeUyen Pham
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      SHORT BIO Amy Krouse Rosenthal was She divided her time NOT SO SHORT BIO Amy Krouse Rosenthal was a person who liked to make things.Some things she liked to make include Children s books Little Pea, Spoon, DuckRabbit Grown up books Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life Short films The Beckoning of Lovely, The Money Tree Guided journals The Belly Book Something out of nothing see above A longtime contributor to WBEZ and to the TED conference, Amy lived with her family in Chicago and online at whoisamy.

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    • A fun brand-new story of role-reversal in typical Amy Krouse Rosenthal style. Here, we have a daughter urging and helping her mom get ready for bed. In other AKR books (such as Little Hoot and Little Oink) it seems like the "role reversal" is only in the readers minds--because we KNOW that owls like to stay up all night or that pigs are "messy"--whereas in the world of the story itself the situations are very much "real" and earnest. Here, however, I think that the entire set-up is like a game f [...]

    • I laughed out loud when the little girl, weary but still game after giving her mommy a bath, laying our her clothes for the next day, reading a story (Anna Karenina), and providing a glass of water, shuffles down the stairs and says, "One down, one to go." I think Daddy might be a tougher time!Illustrations by LeUyen Pham, as usual, wonderfully expressive and natural.

    • This is a wonderful tale of switched roles where the daughter is putting her Mom through the typical bedtime routine, making sure she takes her bath, brushes her teeth long enough, and picks out clothes for the next day. Then it's storytime and lights out and she can get the next one in bedDaddy. Our girls really enjoyed this book and so did I. The requests for an extra story and a glass of water are funny and only highlight the juxtaposition. More often than not I tumble into bed shortly after [...]

    • The best part of this book were the pictures. The knowing looks of a parent were apparent. Add this to the nightly routine many parents have to go through to get a child to bed, and you have a very fun read.

    • The little girl is trying to get the mommy to bed, but the mommy keeps coming up with the typical excusesjust 5 more minutes, I need a glass of water! great story of the tables being turned.

    • I'm beginning to see that author Amy Krouse Rosenthal has got something. I gradually came to Duck! Rabbit!, after thinking at first it was just a one read/one joke book, I liked It's Not Fair! so so, although I identified with a lot of the humor, then came Spoon which we found absolutely hilarious (especially my son), a little bit in the spirit of It's Not Fair! but so much more good natured. Well, I was sold on Bedtime within the first two page spreads. Oh, so true! My son was a little perplexe [...]

    • Bedtime for Mommy by Amy Krouse Rosenthal takes a humorous look at the most exhausting part of parenting, putting the children to bed.This time, it's not the child who needs to go to bed — it's the mother. The gentle but persistent daughter goes through all the usual steps to get her mother ready for bed. The mother, meanwhile, does everything she can to stall bedtime: asks for extra bedtime stories, an extra glass of water, not being able to pick out her clothes for the next day. And so forth [...]

    • A very funny role-reversal story of a young girl who goes through EVERY step of getting a person to bed. When told that it's time for bed, Mommy asks for five more minutes. Then it's bath time and Mommy's bath toys are scented soaps and luxurious sponges. After bath time, mom and daughter pick out the next days outfit. After several outfits are presented, one is finally selected; typical child behavior. Then it's time for bedtime stories. There's only time for one and they choose Anna Karenina. [...]

    • There must be some kind of luck in pairing up with Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She has worked with so many wonderful illustrators, and every time it is a near perfect match. The Little books with Jen Corace, "Duck! Rabbit!" with Tom Lichtenheld and now this with LeUyen Pham. I've long been a fan of Pham's, the "Freckleface Strawberry" books, "Grace for President", etc, and her simple exuberance and expression. Now you give me Pham paired with another one of Rosenthal's charming 'turning the tables' ta [...]

    • Really funny and cute story about a mommy who needs one more drink of water and one more story before she's ready for bed.The illustrations in this book really fit well with this text. There's a lot of humor happening in the contrast between the words and drawings -- for example, mommy's bath toys are her fancy soaps and razor.What a great book for bedtime reading! I think it would be funny to read aloud to a group, but a little of the humor of the illustrations would be lost from farther away.

    • I picked this up at the library while doing a quick, I'm-in-a-hurry-but-the-boys-need-new-books-so-I'll-grab-random-ones-off-the-shelves walk-through the other day. I didn't notice until I got home that it's by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, whose big-person books I love. What a great idea for a kids' story! Kids love to pretend and at least mine love to boss others around. It's cute. I try to focus the boys' attention on the part where the little girl carefully washes her mommy's feet in the tub. Maybe [...]

    • Another good Rosenthal book. I love the twist in this, which is what made the humor. Hilarious for parents (who can totally understand) and for children will love that twist a lot. I think this may work in a PJ storytime.11/29/10 Perfect in storytime! The kids loved seeing the mom act like the child. I could hear the parents in the back chuckling, too. They liked the ending (which is very good). And to get a good reading (since it is not very text heavy), I had the kids telling me some of what w [...]

    • I love the artist's work and thought the story was cute. Sophie really loved the idea of the little girl getting to be the mommy for a change. I suspect lots of preschoolers will identify with and love the premise. It's very short and sweet with minimal dialogue (that's my biggest complaint - I would have preferred more narration since in my experience dialogue is harder to read-aloud to small children).

    • I picked this up at the library last week and Jacob had it memorized two readings later. It's such a fun idea for a book: the little girl gets her mommy ready for bed instead of vice versa. The phrasing is simple, and the pictures are adorable--portraying role reversal with a no-nonsense daughter while the mom acts just like a kid. Emily Blair, I totally thought of Molly when I read ite'd love it if you haven't checked it out yet.

    • I love this book because it's funny because the girl is putting them to bed. It's like the girl adopted them when they were parents. But they were getting adopted and they stayed in the care whatever it is. (Foster care.) It's a little funny because it's with the dad too. And they have to do all these specific things. They have to do lots of things. And it's funny that the girl put their bed so the blankets were all proper but then they would have to mess it up. Hahahahaha!

    • Read this short little book w/Tema and Jassie. They both loved it, as did I. We all laughed as we watched with recognition the difficulties of getting "Mommy" to go to sleep. The little girl must help her pick out her clothes for the next day, get a bath, brush her teeth, get some water, and leave the door open just the right amount. Quite enjoyable. There aren't a lot of words here, the pictures really tell the story.

    • PB 21: This book was really interesting because it's not the parents putting their child to bed its the child putting the parents to bed. I remember that stage in my life that I wanted to do everything on my own. Also when I wanted to be the boss and tried telling my mom when she could and couldn't do things. Most times my mom would play along which is why I liked this book. A good read for little kids to investigate having responsibility.

    • Excellent role-reversal picture book with funny illustrations that are worth a thousand words. (My favorites: the rapt expression on Mommy's face as her daughter reads from Anna Karenina, and the startlement on Daddy's face as he, clearly just having settled down with some snacks in front of the TV, is notified that it is his bedtime next.) Try this with kindergartners, they will best appreciate it.

    • My 2-year-old really enjoyed this book and it was cute for me to read as well! Such a cute idea that the child is putting mommy to bed instead of the other way around! Not many words and I ended up narrating some parts with just pictures, but he would ask to read it each night before bed while we were borrowing it from the library.

    • Such a fun book! With some fun little pictures and just a few words, we hear the story of a little girl putting her mommy to bed. But mommy wants to spend five more minutes on the computer, and wants to read two books, not one, in a fun reversal of what normally goes on with putting kids to bed. My five-year-old laughed and laughed, and can't stop talking about it!

    • Any parent who's had a child ask for "just five more minutes" before bedtime, beg for a glass of water, or want two stories before bed will enjoy this book where the tables are turned and it's "Bedtime for Mommy."This book is best suited for an in-lap reading since some of the illustrations, though detailed, are kind of small.

    • Hahahahahahafunny and sweet book and now I think Phoenix understands the bit of stress it takes to get her into bed. She has been trying to get me to bed at bedtime too and so sweet! I pretend to fall asleep and but she pushes me awake to read a book! Also love it because its from one of our favorite authors.

    • When bedtime roles are reversed, mommy's reluctance (Five more minutes?) and her nighttime requests (Can we read two?) become chucklingly funny. Two more twists in the end of this already backwards tale, make this one a real treat. LeUyen Pham's watercolor and vignette style illustrations couldn't be better.

    • When it's Mommy's bedtime, she begs her little girl -- Five more minutes? Ok, but then brush your teeth! But then Mommy wants another glass of water…another story…luckily this little girl is very patient!A hilarious reversal of the classic bedtime routine in which a little girl puts Mommy (and then Daddy) to bed.

    • The tables are turned when Mommy won't go to bed (using all the usual excuses), so of course, the little girl hast to read a bedtime story (or two) to Mommy, fetch a glass of water, and leave the door open just a little bit more. The illustrations are just perfect and every child (and parent) can relate to this tale of bedtime humor.

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