The Temptress

The Temptress With the blazing spirit of a true Montgomery heiress Christiana Montgomery Mathison bravely defies the two men who abduct her Forced into the primitive rain forests of the Washington Territory she i

  • Title: The Temptress
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780671743840
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the blazing spirit of a true Montgomery, heiress Christiana Montgomery Mathison bravely defies the two men who abduct her Forced into the primitive rain forests of the Washington Territory, she is swept into a thrilling adventure Amid schemes of greed and intrigue, the bold beauty resists the wooing of one captor, and uses all her wiles to entice the other, the mystWith the blazing spirit of a true Montgomery, heiress Christiana Montgomery Mathison bravely defies the two men who abduct her Forced into the primitive rain forests of the Washington Territory, she is swept into a thrilling adventure Amid schemes of greed and intrigue, the bold beauty resists the wooing of one captor, and uses all her wiles to entice the other, the mysterious Tynan

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    • Jude Deveraux

      Jude Gilliam was born September 20, 1947 in Fairdale, Kentucky She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers She attended Murray State University and received a degree in Art In 1967, Jude married and took her husband s surname of White, but four years later they divorced For years, she worked as 5th grade teacher.She began writing in 1976, and published her first book, The Enchanted Land 1977 under the name Jude Deveraux Following the publication of her first novel, she resigned her teaching position Now, she is the author of 31 New York Times bestsellers Jude won readers hearts with the epic Velvet series, which revolves around the lives of the Montgomery family s irresistible men Jude s early books are set largely in 15th and 16th century England in them her fierce, impassioned protagonists find themselves in the midst of blood feuds and wars Her heroines are equally scrappy medieval Scarlett O Haras who often have a low regard for the men who eventually win them over They re fighters, certainly, but they re also beauties who are preoccupied with survival and family preservation Jude has also stepped outside her milieu, with mixed results Her James River trilogy River Lady, Lost Lady, and Counterfeit Lady is set mostly in post Revolution America the popular, softer edged Twin of Fire Twin of Ice moves to 19th century Colorado and introduces another hunky man clan, the Taggerts.Deveraux manages to evoke a strong and convincing atmosphere for each of her books, but her dialogue and characters are as familiar as a modern day soap opera s Historicals seem to be all I m capable of, Jude once said in an interview, referring to a now out of print attempt at contemporary fiction, 1982 s Casa Grande I don t want to write family sagas or occult books, and I have no intention of again trying to ruin the contemporary market Still, Jude did later attempt modern day romances, such as the lighthearted High Tide her first murder caper , the contemporary female friendship story The Summerhouse, and the time traveling Knight in Shining Armor In fact, with 2002 s The Mulberry Tree, Deveraux seems to be getting comfortable setting stories in the present, which is a good thing, since the fans she won with her historical books are eager to follow her into the future.Jude married Claude Montassir, with whom she had a son, Sam Alexander Montassir, in 1997 They eventually divorced On Oct 6th, 2005, Sam died at the age of eight in a motorcycle accident Jude has lived in several countries and all over the United States She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and has an additional home in the medieval city of Badolato, Italy.

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    • I am going to write the same thing for the Taggart and Montgomery series of Jude Deveraux. First, I can't believe that I read these books because they are so blatantly bodice rippers (not my style at all). And second, and more importantly, I devoured them all! Here is the scoop: We stopped at a friend's house in Tennessee on the last leg of one of our cross country trips about 11 years ago and I had run out of books. She gave me three of Deveraux's books in the Montgomery series and I kindly too [...]

    • This is the third book I have read by this author, all in this series. While it is odd that each book takes place hundreds of years after its predecessor, her characters are not so surprising.The hero is always an asshole, not like the typical rake; but a real full-of-himself manwhore. He's always been hurt in the past and has a hard time with love, so he just doesn't. Ever. He treats his mate like an object.The heroine is much more likeable. She is not always the prettiest, but she is physicall [...]

    • The characters had no flavor and they were sorta of annoying too.Chris was like a spoiled child throwing tantrums all over the place nagging and crying she didn't act like the mature woman we were told she was. Tynan wasn't interesting and I got real sick of hearing his excuses the plot was alright but the characters just made the whole thing too unbelievable and boring.

    • Welcome to the book version of a headache!"The Temptress" is the story of Chris and Tynon.Del, Chris's father hires Asher, the good man and Tynan, the criminal to bring his rebellious daughter Chris (who ran away from home to become a reporter) back, in turn he will give Tynan money and marry Asher off to his daughter.The minute Chris sees Tynan however, she's hooked. She relentlessly pursues him, even when he sleeps with other whores and refuses to even consider marrying her because her father [...]

    • 3.5/4 StarsI enjoyed most of this bookuntil the "ending"! It's worth reading, in my opinion, even though some parts either didn't seem at all realistic or were left being only half told!! I really wish there was an epilogue!!! The end of this book felt rushed, like it had to be told within 1 page! It was a fast ending & that kind of ruined the book!! The ending is supposed to bring everything together & this endingnda sucked! (Sorry, but it did!!) The beginning part where Chris is nude & [...]

    • I loved her first 4 books about the Montgomery brothers. This installment in the series was very different from the previous 4. First of all, everything develops several years after those first four books, maybe even centuries. So all that typical characteristics about the men of those times were not present in the hero of this book. I know it's weird because sometimes I thought they were too sexists and chauvinists, but the heroes in those books were also very different from the other men of th [...]

    • A curious news reporter Christina Montgomery lived in the late 18th century when women didn't have many choices except marry. At 28 she had a life of travel and adventure. Her father sent two men to bring her home. The one she fell in love with Tyson, an orphaned gunslinger who grew up in great poverty in a whorehouse. A beautiful man who tried to resist Chris because she was a good girl. As he and Prescott, the good guy, Chris thinks her father sent Chris home as one adventure after another occ [...]

    • It is indeed very fun to read and I will definitely recommend this to those who are finding a light-read novel. Full of action, adventure, passion, and romance is simply the best combination of genres a book could ever had. It just kept your heart pounding out of your throat so much. This was the book I read the fastest for I just can't put it down! It really is an amazing journey I felt coming through the story while reading it heartily. I think what worked for me was when the both of them knew [...]

    • Fun read about an heiress whose father decides she needs to get married as she's 28. Living independently as a popular journalist bent on the righting of wrongs Christiana finds herself being kidnapped by two men her father has chosen. One to protect her and the other he hopes she'll marry. Set in wild west.

    • Es la primer novela que leì, y la que me hizo enamorarme de la lectura. Es una historia muy linda, con mucha aventura y un poco pesada de leer. Pero si hoy en día puedo recitarla de memoria, vale la pena leerlo.

    • I have read this bookmany times, always wonderfultion packed. Bad boy really trying to be good in love with the good girl but won't admit it story. Love Jude Devereux.

    • ReviewHate to say it, but these books are never long enough for me. I want more to happen. Guess I'll go read the next in this series.

    • I was disappointed. I read several Jude Deveraux books around 18 years ago and I had fond memories of them. This didn't live up to those memories. I'm not sure if it's me or the book.

    • Four stars, not because it's an outstanding novel but because I get so much pleasure out of reading her books! She brings a smile to my face and a lightness to my heart. Good story, great author.

    • Read this frontier romance back in 2002. Thumbs down to this most contrived romance ever written. Couldnt bear to finish it, and I usually loved Jude Devereux's romances.

    • this was just an OK read although it could have been really good. this story seems to be set in the mid to late 1800's, but doesn't read that way to me. The pacing seemed off to me. I felt like I was reading in a rush.

    • Enthralling!Just another of her books that you don't want to put down! Exciting, adventure beyond belief but romantic. Loved it!

    • Reading a book from Jude Deveraux is playing safe , you know you will enjoy the story and the characters. This book didn't disappoint me, I enjoyed reading The Temptress

    • This book kept me going. The story starts out pretty interesting. I found myself wanting to get back to the book as quickly as possible when I had to leave it. I liked both of the main characters. I really liked that the hero was so masculine and heroic.There were some good twists, but the "obstacles" that kept the main characters apart got a little tedious after awhile. Overall, a good read if you are looking for something mindless and fun --- Diane ™

    • The Temptressby Jude DeverauxChristiana Montgomery Mathison, a.k.a. Nola Dallas, is 28 years old and has a history of finding herself caught up in dangerous situations. She left home at 18 to become a newspaper reporter and has now gained a reputation as a courageous, albeit foolhardy, woman who is out to save the world. She has written articles exposing the Mexican government, spending days and nights in the company of Mexican guards before talking a guard into unlocking her cell; she has infil [...]

    • Christiana is a newspaper reporter in the late 1800's, at a time when women didn't have careers, least of all careers putting them in so much danger. Tyman is the man hired by her wealthy father to guide her through the rainforests of Washington State and back hope, Along the way, she's supposed to fall in love with Asher Prescott, a man of her own class who is after her father's money.Well, of course, she's going to fall for the handsome Tyman. Who wouldn't? He's dark, handsome, capable, and he [...]

    • Old school romance published in 1986. My copy is from that year. This is a reread for me, but I can tell you that I've only read it 3 times (including yesterday). I couldn't even remember the plot (before the last read). That's because it's so convoluted. This is Montgomery/Taggert #3. The Heroine's mom was a Montgomery. This is a zany story set in the late 1800s (I think). Chris is need'in rescuing from her appalling job as a reporter. She needs to settle down & start popping out babies. He [...]

    • Jude Deveraux must have had a bad day when she wrote this This book was plain weird. I've read all but three or four of Jude Deveraux' books, some of them are quite cheesy, some a bit over the top, but most of them are romantic page turners and all made me stay with the characters until their last embrace *sigh*THIS book, though, "The Temptress", is the first one I quit reading after 45 pages. I was trying to forgive the really unbelievable beginning (he jumps out of the wardrobe, grabs her nake [...]

    • Otra de las pocas protagonitas Montgomery, Christiana es una mujer audaz para su época. Periodista y aventurera, su padre teme por su vida en mil ocasiones y al principio de este libro hace raptarla para llevarla a casa. Los raptores son dos varones completamente distintos entre sí: el primero un caballero, de aquellos que ella cree su padre aprobaría como marido, y el segundo un aventurero, mucho mas parecido a la personalidad de ella.Ella comienza a enamorarse de Tynan, aún cuando él le a [...]

    • Chris Math is on is a famous writer who deliberately gets herself in trouble so she can write about it. When her father decides its time for her to come home, he sends two men to get her. Asher Prescott is the man that is chosen to be her husband and Tynan is the gunslinger her father got out of prison to escort them home. Chris never does anything she's supposed to so instead of falling in love with Asher, its Tynan who captures her heart. In an intriguing mix of humor and action, Chris sets ou [...]

    • I struggled with this book in the beginning because it was just too easy and held no interest for me. But I always vow never to close a book until I finish it entirely just to be fair to the author. It had a lot of Western action and the "old man" was honestly my favorite character as crazy as he was. Asher I thought would have changed for the better with all he went thru to rescue Chris but it might as well have never happened because he ended up the same weasel he was in the beginning of the b [...]

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