At the Scent of Water

At the Scent of Water A gifted heart surgeon encounters a deadly cascade of events and searches for healing in this contemporary novel that reveals God s power to fix broken lives

  • Title: At the Scent of Water
  • Author: Linda Nichols
  • ISBN: 9780764227295
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gifted heart surgeon encounters a deadly cascade of events and searches for healing in this contemporary novel that reveals God s power to fix broken lives.

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    • Linda Nichols

      Linda Nichols first two novels, including Not a Sparrow Falls, sold in the six figures because of her unique way of touching readers hearts through story A graduate of the University of Washington, Linda and her family make their home in Tacoma, Washington.

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    • "At the Scent of Water" is the story of Sam and Annie Truelove, whose marriage unravels after the death of their daughter. Sam throws himself into his work while Annie runs away to begin a new life as far from her past as possible. Sam refuses to give up hope that she will come back, but her return is not the joyful homecoming he has dreamed of.Linda Nichols introduces her characters slowly, allowing us to get to know them well over the course of the novel. None of them are perfect people, and b [...]

    • This book is a great read during a summer vacation. I would not share it with children because it deals with mature matters that a child may not understand in this book. However, high schoolers may be interested in this book since it covers some of the history of the south and one older man's view of his hometown 50 years later and how it changed. This story is touching and is free of obscene language and sexual content. It deals with the hurt and pain that come from losing a child, divorce, and [...]

    • What a wonderful story that reminds us of God's redemptive Love! How beautiful that the main characters Sam & Annie's last name is TrueLove :)Following the devastating loss of their young daughter, Sam and Annie separate and try to create new lives for themselves, 2,000 or so miles apart. But five years later, circumstances bring them both back to the same North Carolina town where they once lived and loved each other, and where both of their families have been praying for their reconciliati [...]

    • Thankfully, this book also surpassed the first Nichols book I reread a couple weeks ago. Part of what appeals to me about this book is the setting. While it's not quite my hometown, it's close enough that I recognize the place names and the culture that pervades the southernmost parts of the Appalachians. I loved all the characters in this book and the complex web that Nichols wove. The only part that I thought took away from the story was the lack of nuanced growth back together of the main cha [...]

    • Scent of WaterAlthough a work of fiction, this novel attempts to answer the Age-old questions of: Why does a loving God allow pain? How does one press on when your faith has been shattered?This is the story of a southern family grappling with a series of unfortunate events and the toll it takes on them. Although this is Linda Nichols' third installment of the Second Chances Collection, each book stands alone and contains completely new characters and storylines.

    • Awesome book. This book was so awesome, God definitely used it to speak to me. Truly a blessing to me. I would encourage anyone who's in need of hope, and need a reminder of God's character to read it.

    • THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLY 2.5 +I thought this was slow and easy for me to drift in and out of nce there were to many details about such things as coffee tasting :-) Dr. Sam Truelove loses his daughter to a drowning accident, and on the same day, while in shock, performs heart surgery on a little girl, Kelly Bright – he botches it. She r [...]

    • Enjoyed this very much. It's been awhile since I've read a Christian novel A good reminder of the importance of faithd hope.

    • This book is one of my favorite fiction reads all the way around. Not only is it true-to-life, dealing lovingly but honestly with the tears and pain of life, but the hope and redemption found only in Christ are laid out in such a simple matter-of-fact way that a choice MUST be made - either to welcome peace or turn it away. The story itself is also amazingly believable, the contexts well-researched, the characters pieces of ourselves. This story is also personally dear to me for the primary sett [...]

    • Dr. Sam Truelove loses his daughter to a drowning accident, and on the same day, while in shock, performs heart surgery on a little girl, Kelly Bright – he botches it. She remains alive, on life support. Fast forward 5 years. His wife, Annie, has left him, due to his growing distance from her, and now Kelly’s father wants the plug pulled, which will precipitate a malpractice suit. Sam’s partners ask him to take a leave of absence, and he goes home. Annie had just filed for divorce, but als [...]

    • This is MODERN DAY JOB story. Linda Nichols always causes me to go back to the bible and make me think deeper about things. This book is no exception. I feel that she is an author that is just as good as Francine Rivers and the books she writes. This is a VERY MOVING STORY!! It gave me a deeper insite into what Job must have gone through emotionally on many levels. Makes sure you have a box of tissues handy you might need them.Disclosure of Material Connection:I received a complimentary copy of [...]

    • This book is about two tragedies which collide in the life of a gifted surgeon and causes everything he loves in life to collapse. Instead of seeking God in prayer, he withdraws and doesn't let his wife help him grieve. It's also the story of the wife who leaves him to rebuild her life without him.I really liked the writing of this book. It was full of pathos and understanding. As reader you sense that this story could go one of two ways, as it teeters on the edge the whole time. If the characte [...]

    • If you love inspirational romances, this story might be for you. Annie and Sam Truelove have lead separate lives for five years, when they lost their daughter and tragedy happens to one of his patients, while he was grieving. Annie's on the verge of moving and filing for divorce, when her family calls her back home, when there's a debate about Kelly Bright. Meanwhile, Mary Truelove, Sam's mom, reunites with her ex-fiance Elijah Walker, and rekindles their old romance, while he brought faith and [...]

    • This was a pleasant read, and a story written with so much detail that I could easily picture it in my mind. I definitely wanted to keep reading to find out what happened to this couple. I loved both the beginning and ending of the book. I thought the twist at the end was so clever. I found myself though almost glancing over some of the religious dialogue between the characters because it was so over the top for me, and I got a little irritated that the author felt it necessary to give a detaile [...]

    • I have read many books over the years. There are the ones that tell stories in a regular way. Then there are those that have the touch of God. This one, as are many of the books by Linda Nichols, deals with issues we all deal with in life, whether with little faith or much faith. Even in our grief and sadness or disappointment with God, if we could only remember the purposes of Satan, and how he always means to draw us away from God, to doubt God's love, to go the opposite path from what God int [...]

    • A sad and triumphant story about overcoming grief. The struggles in this story, though set in a fiction, are real battles that real people face. Linda Nichols took these real battles and created characters with a story that will break your heart. What I was missing, though, was more passion between the main characters as they found their way back to each other. I wanted to feel their love just as greatly as I felt their loss.

    • I loved this book even though it was painful to read about the loss of a child and how it affected the parents. But this is a very beautiful story, full of God's grace. And at the end I had a good cleansing cry I loved the setting in the Smoky Mountains, the description of family gatherings and the gentle understanding of the balance between reality and faith. This is the 3rd book I have read by Linda Nichols and I loved all 3 of them!

    • This was part of my bridesmaid present for my friend Jessica's wedding. I'm sure she bought it because it was chick lit, and had a read head on the cover. Little did she know that it's a Christian book. I'm not religiousd she's not completely, so we had a good laugh when I called her and said, "This is a really good book, but what's up with all the "God" stuff?" It does have a good plot and story though. A little sad.

    • This was the first book that I've known my mom to read cover to cover she really enjoyed it! After she finished, I read it, and really appreciated how Linda Nichols wove the characters into the story - and the messege of giving your sorrow to God. The book didn't exactly completely apply to me, as I am not a mother, let alone have lost a child. However, it was a tremendously amazing story, with nothing innappropriate, and I wouldn't be surprised to find myself reading it again.

    • I LOVED THIS BOOK! I did not know it was a "Christian" book, but even with the bible quoting (there was not a lot) this is a wonderful story. It was "Christian" more in that it was also a story about God's love for us. A great plot, sub-plots that didn't take away from the main story line, and characters that I fell in love with. I hated to see it end. Really. I hope to read more from this author.

    • This book really touched my heart. It's a Christian fiction story about a couple who are going through some major life events which have driven them apart. I appreciated the author's handling of pain, sorrow, and grief, and of how faith in Jesus Christ can help to bring healing and forgiveness. She does a good job of telling each character's story. The fact that most of it is set in the mountains of North Carolina made it a fun read also.

    • I really enjoyed this book especially given that I read it this summer. Sure there is an inevitable ending, but it demonstrated hope for me. This is the way marriage should be- full of perseverance. Nichols certainly has a gifting from god because her ability to tie in scripture and Godly wisdom in such an organic way was beautiful. This brought renewed energy to my life.

    • What an enjoyable story! Such inspiration! I truly did not know how this book was going to end. I wasn't sure if the couple would get back together again. The ending could not have been more perfect. In this case, I think it still would have been an enjoyable read if the couple had not gotten back to gether at the end. I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for some divine inspiration.

    • A strange "twist of fate / God's hand / coincidence" story of loss, love, family, broken promises and importance of communication. It was an outstanding story of one couple's loss of their daughter and the loss of their marriage. At the same time, another couple was reuniting after 45 years of separation. And one old woman sat back and got to see it all unfold from every side.

    • I really enjoyed this book, maybe even more so than the other two books of hers that I have read. If I could I would have given this book 4.5 stars. This story looks at the grief experienced by the loved ones of a child that has died. It does not just focus on the sadness though there is hope and light too. I would highly recommend this book!

    • There is always hope!I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it brought on so many emotions! Just like with reading her Sparrow book, I cried a lot throughout the book and especially at the end. Although the endings were a little predictable, I still cried like a baby! I like that they have a Christian theme too.

    • I really, really wanted to love this book. I liked the story, but it was a very slow book for me.There are a lot of characters in this book and they are well developed by Nichols. Sometimes I got lost in the progression of the story because of the details of each character.This is a story of hope and healing. I liked the story, just not the journey to the resolution!

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