Blood of the Infinity War (Afterlife saga Book 8)

Blood of the Infinity War Afterlife saga Book As Keira still finds Persian sands beneath her feet she is yet to discover the true meaning of what it is to be The Chosen One to the King of Kings For now that Arsaces has her he simply plans on ke

  • Title: Blood of the Infinity War (Afterlife saga Book 8)
  • Author: Stephanie Hudson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As Keira still finds Persian sands beneath her feet, she is yet to discover the true meaning of what it is to be The Chosen One to the King of Kings For now that Arsaces has her, he simply plans on keeping her No matter what the cost Even if that means fighting the prophecy and stealing her from the only world she has ever known A world that is about to end.

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    • Wow, amazing, fantastic absolutely loved itSo worth the wait, part of me is gutted that it's finally come to an end and I now feel a little lost I have loved every minute spent going through Keiras journey with her and fell in love with everyone, I seriously can't recommend this series and author enough you absolutely have to read Afterlife it has everything you could ever want there's plenty of action, suspense, vampires, demons, angels, gods, passion, sacrifice, heartbreak, true love lots and [...]

    • Let me preface this with the end is amazing.Well, we’re still stuck in Persia. Why is it that every time Keira gets a back bone and pulls off something amazing she literally turns into a sobbing, selfish bitch who can’t do anything or make any decisions? The strength of Afterlife has always been the people around Keira and, unfortunately, for this last book we’re treated to mostly Keira and Draven (well his 2000 self who’s name I can’t spell) being locked in a room. Which could be awes [...]

    • Amazing series!Stephanie is a amazing author. She gets you gripped on the first page. I couldn't put any of her books down.

    • There are no words to describe Book 8 of the Afterlife Saga: Blood of the Infinity War, but since this review requires them I shall make what will doubtless be a feeble attempt.Those who have followed the story from the beginning have witnessed the metamorphosis of Keira from a frightened damaged soul to this final stage, a goddess of power and strength. She is a beautiful spirit whose willingness to sacrifice everything for the people she loved is awe inspiring.We have seen Draven change, too, [...]

    • AmazingIts hard to put into words what this series has mean to me. It is so special and dear to my heart because it has helped me smile, laugh, cry and get all hot n bothered when I was going through something in my own life. The writing is amazing and it was more than just a vampire genre. The last books was so perfect, it was just amazingly perfect. I have always loved how long the books are, I feel more involved and happy I get to be in Afterlife for so long. I have fallen in love with Draven [...]

    • WOW Had me Hooked AGAIN.What can i say, Stephanie Hudson you had me gripped in this final book with how the story progressed,i really didn't want to start this even though, i couldn't wait for this book to land on my kindle so that it could answer all my many questions, i knew that i would devour this too quick so that it would then be the end of a era and my Afterlife journey would be at an end.This book had me feeling all kinds of emotions from laughing,crying and shouting thoughout where i di [...]

    • 3.5Love the afterlife saga love Stephanie's writing. This was like Sacrifice of the Septimus part 2 for me (which I gave 3 stars). I wanted more of what happened in the end. The wedding, battle, etc. The beginning 76% just seemed like- ok it was the exact same- bits that had happened in previous books. It was miss, miss, hit, miss, rinse and repeat, throughout. The ending was great but I wanted more of the whole lot of characters throughout not the just the last 24%. Those percentages are exact [...]

    • A story worthy of a kingOften the final book in a series leaves you dissatisfied or leaves you with too many unanswered questions. That would not be the case with this brilliant conclusion. I have always admired Stephanie Hudson's story telling abilities, but I think she has moved to Master Storyteller after writing the conclusion to this series. All of the books in this series have had a complicated story filled with a lot of complex characters and sub plots. To be able to wrap all of this up i [...]

    • UH ohI'm going to be honest I the beginning of the book got a little boring,. It was just a little to much draven and Kiera and no one else in the beginning,. I found myself skipping a lot of pages. This was obviously the last book I guess I was looking forward to getting questions answered and a lot more action then what there was,. The best of the book started at 87 percent for me,. So it was a little disappointing for all the action to start in the very end. Through out her books stephanie ha [...]

    • this is the last book in one of the best series i have read. Watching Keira and Draven fall in love and fight for what they want (each other) and all the hurdles that the fates have put in front of them. Seeing the love that everyone has for their king and queen and family is great. Stephanie Hudson is one hell of a writer and I hope she keeps putting out books for the world to enjoy. Now she is doing spin offs for the younger group (under 18 yrs) and that book is also an awsome read and it's ca [...]

    • I could hardly wait for this book and am now saddened that the saga is over. This was one of my first paranormal romances and I have waited patiently for each book. Every time, Stephanie made it worth every page. I wish we could could know what happens in the future with Draven and Kiera's soul babies. For anyone on the fence about this series, just buy book one and join the kings of heaven and hell find their true quests lead by a resilient human, Keira, who has a forever love in Draven. This i [...]

    • My heart soaredThis book is so bitter sweet. As it is the last book of an amazing journey. I have met so many characters and when I say met, I might as well have because these characters will always be with me. I knew that this book would be amazing as is everything that she puts words to but I never expected her to take me to another whole new level. This book is everything!!!! I don’t know how she does ite details, the scenes, the humorke I said, this book is everything!!!!

    • So sad it's endedI absolutely loved this series. The twist the turns, heart ache and love, and all this historical fiction just made it a pleasure to read. I am looking forward to what the author has to offer in the future as I will definitely be reading them. The last book itself as very typical of the others. Lots of drama leading up to the final battle. I have loved all the characters and how they have all fit into the storyline. I am looking forward to reading this series again in the future [...]

    • What a crazy journey!Bittersweet. As excited as I am to have finished the Saga, I am saddened for it to end. Man, what a wild ride! Stephanie Hudson's Afterlife Saga is absolutely mind blowing! Keeps you on the edge of your seat through all the books making you beg for more! Her writing, the intensity of her words make your heart race placing your psyche right there where all the action is!! I am amazed at how much research hours she had to do in order to make this extraordinarily believable! Ju [...]

    • AMAZINGStephanie, you are truly a goddess of an author. I didn't want the book to ever end. You have truly excelled yourself with this, but I think that after every one of your books. These books are forever engraved in my soul. Your ability to describe in such a way that I feel like Aflerlife is now part of me. This saga will be read over and over again. The word will be spread, the word is AFTERLIFE. Thank you Steph xx

    • WowWhat can I say Wow well worth the wait a part of me is so sad that it is the last book and has had to end . I have loved being on the journey with Keira and Draven with all the laughter and the tears .I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this series or author to anyone it has all you could ask for. Thank you Stephanie for a much loved series one that will be reread time and time again xx

    • A wonderful ending to an Awesome SeriesIt truly is a wonderful ending to an awesome series but a beginning into what will come with the series spinoffs. Hopefully to come soon but worth the wait as well. This series honestly is the best I have ever read as well as the characters. Thank you Stephanie Hudson for bringing your world into ours and making getting away from life's hassles that much more interesting and fun!

    • I enjoyed this book, even though I struggled through the first 60% as a lot seemed to be rehashed from previous books and this spoilt it for me, but the last 40% was brilliant, it answered a lot of questions but also left a lot unanswered or new questions to be answered. All in all I enjoyed it but for the final book I thought it would be better. Sorry Stephanie Hudson, this is my personal opinion but does not detract for the brilliant story line you created.

    • Best series everSadly this is the last book in the Afterlife series but was hands down the best. I love this series so much I forced myself to make the last book last longer than a day. The world and characters Stephanie Hudson created will suck you in and make you wish the books never end. Thankfully I read there will be spinoff books because the characters are so good you never want to say goodbye. I highly recommend reading this series!

    • Wow what an ending!Just when you think you know what's going to happen the past comes and bites you in the bum! I lost count of how many no no no no no moments I went through, and how many oh ya moments there were.Well Stephanie Hudson you should be so proud of your self. I can quite honestly say I'm so glad I was guided to read your books but I am also thankful in not in your head! Congratulations x

    • This is a truly epic final book in the series. I am very impressed at how everything has been wrapped up so well, and the last few chapters Just WOW!! I fell in love with the characters during this series (its impossible not to) and I cannot adequately express just how incredible this book is. I highly recommend that you check it out this series, if you haven't already! You will not be disappointed.

    • Hooked me AGAIN!I just love the imagery I'm able to experience with this saga, and book 8 was no different. I'm sad to see this end, as I envisioned future stories from several of the other characters. I'm optimistic that these may get explored in the Chronicles. If you enjoy series-type books with a supernatural flair, this series is for you. Stephanie does NOT disappoint!

    • Since our opinion is okay here I have to State I absolutely positively without a doubt loved this book. THAT being said I will miss Kira and Dominic story. I think I miss it so much I'm going to start all over again at the beginning. It was so worth the wait. My future plan is to own all the paperback books and cherish them. Thank you Stephanie for your imagination and your vision that you have shared with us in your journey.

    • This book is totally amazing the story keeps getting better I honestly could not put it down, kiera is one very lucky girl with all these sexy fit Alphas around her especially Draven there are parts I cried and parts I laughed Pip (imp) she made me giggle so much . This has a beautiful fun /sad storyline the sexy is out of this world and very much a must read you won't be disappointed x

    • What an epic endingI was really afraid to have the story of Keira and Draven end. I have loved their story since I picked up the first books years ago. Stephanie words cannot explain how epic this whole story is but this ending was definitely epic and oh so worthy. I cannot wait to read the spin off series! Once again I am blown away.

    • Wow. Stephanie you added yet another great addition to an amazing series. It's captivating, trilling, sexy,humorous, (love pimp)d so much more. This book did Not dissapoint!!! As an aspiring writer myself I truly enjoyed being captured and sucked into the afterlife world. I admire you style of writing and imagination. What a creative,adventures, and fascinating series you created.

    • Wow. Such a phenomenal ending to one of my favorite series. I relished this book. I did not want it to end. I loved all my favorite characters showing up and hope there is more Lucius in the spinoff series. Keira and Their relationship is so well written. This series is a MUST read. You will be so glad you did!

    • Amazing series!!Loved this series so much! By far the best series I have read. Was great to see what the series has been building to and it did not disappoint! This book had so much happening that it was tough to put down. This would absolutely be my most recommended series.

    • I can honestly say I don't know how I'm feeling as I write this. I don't know whether to be happy as all seems calm for Keira and Draven (for now possibly) and I now know the outcome of their story or absolutely heartbroken that their story has concluded.Without any spoilers I'm just gonna say Keira is a badass and I can't wait to see what happens next in the Afterlife Chronicles!

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