Faithless The temples of the Forgefather have fallen The clerics and defenders that could once be found across the nine lands are no Priests huddle in the great temple clinging to the echoes of their lost reli

  • Title: Faithless
  • Author: Graham Austin-King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The temples of the Forgefather have fallen The clerics and defenders that could once be found across the nine lands are no Priests huddle in the great temple, clinging to the echoes of their lost religion But the Father has fallen silent There are none who still hear his voice.The mines of Aspiration lie far below the temple s marble halls Slaves toil in the blacThe temples of the Forgefather have fallen The clerics and defenders that could once be found across the nine lands are no Priests huddle in the great temple, clinging to the echoes of their lost religion But the Father has fallen silent There are none who still hear his voice.The mines of Aspiration lie far below the temple s marble halls Slaves toil in the blackness, striving to earn their way into the church and the light Wynn has been sold into this fate, traded for a handful of silver In the depths of the mines, where none dare carry flame, he must meet his tally or die But there are things that lurk in that darkness, and still darker things within the hearts of men.When the souls bound to the great forge are released in a failed ritual, one novice flees down into the darkness of the mines The soulwraiths know only hunger, the risen know only hate In the blackest depths Kharios must seek a light to combat the darkness which descends.

    • ã Faithless || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Graham Austin-King
      144 Graham Austin-King
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      Graham Austin King was born in the south of England and weaned on broken swords and half forgotten spells A shortage of these forced him to consume fantasy novels at an ever increasing rate, turning to computers and tabletop gaming between meals He experimented with writing at the beginning of an education that meandered through journalism, international relations, and law To this day he is committed to never allowing those first efforts to reach public eyes.After living in the north of England and Canada he settled once again in the south surrounded by a seemingly endless horde of children and a very patient wife who can arguably say her husband is away with the faeries.The Riven Wyrde Saga is his first completed trilogy and draws on a foundation of literary influences ranging from David Eddings to Dean Koontz.Sign up to the spam free mailing list to receive news on upcoming releases and special discounts grahamaustin king readFind Graham on facebook at on.fb 1pMyWmK He loves to chat with readers.Follow him on Twitter at Twitter GrayaustinWhat others are saying about Graham s books The action is great, the suspense is well done and the Fae are truly scary Leanne Ellis, Bloody Cake News If you like fantasy books which you can really get stuck into then this one is for you Bodicia, A Woman s Wisdom Blog This is a fantastic fantasy I loved it Lynn Worton, Book Reviews by Lynn.

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    • It’s really ironic that for a book titled ‘Faithless’, it instead did the opposite by restoring my faith in self-published fantasy.My friend who recommended it to me told me that this is a “New fantasy seriously worth your time.” and hey, she’s damn right about it. I’ve read plenty of grimdark fantasy and in my opinion, this is one of the most original ones. In fact, I can safely say I’ve never read any grimdark fantasy like this book. The plot in Faithless is quite dark, like th [...]

    • I received a free copy of Faithless in exchange for an honest review and would like to thank Graham Austin-King for this opportunity. Faithless is set in a dark and claustrophobic subterranean environment. The action mainly takes place within the temples, the underground cities, or within the literal darkness of the mines. Everyone within this cataclysmic domain revere and offer service to the Forgefather. We follow a 15-year-old lad called Wynn who has essentially been sold off as a slave to th [...]

    • *** 4.44 ***Well that was something!!! I had never read a book by this author before and the gorgeous cover drew me to it, thinking it might have something to do with the Nordic Religions It didn't, but I was not left disappointed. A lot like the Cult of Thor, the Forgemaster Religion has to do with the fire and the gift of the G-ds to humans to work metals while communing with the G-d through chants and prayers as they work with the fire and the anvil. So, just as one of the characters asked "S [...]

    • From faeries and myths and folklore, to mines and priests and the sacred aspect of the forge, Graham Austin-King jumps from one trilogy to the next, and from good to impeccable. The priests and warriors of the Forgefather once ruled the world in his name. Now they are but a shadow of their former selves, forced to obscurity as their God turned his back on them and stopped answering their prayers. Rendered to simple smiths and craftsmen, they can but reminisce the old days and of that which was l [...]

    • The book can be summed up in 6 words: I. Did. Not. See. That. Coming. So I'd noticed this book on my feed a fair few times recently. If you read fantasy, bet you have too. All glowing reviews. Even so, I'm picky about this genre so it took a while to convince me to give it a go. Initially it looked like there was nothing that new here, but just because we have the same ingredients doesn't mean me and Mary Berry will bake an identical cake. Instead of a well worn 'chosen one' story, this boots yo [...]

    • Full review now up!First, I would like to thank the author, Graham Austin-King, for sending me a review copy of this book.Faithless was a wonderful surprise. It caught me totally off guard and unprepared. I was not expecting the tone and feel I got from reading this. OK! Let me slow down just a moment. To be completely honest I am not fond of caves, mines, or confined spaces. Most books I read that contain mines or caves don't bother me. Faithless, on the other hand, had me feeling completely cr [...]

    • 4.5 ⭐️ A slightly overdue review. Finally, I got a minute to pull some thoughts together. But will keep it brief if I cand spolier free.Quick confession to start. I really enjoy single book fantasy novels. I know many would have a different opinion, and the genre as a whole is infamous for its sprawling series. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a long 10 book story like a next guy, but it is only a limited number of series one can stay up to date with (this is why Malazan always slides away from m [...]

    • You can find this, and other reviews like it at our blogTome Raider.Actual rating: 4.75. Rounded up to 5 because of how original it is and that awesome end sequence!I couldn't have been more surprised by how good this book was! Sure, it kind of bogged down around the middle, but not due to bad writing. It kind of had to. But I wasn't even bored during the slow parts, just hungry for more of his well written action scenes!This story follows 2 POV's: Wynn and Kharios. Wynn is the son of a farmer w [...]

    • And now we are closer to publication - here is the full review! Note that there could be some changes between the beta version I was given by the author and the finished book.------------I already loved the first series of the author, so when I was asked if I wanted to beta read Faithless I was quite excited. And the book didn't disappoint.First off all - I love Austin-Kings prose. Besides Rothfuss' (and no, the books are nothing alike) his are the only books I actually notice the prose itself f [...]

    • I'm going to get a little personal with you here, guys. I've been really, incredibly poor for a couple of years now. Virtually everything I earn, after basic necessities, has been going towards getting my degree. Why am I telling you this in a book review? To explain why I don't do book reviews. Put simply, I don't buy books to read for pleasure, nowadays, because that's a luxury I've had to put on hold. No books means no book reviews. While this kept me sane during the first SPFBO (when you can [...]

    • I've read and enjoyed Graham Austin-King before or rather listened to an awesome narrator tell a couple of Graham's tales. So, when the man himself offered me an ARC of Faithless, I snapped it up.This, of course, was in exchange for an honest review and rating:Faithless is set in a subterranean land, where honest, hard-working folk graft in the mines to keep a temple of forge-fancying priests and acolytes in ore (very basic version of what is what, down there).It's an intriguing setting to say t [...]

    • “The only loyalty you owe is to yourself. The choice is always the same. Either learn in the temple, or die in the mines.” Quite some book! I tried to read this book slowly, but I could never put it down for long before being pulled back to it. It drew me right in - which was surprising because for the first half of the book I really wasn’t that taken with it. I wasn’t particularly rooting for either of the main characters. But the rich,immersive world building and the uniqueness of the [...]

    • Faithless by Graham-Austin King is the kickoff of a brand new grimdark series and is due self-publication soon. The author had kindly offered an ARC in exchange for my honest review and did not forge or mine anything valuable enough to influence my opinion.King has done some solid research on smithing and mining. The strong of hammer on the anvil, the scorching heat of the forge, everything feels real and authentic. As if a temple of the Forgemaster exists in real life and the Forgemaster himsel [...]

    • Before I begin I must make a confession. I have master degree in Minerology and Petrology. I used to do caving during my studies. I had a chance to visit few big mines in my country – Poland and I loved the experience. Mines, underground tunnels, ores fascinate me even though I don’t work as a geologist. Clearly, I’m biased.Give me some rocks, minerals and dark underground places and I’ll be happy. Add to this intriguing story, interesting characters and beautiful prose and I’m totally [...]

    • I was offered an ARC by Graham Austin-King before the recent launch, and as I’ve heard nothing but good things about his work from multiple authors and readers, I leapt at the chance to get a copy. I was not disappointed.Faithless is a dark and grimy standalone with a great level of detail, world-building, and (thank the gods) well-rounded and believable characters. All throughout the plot, the pair of protagonists felt, well… real! They were not shining examples of purity, nor were they vil [...]

    • This book was recommended to me by a number of other authors and it turns out that their 'FAITH' (you see what I did there?) in Graham Austin-King was justified.Faithless was very different to the last couple of dark fantasy books I've read in the fact that it is more of a thriller than an outright hack-and-slash-fest. As it says on the cover; Thoughtful, dark and claustrophobic. I like action and fight scenes as much as the next person, but a well-constructed plot with suspense doesn't always r [...]

    • "Beautifully written, full of exquisitely described settings and well wrought characters, exciting as it is dripping with lingering dread and brooding tension"See my full review at Mighty Thor Jrs.!mightythorjrs.wordpress/2

    • First things first. I was given an Advance Reader Copy of Faithless in exchange for an honest review. I'm very grateful to Graham for allowing me to read his book before it has released.Faithless follows along behind two protagonists, Wynn and Kharios, as they struggle through life in a giant colonised mine, as well as the decrepit religious temple above. The religion of the Forgefather (it's all based on fire and smithing) is a lot like Christianity in some ways. They believe in the one god, mu [...]

    • I wasn't going to give it one star was I? Rated in terms of the books I have written so far. This is, by far, the best.Update: Faithless has been shortlisted for Best Self-Published Novel in the Booknest Fantasy Awards. I am incredibly honoured and if you have enjoyed the book please consider voting here. booknest/component/k2/30-bl

    • I was a big fan of Graham Austin-King's Riven Wyrde Saga which was a darker-than-normal story about child-stealing, sex-slave using, murderous fairies attacking a Medieval fantasy world. In that novel, the Catholic Church stand-in is revealed to be nothing more than a catspaw for the sidhe in order to provide them with a method for covering up their crimes as well as keep the public from panicking. Knowing this was a story about religion and faith, plus the title, I was wondering if something si [...]

    • Wow Colour me disappointed. I think i see all these 5 star reviews and my expectation just goes through the roof. So here i am expecting some kick ass, mind blown fantasy book and i get nothing, zilch, nada.My beef with this book? i felt it lacked structure and was, i have to say cleverly vague about everything to do with the forge father. How do the powers work really? At some point the forge father thing was like channel your powers through the ring and without thinking twice about it he-our p [...]

    • I loved this story. It treated the reader with intelligence and asked the right questions. It built a fully-realized world and a fascinating religion while mired in the depths of a dank underground cavern. It was well-researched and informative, scary and exciting, insightful and metaphoric, compelling and complex. The story shifts between Wynn and Kharios, both students at different stages of their training towards priesthood. They live inside and beneath an ancient Temple whose followers worsh [...]

    • Full spoiler-free review now on my blogI'm quite interested to read more self-published and rather unknown authors that are often overlooked despite their fantastic and fresh ideas to the fantasy genre. And the cover and premise of Faithless immediately peaked my interest.The story is told from two points of view. First we get to know Wynn who is brought to the temple of the Forgefather by his father. He is left there to enter the service and in exchange his father gets some monetary compensatio [...]

    • Full review is here, on my blog.I really liked this book. It surprised the hell out of me more than once, which was fantastic, but most of all, I found it really hard to put down. Unfortunately, I ended up reading the bulk of it while I was very, very busy at work, so I didn't get to just sit there and consume it in one go like I wanted to. I did end up using it as a sort of getaway from things, though. A vacation from returning from a vacation, if you will. So, it worked out in the end after al [...]

    • *Many thanks to Graham Austin-King for providing my a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.*To sum off the book with one word in its entirety… is impossible for me. I can’t. I’ll use three words instead: dirty, claustrophobic and dark; as most of the story takes place in the mines of Aspiration situated below the lavish temple of the Forgefather. Worth mentioning straight away that while the plot and the conflict are created around a rather unique premise (more on this later), [...]

    • Faithless is a dark, gritty, grimdark horror mash up and I loved it! Set in a city within a cavern in a mountain, the mines that trail off from this cavern, and the temple that sits at the entrance, the story has an intense and claustrophobic feel to it, the writing perfectly describing the action that takes place in this world with little natural light, small passages and relentless physical work.We follow the journey of Wynn, a naive young farmer whose father sells him to the Temple of the For [...]

    • If I could sum this book up in an emoji it would be 😳!A dark, gritty book Faithless is a breathless rollercoaster of a book.

    • Wow - thoroughly enjoyed this one! It grabbed me from the very first page and kept me hooked - to the point where I was worrying what was happening whilst I wasn't reading.Great world building and a writing style that was 'just right'. Mr Austin-King is a true storyteller!

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