Tai Pan It is the early th century when European traders and adventurers first began to penetrate the forbidding Chinese mainland And it is in this exciting time and exotic place that a giant of an English

  • Title: Tai-Pan
  • Author: James Clavell
  • ISBN: 9780385343251
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is the early 19th century, when European traders and adventurers first began to penetrate the forbidding Chinese mainland And it is in this exciting time and exotic place that a giant of an Englishman, Dirk Straun, sets out to turn the desolate island of Hong Kong into an impregnable fortress of British power, and to make himself supreme ruler Tai Pan

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      James Clavell, born Charles Edmund Dumaresq Clavell was a British novelist, screenwriter, director and World War II veteran and POW Clavell is best known for his epic Asian Saga series of novels and their televised adaptations, along with such films as The Great Escape, The Fly and To Sir, with Love James Clavell 2007, November 10 In , The Free Encyclopedia Retrieved 23 16, November 14, 2007, from enpedia w indexp t

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    • ***MOVIE ADDENDUM ADDED SEPT 13th, 2014***”’Joss’ was a Chinese word that meant Luck and Fate and God and the devil combined.”Hong Kong was just a cluster of fishing villages when the English traders arrived in 1841. The port quickly proved a safe haven to ships even impervious to Typhoons.Dirk Lochlin Struan is a Scotsman who has spent a good part of his adult life in the orient amassing a fleet of clipper ships and a great fortune. He is called the Tai-Pan. He has made his own joss by [...]

    • Having begun with King Rat, I proceeded to work my way through most of James Clavell's Asian Saga before running out of steam - and interest - with the overly-long and rather lacklustre Whirlwind; and of them all, Tai-Pan was my favorite. Shogun was fantastic, mysterious, complex, cruel, violent, erotic, dressed with elaborate manners and rituals, alien thought patterns, ironclad honor, smelly Europeans, the whole works - but it didn't have the Struans versus the Brocks, which crackling, bloody, [...]

    • I've read this before & really liked it, but it is even better as an audio book. Incredible, really. John Lee has great accents & intonations & really makes the book come alive.Clavell is most famous for Shōgun, the first of his Asian series, which was made into a mini series starring Richard Chamberlain. It was excellent & takes place about 2.5 centuries earlier in Japan. Tai-Pan is about the founding of Hong Kong about 1840 & takes place over a period of 6 months. It was m [...]

    • Wanted to get a nice concise history of Hong Kong, ended up with James Clavell's Tai Pan. I read Shogun when I was 14, and remember liking it enough to read through the 1000+ pages (and that sex scene with the anal beads? Blew my 14 year old mind. And my DAD had read the book. Yikes.) Maybe my taste is different now but Tai Pan is pretty dissapointing. Lots of cool historical details, but they feel a bit shoe-horned in, and the main character is, well, basically perfect. At least in James Clavel [...]

    • Big, chewy, lip smacking, gut busting fiction. How appropriate that I should have finished it on Thanksgiving - a day given to gastronomical excess.Whew. This is not a historical tome. It is a fictionalized account of the first year of the British colony of Hong Kong (1841). The characters are all loosely based on actual people - as are their trading companies. That is what Clavell did in his novels and it's important that one understand that.Clavell was also an ardent supporter of Free Trade, a [...]

    • One absolutely brilliant book, but I didn't expect this ending, something similar yes, but the way it ended - NO!! It broke my heart a little bit and I cried, usually this would ruin the book for me, but this one was a masterpiece and I can't say even one bad thing about it.There were so many great characters especially Dirk and his Mei Mei, they were so well suited,yin and yang. Some books and characters fade with time, but I'm not sure I will ever forget those two. This is a book I will be rer [...]

    • What can I say about ‘Tai-Pan’? Is it really a Historical novel? Is it a Alternative History? These are the two questions I keep asking myself while working my way through the late James Clavell’s Asian saga, which for your consideration are the following:‘Shogun’ (1600)‘Tai-Pan’ (1841)‘Gai-Jin’ (1862)‘King Rat’(1945)‘Noble House’(1963)‘Whirlwind’(1979) Before joining , I had already read ‘Shogun’, so you, my friendly reader, do not have the luxury of a review o [...]

    • You know that feeling where you just wanna dedicate a slow jam to a book? You ever get that? If I ever had to have something playing while I clutched a totally fucked up and battered paperback to my chest, I would want this to be that song: youtube/watch?v=AR8D2This shit is that good. It covers a very tempestuous 1841 as lived by a host of characters ranging from traders to pirates to admirals to slaves. We concern ourselves most primarily with Dirk Struan, Tai-Pan (Supreme Leader or Big Shot) o [...]

    • Oh yes, this is the Clavell I remember from Shogun. Even though it has been years, I remember that book vividly. Tai-Pan, although not a continuation of Shogun, is similar in style and character. There are some major storyline differences, but the extremely lucky, strategic and forward thinking main male character, and the bad-but not so bad antagonist. Then, a slew of wonderful side characters, the women being beautiful in different ways, but sly, clever and endearing, and the men, varying dram [...]

    • I thought Shogun was his best book when I read it, but found I liked Tai-Pan even more. There's more action & suspense with a twisty plot & far reaching consequences. If you plan on reading any other books by Clavell, you HAVE to read Tai-Pan. Without its history, you'll miss out on a lot. Dirk Straun, the hero, is probably my favorite character in all fiction. He is a tough, smart man that isn't afraid to unlearn his old ways & adapt. He has a wonderful enemy in Brock & intellig [...]

    • Wow. I felt a shiver down my spine after the last page. This book indeed is as grand and as entertaining as it gets. I do not think I will be able to muster enough words to explain the sensations I felt while reading this awesome novel. It was as if I was there in Hong Kong at the day and age when Imperial England was at its height and grandeur, conquering the seas. All the cunning and strategies involved in maintaining the largest trading company of the time, all the bitterness and rivalries ex [...]

    • My first Clavell read was Shogun - that was good. Not great, but good - I remember being engaged, interested enough in the subject matter, the way the plot developed. Years passed and I tried Gai-jin - I only finished that because I constantly hoped that even turn of the page would somehow bring about the book's miraculous redemption. Far from redeeming itself, that book actually got worse as it progressed. Because I had heard that Tai-pan was better than Gai-jin, I gave it a try this week. Not [...]

    • This book is phenomenal. Anyone who is interested in China, past and present, should read it. Anyone who likes a brilliant historical fiction, should read it. And anyone who loves “larger-than-life, but still realistic and wonderfully developed” characters, should read it.Set in 1840s China (Canton), Macao and most importantly, the brand-new English colony of Hong Kong (which Dirk negotiated away from the Emperor through the oh-so-pliable governor), the story is set around Dirk Stuan, a larg [...]

    • Currently watching a re-run of Shogun which has spurred me to finally pick up this novel which has been on my list for sometime now.Oh Dear! DNF at page 115 & in truth been struggling to get to grips with this for a while, actually from the get-go. For why? Its jus an endless narrative with very little to no description of events or actions, let alone much (Zero) historical fiction context. It’s really only the C19th dialogue that places it as a historical fiction & I found myself drif [...]

    • Tai-Pan - A "fantastical" good novel, brilliant characters, enthralling story, awful ending. It kept my attention and was an easy read. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone looking for adventure, and a bit of history.

    • Velmi pěkně napsaný dobrodružný román z doby založení britské kolonie Hongkong. Doba i místo jsou velmi zajímavé, konečně, jsme v Číně v době opiových válek. Čili máme tu střet dvou naprosto odlišných kultur, které sebou navzájem opovrhují - na jedné straně britské obchodníky, žijící prakticky výlučně z pašování opia do Číny, na druhé straně císařskou Čínu, považující se za střed světa. Když k tomu přidáme i řadu zajímavých postav, dost [...]

    • An outstanding historical saga and my first exposure to James Clavell. On the strength of this, I'll be sure to read the rest of his work.TAI-PAN is epic in scope, a novel whose background is the inception of Hong Kong by the British, circa 1841. Into these turbulent times comes a tail of rival opium smugglers, piracy, betrayal, love, hatred, incest, murder, friendship and natural disasters. Pretty much everything is here, giving this the flavour of a historical saga of old with a distinctly mas [...]

    • This book is an absolute masterpiece! Every sentence, every word was on its right place. The portraits of the characters were unique, intriguing, perfectly built and there wasn’t even a moment, when the plot was boring. I can’t even think of a flaw.I loved the story of the hatred between the rivals Dirk and Brok and the way their children are included in it, the love between Dirk and Mei-Mei, the clash of different cultures and political views and of course the cruel fight for the title Tai- [...]

    • I have an affinity for historical fiction. And one such series of books that I am slowly working my way into is James Clavell's Asian Saga. Last year, I read Shogun. This time, I finished the second book, which was set more than 200 years after the first one, Tai-Pan.The current book is about the founding of Hong Kong, after the Opium Wars. It centers on the main character Dirk Struan and his family and company, The Noble House. He is a merchant who owns an armada of trading ships, plying the ro [...]

    • 3.7 Stars: Historic, action-packed, strategic, and cross-culturally-insightful, Tai Pan is an intriguing, strongly character-driven adventure (escapist) novel depicting an assortment of 'free-trader' opium smugglers their families and fellow-travelers, and their competitive and cross-cultural conflicts as the Tai Pan (the pirate-trader-hegemon) consciously manipulates a wide variety of well-developed supporting characters in pursuit of his burning-desire: to establish a British-controlled free-p [...]

    • За ненадминатия талант на Джеймс Клавел е говорено много и вероятно дълго още ще се говори. Осъзнавам като сериозен пропуск, че посягам към тази книга чак сега, в напреднала (младежка) възраст. И ме е яд, че някога, когато прочетох за първи път „Цар Плъх“, не изгълтах веднага [...]

    • Первая глава первого тома затянута и насыщена именами на столько, что дважды откладывала книгу "на потом". С третьего раза далась. Пока не дочитала до конца третьего тома, оторваться не могла.Давно книга не вызывала во мне слёзы. На столько проникновенно описана жизнь герое [...]

    • I meant to start with Shogun and this book was available at the library so I started here first. It was a great story of how Hong Kong was under British rule. It was a great read and James Clavell is a talented author. I plan on reading more of these Asian Saga's.

    • A fictional account of the first British colony set in China - in a decrepit, barren land cursed with treacherous weather with the Scottish, Chinese, Americans, British, Portuguese plotting, fighting, allying with and against each other for control over the trading monopoly in the region. The book covers the global importance of tea trading and how opium manufactured in India, was bartered for tea to gain global power. The life and times of Dirk Struan, the Tai-Pan of the largest and most powerf [...]

    • Clavell's story of the British assumption of Hong Kong and those early struggles for dominance and fame. Truly incredible insight into the almost cavalier pirates who established the Asian outpost and colony.

    • What a great story! Clavell is a master at weaving together history and fiction, and the result surely makes for a compelling read. I don't know why it took me so long to read this, but I'm glad I did.

    • Книга понравилась. Много интересного с точки зрения истории: опиумные гонки, чайно - серебряный бартер, колонизация Англии. Ну и конечно погружение в культуру Китая.

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