Blacksad #1: Un lugar entre las sombras

Blacksad Un lugar entre las sombras Edici n espa ola

  • Title: Blacksad #1: Un lugar entre las sombras
  • Author: Juan Díaz Canales Juanjo Guarnido
  • ISBN: 9781594971020
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edici n espa ola.

    Blacksad Under the Skin on Steam Nov , BLACKSAD Under the Skin A dark corruption scandal in the heart of the New York City s underworld for charismatic detective John Blacksad Blacksad Juan Diaz Canales, Juanjo Guarnido Jan , Blacksad Juan Diaz Canales, Juanjo Guarnido on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Private investigator John Blacksad is up to his feline ears in mystery, digging into the backstories behind murders Blacksad Europe Comics Blacksad Script by Juan Daz Canales Art by Juanjo Guarnido A total masterpiece, the Blacksad series follows the adventures of a charismatic private detective Reminiscent of the great masters of the thriller genre, this modern classic is defined by its sublime drawings and a mastery of scenario that has made this graphic novel one of the biggest successes of its genre. Blacksad comic series Blacksad Wiki FANDOM powered John Blacksad Blacksad Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Blacksad A Silent Hell Juan Diaz Canales, Various Nov , Blacksad A Silent Hell Juan Diaz Canales, Various on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Detective John Blacksad returns, with a new case that takes him to a s New Orleans filled with hot jazz and cold blooded murder Hired to discover the fate of a celebrated pianist Blacksad Under the Skin Blacksad HC Profile Dark Horse Comics Private investigator John Blacksad is up to his feline ears in mystery, digging into the backstories behind murders, child abductions, and nuclear secrets. Blacksad edicin integral by Juan Daz Canales Nov , Me encanta Blacksad Me encantan los dibujos, me parecen de una altsima calidad y todava despus de tantos aos me sigue fascinando la capacidad de Guarnido para crear personajes con tanta expresividad, anatmicamente es un placer para la vista

    • ↠ Blacksad #1: Un lugar entre las sombras || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Juan Díaz Canales Juanjo Guarnido
      346 Juan Díaz Canales Juanjo Guarnido
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    About “Juan Díaz Canales Juanjo Guarnido

    • Juan Díaz Canales Juanjo Guarnido

      Juan D az Canales is a Spanish comics artist and an animated film director, known as the co creator of Blacksad.

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    • Fantastic graphics, original ideas - I loved this beginning of the Blacksad series. I loved all the humanized animals and the dark, romain noir atmosphere. A pure joy to read.

    • Βαθμολογία: 9/10Το Μπλάκσαντ ήταν ένα κόμικ που ήθελα πολύ να διαβάσω, αλλά πάντα κάτι άλλο μου τράβαγε την προσοχή και έτσι η ανάγνωση του πήγαινε συνεχώς από αναβολή σε αναβολή. Μέχρι που σήμερα το πήρα απόφαση, έστρωσα τον πισινό μου κάτω, και διάβασα τον πρώτο τόμο. Ήμουν σ [...]

    • Blacksad is a very well-drawn book with a very boring, predictable and by-the-numbers story, with the only twist being those awful, AWFUL anthropomorphic talking animals as characters. This is something I hate in almost any story, and here I just couldn't get over it as well. I thought I'd read the whole hardcover collection, but after finishing this first chapter I just couldn't force myself to continue reading. So, not my cuppa.

    • Ich bin ja noch etwas unerfahren, was Comics betrifft, aber schön langsam finde ich Gefallen daran :)Dieses Mal ist es ein Krimi im New York der 50er Jahre und erinnert wohl an "film noir". Ich musste erstmal googeln, denn ich konnte mit dem Begriff im ersten Moment nicht viel anfangen. Aber die ganze Aufmachung spiegelt düstere Schauplätze wieder, raue Umgangsformen und eine Jagd nach einem Mörder. Passt für mich also auf jeden Fall in die alten Krimis und Detektivgeschichten, denn John Bl [...]

    • My first Blacksad on the recommendation of Ije, whom I thank.I loved the sketches which eliminate the need for words being so full of detail.Blacksad version of hardboiled noir went down a treat. Going on more more. />Fitting into slot 10 of Lena's reading challenge. A book with a cat on the cover.

    • Okay, okay I'm sold. For a couple of years I've been hearing about how good the Blacksad graphic novels are, but the world is made out of hype and I'm tired of chewing it, so I wasn't biting this time. Recently, though, I ran across the graphic novels at Periscope Studios, where I work, and since they're hard boiled detective fiction, and that's what I was in the mood for, I brought them home and read them. And, yeah, they're fantastic. Juan Diaz Canales hits all the right chords for detective f [...]

    • Blacksad es un cómic que utiliza animales antropomórficos como personajes en una historia de serie negra, esto sirve para que asociemos características de los animales en los personajes con lo cual podemos adivinar bastantes de sus rasgos de personalidad en la primera viñeta que aparecen. Es un recurso que ya nos suena de otras obras pero que aquí está muy bien conseguido por el soberbio dibujo de Guarnido, que consigue capturar expresiones y sentimientos en las caras de distintos animales [...]

    • Spaniards obsessed with noir, racial oppression in the United States, and McCarthyism. Weird. Oh, and the characters are all anthropomorphic animals--Blacksad himself being a cat. The stories are okay but they are shallow raking across ground already dug deep. Every panel, however, could be a painting hanging in a gallery. So much beautiful care wasted on human-shaped animals. Sigh. This totally got dinged for one of my mystery-crime pet peeves: showing the dead body of a woman (a cat woman in t [...]

    • Преди камара години от Студио Арт Лайн издадоха „Блексед 1: Някъде сред сенките”, който определено е един от най-красивите, най-стойностните и най-непреходни комикси, които някога са виждали печат у нас. Нещо повече, Блексед е един от най-добрите и епични комикси изобщо, в св [...]

    • The first time I heard about this was almost 10 years ago when my best friend came back from Spain with the first volume and was head-over-heels for it. We even bought her a framed print of the character (which was really pretty). But back then she was reading them in Spanish, and I don't speak Spanish, so I couldn't borrow her copies to read them.Time went on, I still heard about the series on a pretty regular basis, but never took the jump to actually go out and buy it.And then at work, one of [...]

    • "Blacksad nos traslada a la época de los años 50, en plena Nueva York. Allí está el detective que protagoniza esta historia, al cual le han quitado a quien él amaba. Es un detective duro, afligido, el arquetipo de personaje que caracteriza a la novela negra. Además, para darle más énfasis a su personaje, Blacksad es un gato negro". Para leer la reseña completa haz clic aquí --> entreletrasycamaras.c

    • With police cruisers parked outside along the driveway of a colonial home, a private detective is leaning over the corpse of a young movie starlet. Next to the private eye, the chief of police keeps hammering into him when the detective last saw the young woman and later warns him to keep out of this one. It’s police work. The detective pulls up the collar of his trench coat, tells the chief to go to hell and walks out.‘Blacksad’ starts off like any pulp novel from the 1950’s. The dialog [...]

    • Un livre déjà réputé, ce qui soulève souvent chez moi un peu de suspicionUne BD animalière, un genre que je prise peu, à quelques rares exceptions près (Usagi Yojimbo, les Macherot).Et pourtant, cela prend. L'histoire est ultra-classique, un polar dans les règles de l'art, où on n'évite pas les clichés, on les embrasse sans qu'ils soient un carcan. L'intérêt est souvent dans l'intrique et dans la narration, languissante ou palpitante selon les moments. Bien raconté.Le dessin n'est [...]

    • I would not have thought anyone could have told an excellent noir story using anthropomorphism, but these creators did it. While a brief tale, we get to join PI Blacksad on an emotional journey that can leave one almost as dejected as the PI himself. There are no winners, and everyone loses something (life, love, idealism, etc.)

    • Az érzelmeim mindezek dacára egyértelműek, szerelem volt első látásra, s míg a többiek társasoztak - nagyjából az első tíz percben kiestem -, én átszellemülten olvastam, és csodáltam a kötetet. Képtelen voltam betelni vele, és még most is hasonlóan érzekpifalat/2016/12/

    • O personagem e o universo noir de investigação, com animais, é muito instigante. Dá pra imaginar mil coisas só pelos animais escolhidos pra compor cada cena.O roteiro possui algumas falhas sérias. Em momentos importantes para a trama, as soluções se mostram mais como um recurso conveniente para o roteirista do que algo que realmente sirva bem à trama.O grande show aqui está na arte irretocável. Cada quadro é uma atração à parte. As diagramações de página funcionam como uma exce [...]

    • I never really cared for anthropomorphic characters, but I enjoyed this more that I was expecting to. I always had a thing for the noir style, no matter how cliché the stories usually are, I always end up enjoying the atmopshere, and there's really nothing new here storywise, but its a fun quick read, with enjoyable writing and wonderfully illustrated pages, all the characters personalities and their expressions are very well done.

    • Great characters, beautiful illustrations and witty dialogues and monologues. The plot itself did not leave me speachless but it is definitely an enjoyable book for 2 hour read.

    • Words fail me to express just how sublime “Blacksad” is. The art is simply magnificent, every page a masterpiece, with amazing detail and fantastic use of color. The drawings are beautiful, stylish and a perfect fit with the genre. “Blacksad” is all about noir. The title character is a hard boiled private detective wearing a trench-coat and taking on an investigation involving powerful people who want it buried even if they have to bury him along with it. Did I mention Blacksad is a cat? [...]

    • “Blacksad – Algures Entre as Sombras”, primeiro livro de banda desenhada de dois jovens autores espanhóis, Díaz Canales (n. 1972), argumentista e Guarnido (n. 1967), desenhador, numa publicação conjunta do jornal Público/Edições Asa, Volume 3 da “Colecção Grandes Autores de Banda Desenhada” editada em 2008 em Portugal, num volume que engloba dois álbuns - “Blacksad – Algures Entre as Sombras” e “Blacksad – Artic - Nation”.John Blacksad investiga a morte da famosa [...]

    • Blacksad, com argumento de Juan Díaz Canales e desenho de Juanjo Guarnido, trata-se de uma série de banda desenhada espanhola (embora o target seja sobretudo o público francês), que acompanha John Blacksad, um detective privado.O volume 1, Blacksad – Algures entre as sombras, apresenta o protagonista e segue a investigação do assassinato da famosa actriz Natalia Wilford, com quem Blacksad se envolveu na altura em que trabalhava como seu guarda-costa.A série situa-se na América dos anos [...]

    • "Hay mañanas en las que cuesta más trabajo digerir el desayuno. Sobre todo si amaneces frente al cadáver de un viejo amor." Un comienzo así es toda una declaración de intenciones: estamos ante una historia de género negro que sigue los esquemas clásicos, protagonizada por un detective descreído para el que el caso es algo personal. Después de leer estas primeras frases lo siguiente que siente el lector es asombro ante el esmerado dibujo de Juanjo Garnido, una auténtica maravilla, y su [...]

    • One of the first thing that hits you about the graphic novel is the brilliant art (Guarnido). It is just too awesome and in my opinion one of the finest. The story revolves around Jean Blacksad who is investigating the murder of his ex-flame a famous actress. The set up is the noir style and the story moves at a good pace to keep you hooked. However the story(by Canales) is a bit predictable and what could have lifted the entire novel a notch would be to see Blacksad's detective skills. He gets [...]

    • Um, the one I saw has a guy drowning on the cover. Kind of like Raymond Chandler noir with animals. But damn the art is nice. Think of those detailed backgrounds in old Disney animated movies. Just read a little bit so far. Apparently it's a big hit in Europe and just got translated into English.Ok, wrong volume. I reviewed the French version of volume 4: /review/show/

    • Una gran historia "típica" de novela policíaca con los ingredientes justos para hacerla fantástica. La historia engancha lo suficiente, aún que a mi gusto el tomo se hace excesivamente corto. Pero lo mejor es sin duda el fantástico dibujo, movimiento, color, diseño de personajes y el ambiente.Francamente espectacular y necesario.

    • Even though this is gorgeously drawn (making it flow like a movie) and I love the whole 1950s detective world, the actual content and plot aren't very challenging. I also can't really see the point of the characters being animals, since they do everything what humans do. I'm still going to read the others too, but they're mostly going to be little snacks whenever I don't feel like reading a book.

    • Beautiful classic noir story, the characters are great, but the real star here are the drawings: the figures are amazing, I love the coloring and the composition! I can't wait to read the next chapters, Blacksad is a beautiful discovery!

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