Line of Scrimmage

Line of Scrimmage She s given up on him and moved onSusannah finally has a peaceful calm life and a no surprises man Marriage to football superstar Ryan Sanderson was a whirlwind of passion heat energy and exciteme

  • Title: Line of Scrimmage
  • Author: Marie Force
  • ISBN: 9781402214240
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • She s given up on him and moved onSusannah finally has a peaceful, calm life and a no surprises man Marriage to football superstar Ryan Sanderson was a whirlwind of passion, heat, energy, and excitement, but Susannah got sick of playing second fiddle to his team, watching women throwing themselves at him, and living in terror of the hard hits he took on the field WithShe s given up on him and moved onSusannah finally has a peaceful, calm life and a no surprises man Marriage to football superstar Ryan Sanderson was a whirlwind of passion, heat, energy, and excitement, but Susannah got sick of playing second fiddle to his team, watching women throwing themselves at him, and living in terror of the hard hits he took on the field With their divorce just days from being final, she s already planning a wedding with her new fianceHe s finally figured out what s really important to him If only it s not too lateRyan has just ten days to convince his soon to be ex wife to give him a second chance He has just brought home his third championship and his career is at its pinnacle, but during the year of their separation, Ryan s come to realize it doesn t mean anything at all without Susannah

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    • ♦♣♦ BIG 5 I've only-ever-loved-youstars.♦♣♦This book is one of the most memorable books I've ever had the pleasure of reading and there's no doubt its heading straight for myfavorites shelf insight to the summary :Susannah and Ryan have been married for a very long time,in fact right out of high school.But after Ryan got signed on by the Mavericksto play at the prestigious NLFs.Thier perspectives started to differ,priorities changed and the media oncs caught up on the heartbreaks tur [...]

    • 5++ STARS!Wow, just wow. I usually wait for many ' friends to have read the book and adored it before starting it myself. I don't like to try new books. But I'm so HAPPY I read this one. I'm not sure what made me read it because I seriously never read a book that isn't already a best seller or loved by many before but I did read this one and I just want to recommend it to everybody else.Hear me out here, there's just no way you won't love this book guys! You have to read it! It's so good you won [...]

    • If you are a fan of contemporary romance stories with a pseudo-sports theme (the Chicago Stars series by SEP, the Chinooks series by Rachel Gibson) then Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force is a must-read for you. Like the comparable stories, the hero is a professional sports icon who will have your heart from page one. But unlike those similar books where the hero and heroine meet and then face the trials and tribulations of a new union, the protagonists in LofS have been married 10 years and are j [...]

    • Que desperdicio de libro.TontoInsulsoIncreíble MaloSimple.No voy a perder mi tiempo con una reseña DNF 48% y porque le di oportunidad

    • This was a very well-written, easy read, that was very hard to put down. At times it was like a soap opera--so many things happened to the H/H! I loved the hero--he was one of those loveable "bad boy" types, but really very sweet and vulnerable at times. The heroinewell she ticked me off a bit. At times I found her selfish, childish, and a bit spoiled. But towards the end of the book she started to grow on me, and I forgave her for how she treated the hero. This book was about a young couple who [...]

    • 5+ stars – Contemporary/Sports RomanceI loved this emotional contemporary sports romance about a pro-football star trying to reconcile with his soon-to-be ex-wife before it's too late. It's a very moving, well written story and a realistic depiction of the difficulties and tribulations of marriage, even for two people who so clearly love each other. I'm looking forward to more from this talented author! Big 5 stars!

    • Read in 2008 and was my very first book by Marie Force. I loved Ryan and Susannah and their story. I thought I had reviewed every book that this author has written - but it appears this one slipped through the cracks. And it deserves my accolades. From this I soon moved on to each and every release and they've only added hours of reading pleasure. Coming soon is an extended Epilogue bringing readers up-to-date on The Sandersons and their life as it has changed since the ending of LINE OF SCRIMMA [...]

    • Reviewed for queuemyreview; book release Sep08Can you believe it? Me, Mrs. doesn’t really read ‘sports’ romances, and I’ve read two in the last week! And enjoyed both! This is surely cause for celebration. My most recent is “Line of Scrimmage” by Marie Force. It’s about football, did you guess? It’s also about the debutante and the quarterback. But don’t hate them for that because their life hasn’t been a bed of roses.Susannah is finally calling it quits. After ten years of m [...]

    • At about the 70% mark of this book I was really hesitant in finishing this story, because in my mind Henry with his diabolical, obsessive mind, and Becky with all the rumors that Susanna had heard about her affair with her husband Ryan gave me such a HUGE knot in my stomach, that I forced myself to continue reading the story. I know that sounds really 'wimpy', but I really HATE infidelity in the stories I read.That being saidI'm really glad I pressed on and finished the book. I really enjoyed th [...]

    • Annoying, irrational heroine. Godlike quarterback hero. Fight. Make up sex. Repeat.Not Rachel's thing. However, there's a brilliant scene near the end when the heroine goes fucking bananas and throws a hissy in public. It amused me enough to increase the rating to 2 stars!

    • I just couldn't get into this. The heroine cries about ten times in the book, no joke. No, not just cries, but sobs. I'm sure that I'd be a little jealous and possessive if my husband was some huge star with women crawling all over him, but good grief. She was so over the top, that if I knew this chick in real life, I'd call her a psycho and steer clear. Ryan seemed like an okay guy, and while I did want to have a happy ending, I just couldn't bring myself to care all that much. While I suppose [...]

    • After reading Line of Scrimmage, I have found a new author to add to my list of sports romance favorites. This was a very good book with a touching story. I liked the emotional intensity between the main characters. The heroine, Susannah Sanderson, was exasperating at times, but she was mostly likeable. The beginning of the story was from her point of view, and as she placed the blame for the failure of her marriage completely on her Pro quarterback husband I expected him to be an insensitive je [...]

    • This book and I got off on the wrong foot. I found the whole set-up so repugnant: an estranged husband who decides to get his wife back 10 days before their divorce is final, and blackmails her into doing it by threatening to drag out the divorce so she can't marry her new fiance… and the new fiance is the old boyfriend she had already dumped once for her husband… I'm channeling young Alvy Singer in "Annie Hall" going, "what an asshole." How am I supposed to root for this guy when I felt so [...]

    • I don't read a lot of reconsiliation romances. Wait that isn't true because I read a lot of scorned lovers getting back together, but I don't read them about once-married couples. Probably because marriage is the end of my little HEA and I hate having my bubble broken. So, I was a little wary about starting this book. But so many of were a-flutter over this that I gave it a go but I am SO HAPPY that I ended up reading it! So interesting. So good. The characters were great, and complex. I love t [...]

    • Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force is not only a fantastic read for the romance fan but also for the female sports fan. I found this story ripe with emotion, steadfast with passion and downright endearing. Ladies hold onto your hats cause this Line of Scrimmage is full of secret game plays.Susannah Sanderson is a stunning blond who's had her fill of a one sided relationship. Marriage to a football superstar is marriage to the team and for Susannah it seems to be taking more than she can give.Ryan [...]

    • To say that it exceeded my expectations is one thing, but knowing that I loved it, I can't help but bounce with excitement as I am typing furiously on my keyboard to describe all my bottled feelings for this book.Line of Scrimmage is one of those good books which leave you with a contented heart and a final parting sigh. It didn't feel like a rush of thrill as it came to an end but it was like one of those refreshing moments which you'd love to revive.I adored Ryan Sanderson knowing that he wasn [...]

    • This book gave me that uplifting happy feeling when I finished it. Ryan and Susannah struggle throughout the whole story to put their marriage back together and patch it up. The details of what went wrong between them were slowly revealed as they struggled with their true feelings. I'm glad the author didn't make it easy on them and the flow of their progress kept my interest. There was lots of sex but nothing too explicit. The story did require me to suspend belief just a bit as I was beginning [...]

    • Line Of Scrimmage es la primera novela que leo de su autora, Marie Force y debo decir que cuando empece la lectura no esperaba que el libro me gustara tanto, pero termine totalmente enamorada de la historia de amor y superacion de Ryan y Susannah.Mas que nada empece a leer esta novela porque tenia un poco de resaca literaria y no me apetecia leer nada de mi lista de pendientes, esperaba que fuera una historia mas light pero me sosprendio lo profunda que llego a ser la trama en algunas ocasiones [...]

    • 4 1/2 stars. Pleasantly surprised at what a good book this was. I just blew right though it. It was just the right balance of good dialogue, an engaging story and one hot, hunky football player Ryan. He isn't about to give up on his marriage to Susannah, who is days away from marrying someone else. It was surprising and heartbreaking to find out what tore them apart, and an enjoyable journey to see that they still had passion, desire and love for each other. Very sweet HEAloved it!

    • Historia de segundas oportunidades, deportista con su Stetson (me recuerda a Bobby Tom Denton. ainssss)y ohhhh el amor. Me ha gustado mucho.3,5

    • I've got to say, no romance should be over 350 pages long. The genre just doesn't need that many pages to tell their story, especially if there is no suspense, mystery or humor. I enjoyed their story and could see why Susanna felt lost in the whirlwind that was Ryan. Not sure what she thought she was signing up for, but I can understand how it went wrong for her.Ryan and Susanna got married right after he graduated from college. They were married for 8 years when a personal tragedy drove them ap [...]

    • 4.5/5 stars. This novel made me feel like a fly-on-the-wall of a separated couple on the brink of divorce. Technically, that doesn’t sound interesting, but the story in this romance was absorbing. It was full of realism (despite the unbelievable situation the characters were in) and had a bittersweet shade to the entire plot. I think the realism was due to raw emotions that occurred between the characters – you couldn’t help but feel their love for each other. From the cover, it looks like [...]

    • This is a reread for me, I am giving away some of my favorites and wanted one more taste. It is as good as I remember! Line of Scrimmage is a twist on the typical sports romance because it shows an existing couple that has real problems. They are about to give up on their 10 year marriage until they come together and determine it is worth saving. It is great sport’s love story about a stud quarterback, Ryan Sanderson, who has reach the pinnacle in his sports career, is about to retire, but has [...]

    • Reread 2018 - still holds up for me. :)Reread 7/2015 - Still really like this book. I've seen a lot of folks dislike it because they feel that the heroine is a cheater, but I just don't see it that wayread 1/2014Not sure why this hits so many readers' hot buttons, but it's one of my favorites. This is my 3rd or 4th reread of this book.I'm always a big fan of reconciliations in a marriage/relationship where the 2 parties still love each other but have separated for various reasons. I always want [...]

    • 4.5 starsWow I really didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It was well written with a lovable sexy hero and a heroine who was also likable. There problems were easy to relate to, other than the celebrity status and millions of dollars of course. Have to love these sports hero romances ;)

    • First n formost Marieyou are such a talented wonderful awesome excellent writter,you bring about the emotions so well,the characters are so well developed and human,the issues in the stories are so well handled and tackled and at no point i was stuck or bored it moves at a great pace,you keep the readers glued to the story from 1 till the last pagei have read 2 books and both the times i instantly connected with the characters,i loved them adored them got angry with them wanted to smack them als [...]

    • Ryan Sanderstone has it all. Fame, fortune, 3 superbowl rings and more money than he can spend. What doesn't he have? His wife. Susannah Sanderstone is ten days away from freedom. Her divorce will be final, she will marry her safe high school boyfriend Henry, and all will be light in the world of previous darkness.God I hated the premise. Susannah is STILL MARRIED to Sex on a stick Ryan, and is ENGAGED to Henry the pansy. Um no. Not so much. This shit doesn't fly with me. So she is cheating on R [...]

    • Since this was my FIRST Marie Force read, I figured it deserved to be an official Throwback. I think I have read Line of Scrimmage about ten times, and each time I do, the story has the ability to suck me in and not let go until the last page. Don't we love those books? One of my Favorite Football Romances, Line of Scrimmage is so much more than what you might think by looking at the cover.Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the cover.It just doesn't give justice to the emotion packed story th [...]

    • This sexy book is about a married couple of ten years who are ten days away from getting their divorce finalized. They have been separated for almost a year and Susannah Sanderson is about to breathe a sigh of relief because in less than two week she will be a free woman and able to marry her former high school boyfriend, Henry. Susannah is getting a divorce from Ryan, the start quarterback of the Denver Mavericks and overall MVP of the NFL. Ryan doesn’t want to go through the divorce since he [...]

    • I read a couple of reviews of this from bloggers I respect, and I was really looking forward to it. What a disappointment. The hero is a pretty cool guy, but the heroine is a real wimp who spends most of the book in tears. As far as I could tell, she has no claim to fame aside from being the beautiful wife of an extremely wealthy football player. She has a lot of 2012 sex, but other than that, she's a throwback to a Harlequin 1970's heroine. The secondary characters are stereotypes. There's an e [...]

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