Not Meeting Mr Right

Not Meeting Mr Right Alice Aigner is successful independent and a confirmed serial dater but at her year school reunion she has a sudden change of heart Bored rigid by her married mortgaged and motherly former cla

  • Title: Not Meeting Mr Right
  • Author: Anita Heiss
  • ISBN: 9781863255110
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alice Aigner is successful, independent, and a confirmed serial dater, but at her 10 year school reunion she has a sudden change of heart Bored rigid by her married, mortgaged, and motherly former classmates, Alice decides to prove that a woman can have it all a man, marriage, career, kids, and a mind of her own She sets herself a goal meet the perfect man and marry hiAlice Aigner is successful, independent, and a confirmed serial dater, but at her 10 year school reunion she has a sudden change of heart Bored rigid by her married, mortgaged, and motherly former classmates, Alice decides to prove that a woman can have it all a man, marriage, career, kids, and a mind of her own She sets herself a goal meet the perfect man and marry him before her 30th birthday, just under two years away Unfortunately for Alice, it s not quite as easy as she imagines.

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    About “Anita Heiss

    • Anita Heiss

      Dr Anita Heiss is a member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales and is one of Australia s most prolific and well known authors of Indigenous literature.Her published works include the historical novel Who Am I The Diary of Mary Talence, Sydney 1937, the poetry collection Token Koori, satirical social commentary Sacred Cows, non fiction text Dhuuluu Yala To Talk Straight Publishing Aboriginal Literature, and a children s book entitled Me and My Mum Anita has also edited Life in Gadigal Country and co edited with Penny van Toorn, Stories Without End.In 2007 Anita released three titles Not Meeting Mr Right Random House for which she won the Deadly Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literature Her poetry collection I m not racist, but Salt Publishing won the Scanlon Prize for Indigenous Poetry and her kids novel Yirra and her deadly dog Demon ABC Books , was launched at the Sydney Writers Festival by Her Excellency Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW.In 2008 Anita released Avoiding Mr Right Bantam Books and The Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature Allen Unwin which she co authored with Peter Minter The Anthology won the 2008 Deadly Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literature.Anita has performed her works nationally Sydney Writers Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, Adelaide Writers Week, Melbourne Writers Festival, Byron Bay Writers Festival, Message Sticks, Brisbane Writers Festival, Somerset Festival of Literature, Watermark and Wordstorm, among others as well as internationally in Spain, Austria, the USA, Canada, Fiji, Japan, New Zealand, China, France, the UK, Tahiti and New Caledonia She has also been published widely in journals, anthologies and on line.Anita was Communications Adviser for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board 2001 2003 , was a member of the Australian Society of Authors ASA Committee of Management from 1998 2004 and Chaired the organisation 2008 2009 Anita was Deputy Director of Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University from 2005 2006.In 2003 in recognition of her literary achievements Anita was awarded the ASA Medal for Under 35s for her contribution to Australian community and public life.In 2004 Anita was awarded the NSW Indigenous Arts Fellowship and was listed in The Bulletin magazine s Smart 100 In the same year she wrote and directed her first short film Checkerboard Love as part of the Lester Bostock mentorship program through Metro Screen, Sydney She was writer in residence at Macquarie University and was also nominated for a 2004 Deadly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature.Anita has made guest appearances on the Einstein Factor, Message Stick, Vulture, Critical Mass, A Difference of Opinion, The Catch Up and 9am with David and Kim.Anita is currently working as a full time writer and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney attached to the Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education Anita volunteers her time as a Books in Homes Ambassador and as an Indigenous Literacy Day Ambassador She is currently a Board Member of the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy community.

    586 thoughts on “Not Meeting Mr Right

    • I have been wanting to read this book for years and when I had the chance to get a personally signed copy I grabbed it with both hands. It was worth the wait! I was looking forward to reading a book that would make me laugh, as well as think. This novel might look like a relaxing beach read, but the characters are so strong-willed and opinionated that it was like being privy to an out-of-control dinner party conversation. They are exactly the kind of gals you would want to be seated next to at a [...]

    • As a great appreciator of chick lit, and as someone that particularly likes finding Australian contributions to the genre, I was looking forward to trying some of Heiss's work. That she is an academic who writes about Indigenous characters made me even more hopeful that this would be entertaining and intelligent. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed. The premise is (more than) slightly insulting to women, and the novel's pretensions to feminism are flimsy at best. Alice is petulant, selfish [...]

    • I'll make this short and sweet. I very much disliked everything about this novel. I mean if it wasn't for my Australian literature unit I would never have read it. A number of reasons why I disliked it and I may be a little bias: 1. I don't generally enjoy the 'sex and the city genre' which is what this book was going for. 2. It was absolutely disappointing in the respect to the Aboriginal culture. I'm not aboriginal but I didn't really get any new idea of what it is like from the story. I genui [...]

    • Indigenous Australian chick-lit! Totally awesome!Heterocentric (naturally), but it’s chick lit, so what was I expecting? And so the heterocentricity is in no way a criticism.Heiss’ characters are alive. Alice and her thick-headedness got on my nerves occasionally, but only occasionally. Generally it was great fun, and far more enjoyable than the sort of Marian Keyes-esque chick lit that I’ve read in the past – usually when desperate for something new to read. Alice’s circle of friends [...]

    • At first, I was unconvinced by the flat characterisation (it's difficult to grasp a character whose emotions, attitudes and feelings can be reduced to one line mantras). Then about halfway through, I realised I was meant to read it ironically. Heiss does not mean us to admire this character, unlike the empathy that's established for Bridget Jones. In fact in the end Heiss gives Alice exactly what she wants from a man: someone who literally takes out the garbage. In doing so, Heiss points to the [...]

    • This is a very enjoyable, fun, light story. I laughed a lot with the main character Alice, who is smart, funny, likeable and down-to-earth. And the major bonus - her always amusing exploits are set to the sunny and familiar backdrop of Sydney. I hardly ever read so called "chick lit" because I can't stand the pretentious wank, the incredibly stupid and unlikeable heroines and even more stupid story lines. But one Sunday morning I read an interview of Anita Heiss in the newspaper, who came across [...]

    • Fun romance. I've been waiting to read this one for a while, even though romance is not my usual genre. I enjoyed the quirky humour and the familiar settings for this Australian novel. I like Anita Heiss' writing and I'll try the next in the series. At times I found the protagonist a little unlikeable, judgemental and a bit nasty. Like many comments, I enjoyed reading about an Indigenous characters for a romance, it was refreshing. I did find the them and us a little heavy, but I have confidence [...]

    • A bit rubbish but I knew it would be. I wanted to read something by Anita Heiss but only her chick lit books are available on kindle as far as I can see. Dates lots of unsuitable men in desperate search to find husband before finding he'd been under her nose all the time. So far so yawn. But the author is an Aboriginal (wiradjuri) Eastern Suburbs Sydneysider, as is the main character, so in between the clichéd set pieces there were some perspectives and commentary that were new and interesting [...]

    • Hello, readers!Not Meeting Mr Right was such a hilarious and enjoyable book about a woman searching for love. Alice goes on many dates, man after man, trying to find her dream husband before she hits 30. This book kept me entertained the whole way through and it was so easy to get into. It's an easy read and is sure to bring you many laughs. This book is recommended to those who love romance (obviously) and comedy. Great story so I give it 4 stars. Girly-girls (and as well as everyone else!) thi [...]

    • justful. The description of the protagonist's teaching style got to me; "I really felt they were starting to question things" or something like that. No, your students are not questioning the world; they are repeating exactly what you've just probably spent a year shoving down their throats, in bid to make them less "prejudiced" and more "open-minded". but seriously, a terrible book, and so hypocritical.

    • Anita Heiss is smart, funny, and likeable. In light of that, I wish I could say something positive here. Not Meeting Mr Right is not what I expected from someone of Heiss's high profile, that of academic and indigenous rights campaigner. So, I guess I expected something, well, more thoughtful.Unforunately, the characters of NMMR are unrealistic, the dialogue bland, the writing tentative, and the book a bit of a chore to read. I am looking forward to reading more of her work, academic this time.

    • What a disappointment. I was looking forward to a bit of clever chick lit. The author just couldn't pull it all together to either make me laugh or engage with any of the characters. The whole book just seemed to fall into an uncomfortable 'in between' place where it was mostly just cringe-worthy.

    • This book was outside my usual reading range, but every now and then I think it worth trying another romance. This one, I was so unengaged that I chose not to finish, and as such have not given it a rating.

    • yet another book that hasn't met the 100 page challange.This was the 3rd time I had tried to read this book but I just couldn't get into it and past 50 pages.

    • Aboriginal chick lit. Quite enjoyable, but ultimately I found the main character a bit mean, so didn't warm to her.

    • Easy to read, easy to digest, easy to finish and remember not much of it. Lose yourself for a couple of hours stuff, but leaves you hungry for a book that makes you think.

    • This was one of my beach reads for this summer.It's a quick read. And while I did enjoy it, it feel into the trap that many chick-lit books do, where it's almost as though the author throws intelligence, good writing and fleshed out characters out the window because this is chick-lit and, therefore, somehow doesn't need to be engaging.Alice frustrated me. Alice bored me. The men she dates, while make for some funny stories, aren't memorable.The book also had a theme of Australian politics on it. [...]

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