Kiss Me

Kiss Me UnaI m running I have enemies than even I can fight and a five million dollar price tag on my head all because I helped Nero The hunter has become the hunted and now I have a life to protect an inn

  • Title: Kiss Me
  • Author: L.P. Lovell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
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  • UnaI m running.I have enemies than even I can fight, and a five million dollar price tag on my head, all because I helped Nero The hunter has become the hunted, and now I have a life to protect an innocent baby And that suddenly feels like the most important mission I ve ever had I ve never been so invested in surviving, so let them come I ll kill them all.NeroI hUnaI m running.I have enemies than even I can fight, and a five million dollar price tag on my head, all because I helped Nero The hunter has become the hunted, and now I have a life to protect an innocent baby And that suddenly feels like the most important mission I ve ever had I ve never been so invested in surviving, so let them come I ll kill them all.NeroI had a plan and it was perfect.She was my queen, my ultimate weapon She played her part and helped bring me the power I sought above all else, but at what cost Now she s all I want, all I need Una is mine I will kill anyone who stands between us and burn the world to ash just to keep her A pending war A test of survival A partnership that would see their enemies tremble in their wake.A ruthless king A savage queen Kill me or kiss me

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      Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.She s a self confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy Lauren loves to hear from readers so please add her on , Facebook and Twitter Visit her website lplovell.

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    • 5 Stars!!L.P. Lovell blew me away with this second installment! 'Kiss Me' is as enthralling, gripping and well written as the first one. It’s dark, it’s raw, it’s gritty and passionate as hell. I was immersed in this book from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down. I love intense stories that keep me at the edge of my seat and this one was exactly that and so much more. Everything was so good…from the utterly addictive story-line to the two amazing main characters. I loved ever [...]

    • 4 Bloody StarsThis book had a little bit more drag than the first book, but I still really enjoyed it. Review to come.

    • NOW LIVE!**iBooks*Holy. Shit. I'm pretty sure my eyes stayed wide open during this whole reading experience, and I'm not too sure my mouth was actually ever shut either. Once I started reading I was completely captivated and unable to put this book down. L.P Lovell went to some extremes in this book that I never thought possible, and I loved every second of it. I really can't believe what I just read but boy did I enjoy it. Nero and Una were the same fucked up characters I remember from Kill Me, [...]

    • 4.75 "Even monsters can find their happily ever after" starsKiss me, book 2 in the Kiss of Death series, continues right where book 1 left us, with Una being at the crossroads of facing a huge decision involving another life while she fights against the hitmen and a price on her head. And Nero is on her track of getting her back.Things won't go easy for them, especially when Nero finds out that Una is pregnant with his child and she was trying to run from him, dealing with the child on her own, [...]

    • ***** 4 Stars *****Cannot be read as a standalone."We don't get happily ever afters." -"Even monsters breed, my love"Una and Nero are back! More bloodshed and explosions! I couldn't put this down. Una is on the run because she doesn't want Nicholai to get his hands on her unborn child. If Nicholai gets her child, the child would become the ultimate weapon. All she wants to do is to do one good thing in her life, and she wants to give the child to a loving family. A normal life. But her dreams ar [...]

    • 4.5 we kill them all, or we die trying starsGah! I loved this book!! Una is as kick-ass as ever. Seeing her vulnerability in this book just made her THAT much more of an amazing heroine. The way the men fear her, and the way she acts towards Nero's men is so hilarious. I stand by what I said in my last review- she is by far one of my FAVORITE heroines. She's unpredictable and I love how she keeps Nero on his toes.And Nero, omgggg Nero. I loved him even more in this book. I love how he both fears [...]

    • The Kiss of death series has been an enjoyable treat. Very seldom do I get to read badass leading heroines who doesn't waver from their persona's.d Una don't! She's wickedly sarcastic, cobra like lethal, other times funny! She's the kinda gal you wouldn't want to lower your guard with because if you'd also be very dead!Nero is the mother load of book boyfriends! Hot, monstrous, alpha to a fault and always ten steps ahead of his enemies. If all else fails he'll burn everything to the grou [...]

    • What happens when an Italian mob boss who plays by his own rules and a Russian assassin known as the kiss of death come together No one stands a chance against them Kiss Me is the follow up to Kill Me and to say I have been not so patiently waiting for book two is totally right! Nero and Una should not be together, Nero is in the Italian mob and Una is a trained Russian assassin, but there's no fighting their lust, love, and hate for each other. First off, I love mafia books!! they are my weakne [...]

    • 4.90 stars! Oh how I love a good bloodstained-mafia-story with a badass h and a dominant equal H. I even loved this part more than the first one, because I felt more connected to the MC's. While Una felt sometimes cold and distant in the first part, she opened up to Nero now. They were both ruthless and bloodthirsty and twisted aaaand so good for each other. I loved their humour, especially after smashing someone. Huh I guess I have a dark side after all. Hehe!

    • What an amazing ending! This action-packed series will keep you at the edge of your seat with every scene that are volatile, suspenseful, and exciting at the same time. Una is such a bad-ass heroine, she may not admit it, but when it comes to the people she love she willing to sacrifice everything. Nero will do anything to protect Una, his love for her is unconditional. Together they represent a formidable team.L.P. Lovell is a new author to me, who's book was recommended to me by my book friend [...]

    • Where to start? I was in the mood for something dark and boy, this book did deliver.  This was crazy but I couldn't stop reading it.Una Ivanov.  One deadly package. They called her The Kiss of Death. A hired killer.  Taken from an orphanage at 13 and trained to be impassive where death is a job, a necessity.  Feared by many.  Dangerous and unpredictable. " It's cute that you think anyone could protect you if I wanted you dead."Not feeling anything always kept her safe, focused, efficient. T [...]

    • Reread 2/20/2018Kiss Me is still a 5 star read. I honestly can't get enough of Nero and Una, I would love another book for them.3/31/2017Kiss Me was another awesome book featuring Nero and Una. I really love these two together, they are so violent and brutal but they love so fiercely. If you thought Una was crazy before now pregnant she's like an animal running on instinct. Nero shows a side to him that was brutal in his quest to get Una back. It was a battle for them to get back together but it [...]

    • Where in tarnation is the five plus plus plus star button???!!! This book tho soooo friggin awesome! Total awesomeness! KM resumes beautifully where book one ended. Kudos to Lovell for not wasting time with niceties! Una, my girl, from chapter one to the very last word, is beast! She's a one person killing machine. She's taking no prisoners! Parallel to that storyline is heartthrob, Nero. Totally obsessed with Una. Together this powerhouse is taking down every empire, every threat, without pause [...]

    • Livro intenso! Algumas partes são difíceis de ler devido à violência mostrada. Mas. por tudo que passaram os personagens principais durante o crescimento, difícil ser de outra maneira.O que falar de Una? Perfeita! Forte, guerreira e bad girl com todas as letras maiúsculas. Ela é demais!E Nero? Perfeito!! Quem disse que os iguais não se atraem? Combinação explosiva! ADOREI!

    • Essentially a replica of the first book, with the added addition of Una being pregnant, and Nero protecting his assets. She's blood-thirsty, and ready to kill the very man who created the trained assassin she is today. Supposedly both are smart, but I found some decisions very rash and illogical. Though they love one another, they have no care for others: cold, heartless hypocrites who spill innocent blood. I believed the aim of this book should of been to make the reader feel for unfeeling char [...]

    • ~ 4.5 "Vicious Butterfly" Stars ~First of all, I love this cover. Secondly, I love this series. If you have not read Kill Me then stop right now. You need to read that first as Kiss Me picks up where it left off and my review could possibly provide you with some spoilers. It's no secret that I'm a dark romance whore. I've realized that my tastes are getting darker and darker. I love that fact that this series has helped feed my addiction. If someone where to randomly pull up my quotes from my da [...]

    • 5 Vicious little butterfly stars. Book one Kill me to be read first. Wow! my brain needs to catch up, Kiss me is one fast paced action packed read. In the last book Una claims that the Queen is to protect her King but when Nicholai discover his little Dove the best of the Russian Elite is pregnant with Nero's baby a man who is feared throughout the Italian Mafia Nicholai sees the ultimate weapon. Una's baby, to be trained as she was also trained from a child, to be the best to be what all men fe [...]

    • I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. Books #1 and #0.5 (released in that order) were dark and gripping, with a psychological element. The push and pull, not only between Nero and Una but also within themselves, is riveting.Una is strong, fearsome and so very stubborn and the road these traits lead us down is fraught with tension.Nero is formidable, loyal and lethal. The beguiling magnetic pull that LP Lovell has captured is sure to keep you as entertained as I was. There are more than a [...]

    • 4.5 Amazing Stars!When I saw the blurb for Kiss Me I knew I had to have it. Dark mafia is my crack and I needed another hit. I absolutely loved this book. Una and Nero were perfect together. Their chemistry was combustible and fiery and their love was just as hot. I could not get enough of the vicious Butterfly Queen and her dangerous Mafia King. Kiss Me is the second book in the Kiss of Death series. It is absolutely NOT a standalone so you must read book one first. This book was Everything! LP [...]

    • Intense! Dark! And oh so bloody! Nero and Una wreak havoc in this thrilling conclusion to the Kiss of Death series!! Nero and Una are the perfect storm. A deadly mix of intelligence and insanity, they are bloodthirsty and ruthless to the core. You see them coming, you better run!"Lust and violence swirl between us, mixing with a mutual need to protect the same thing. For the first time, Una and I are completely on the same team and I can feel the power of that. We are one, and we will be fucking [...]

    • 5 beautifully broken stars!!!"There’s my queen, bloodstained crown in place."Gah, I love Nero!! AND I love Nero and Una together. I loved everything about this series. I found myself stalling on reading it because I didn't want it to end. I was a nervous wreck while reading it.Kill Me does not end with a cliffhanger, the end of the series is way more than I expected and I'm so happy with it!! I'm hoping like hell that Lovell gives us another fabulous series about Rafael D'Cruze & Anna (y'a [...]

    • Have you ever dropped everything and consumed a book because you had been dying to read the conclusion only to curse yourself around 90% because it is about to be over and you do not want it to end? Well, this book was that book for me. I have been stalking LP Lovell for months waiting for this beautiful book to be released. LP writes a dark read like no other. She is not afraid to shock her readers with something and then take you a little further before she will give you the comic relief you a [...]

    • ***I VOLUNTARILY READ AN ARC COPY OF THIS BOOK***I've always been a fan of mafia romances. I don't know what it is about the killing, the bloodlust and the sex that gets me going but insert a bad ass heroine whose a Russian assassin ready to take on the Mafia as well as the Russian bratva? Yes please! This book consumed me. It captivated me from the first word and I loved it. I've been eagerly awaiting this book ever since that horrible cliffhanger from Kill Me and I just want to bow down and wo [...]

    • Kiss Me is the final book in this series and it sure packed one hell of a punch. It was action packed, exciting, suspenseful and kept me biting my nails while also desperate for this couple to get their HEA. It was bloody, violent and went in the direction only this couple could have it go. I felt satisfied and happy with how things went by the end and if you are a fan of dark reads, then I definitely recommend this series for you. I have read that there could potentially be a spin off with Una [...]

    • DNFed at 40 % - the whole pregnancy shit and how they treat each other is really strange and I don't feel comfortable with it. Also the spoilers I read, when I decided to skip the rest, made it clear, that was the right desicion.

    • Oh wow! I absolutely loved this book. It continues on from book 1.It is fast paced. It is Dark, Gritty.I totally think I have a girl crush on Una she is a strong female lead and independent just love her character. She is just brilliant.She is on the run and instead of being the hunter she has become the hunted, plus not she isn’t only protecting herself she has an unborn baby to protect. When Nero finds her, and brings her home, he vows to protect her and the baby at all costs. But when Nicho [...]

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