Red, Green, or Murder

Red Green or Murder Former Posadas County Sheriff Bill Gastner now a New Mexico Livestock Inspector is enjoying a day on Herb Torrances But Bill soon finds himself ferrying a broken cowpuncher in the back of his SUV h

  • Title: Red, Green, or Murder
  • Author: Steven F. Havill
  • ISBN: 9781590586655
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Former Posadas County Sheriff Bill Gastner, now a New Mexico Livestock Inspector, is enjoying a day on Herb Torrances But Bill soon finds himself ferrying a broken cowpuncher in the back of his SUV, headed out to meet an ambulance.

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      198 Steven F. Havill
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    About “Steven F. Havill

    • Steven F. Havill

      Steven F Havill is an American author of mysteries and westerns.Havill lives in Raton, New Mexico, with his wife Kathleen He has written two series of police procedurals set in the fictional Posadas County, New Mexico along with other works.

    234 thoughts on “Red, Green, or Murder

    • It's a crime that I got this book for free. The author should be paid handsomely for this effort with every sale. If you like police procedurals, and mysteries in general, this is an outstanding novel for you to read. While some mystery readers might like a faster paced story with harder punches, this one moseys along just right for the pace of life in Posadas County, New Mexico until the squeeze is put on the bad guys. There are so many pretenders out there with five-star ratings that the truly [...]

    • I just love Bill GastnerThis series actually extends over the careers of two law officers who hold a position called Undersheriff in the fictional Posadas County, New Mexico. An undersheriff is the person right below the elected position of Sheriff and is appointed by the Sheriff. Generally, the Undersheriff would be the expert in the law that is there to advise the elected Sheriff. The first half of the series covers Undersheriff Bill Gastner, an experienced law officer. Bill would laugh at tha [...]

    • Havill's books set in Posadas County are my all-time favorite mysteries. Thoroughly enjoy the setting and characters. Have read them all at least twice.Copied this from the Princeton Public Library."In Posadas County, New Mexico, retired undersheriff Bill Gastner understands two things: most criminals aren't as smart as they think they are, and human nature is fairly predictable. When a full cattle truck and trailer go missing along with the ranch hand driving it, and the herd and its cow dog ar [...]

    • This series is so fun, and I enjoy listening to it on audiobook while working out, cooking, or doing chores. However, I have a severe reservation about the series, which distracts me every time I read one of these books: each time Bill goes to his favorite restaurant for a green chili burrito, I get the urge to eat Mexican food. This is a very dangerous consequence and a frequent one, as anyone who has read the series knows. Nonetheless, because of the great characters, setting, and interesting [...]

    • The characters were interesting. It was a fairly easy read, but I'm not intrigued enough to want to read the rest of the series

    • Great seriesChapter One “Hooooowhup!” Dale Torrance bellowed, and his horse understood whatever that language was and ducked hard to the left, cutting off a calf’s escape. Dale and another of the H-Bar-T hands, Pat Gabaldon, worked the herd counter-clockwise around the corral’s perimeter. Every now and then a calf, all gangly and awkward like a teenager, would bolt sideways from the flow, figuring who knows what in its bovine brain. I stood in the middle of the arena with Herb Torrance a [...]

    • #16 in the Posadas County series. I'm afraid that Havill has written himself into a corner with this series; the current protagonist Estelle Reyes-Guzman has a musical prodigy son who can't progress in rural New Mexico. Will she leave, send the boy away, or find another slution? Meanwhile, since 2008, there has been only one contemporary entry in the series - Double Prey (2011). There have been two entries in a new series, featuring Dr. Thomas Parks in 1890s coastal Washington; and, two throwbac [...]

    • For this title, Havill has moved from St. Martin's Press to Poisoned Pen Press. Based on the editing quality of seen in this Poisoned Pen Press publication, sometimes as many as two errors per page, this move seems to have been a bad decision.Page 24"Gotta have something really worth living for once in awhile."She nodded at that deep, philosophical thought as if she understood perfectly. Maybe she did. But Estelle had never eaten a burrito grande in her entire life--I'd bet the farm on it. Not w [...]

    • If you have ever been in New Mexico, you are familiar with the eternal question, "Red or Green?".In this case, it's the green that's the killer.Former Posadas County sheriff Bill Gastner is supposedly retired but finds himself up to his Livestock Inspector badge in solving the murder of his good friend.This book will resonate with everyone familiar with small town practices, rural living or New Mexico. It covers all three.It's a very satisfying read as Mr. Havill hits all the right notes in his [...]

    • Bill Gastner retired as sheriff of Posadas county for a retirement job as livestock inspector. But when an old friend dies mysteriously, his old deputy, now undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman, calls him in. At the same time, the Posadas county crew is trying to find out why a rancher's truck was driven into Mexico after his cowhand disappeared. Bill saves a few lives, eats a few good meals, and finds a few criminals. This underrated but terrific series should be a must-read for those who like mys [...]

    • I enjoyed this book by Havill. It was set in a cowboy or rural setting and the chracters were believable and some you wished you had living close to you so you could enjoy them. The plot involving a murder ws worked out over a lot of trials and work by the sheriff and others. It was good reading and kept you turning the pages to see how the story would come out. Liked the book because the heroes were not extrahuman superheroes; the appeared to be real people working on a problem.J. Robert Ewbank [...]

    • I picked this one up as a freebie from for my Kindle. I was not disappointed at all. The characters are great; they are very well developed and engaging to the reader. The plot was pretty straight forward, but there were some twists as well.All in all, this was a pretty solid mystery. I would highly recommend it to my friends. I just wish I had started with the first book in the series, but that's ok, I'm going to go back and pick them up. :)

    • You know what the New Mexico question is don't you? Red or Green? That is, of course, the catch behind this title by New Mexican author Steven F. Havill. So, this is a mystery. It isn't Dickens but it is enjoyable. The characters are very southwestern and landscape is bleak and hard, except for the food which is yummy, even on the page. I have it if you want to borrow it.

    • A good story with great characters, for sure, but some of its idiosyncrasies - as well as a whole host of spelling errors and missed words - drove me nuts. I'm sure that's what I get for reading all these kindle freebies. If you are not charging then perhaps the books shouldn't have to be held up to the same high standards? Ugh!

    • I think I gain 10 pounds every time I read one of Havill's books just thinking about the smothered green chile burrito grandes that Gastner loves.Was surprised to find this book - it's written out of order in the series. A pleasant surprise. I like these people. I'd like to live in Posadas some day.

    • A friend of ex sheriff Bill Gastner has died in what may be suspicious circumstances and Bill is involves in helping solve the case, but he is often treated like he is fragile as well and this irks him.

    • I really like the characters in this book. I can picture running into Bill Gastner at the diner and enjoying a glass of iced tea and talking about the weather and families. The story is a well written whodunnit that keeps you hanging on 'til the end.

    • What's better than finding a new (new to me)writer whose books keep you up reading all night long. Best of all, this is part of a series. Red, Green or Murder, a mystery set in contemporary New Mexico that feels real. Loved it.

    • The community and the relationships among the characters are as important as solving the crime in this story, the first I've read in this series. The former sheriff has retired and works as a livestock inspector, but he can't give up solving crimes, especially when the victim is his good friend.

    • I enjoyed this book, another solid mystery in the Posadas County series. I enjoyed former Sheriff Bill Gastner getting more page time in this book.

    • Another good installment in the Posadas county mystery series. Characters always remain true and the mystery is always interesting.

    • Well writtenA tight procedural mystery within a folksy easy-reading novel with likeable characters who very quickly feel like your neighbors. Recommended.

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