Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta

Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta Dee Terrence and Hector are very excited about Author Visit Day Lewis Scribson is the author of the famous Flippy Bunny books and Hector is a huge fan And it gets Dee and Terrence out of math class

  • Title: Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta
  • Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  • ISBN: 9780375860942
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dee, Terrence, and Hector are very excited about Author Visit Day Lewis Scribson is the author of the famous Flippy Bunny books, and Hector is a huge fan And it gets Dee and Terrence out of math class.But something is a little off about this special guest And Coach Birkby, the gym teacher, mysteriously disappears the day of his visit.What evil designs does this world faDee, Terrence, and Hector are very excited about Author Visit Day Lewis Scribson is the author of the famous Flippy Bunny books, and Hector is a huge fan And it gets Dee and Terrence out of math class.But something is a little off about this special guest And Coach Birkby, the gym teacher, mysteriously disappears the day of his visit.What evil designs does this world famous writer have on his agenda Lunch Lady s going to get to the bottom of it, even if she has to kick some bunny butt

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      398 Jarrett J. Krosoczka
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    • Jarrett J. Krosoczka

      studiojjk punkfarm lunchladycomics Jarrett J Krosoczka used to be a goofy kid that liked to draw Now, he is a published author illustrator with many books to his credit Growing up in Worcester, MA Jarrett drew relentlessly and always had a cast of characters that he wrote stories for In 9th grade, Jarrett won a contest with The Worcester Telegram Gazette and for the first time saw his work in print.This sparked a fire within He went on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, after being initially rejected It was in his senior year that he received his first illustration job for a national educational publisher Then, six months after graduating RISD, Jarrett carried his portfolio into New York City and landed a contract for his first book He immediately ran to a pay phone to share the good news with his grandparents Good Night, Monkey Boy was published on June 12, 2001 and Jarrett has since been busy producing picture books including Baghead Bubble Bath Pirates Annie Was Warned Max for President Punk Farm Giddy Up, Cowgirl My Buddy, Slug and Punk Farm on Tour With the publication of Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute and Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians in July of 2009, Jarrett has embarked on a new journey in his career that as a graphic novelist.Jarrett has been chosen by Print as one of their 20 top new visual artists under 30 and has had his work short listed by Newsweek, USA Today, The Boston Globe and The New York Times, among others His books have landed on numerous recommendation lists, including the Texas 2X2 list and the IRA CBC Children s Choice Awards Jarrett s Punk Farm and Lunch Lady series are both currently in development as feature films.With new picture book projects, as well as new Lunch Lady books on the horizon, Jarrett is happily living out his childhood dream in Northampton, MA where he resides with his wife and daughter and their pug, Ralph Macchio.

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    • After not being very impressed with book 1 and slightly enjoying book 2, I must say book 3 here has left me feeling much better about this series. After a rather curmudgeonly kiddy author visits to sign books, the school's coach disappears. Lunch Lady and the gang do some research and it seems school coaches have been disappearing for a few years back now coinciding with this author's school visits! Lunch Lady to the rescue! Lunch Lady is still a bit over the top with the kitchen gadget spy tool [...]

    • January 7,2013 I finished reading Lunch Lady and the Author Visit by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. Dee,Hector,and Terrence are excited about the author coming to school the reason Terrence and Dee are excited because they miss math,Hector is excited because he is a fan of the author in the end when you could get your book signed. When it was Hectors turn he didn't get it signed because his cover was ripped up. Lunch lady and Betty are getting suspicious that he hypnotized every gym teacher he comes to s [...]

    • Lunch lady by Vendetta is a great children's book that can be fun for young adults to read. In this book we find out that a famous author Lewis Scribson is going to go to Hector's school to give autographs. When Lewis gets there he denies the autograph to Hector. Hector was a big fan of his books Flippy Bunny books. Hector ends up sad because he got denied by the author to autograph the book. The lunch lady who is mysteriously acting different tries to investigate things behind this author that [...]

    • 12/13 I have just finished reading lunch lady: the author visit vendetta, by Jarret Krosoczka. It is a graphic novel about a lunch lady with cool gadgets that help her stop evil people. In this book, she stops a evil author from trying to capture all the gym teachers in the world!!! I like this book because it is exciting, for example, when lunch lady tried to get into the evil author's house, she get's captured by evil hypnotized fluffy bunnies!This book is a action packed book, even though it [...]

    • Audience: Grades 1-4, kids who like spy stuff or mysteriesAppeal: lunch lady is a spy with kooky gadgets like taco-vision night goggles. gym teacher disappears. would be good for beginning readers or students new to graphic novels. Would be fun to make up your own food-related spy gadget.

    • A bitter author causes havoc that includes attack bunnies and dodgeball. One of my students' favorite Lunch Lady comics.

    • Lunch Lady, the kids, attack bunnies, coaches being hypnotized, even an author visitwhat more can you ask for. Loved this one.

    • Spent my lunch period reading Lunch Lady, an excellent choice! (I've never read them all in order, so this is my week.) Our Breakfast Bunch are annoyed when a visiting author is tool cool to sign Hector's beloved copy of Flippy Bunny. But it's worse than that - soccer tryouts are canceled, because the coach is missing! Lunch Lady is investigating . . . and the Breakfast Bunch are determined to get Hector's book signed. (Could the two be related? :) )

    • I finished this book series around 4 years ago and still enjoy the plot line. Who doesn't love a fighting lunch lady? I think while I was 9 years old this was my favourite book out of the book series just because of the fighting bunnies. But now I feel like I have a deeper respect for lunch ladies because who knows, they could be saving the world!

    • This was a fun/funny read. Oh, the innocent flippy bunnies that are actually evil ;) Hilarious. I also love how Lunch Lady gets a new gadget in each story and sometimes incorporates the ones from previous ones.

    • Lunch Lady, book 3. For fans of Captain Underpants who suspect that their school lunch lady just might be a secret superhero. An author visit with a creepy twist.

    • My kids loved this! It was silly and action-packed. I might need to incorporate the phrase "Sweet BBQ sauce!" into my everyday conversation.

    • Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta- Graphic novelText to self comparison: When I was searching for graphic novels, I had never heard of this series before, however I was told by the librarian that it is pretty popular. I was intrigued by it because it is about a lunch lady, and I have had some pretty memorable lunch ladies in my past. One of them used to be a professional singer who would perform at different events, so whenever it was a kid's birthday, she would stand on the stage in the [...]

    • The graphic novel, “Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta” is wacky story about a school’s lunch lady who is secretly a crime fighter. This particular story is one in a set of books by Jarrett J. Krosoczka that would be good for upper elementary level students. I would introduce this story to my students by asking them what their favorite school lunch is. This would help them relate the text to themselves. We would discuss how hard the school lunch people work to bring us hot, healthy, [...]

    • Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta is another fun early chapter graphic novel that will keep kids reading until they find out how Lunch Lady solves the newest mystery. In this book, a famous author is visiting the school. Because of his traumatized childhood in gym class, the author is kidnapping gym teachers and brainwashing them so they become his servants in his house. After the gym teacher disappears from her school, Lunch Lady and Betty swing into action.Once again, Lunch Lady and Bet [...]

    • Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta (2009) written by Jarrett J. Krosoczka is a graphic novel apart of children’s series. This series is about a lunch lady who doubles as a super hero protecting the students and the teachers at Thompson Brook School. This particular graphic novel tells the story of an author who has a vendetta against gym teachers because when he was in elementary school he was made fun of by his gym teacher for not being athletic. The lunch lady puts an end to the author [...]

    • This is the third book in the Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. We just started reading this series this summer and our girls really like the stories. They are fun, fast reads and I love that the superheroes are women. .Our youngest really loves the Babymouse and Squish series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, so we are excited to find another fun graphic novel series. The story was an exciting, quick read and I can see the books appealing to both boys and girls. The illustrations a [...]

    • Story: 4 starsArt: 4 starsFun graphic novel series for chapter book readers. Lunch Lady and her sidekick, Betty, are a secret crime-fighting duo that serve up breakfast, lunch, and justice. There is a group of three elementary school kids (two boys and one girl) who help Lunch Lady and Betty on their superhero missions. Lunch Lady's ninja skills are complemented by Betty's tech acumen. My favorite part are all the souped-up cooking utensils and food-related gadgets that Betty invents, which are [...]

    • This graphic novel is about a lunch lady who solves mysteries at her school. When an author of a book that all of the children love comes to visit, something is weird about him. Then, when the gym teacher disappears, the lunch lady gets to the bottom of it. She discovers that the author kidnapped the gym teacher because he was never good at athletics as a kid! The Lunch Lady graphic novel series is a good story for boys and girls because it has action and superhero characteristics, while in a se [...]

    • I really loved this children's graphic novel. I thought it was hilarious and creative -- while saving gym teachers and kids alike, Lunch Lady and her trusty sidekick Betty invent and use all sorts of clever contraptions meant to look like school lunch food items (a laser that looks like a ketchup packet, special headphones that let them hear conversations all over the school but that look like a hamburger, etc.) I loved the artwork, as well -- Lunch Lady has some of the best 80's hair I've ever [...]

    • This one kept my children in a state of fascination. Seeing the Breakfast Bunch in another adventure with their favorite Lunch Lady. It did the same for me. This Book covers the theme of Bullying and what kind of damage it can cause in a new exciting way. You learn about an author who wasn't picked on your typical verity of bully. He was bullied by his gym teacher and how does he get revenge you ask by kidnapping gym teachers from across the country. I know what your thinking an author kidnappin [...]

    • I must say that I have never been to an author-signing, but if I went to one, and an author refused to sign my book, it would make me very upset, and I would probably never read any of said author's books again.-------------------In Book #3, we see a famous author, who writes the *Flippy Bunny* books come to the school. He gets kinda tizzed that he must do his signing in the gym instead of the library, and even refuses to sign one child's book just because it has a small bend on the cover. And, [...]

    • Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta by Jarrett J. Krosoczka is the third of the Lunch Lady series. Dee, Terrence and Hector are excited to have a favorite author at their school. When the author isn't what they expected and the school coach goes missing, the kids and the Lunch Lady (with trusty Betty at her side) must investigate.As far as set ups go for this series, this one seems the least plausible. The whole set up is based around an incredibly famous and wealthy children's author who h [...]

    • This is the second in this series that my daughter has read and she enjoyed this just as much as the first. I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or bad that these can be read in a single session It would be nice to get more 'value' out of it by stretching it out over three nights, but on the other hand, this makes for one compact episode.I really enjoyed this too. My only eye-roll is directed at the character of Dee; it's clear now that Dee conforms to what I call the 'Hermione Trope'. We see [...]

    • The gym teacher disappears after a famous author visits the school. When Lunch Lady looks into the case she finds that gym teachers are missing from all around the country. Wht do the schools have in common? All of the schools invited the author for a visit. The kids and Lunch Lady team up to free the gym teachers hypnotized into servitude. In addition to the main action, Terrence hopes to join the soccer team. His skills in rescuing the gym teachers and thwarting the author's getaway serve as a [...]

    • Way funnier than I expected in a very campy way, I'm probably going to entertain a few more of these to get a larger picture of the entire series. I chose this one for obvious reasons and the story was surprisingly mysterious with an author visit to the school that leads to the revelation that the author, because of his pathetic athletic skills from his own schooling years, is kidnapping and hypnotizing gym teachers across the country to serve as servants for him as payback. So, the lunch lady a [...]

    • I am going with OK. I liked it because it had a very funny aspect and at the same time the drawings were funny . I don't see really were the idea of a lunch lady being a main character is but that is what makes the book itself unique. On the other hand there is a reason why i rated the book 4 not 5 stars. I did not think it was very interesting. The topics are some what odd too. I think I remember one book being about a stolen painting and the lunch lady saved it and stopped the robbers but that [...]

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