The Girl Death Left Behind

The Girl Death Left Behind Readers will be touched and inspired by this latest novel from bestselling author Lurlene McDaniel Beth s world has been torn apart She cannot figure out how to go on when a car accident claims the li

  • Title: The Girl Death Left Behind
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780553570915
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Readers will be touched and inspired by this latest novel from bestselling author Lurlene McDaniel Beth s world has been torn apart She cannot figure out how to go on when a car accident claims the lives of her entire family, and she is the only survivor Things seem to get even worse when she moves in with her aunt and her spoiled cousin, Terri But with the love andReaders will be touched and inspired by this latest novel from bestselling author Lurlene McDaniel Beth s world has been torn apart She cannot figure out how to go on when a car accident claims the lives of her entire family, and she is the only survivor Things seem to get even worse when she moves in with her aunt and her spoiled cousin, Terri But with the love and support of her aunt and some unexpected friends, Beth struggles to overcome the despair that threatens to consume her Will she be able to move past the painful memories without feeling guilty for being a survivor

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      Lurlene McDaniel born c 1948 is an author who has written over 50 young adult books She is well known for writing about characters struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and organ failure.Other places to find her arefacebook lurlenemcdannguinrandomhouse autyoutube user LurleneMc

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    • Loss / FamilyThis book is about a teenage girl whose family is killed in a car accident. She goes to live with her cousin, who she hates, and has to deal with a new school, making new friends, and a crush, besides her grief. She influences the life of a stereotypical "bad girl," gets a boyfriend, makes peace with her cousin, and starts to move forward from her tragedy. There are not enough adjectives to describe how horrible this book is. McDaniel's prose is about as subtle as a punch to the sto [...]

    • Genre: chick litSummary: Beth's family dies in a freak storm, she goes to live with her cousin. She misses her family, her home and friends. Beth meets cute boy who likes her. Beth makes friends with outsiders just to make her cousin Terri mad. Beth runs away to her old home to say goodbye but accepts her new life.Response: This book was ok, but you just know that every single one of Lurlene McDaniel's books are exactly the same. These books are written with the sole purpose of making teenage gi [...]

    • The Girl Death Left Behind is one of the saddest books I've read. It's about a girl named Beth whose family dies one afternoon in a car accident. She has to move in with some relatives she doesn't really like. My favorite part was when she invited a girl named Sloane over to her aunt's house for the holiday's because she didn't have a nice family at home. Overall this book was really good. I recommend it for everyone who likes sad stories with a happy ending.

    • I used to love Lurlene McDaniel books when I was a kid. I had the opportunity to read several new ones recently that I had not read all those decades ago. They're just as I remember them to be - same format, same writing style, variation on subjects book to book. This one is set in Chattanooga, TN and Florida, respectively. I recently moved to TN. Many places mentioned in this book would make good day trips for me, so that was fun to read about. Nice bit of nostalgia combined with new informatio [...]

    • Fictional fans are not to be lied to with. We know what we want- real world situations & tragedies, stones that can melt our heart away or bring us to tears all at once because we can relate. Books were we can go home after a busy day and just forget about real life for a moment. Be able to put ourselves in the character’s shoes and see life through their eyes. “The Girl Death Left Behind” is a great book to go home to. It was written by Lurlene McDaniel. The title right away tells yo [...]

    • The Girl Death Left Behind Author: Lurlene McDanielCharacters: 4 out of 5 Plot: 4 out of 5Overall: 4 out of 5Format: e-book (on Kindle)Source: Purchased by MyselfDescription: () Beth must face adult-sized dilemmas when a car accident claims the lives of her immediate family. Within a few hours, she faces a new family, new house, and a new school. Living with her spoiled cousin only adds to her despair. This story charts the efforts of Beth's caring Aunt Camille and Uncle Jack as they help her th [...]

    • I read The Girl Death Left Behind by Lurlene McDaniel which talk about a girl her name is Beth in a fourteen years old that her family died in car accident she went to live with her aunt . The book shows you how everything is changed in her life and how she suffered from new experiences she had. It’s good to get more experience in life and get to know different types of people and get more knowledge to be stronger and help yourself to use to the life though. This is the author point from the b [...]

    • Genre: Tragedy/Romance (Lurlene McDaniel Requirement)After a terrible car crash kills Beth's mother, father, and two siblings, she is left alone under the care of her aunt and uncle and their spoiled only child, Terri. Beth is forced to leave her friends and childhood home and move in with her new family. She doesn't feel accepted in school and doesn't want to be friends with her cousin and her friends. She meets Jared, a popular boy from school, and Sloane, a misfit girl from an abusive family. [...]

    • The girl death left behind is for those of you out there who enjoy a good cry. I have read nearly all of Lurlene McDaniel's books now and I would say they are most appropriate for Jr./Sr. High girls, as they are not extremely difficult to read but they're still up there on the reading ages. This book is filled with tragedy, as the title would suggest. It’s also filled with romance which I personally enjoy in a book, probably being that i’m a female.This book's plot is about a girl named Beth [...]

    • The Girl Death Left Behind by Lurlene McDaniel Fiction, teenage-girl grief, orphans, familyseparationThis fiction novel tells the story of Beth, a typical teenage girl who is, more-often-than-not, annoyed by her little brother, sister, and parents. But still, loves her family. When Beth falls sick, though, her family goes to the annual picnic, which is rained out this year, and which becomes detrimental when the family gets in a car-wreck and dies on their way to the event. She finds out through [...]

    • This is a good book about a fourteen year old girl, Beth, who has to deal with the loss of her whole family who have died in a car accident. She has to move to Tampa to live with her aunt and uncle and cousin, and learn to adjust and find herself, apart from her family. Things are difficult with her cousin, who she has never been close to and who has her own insecurities and jealousy about learning to share her mom, dad and her home. McDaniel deals with the issues of teens and loss in a sensitiv [...]

    • This book had my crying the ENTIRE time! The way Beth made it through was just truly inspirational! Especially biting back her tongue totally proves that the nice girls get the BEST guys-aka Jared and/or Teddy! It was cute how in the end everything fell together and just made her stronger. Lately the saying 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' has been echoing in my headd this book proves it to be true! What happened to Alison, Doug and her parents was terrible and something that one could [...]

    • Beth is a normal girl with a normal family, one afternoon a horrible car accident kills her whole family. Beth's only living relatives are her mother's sister and her husband and daughter. Beth must leave the house she grew up in, and her friends to live with her aunt and her selfish cousin. This is the story of Beth's journey of healing as she copes with the loss of her family. Although this book was pretty predictable and a little cheesy i believe it teaches an important lesson of valuing fami [...]

    • I LOVED THIS BOOK! I think Lurlene McDaniel is a fantastic writer. i've read every book i can find by her but this book really seemed to stand out for me. I felt like i could truly relate to beth and the way she felt after a car accident killed her parents and her little brother and sister. It's as if she is a good friend of mine and i'm helping her through her struggle. The author did a great job of making Beth a loveable, relateable character. The other characters that Beth comes into contact [...]

    • This was a realistic fiction by Lurlene McDaniel. It is about 14 year old Beth whose family have just all died in a car wreck. Now Beth has to leave her two best friends and her home to live with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Will she ever get over being alone, will she ever find friends and peace?From the look of the cover and the name of the title, I was sure that this was an 80s or early 90s romance novelwhich immediately made me biased against it. I guess that bias stayed strong throughout the [...]

    • This is the first Lurlene McDaniel book I read way back in grade school. On the day of her father’s company’s annual picnic, Beth Haxton stays home with the flu while her parents, sister, and brother head out. Before making it to the picnic, there is an accident. Beth’s parents and both her younger siblings are pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.Beth is now an orphan under the guardianship of her aunt and uncle. She has to move away from her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee to live w [...]

    • 14 year old Beth just lost her parents and siblings in a car accident. Now she has to leave her home and friends behind to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin in Florida. Things are changing so fast and Beth doesn't know how she'll go on without her family.I've never read anything by Lurlene McDaniel, but looking through her catalog of books, it looks that she writes a lot of young adult romance. But, this book doesn't really have romance. Sure, there are a few mentions of kissing and character [...]

    • "The Girl Death Left Behind" is a very good book but is very sad. It made me feel how lucky I am right now in life because in this particular book the girl, Beth lost her whole family. She loved them very much and she regreted being so mean to her sister and brother cause she will never see them again. She misses her home and family very much. After the accident she has to go live with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Beth and her cousin do not get along and have way different personalities. She has [...]

    • Genres/Categories: death, friendship, boy/girl relationships, family relationshipsThis is a typically McDaniel book--something awful happens and everyone must learn to live with the fallout. In this case, Beth must learn to cope after the death of the rest of her family. She has to move in with her aunt, uncle, and obnoxious cousin--and move away from her house, her school, her friends, and everything else associated with her family. She struggles with understanding why all this happened, meets [...]

    • Ahhhh Lurlene. Why must you write such fluff? I was actually really excited to read this book when I saw McDaniel on the list because I really wanted to see why in the world writers like this, who seem to have thousands of books that are the same plot and characters, are so stinking popular. I had to admit that it wasn't the worst book I had ever read. But all of the characters were such stereotypes: the snotty cousin who likes shopping and boys, the friendly boy who will obviously become a love [...]

    • The Girl Death Left Behind is a fictional novel about a girl, Beth, who loses her entire family in a car accident and must learn how to live a new life with her aunt, uncle, and cousin in a new state. To me, the novel was the classic work aimed at a middle school girl. If I had known about Lurlene McDaniel when I was in middle school, I can picture myself reading many of her books. The novel deals with many of the preoccupations of middle school girls, such as family, friends, and, most importan [...]

    • i think that this book is very interesting. This book is about a girl that is going through a time in her life that she is regretting. Her and her family were in a car crash and all her family died but her. She feels alone because nobody can feel what she feels right now. She is upset because she has to move in with her aunt( who live no where she lives at) and her unappreciative cousin who doesn't see reality for what it is. She is scared because she is going to a new school where no one knows [...]

    • Full review: bookgirl/post/7270901623Lurlene McDaniel’s 1999 novel The Girl Death Left Behind is just the right amount of tearjerker storytelling you’d expect from this popular author. Lurlene’s work has been around for ages and I’ve got a hunch that, in terms of children’s books, it will continue to be around even as our grandchildren grow up. Yes, years from now — a little girl or boy will discover her work for the first time and you’ll be required to buy them dozens upon dozens [...]

    • This book was really good and sad at the same time. It was about this girl that her parents went to a picnic with their friends. She want it to stay home because she was sick. So then she went to sleep and it started to rain. After she heard someone knocking on her door. she opened it and she saw a police man and her dads secretery. The police man told her that her parents had a car accident. So the police man took her to the hospital. She saw her aunt in there and she ask her aunt how was her p [...]

    • I honestly liked this one. It was a typical Teen Book for sure, complete with the alpha bitch throwing a shitfit that the poor heroine dare look at the boy she wanted and managing to wound the heroine with nasty words. But at least Beth properly called her on her shit, and got called on some of HER shit in return. And of course, she got the boy without him having to rescue her from an Alpha Bitch Attack. Jared was pretty cool, tooe characters were actually pretty nicely written. And Sloane was a [...]

    • This fictional novel is about a fourteen-year-old girl named Beth and how her immediate family is taken from her in a horrible car accident. She spends the novel trying to find a new way to live without most of her family and deal with the trauma that comes with the loss. I think the novel is well written and kept my attention with its heavy focus on family relations and perceptions. However, this novel is not a particularly dense or hard read, and I would recommend it to a middle school audienc [...]

    • Genre: YA, Sappy TragedyThis is a fluff book. This books deals with a lot of tragedy, but superficially and roughly. Beth loses her family in a car crash and has to go live with her Aunt, Uncle and obnoxious cousin in Florida. She gains an unusual friend, a possible love interest, and hope for the future by the end of the book. Young teenage girls may eat this up, but the quality of writing and the predictability is beyond that of even Twilight, take from that what you will (and I enjoyed Twilig [...]

    • DramaWhen a car crash claims the lives of her entire family, Beth's life is turned upside down. Beth goes from having great friends, a great family (even if they drove her crazy at times), a good life overall, to losing her entire family and leaving her friends so that she can live with her relatives 10 hours away. Despite her bratty cousin Terri and the pain she feels from losing her family, Beth is able to move on, make new friends, and learn to be not the girl that death left behind, but the [...]

    • This book was about Beth, a teenage girl whose family, parents and siblings, were killed in a car accident. She is living with her aunt and her family because they were her only relatives. Beth have to face many new things that are going on, such as leaving behind her old home, friends and move on to going to a new school, meeting new people and living in a unfamiliar neighborhood.I enjoyed reading this book because I feel that this book express a strong emotion or feeling of a girl who is tryin [...]

    • I loved this book. I am a huge fan of Lurlene McDaniel and have fallen in love with several of her books. The Girl Death Left Behind is a book that will take you through many different emotions. From being sad for the loss Beth has had to over come, to being completely angry with Beth braty cousin. Lurlene McDaniel is a writer who puts a lot of emotion into her books so be prepared to shed a few tears here and there. This book makes you really cherish your family. I would recommend anyone readin [...]

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