In The Eye of The Beholder:A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera

In The Eye of The Beholder A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera When French equestrian Claire Delacroix loses her fiance in a tragic accident she comes to live at the Paris Opera during its s heyday Whilst working at the opera she meets a mysterious masked

  • Title: In The Eye of The Beholder:A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
  • Author: Sharon E. Cathcart
  • ISBN: 9780956188472
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • When French equestrian Claire Delacroix loses her fiance in a tragic accident, she comes to live at the Paris Opera during its 1890s heyday Whilst working at the opera, she meets a mysterious, masked stranger Erik Is it possible that the two of them will heal the pain of each other s past

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    About “Sharon E. Cathcart

    • Sharon E. Cathcart

      Sharon E Cathcart is an award winning author of fiction featuring atypical characters.A former journalist and newspaper editor, Sharon has been writing for as long as she can remember and generally has at least one work in progress Sharon lives with her husband and an assortment of pets in the Silicon Valley, California.

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    • Synopsis: Erik, the physically deformed hero finds a home, a place to belong and be accepted, in the heroine, Claire. She has a fondness for animals, for seeming lost causes. In Erik, she finds the love she thought she'd lost. Together, they escape the personal hells in which they'd been mired.My two cents: This is a very well-written book. It is also fast-paced. I felt a little swept away and once I started reading, it was hard to stop. (Life, however, would insist otherwise.)Claire is differen [...]

    • My first impression: If 90% of everything is crap, then this definitely falls within the remaining 10%. And in the end, I retained that impression, even though along the way, I had a number of complaints. Yet for all those complaints, I still ended up rating it 5 stars. Yes, I teetered on the edge between 4 and 5, but I finally came down on the higher side, because if the next book I read has all the characteristics of this one, that would make me very happy, because of all the things this story [...]

    • Vivid images and the French dialect in this wonderful story made me feel as though I were taken back in time to 19th Century France. A bittersweet story of a woman who loses the love of her life, only to learn that her life has just begun. She finds the gentleness of a man, who becomes her world in this sensual and provocative tale of love.I particularly enjoyed how the author told the story from two different perspectives, through Erik's journal and through the main character, Claire Delacroix. [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. I loved Phantom when I was younger, and although the story stuck with me, I had forgotten how much resonated for me about the tale. Sharon Cathcart resurrected this for me in her book, only her tale seems propelled by a little less romance and a little more passion: get me? It's fast-paced, with a widely-sympathetic protagonist (a woman, who is not perfect and quiet), and I simply adored the writing style. I was genuinely impressed by this book!

    • In the Eye of the Beholder is difficult to place into a genre. The story itself is like a secondary tale to the Phantom of the Opera, yet it has incredible bits of historical fiction and some erotica. After completing it, I actually felt as if I had learned something on top of finishing a great story. Claire’s love for Erik came during a time of need in both characters’ lives. It was interesting to watch this sudden infatuation develop and read Cathcart’s twist on the old tale. The plot is [...]

    • I truly enjoyed this book and you will too if you like a really good love storyt soppy. Good. Sharon’s Phantom story is breathtakingly sensual and tastefully seductive with captivating characters and storyline developed to leave the reader deeply satisfied. Be prepared thoughyou won't be able to put it down once you start reading!

    • Terrible book should've read some reviews or something on this one. Terrible writing, horrible story line ugh. But I read it, and now I'm done.

    • Based mainly on the movie and musical, with just a few hints of Leroux.The book spends the first 1/2 or so giving us the opportunity to watch Erik and Claire make googly eyes and say seductive things to each other. The plot is thin and there's no real overarching plot, villain, goal, etc.The book really fell apart for me when *spoilers spoilers* they moved to London and met Dr. Treves and Joseph Merrick. Erik and the POTO characters are fictional, and we can do whatever we like with them, I supp [...]

    • If your experience with The Phantom of the Opera related books is small, then try to pick up another book to read, and try this later.It's not as bad as some others, and the first chapter has a strong and promising plot. But later it becomes worse and worse.So the good news: Claire, the main female character. She's at her 30s, with tragic background. She now has to work at the Opera. What I like the most about her: dressage. She's training horses for stage. That's great idea, I think, and very u [...]

    • An interesting adaptation of Phantom, and quite refreshing to have a character who accepts Erik for who he is. Good views on the role of women and especially those who flaunt convention in this age.Not as much made of the dark past and the Opera house years but this is both a simple and complex romance of two damaged and lonely souls who are rather outcast but find love with each other and a new acceptance of the world.

    • I'm a big fan of "The Phantom of the Opera" so I was initially a little skeptical of this - thinking perhaps it was just going to be a knock-off or something like that. I was pleasantly surprised to find an interesting story, well-written characters and plot twists I wasn't expecting! It was true to what I consider the "Phantom" storyline and weaved the new characters into it brilliantly. Would love to see more stories like this!

    • I was unaware that there is a strong following of Phantom of the Opera books and admit that this is the first one I have read. I did watch the movie, Phantom of the Opera and remember being mesmerised by the grandeur of the old theatre. I would say that my memory of the superb cinematography of the film doubtless helps the book along but it doesn’t. It doesn’t need to. Sharon E. Cathcart’s words do that. She successfully portrays 19th century Paris and London with a wonderful descriptive s [...]

    • I really enjoyed this romance by Sharon Cathcart. For all you Phantom of the Opera fans (or Gerard Butler fans-I heard his voice when I was reading Erik's lines), you'll have a blast with it. The story takes place at the turn of the century at the Paris opera house (yes that opera house). The heroine is Claire, of age, but orphaned and living at the whim of her cousin (a very convincingly written jerk that you want to slap silly the first time he shows up on stagehe's that nasty) because of her [...]

    • Everyone usually has their own version of the Phantom of the Opera.I personally loved the story of The Phantom of the Opera and the Broadway show, which is why I was drawn to this particular novel, “In The Eye of The Beholder”. I found this story to be more than an ordinary romance that was perhaps based on the original story of The Phantom of the Opera. It could be the story of any marriage where a man and woman struggle to maintain love in times that are difficult for many different reason [...]

    • It was ok. Erik was just too different from what I remember. I remember him being guarded, and a bit arrogant in the original by Gaston Leroux, but there were just times when he just cruel towards Claire. I found myself rooting for the heroine- Claire though; after everything she'd been through - being an over thirty independent thinker in a society that doesn't value women, losing her father and having to have and unknown male relative control her assets, losing her fiancee, and then putting up [...]

    • I loved Phantom of the Opera and Sharon's novel was like a wonderful and delicious dessert after a marvelous dinner! It was fun to see the story continue.I so enjoyed her attention to history and detail, her characters and her use of French words of the times. I felt like I was there.I was sorry to see it end!

    • Good solid readLoved how she brought the phantom out of binding and gave him a new love. I will be reading more books by SHARON E. CATHCART.

    • This is a very great book to read if you're a major fan of Phantom of the Opera (especially the 2004 movie since Erik is based off the physical appearance of Gerard Butler's Phantom). Even though it took me two years to finish (mainly because I learned that it's hard to get yourself into a good book when you have an infant and a toddler), I couldn't stop reading it when I resumed reading it yesterday. I had been halfway done anyway when I last stopped reading two years ago. This is also very goo [...]

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