Prisoner's Base A Nero Wolfe Mystery

Prisoner s Base A Nero Wolfe Mystery Hours after Priscilla Eads pleads with him to take her case Nero Wolfe is shocked to find out that she was murdered and soon he is investigating her fortune hunting husband and greedy business assoc

  • Title: Prisoner's Base A Nero Wolfe Mystery
  • Author: Rex Stout
  • ISBN: 9780553132274
  • Page: 196
  • Format: None
  • Hours after Priscilla Eads pleads with him to take her case, Nero Wolfe is shocked to find out that she was murdered, and soon he is investigating her fortune hunting husband and greedy business associates.

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      Rex Todhunter Stout December 1, 1886 October 27, 1975 was an American crime writer, best known as the creator of the larger than life fictional detective Nero Wolfe, described by reviewer Will Cuppy as that Falstaff of detectives Wolfe s assistant Archie Goodwin recorded the cases of the detective genius from 1934 Fer de Lance to 1975 A Family Affair.The Nero Wolfe corpus was nominated Best Mystery Series of the Century at Bouchercon 2000, the world s largest mystery convention, and Rex Stout was nominated Best Mystery Writer of the Century.

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    • A woman showed up at Nero Wolfe's house. She wanted to use it as a hotel where she could stay hidden for several days. Usually she would not be even let in with such strange request, but Archie just had a disagreement with his employer, so he put her in the guest room while Nero Wolfe had his regular sessions with orchids. As soon as the latter came down the woman was sent away. She was found murdered several hours later. Archie Goodwin felt it was practically his fault, so finding a murderer be [...]

    • A woman who unsuccessfully seeks Nero Wolfe's services is later found murdered. Archie feels responsible, and temporarily leave's Wolfe's employ to solve the case. Another good entry in the series.

    • A nice business as usual Nero Wolfe mystery with Archie stepping to the front of the stage. Nice twist in the plot although the attitudes toward women were rather backward.

    • PRISONER’S BASE. (1952). Rex Stout. ***1/2.This another adventure for Stout’s Nero Wolfe. This time, the central theme of the case that Wolfe picks up relates to the inheritance of a large and successful company that manufactures towels and linens. Much of the story revolves around the legal issues of possession of goods after an owner dies. When the legal heir dies, the next in line is found murdered. Where do you look next? It is obvious. But, obvious or not, Nero Wolfe can only work on ca [...]

    • Description: Hours after Priscilla Eads pleads with him to take her case, Nero Wolfe is shocked to find out that she was murdered, and soon he is investigating her fortune-hunting husband and greedy business associates.

    • This was my first Nero Wolfe book. I wasn't so crazy about the story overall, but I did get a big ol' kick out of Archie and Nero and their relationship. I think I'm going to have to start at the beginning of the series in order to get a better appreciation of it.

    • Under normal circumstances, a woman showing up on Wolfe's door looking for a place to stay would be unceremoniously bounced. But if the woman shows up when Wolfe and Archie are in the middle of a standoff, she may end up being escorted inside so Archie can use her to antagonize his employer. The situation is complicated when someone else tries to hire Wolfe to find a missing heiress (the same young lady who just so happens to be upstairs in the South Room). Wolfe's self esteem won't let him acce [...]

    • It's hard to give a Nero Wolfe novel anything less than four stars. But this came fairly close. The mystery, as in many of the Wolfe novels, was pretty good, but the solution was a wee bit underwhelming. I enjoyed the cast of characters, but there was a lot of development to zero end. 90% of it was red herrings, and the key was a bit of unseen fummerry. Still, a good read, and some lovely Stout writing. 3.5 rounded up.

    • I always enjoy reading the Nero Wolfe books. This one was satisfying, but I wouldn't rank it up there as one of the best. For one thing, it's fairly heavy on Archie and light on Wolfe, and I've realized that the interactions between them is one of the most enjoyable parts of the books for me -- there isn't so much of that here. The title of this book and the cover art don't really have much to do with the plot.Plot Comments:The middle of this book has an exciting part that, while I had a pretty [...]

    • A casa di Nero Wolfe, questa volta, “Sulla soglia c’era un essere umano di sesso femminile, di vent’anni o poco più, provvisto di due occhi fuori ordinanza, di un bel personale sano, di una valigia di pelle meravigliosamente lustra e di una cappelliera.”È una donna, in elegante abito color pesca, che resta misteriosa per poco e riesce a destare in Wolfe la sua proverbiale avversità per il genere femminile. Ovviamente, di tutt’altro avviso è Archie Goodwin, che ne resta all’istant [...]

    • An uninvited "guest" appears on Nero Wolfe's doorstep. Archie knows that Wolfe will not accept a female in his home, especially one who won't give him her name. Later, a man comes by to contract Godwin and Wolfe to find his ward before June 30th. The same date that the young woman locked in Wolfe's 3rd floor room had stated as the date she wanted to stay through. When Archie sees the picture of the missing woman, Pre Eads, he knows it's the young woman he had interviewed earlier. When her guardi [...]

    • A successful novel has to catch a reader’s attention right away and in Prisoner’s Base Rex Stout does this admirably by having an apparently wealthy young woman arrive on Wolfe’s doorstep asking to move in for a week. Wolfe is not fond of women or changes to his routine so this seemingly innocent request is an unthinkable intrusion for him. He ultimately rejects the woman’s request, she leaves, and is murdered a few hours later. Why she was killed (and of course who did it) is the focus [...]

    • I had always wanted to try a Nero Wolff book. Did I see an American series of his cases long ago?Archie Goodwin is his Watson, so to speak, and narrates the story. His Americanisms from the 1950s had me a bit foxed at times but I ploughed on.This book was a dangerous place for innocent females with quite a few being cruelly dispatched. One in particular made me go, Oh no, not her. Poor Archie is left with a terribly guilty conscience.So you have to content yourselves with the who and the why and [...]

    • I enjoyed the TV version more than the book, but that in part is my love of watching Timothy Hutton and the girl who played Priss' erstwhile best friend work together. Another thing is that there was a lot of talk-talk in the book, and I'm not sure that in 1952 all of that travel between South and North America would have gone quite that quickly. Granted there were fewer international air passengers in those days but there is the expense as well as the time factor to consider. Jet travel didn't [...]

    • This is one of the better Nero Wolfe novels, largely because of the interplay and relationship between Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. When a young woman whom Archie has allowed to spend the night in their house is later killed, he feels responsible and does his utmost to get Wolfe to get to work on the case. As Wolfe drags his feet, Archie decides to go it alone. Two other murders also occur; the usual clashes between the detectives and the police are there; and the culprit is revealed after a re-ena [...]

    • Probably one of the best Nero Wolfe's I've read tbh. I love when Archie is put in the forefront of the story and this one is definitely about him and his "personal problem". Also features Archie being friendly with Purley Stebbins and victims I actually felt bad for. ALSO FEATURES ARCHIE TAKING INDEFINITE LEAVE FROM HIS EMPLOYMENT. Just, very fun and one of the more unique novels in the series. (Stout always tries to make them unique but a lot of the time he does that by giving more emotional in [...]

    • One of Archie's jobs is to activate the sedentary Wolfe. And regular readers know the lengths to which he will go to get Wolfe on the job. This time a creative effort goes terribly wrong and the two detectives find themselves quickly immersed in a disturbing mystery with a particularly nasty killer and a South American connection. Despite Wolfe's egregious misogyny Archie is a lover of women and psychologically astute. Watch for his finely etched portrait of a minor character named, Sarah Jaffee [...]

    • I felt real bad for Archie in book 21 as follows:Archie is Nero's client, because he feels responsible for the death of a young woman who sought asylum at Nero's house. In the sequel two other women are strangled as the result of a stupid will and a claim on it foolishly certified. The case is complex, the parties are hostile (so are Nero and Archie) and for once the police behave reasonably and civillyPlease see: enpedia/wiki/Prisone

    • A change of pace.Archie is Wolfe's client!! That is interesting enough, but more fascinating is the puzzle, and Archie's quest for the murderer whose agenda cause Archie to pursue him with revenge on his mind, to capture and turn over a murderer who kills two people for which Archie feels responsible. His last conversation with Sarah Jaffee is agonizing, but his presence of mind and final action is satisfying!!

    • I find this a very unsatisfying book. The primary murder victim is additionally victimized by a set of suspects but the actual murderer arrives deus ex machina. More punishment needs to have been meted out.

    • My first Nero Wolfe.Dialogue right out of fifties cop dramas. Archie Goodwin is a sympathetic sidekick, and Nero Wolfe is just a shadow in the story. I'm assuming this will be the standard for the series. It was pretty obvious the cast of suspects would not include the murderer.

    • Here, the master's touch: not only did I get the suspense, the story, the feelings, and the people, but I was allowed to solve it, glory in that, and watch it come true. Rex Stout does that in this novel without anymore than the touch of a feather.

    • A good mysteryPrisoner's Base is a somewhat different Nero Wolfe story. In this one, Archie Goodwin is the client and he teams up with the police. A solid and fun read.

    • The first twist in this story is that Archie is the client. Wolfe and Archie (with a little help from Saul) still solve the problem and identify the murderer before the police figure it out.

    • This story largely focuses around Archie Goodwin--he ends up very angry over the murder of a woman he thought he could have saved.

    • The more of these books I read, the more I like them. Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are excellent characters.

    • This was an outstanding NW book! I think it’s one of my top 10- maybe even top 5. The plot was truly excellent and I could not predict anything. It is so fun reading this series!!!

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