Tentativa de agotar un lugar parisino

Tentativa de agotar un lugar parisino Parte sustancial de la obra de Georges Perec puede ser considerada como el trabajo de un cronista Perec nombra y describe para sus lectores no ya realidades ajenas sino la realidad m s tangible la qu

  • Title: Tentativa de agotar un lugar parisino
  • Author: Georges Perec
  • ISBN: 9789508450012
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Parte sustancial de la obra de Georges Perec puede ser considerada como el trabajo de un cronista Perec nombra y describe para sus lectores no ya realidades ajenas sino la realidad m s tangible, la que puede ser corroborada por quien lee con s lo abrir la puerta de su casa y salir, o ni siquiera a veces basta con la observaci n, el mero recuerdo, la introspecci n TentatParte sustancial de la obra de Georges Perec puede ser considerada como el trabajo de un cronista Perec nombra y describe para sus lectores no ya realidades ajenas sino la realidad m s tangible, la que puede ser corroborada por quien lee con s lo abrir la puerta de su casa y salir, o ni siquiera a veces basta con la observaci n, el mero recuerdo, la introspecci n Tentativa de agotar un lugar parisino, que aqu se ofrece por primera vez en espa ol, data de 1975 Es apenas una larga lista de lo que se ve desde los distintos lugares de la plaza Sr Sulpice de Par s Lo que ocurre es lo que pasa cuando no pasa nada Lo que se nombra es lo que se ve y lo que se ve nos lleva por momentos a lo que se imagina.

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    • Georges Perec

      Georges Perec was a highly regarded French novelist, filmmaker and essayist He was a member of the Oulipo group Many of his novels and essays abound with experimental wordplay, lists and attempts at classification, and they are usually tinged with melancholy.Born in a working class district of Paris, Perec was the only son of Icek Judko and Cyrla Schulewicz Peretz, Polish Jews who had emigrated to France in the 1920s He was a distant relative of the Yiddish writer Isaac Leib Peretz Perec s first novel, Les Choses Things A Story of the Sixties was awarded the Prix Renaudot in 1965.In 1978, Perec won the prix M dicis for Life A User s Manual French title, La Vie mode d emploi , possibly his best known work The 99 chapters of this 600 page piece move like a knight s tour of a chessboard around the room plan of a Paris apartment building, describing the rooms and stairwell and telling the stories of the inhabitants.Cantatrix Sopranica L is a spoof scientific paper detailing experiments on the yelling reaction provoked in sopranos by pelting them with rotten tomatoes All the references in the paper are multi lingual puns and jokes, e.g Karybb et Scyla, 1973.Perec is also noted for his constrained writing his 300 page novel La disparition 1969 is a lipogram, written without ever using the letter e It has been translated into English by Gilbert Adair under the title A Void 1994 The silent disappearance of the letter might be considered a metaphor for the Jewish experience during the Second World War Since the name Georges Perec is full of e s, the disappearance of the letter also ensures the author s own disappearance.His novella Les revenentes 1972 is a complementary univocalic piece in which the letter e is the only vowel used This constraint affects even the title, which would conventionally be spelt Revenantes An English translation by Ian Monk was published in 1996 as The Exeter Text Jewels, Secrets, Sex in the collection Three.It has been remarked by Jacques Roubaud that these two novels draw words from two disjoint sets of the French language, and that a third novel would be possible, made from the words not used so far those containing both e and a vowel other than e.W ou le souvenir d enfance, W, or, the Memory of Childhood, 1975 is a semi autobiographical work which is hard to classify Two alternating narratives make up the volume one, a fictional outline of a totalitarian island country called W , patterned partly on life in a concentration camp and the second, descriptions of childhood Both merge towards the end when the common theme of the Holocaust is explained.A heavy smoker throughout his life, Perec was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1981 and he died the following year in Ivry sur Seine at only forty five years old His ashes are held at the columbarium of the P re Lachaise Cemetery.David Bellos wrote an extensive biography of Perec Georges Perec A Life in Words, which won the Acad mie Goncourt s bourse for biography in 1994.

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    • This was a gift from my boyfriend and I'm really excited that it found its way into my life because it was such a unique reading experience.These are the observations of a man who sits in a cafe for 3 days and just watches the streets in front of him. That's literally it. He lists everything, basically in bullet points, that he sees: the buses that pass by, the people that walk around, the cars and pigeons and kids and food.I really respect what he did - it was a project with an objective and he [...]

    • It is five after twoAn 87 passes byPeople, in waves, continuallyA priest returning from a tripA child slides a toy car along the windowpane of the Café A man stops to say hello to the big dog of Café,peacefully stretched out in front of the doorAn 86 passes byA 63 passes byI wish I could have walked by, and tapped on the windowAfternoon Georges, fine day it isA young man walks by: he is carrying a large portfolioMalissard Dubernay rapid transit passes byA 70 passes byA 96It is two twentyTwo ye [...]

    • When my daughter was born last year we were living in Paris's sixth arrondissement, and every weekend, while my wife was at work presenting the news, I would walk up the rue du Cherche-Midi with the pushchair, cut right down rue du Vieux Colombier, and then circle round and round the Place Saint-Sulpice for hours on end waiting for Clementine to go to sleep.The church there is my favourite in Paris, as beautiful as Notre-Dame but much quieter, and with an amazing organ whose organist used to pra [...]

    • Update 8/1/2012: I have revised this book review into a proper essay, now published on the Eyeshot website (thanks to Lee for taking an interest! And thanks to all of you for for your likes and comments). I am leaving my original review below, as a document of the first draft of this essay, flaws and all.An Attempt At Exhausting A Book On Date: June 30, 2012Time: 11:00 a.m.Location: Kavarna (Cafe), Decatur GAWeather: Sunny, Record Breaking HeatA small book.The pages are stiff.Translator's ackn [...]

    • Georges Perec wrote this fascinating little (very little but beautifully designed) book regarding one location in Paris, and documenting what was happening around that section. And that is basically it! Buses come and go, taxi stand, children walk by as others. Totally uninteresting and that is what's interesting about it. Perec only records what's not interesting and by doing that he is capturing a series of moments that one never pays attention to. And there is a beauty to that. Also Perec is [...]

    • An experiment, and one ultimately doomed to failure; its failure, however, is also its greatest strength. It's essentially an extended list of details ("some cars dive into the parking lot./ an 86 [bus] passes by. A 70 passes by," etc, etc), something that would seem to make for a rather dull read. But I found it one of the most invigorating reading experiences I've had in a long while. Not particularly, I admit, because of the text itself, but in the way that it suddenly made me breathlessly at [...]

    • It took me a little bit to fully accept the premise of this slender volume. Ostensibly, it's a description of everything going on in one place, with an odd fixation on buses. And at first I thought, "neat trick, but what's the point?" Then, the more I read, the more it came to me as a prose poem, an ode to the ebb and flow of urban life, to both the joys and the melancholy of being solitary in a great city. Honestly, all I wanted to do afterwards was sit out in front of the decrepit royal statue [...]

    • This was a very weird book and it made for an interesting reading experience. The book is literally a long list that the author writes sitting in a cafe in Paris for 3 days describing every single thing that passes out of the window. There is no story to it, no cohesion, just literally a laundry list of every single detail of everything that he sees. It made me feel like when you repeat a word again and again and after a while it loses meaning. This is how this book felt by the end. The details [...]

    • Life Sneaks In— Ground: packed gravel and sand— Stone: the curbs, a fountain, a church, buildings…— Trees (leafy, many yellowing)— A rather big chunk of sky (maybe one-sixth of my field of vision)— A cloud of pigeons that suddenly swoops down on the central plaza, between the church and fountain— Vehicles (their inventory remains to be made)— Human beings— Some sort of basset hound— Bread (baguette)— Lettuce (curly endive?) partially emerging from a shopping bagJournal entr [...]

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    • This is an edited version of my review, originally posted here: ginachoe/2012/01/oulipo-maAn Attempt At Exhausting a Place in Paris is, essentially, a list. Perec set out to catalog the infraordinary, “what happens when nothing happens other than the weather, people, cars, and clouds”; or, those things that are oft ignored or unnoticed. Attempt is the result of this endeavor, which Perec carries out from various vantage points in the bustling Place Saint-Sulpice. Over a three-day period in O [...]

    • Perec's short book is an Oulipo-inspired attempt to record the "infraordinary" things which no one pays any attention to. In the space of 50 pages, he tries to record all that passes his field of vision, but as he (and the reader) quickly discover, it isn't really possible to see everything. Instead, as he makes his attempt, you start to imagine the Place Saint-Sulpice, and even though we're not sitting next to him nor looking through his eyes, an anxiety arises in the reader, "Is he seeing ever [...]

    • Alleen Georges Perec, een van de meest speelse en originele schrijvers ooit, kan zoiets bedenken: drie dagen lang posteerde hij zich in een café dat uitkijkt op de Place Saint-Sulpice in Parijs, en noteert wat hij waarneemt, zich concentrerend op "dat wat je gewoonlijk niet opmerkt, wat er niet toe doet: wat er gebeurt wanneer er niets gebeurt, behalve tijd, mensen, auto's en wolken". En het verslag van die waarnemingen op dag 1 opent hij dan als volgt: "1/ Datum: 18 oktober 1974/ Tijd: 10.30 / [...]

    • bir once okudugum kitabinda yazar bir cafede oturup etrafinda olup biteni yazmisn 2 gunluk bir envanter. Bekledigim gibi umdugum gibi cikmaditayli anlatim bekliyorduma bir envanter gibi otobuslerin numaralariyla birlikte gec dolu gecisini yazmis ve kitabin yarisi bu sekilde. İnsanlari geliyor geciyor oturdu kalkti diye anlatmis. Bana kattigi tatile bir yere gidersem oturdugum yerde cevremde olup biteni not alirim. Bakalim gundelik hayatin envanterini nasil yazmis.

    • No se me escapa el hecho de estar leyendo un texto en el que el escritor toma notas muy específicas de lo que ocurre en cierto lugar durante cierta cantidad de horas, detectando acontecimientos mundanos y acciones de transeúntes, mientras yo tomo notas específicas sobre lo que leo, detectando figuras recurrentes y alusiones a textos y personas.El texto es fascinante como ejercicio o experiencia, aunque por momentos puede ser algo monótono. Como con El arte y la manera de abordar a su jefe de [...]

    • paris'te birkaç cafe, 3 gün ve perec. geçen otobüsler; numaraları, güzergahları, ne kadar dolu oldukları, arabalar; renk ve markaları, insanlar; giysileri ve taşıdıkları şeyler, hayvanlarkısacası değişmeyen mimari dekorun etrafında gün içerisinde değişen her şey. kitabı okuduktan sonra kendinizi 1974'ün ekim ayında saint-sulpice meydanında, yanınızda perec, masanızda bir fincan kahveyle hayal edebilirsiniz.

    • So lulling. Hard to read quickly, I found, because it is made up of attention to detail, and to skim that is to ignore the purpose of the text. I reread certain parts about the passing of various bus lines, for example.Very interesting from a cultural perspective, too - the translator's note mentions the difficulties of translating things such as a "palmier" bag, or the que-sais-je series of educational books. Now I just need to read it in French.

    • Not a particularly strenuous attempt at being exhaustive, perhaps, but there are moments of beauty and Perec's implicit point of the impossibility of his task is well taken. Maybe sometime I'll sit in Astor Place for a day and attempt the same thing. When the weather's warmer.

    • An interesting experiment in observation with Perec's flair and humour. The author spends three days noting his observations of a Parisian street corner. Reminded me of Agnes Varda's street observations, but the project felt a little incomplete by the end. Enjoyable for a short read.

    • Tiny book which is an experiment by Perec to explore the infraordinary (as oppossed to extraordinary) by sitting down and observing everything. At first look quite a mundane task becomes an act of alertness and attentiveness. In other words - being more alive than we routinely are.

    • as everyday life seems increasingly alienating, projects like this really hit the spot for me. there have always been weirdos just sitting in wonder as the world goes by.

    • Places and how much we miss. Glad that Perec didn't have to note people on cell phones walking down the street or sitting at other tables in the cafe.

    • (This review later evolved into an essay on Medium.)An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris is a strange, experimental psychogeographical novel. The whole book is a comprehensive list of things the author sees and sometimes does during the course of three days in a busy Square in Paris (Place Saint-Sulpice), in an attempt to exhaust the place. He lists everything: the buses that pass by, the pigeons that fly around, the people that cross in front of him and so on, and mentions them each time t [...]

    • This is an extraordinary book in the sense that the writer chooses to record everything to pass through his field of vision, all those things which are usually passed off as ordinary, banal and commonplace: the people walking by; the buses and the cars caught in the traffic; the birds chirping and playing on a busy street; the women moving with their shopping bags; a wedding at a church; the signs, symbols and slogans littering everything; the drinks and food that cafes are serving etc. He recor [...]

    • 'Esgotamento' foi o livro que me deixou interessado no nome francês Georges Perec, mas devido ao absurdo preço praticado pela editora deste pequeno volume aqui no Brasil (50 reais num livro de 60 páginas?), tive que começar a me aventurar nos escritos do autor pelo substancialmente mais complexo 'A Coleção Particular', e ainda que não me arrependa da experiência, acredito que Esgotamento teria sido um melhor início.O caráter detalhista e descritivo de Perec se faz presente, mas de mane [...]

    • This serves as an interesting literary exercise, but nothing more. The writing (as one would expect, given the context) is clinical and detached, making the experience of reading this--despite it being a tiny 55-page pamphlet--a largely tedious one. Whenever Perec attempts to dig for some deeper significance within his observations, it comes off as vague pontificating. It's clear to me that Perec was hoping that this exercise would lead him to some engaging (perhaps even provocative) insights, a [...]

    • Recommended by a friend for the 2017 Book Riot Challenge. I quite liked this! It's very short and to the point, yet there's some depth there (like, when does the author include and not include himself in what he's observing?). It made me think about how much has changed since this book was written, and how people don't observe as much because they're likely on a cell phone (myself included which this book really makes me want to change!) and about the things we do that we don't realize people ar [...]

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