Jóia Perdida

J ia Perdida Neste enfeiti ado volume do mundo das J ias Negras um escritor enlouquecido descobre que descendente dos Sangue Mas quando percebe que os seus sonhos de grandeza e fama s o apenas uma fantasia decid

  • Title: Jóia Perdida
  • Author: Anne Bishop Cristina Correia
  • ISBN: 9789896370589
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Neste enfeiti ado volume do mundo das J ias Negras, um escritor enlouquecido descobre que descendente dos Sangue Mas quando percebe que os seus sonhos de grandeza e fama s o apenas uma fantasia, decide vingar se Os Sangue v o pagar caro por o substimarem e a primeira v tima vai ser a fam lia SaDiablo Surreal SaDiablo e o Pr ncipe Rainier recebem um convite para visitaNeste enfeiti ado volume do mundo das J ias Negras, um escritor enlouquecido descobre que descendente dos Sangue Mas quando percebe que os seus sonhos de grandeza e fama s o apenas uma fantasia, decide vingar se Os Sangue v o pagar caro por o substimarem e a primeira v tima vai ser a fam lia SaDiablo Surreal SaDiablo e o Pr ncipe Rainier recebem um convite para visitar uma velha mans o que personifica os mitos e poderes m gicos dos Sangue Mas a mans o , na verdade, uma poderosa armadilha mortal para capturar outros Sangue e us los como marionetas para inspirar a sua escrita As suas vidas dependem agora de um jogo de enigmas Enquanto Surreal e Rainier lutam para escapar armadilha mortal, Daemon Sadi e o seu meio irm o Lucivar preparam se para aparecer no m ximo das suas for as E prometem que quem os provocou, vai arrepender se

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    • Anne Bishop Cristina Correia

      Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories She is the author of fourteen novels, including the award winning Black Jewels Trilogy Her most recent novel, Twilight s Dawn, made the New York Times bestseller list She is currently working on a new series, which is an urban dark fantasy with a bit of a twist.Crawford Award 2000 Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

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    • This book is a kind-of-but-not-really sequel to the trilogy in that it takes place after it, and I don't recommend reading it unless you've read the Black Jewels Trilogy. Obviously, it's not set on such an epic scale. The "plot" itself sounds rather silly: Surreal and her escort get trapped in a deadly(!) "spooky house" that was set up by a pompous writer who wants to get revenge on the SaDiablo family, and so, of course, Daemon and Lucivar have to do their "Evil Twin* Powers! Activate!" routine [...]

    • This book will likely make little sense to anyone who hasn't read and loved the Black Jewels Trilogy but to someone, like me, who was obsessed with those books, this is a delicious treat.Tbh, I view all the books Bishop wrote in the Jewels world after the Trilogy ended as the best kind of fanfiction - glimpses into the life of characters I feel too attached to part with even if I pick and choose what to insert into 'my' canon. The plot is kinda slim - Surreal gets menaced by a creepy homicidal h [...]

    • This book was sweet, but less engaging than a book about a haunted house made real should be. I love Anne Bishop and I loved the bits that were an insight into Jeweled family life, but the haunted house itself fell flat. Watch my video review

    • Unlike the previous books this one doesn't have a complicated plot. It was actually quite silly and very used. Some crazy man thinks too much of himself and his arrogance and sense of self superiority lead him to take unreasonable revenge to the most powerful family in all realm. If you've read the first trilogy (not necessary to enjoy this particular book) you'll actually sympathize with the villain since it's painfully obvious what would happen to him once his own game caught up with him. I ne [...]

    • Another Black Jewel novel is always exciting for me. In this one, all I could think of was, "uh oh, someone is going to get a spanking when they get out of this haunted house". Surreal, I wish there was a little side story of what Lucivar did as a punishment after she was healed. While the plot of this story is pretty hokey. Still, it was fun for me because I loved seeing my favourite characters all back together again. This was a happier sweet story. Light read and nice insight into the seconda [...]

    • Good story! I almost lost interest because of the slow moving beginning but the story line picked up around the time Luciver's invitation arrived! Poor Tersa, I'm glad she got her revenge!

    • While this book was not as good as the original three stories in The Black Jewels Trilogy it was a wonderful book and brought all of the main characters back, whom I adore. Especially Dameon and Lucivar who have pivitol roles in this tale and learn a great deal about themselves and where they came from, something everyone should know after thousands of years of living. Anne Bishop has a way of making this incredible fantasy world seem capable of existing. While reading these books I can invision [...]

    • Anne Bishop's skill with words rivals her characters' skill with magic: she weaves beautifully compelling characters and stories that enchant the mind and leave you wanting more.And as those of you who have read my other reviews know, I rarely rave this much about an author, but Anne Bishop is my favorite by far.When I happened upon book one of the Black Jewels trilogy, which Tangled Webs is sort of a sequel to, I could not put it down, ran out to buy the next two the very next day, and read eve [...]

    • I actually read this book thinking it was the 5th book in the series. I guess the fact that I never realized I had skipped a book without noticing, even after I was done, says a lotTHIS BOOK WAS REALLY BAD. While I adored the original trilogy, I felt like I wanted to tear every single page off. The plot was terrible, exactly like a Jigsaw movie but for all audiences, really depressing. No content at all, everything was terribly shallow and superficial. I just didn't care for anything that was go [...]

    • Anything after The Black Jewels trilogy will seem completely inconsequential in comparison. After all, what's left to do after you've already killed all the bad guys and saved the world? This book serves as a sharp reminder that even though all the bad guys are gone, that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't still problems in society, ie. neglected orphans, subpar schools, random psycho weirdos.The plot here was subpar, I felt. There's a line from Surreal in the beginning of the book:She clappe [...]

    • Bishop tells us right up front in this book that "the big battle has been won, the big tale has been told," and that this is just a day-in-the-life-of sort of story. which is to say 2 very obvious things: 1)don't start here, 2)it's nowhere near as good as the books that *did* tell the big story. but you knew that, thanks to the handy disclaimer up front. you don't particularly mind though (those of us who loved those previous entries, anyway), since Bishop is absolutely *killer* at characterizat [...]

    • Blah. Surreal as a damsel in distress struggling to survive until The Men can come rescue her. Blah. Sure, she's stronger than the man with her, but he's gay, so it doesn't count. I'm all for exploring the awesome relationship between Saetan, Daemon, and Lucivar, but to kill 20 women and children to set up the premise and then recast Surreal as a (damaged) damsel in distress just sucks.Gee, I wonder if Bishop's working on a book in which Surreal meets a strong warlord who thinks her past is awes [...]

    • Even though it wasn't the most intense book of the series I still really liked it! I started this in September and got side tracked. I wish I would have finished it then because this is a great Halloween read and would be a great time to pimp this book to lovers of the series. Janelle and Marian want to start a haunted house and things start going reallly wrong. It was more like a social visit to the world for most of the book until Lucivar stepped up to show who was boss and then the intensity [...]

    • What a spectacular visit back to the world of the black jewels! Ms. Bishop's best work is without a doubt her Black Jewels series and this long await return does not disappoint.Trapped in a web of danger created by Jarvis Jenkell, Surreal and Rainier try to escape, while guarding the children, they unknowingly brought into the web with them.Forced to work from outside the web to rescue Surreal and Rainier, Lucifier, Daemon, and Janelle race against a mad man to save them.

    • Wow, this was different! Surreal and Rainier were the main characters of the book but Daemon, Lucivar and Jaenelle weren't left far behind. This book is a perfect Halloween read, peeps! It involves an evil house designed to trap and kill SaDiablo family and their very gory struggle to stay alive and destroy this house. Chilly, scary and very intense, this was a fantastic read!

    • Took me nearly 4 weeks to read this. It was interesting, but I couldn't help thinking the characters were a little OOC and that put me off. But I did enjoy it, at times it even sort of creeped me out :) Definitely not in league with the Black Jewels trilogy though.

    • Okay, maybe it's nostalgia, but I found this book highly readable despite its obvious faults. It was an easy read, comfortable in a way, and justI don't know jives with the younger, more innocent me.

    • This one was plenty dark for me, but as always a delight to spend time with these characters in this world.

    • Falar de Anne Bishop e dos seus livros é sempre um problema para mim porque tenho sempre a impressão que transmito muito pouco do quanto gosto de a ler, da qualidade da sua escrita, da mestria com que cria os mundos onde as suas histórias são passadas, da forma como constrói as suas personagens - fortes ou fracas, mais ou menos importantes. Anne Bishop é, sem qualquer margem para dúvida, A Escritora por excelência, a bitola que pode servir para se comparar outros autores de fantasia (e a [...]

    • Not terribly pleased with this book. It was well written, however it was horribly slow. The last book was also slow, however I could forgive a slow story, given the state of the characters. This book feels very much like a dead end novel. Do I get to see all/most of the characters I have emotionally invested in? Yes. Is that enough to have me read it? Yes. Is it good for the series? I would say no. This book did provide a lot of insight into the world state and the popular opinions of the masses [...]

    • The premise of the book slightly. uh, stupid. I mean a writer that sets up a haunted house to get payback on the SaDiablo family. I mean come on And while I still love the characters and their interactions, the shitty communication between Janealle and Daemon continued to be a thorn in the readers side. They aren't idiots, communication between two married people should never be that silly, or lack of communication I should say.There was also problems with SL's that felt partially completed. Mor [...]

    • Set is in the world of the Black Jewels Trilogy this sixth instalment tells the adventure Surreal and Rainier have inside a haunted house no person would ever wish to visit.

    • love this series. I'm sad I'm almost done. this series is definitely worth the read. i could read 20 of these easily.

    • Anne Bishop never fails to write a story that grabs me right way and does not let me go until the very last page. The Black Jewels series is definitely my favorite of all her books. All of the books set in this world have intriguing story lines and characters who fascinate me. Even the characters I loathe are still well written. Any book by Anne Bishop is a must read and this series is no exception.

    • É sempre difícil falar sobre um livro de Anne Bishop e manter-me afastada dos lugares-comuns: como a autora é, simplesmente, uma das melhores, como os seus mundos são originais, negros e terrivelmente sensuais, como as suas personagens são inesquecíveis mas a verdade é que é tudo isto e muito mais.Apesar da sua grandiosidade, Jóia Perdida é, até agora, o livro mais fraco das Jóias Negras. Isto não faz de si um mau livro, nem por sombras; os outros é que são anormalmente melhores. [...]

    • This one was reallymething?!I don't know. At some points I really hated the story and wanted it to end, at some others I enjoyed it. At least a bit.But unfortunately, the "Argh, what the hell is that?"- moments where overwhelmingly present. Only the further information on Surreal and the lives of Daemon and Jaenelle let me continue reading it. And the fact that I had bought this and the next book in the series and thought that maybe another story would pop up, like it did in the fifth (or rather [...]

    • After hearing how the non-blood of the races think the Blood live Jaenelle decides to make a spooky house for some fun and scares. Her family is horrified that Jaenelle could make light of their lives and display a grotesque parody of what the landens think, and fear, the Blood are like. But she wears them down, after all, it is all in good fun. Except some one is playing for real. Landry Langston was a landen writer who is liked in both landen and Blood communities. As his popularity amongst th [...]

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