Exit Betty

Exit Betty A beautiful young heiress flees into the night running from her oppressive bridegroom to a fate that might be even worse than marriage to the wrong man

  • Title: Exit Betty
  • Author: Grace Livingston Hill
  • ISBN: 9780553266108
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A beautiful young heiress flees into the night, running from her oppressive bridegroom, to a fate that might be even worse than marriage to the wrong man.

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    About “Grace Livingston Hill

    • Grace Livingston Hill

      also wrote under the pseudonym Marcia MacDonaldalso published under the name Grace Livingston Hill LutzA popular author of her day, she wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories of religious and Christian fiction Her characters were most often young female ing nues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.

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    • I have this on my Kindle so I'm missing out on the gorgeous cover above--that looks like a Cinderella gown, doesn't it! The runaway bride is Betty Stanhope, who is desperate to ALTER her icky situation of being forced to marry a stepbrother(!). But is there new hope for Miss Stanhope beyond the Bexit? It's Grace Livingston Hill, so yesbut how? Return your R.S.V.P. and share this story with as many "Plus One"s as you think will enjoy Betty's trek to a better situation.Thanks for reading.

    • This is the 2nd "runaway bride" book I've read by GLH - I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first (Marcia Schuyler, the 1st book in a trilogy) but it was a fun read.

    • Another sweet old-fashioned Grace Livingston Hill novel. This one features a shy heroine, a new loyal friend, a gallant rescuer, an evil stepmother and step brothers, and two elderly trustees.

    • Betty comes from a privileged family. Her father's dying wish was for her to marry one of her stepmother's sons. She doesn't want to marry either of the brothers, but feels obligated to fulfill her father's dying wish. At the altar a switch was made and she finds Herbert at the altar. She collapses before the ceremony takes place. When she is left alone to recover, Betty decided to escape and run for her life. Jane meets Betty on the street and helps her get away. As she listens to Betty's story [...]

    • In the beginning, I was not expecting to like this book. We are told from the beginning about how child-like, doll-like, and frail is Betty. To me this translates as dull. But after the first couple of pages, the story gets really interesting. I did have to suspend my disbelief several times, but it was worth it. Runaway Betty is fortunate to meet up with Jane, a highly intelligent, street-smart factory girl. She helps Betty escape her wedding as well as her abusive home by sending her out to th [...]

    • Again, interestingly darker than I remembered when encountering this book as a teen. Also, now that I've read Hill's biography, I know that the hard-drinking, abusive, dishonest villain who so often torments Hill's heroines has some basis in her own difficult life. That adds both tang and sadness to the books. A society bride faints at the altar, and sets into motion a series of events involving a swindled inheritance, a factory girl with a golden heart and her farm family, and a firm-jawed, nob [...]

    • Every so often I pick up this book by Grace Livingston Hill - probably more often than any other. Here is the classic runaway bride, in a not quite so classic completely evil situation. The way this poor girl is manipulated and frightened half to death makes my blood boil even on the dozenth reading. But Betty comes through with the help of some really amazing new friends. And of course the bad guys get the comeuppance so richly deserved. This is a true favorite worthy of being read another doze [...]

    • What a darling sweet classic story! This is my first Grace Livingston Hill book and I really liked it! Her books were written in the early 1900's and are clean, full of values and morals, lovely stories- a rare find these days! This book is about a young bride who runs away from her wedding in the first chapter. The rest of the book unravels the mystery of why It is a fun and easy read, I will definiteY be looking into reading more of her books. Free on Kindle, FYI.

    • 4.5 stars. What a delightful little story! It's relatively short, squeaky clean, and Christian. The romance aspect is very, very low-key, and it mainly focuses on Betty and her attempt to escape her conniving guardians. It's a difficult story to describe, and still more difficult to do so without giving spoilers, so I will take the easy way out and say simply that I really enjoyed this and will certainly read more by this author.

    • I read this book as a "flash from the past". I read every GLH book I could get my hands on in high school. I'm enjoying rereading them as they become available on the Kindle. I enjoy the sqeaky clean romance and the spiritual emphasis. Good always wins. Righteousness always triumphs. Good escapist reading!

    • Grace Livingston Hill is one of my favorite Christian authors. Her writing in pure and simple and reflects the beliefs of her time. Whenever I think I have read all of her books, I find another one. "Exit Betty" was found on the free Guetenberg project website. I really enjoyed reading this one! Good for all ages. I give it 4 stars.

    • A fascinating story of a runaway bride.I was interested in how Mrs Hill was going to coordinate all the characters to come in contact with each other. It is a small book with a large story line.

    • A beautiful, fragile heiress is tricked into marriage by her wicked stepmother - love the old Grace Livingston Hill Christian romance books. I don't like romance as a genre ordinarily, but have a love for this author's books from the 1920s.

    • I was disappointed that I pretty well knew what was going to happen in this book before it happened. A fast read.

    • This one wasn't just a classic GLH! It had a wicked step-mother, several terrible step-brothers, a gallant rescuer, mystery, etc. :)

    • Hard for me to get excited about such an old-fashioned, Christian-themed book, but I am glad I read it. It was entertaining and full of action despite dated language and ideas.

    • This was a rather sweet book centered around a runaway bride, a conniving villian, a working class girl and a young lawyer.

    • I love reading Grace Livingston Hill books and this one is one of my top favorites of hers. It is small but packed with great things and such a fun read.

    • Entertaining light readI chose this while on vacation to while away a few peaceful hours. It's a sweet story, predictable as most GLH books are, but fun and enjoyable.

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