Mirror of Danger

Mirror of Danger Originally published in Britain as Come Back Lucy The mirror looked ordinary It had a heavy gold frame and leaned against the wall in the attic But when Lucy first looked into the mirror a strange t

  • Title: Mirror of Danger
  • Author: Pamela Sykes
  • ISBN: 9780671297923
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally published in Britain as Come Back, Lucy.The mirror looked ordinary It had a heavy gold frame and leaned against the wall in the attic But when Lucy first looked into the mirror, a strange thing happened Another girl s face appeared beside hers, laughing Whirling around in surprise and alarm, Lucy saw a girl wearing a long dress, a pinafored a sly triumpOriginally published in Britain as Come Back, Lucy.The mirror looked ordinary It had a heavy gold frame and leaned against the wall in the attic But when Lucy first looked into the mirror, a strange thing happened Another girl s face appeared beside hers, laughing Whirling around in surprise and alarm, Lucy saw a girl wearing a long dress, a pinafored a sly triumphant look on her face Also, the attic had disappeared and another room had taken its place a room that belonged to the past The girl in the mirror was Alice, and she had lived a hundred years ago Lucy found she could visit her any time she looked into the mirror At first, it was fun to enter the past and see how Alice had lived But, gradually, the chill of terror took over Alice s friendliness turned into a sinister desire for power and control over Lucy And Lucy found it harder and harder to resist being trapped in the past with Alice forever

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      Pamela Sykes has two very enthusiastic Brownie daughters, and she takes an active interest in the doings of a neighbouring pack She lives in a large rambling farmhouse ion Somerset, where she spends the greater part of her time looking after her family of three children cooking, keeping house, gardening and driving to and from schools What little time is left is filled with variety of hobbies, among them flying Air Day for the Brownies is Mrs Sykes s second book about flying The Flying Summer, already published, is for older girls.

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    • This is one of those books that I would love to talk about, would love more people to read, but I know that I can’t say very much at all without giving too much away.The book was published in 1974. ‘Come Back, Lucy’ was the British title and ‘Mirror of Danger’ the American. There was a television adaptation in the late 1970s, Pamela Sykes wrote a number of books for young readers that were well liked and are fondly remembered, but I haven’t been able to find out anything else about h [...]

    • Lucy has been raised in a quite old-fashioned way by her elderly aunt, a retired posh-girls-school teacher. After her aunt dies, she is sent to live with some very modern cousins and feels out of place in the large, loud family with their casual cloths, informal manners, and modern furnishings. She finds a refuge in the Victorian attic and a friend in Alice, the Victorian girl in the antique mirror. But Alice may not be the best of friendsThis was a pretty solid juvenile "ghost" story (although [...]

    • Is there anything spookier than looking into a mirror in a dusty old attic and seeing something reflected that you KNOW ISN'T THERE?! Probably not. But Lucy rolls with it, because the ghost world in the mirror is better than her real life. UNTIL SHE GETS TRAPPED THERE!I was a weird, introverted kid obsessed with the Victorian era when I first read Mirror of Danger and I identified quite a bit with Lucy. This book hit all the right marks for me: ghosts, time travel, Victoriana, an outsider-y girl [...]

    • called "come back Lucy" here in London, I loved this book as a child and still love it.Have a well worn copy on my book case ,interestingly there's also a tv series made in the late 70's based on this

    • What a great read. This book was definately as enjoyable to read as an adult as I remember as a child.Lucy lives with Aunt Olive and is brought up in a quiet and old fashioned way. When her Aunt dies she is devastated at her loss and finds it hard to cope being thrust into a caring but noisy 1970s family of cousins she had never met. Lucy meets Alice, a victorian girl who used to live in the same house but different time. Lucy enjoys escaping to the past where she feels she fits in. Whilst she g [...]

    • This is one of my favorite books from grade school. I recently re-read it, and it was a slightly surreal experience to view it from an adult's perspective. It's a scary book but full of family love and happiness as well-- a small, lonely girl learns how to look to the future with hope and anticipation and love an imperfect family. I invite you to enjoy!

    • Fascinating and spooky--it reminded me a bit of both Jane-Emily and A Candle in Her Room for the unsettled (in a good way) feeling it gave me.I just requested the sequel via interlibrary loan; definitely curious about what happens next.

    • Cannot even believe I was finally able to find a copy of this to finally read again! This was one of my childhood favorites, and I was so happy to read it again. Thank you Open Library!Of course only a few of my memories of the book were accurate, but it was still fun to read again. I was so intrigued by this book when I was younger, and it just made me happy to read it again.

    • I'm shelving this book because I've been trying to remember the name of this one! I read this when I was a kid and it left a lasting impression. But the title escaped me. I had no idea until just now that there were sequels. Not doing stars because it's been way too long since I read this.

    • This was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager. I still have my copy, and am trying to get my daughters to read it. They say the language is too complicated/literary and puts them to sleep. How sad is that?

    • This book scared me so badly when I tried to read it as a kid that I couldn't even finish it! That happened at a time in my life when I always, always, ALWAYS finished reading a book.I gave the book two stars because I couldn't finish it. Maybe I should give it five stars for doing what the author wanted it to do so well! (I imagine the author wrote the book to scare the piss out of kids. Mission accomplished, at least with me.)(For years I had a vague memory of this book, mostly just the cover, [...]

    • I watched the BBC series of this, as a child, and would borrow the book regularly, from the public library, to enjoy it anew. However, in the late 80s, the library discarded it and I looked for the book for over 30 years, to enjoy again. On Saturday, 14th January, 2017, I found a copy in a second-hand bookstore, scarcely believing my eyes. They'd written 'scarce' inside and charged $20 for it, but I happily paid for it. It was as good as I remembered. It's a gripping tale, with the appeal of his [...]

    • i read Mirror of Danger by Pamela Skyes it is fiction.The main character is names Lucy, she has long brown hair, she likes adventure and exploring. A lot of people treat her like she is nothing and that she is not there. It takes place in her aunts house but I don't know when it all happened.Lucy goes into her aunts attic and finds a mirror. She looks in the mirror and sees a ghost.You will have to find out what happens next.The author could do everything better like, detail, action,and a lot mo [...]

    • Can't believe I missed this one in my childhood. British setting, lonely/outsider girl, creepy attic, falling back in time and meeting the girl who lived there 100 years ago, Victorian clothes and culture, Victorian girl turning into a scary, manipulative ghostl things I love in a book. Scary enough to keep turning pages but not lose any sleep.

    • I read this book as a child, so i can't review from a 44 year old mind, but i've looked for it forever because it made such an impression on me was totally scary and shocking to think of this menacing girl from the past showing up and influincing a girl in the present.i'm adding it so i remember it!

    • An excellent spooky read. After reading other reviews, I discovered Open Library, which is how I read Mirror of Danger. I liked the book so much, I think I'll hunt down a copy for my personal library!

    • Another book my mom got me when we went shopping for school clothing. I always headed to the bookstore in the mall. I was in the 6th grade and this was one of my absolute favorites! Looking for it so I can read it again--hesitant to reread in case I no longer like itbut as a kid I loved it.

    • 4 stars. I remember reading this book as an elementary school child. I enjoyed revisiting the story of Lucy and her ghostly counterpart, Alice.

    • One of my very favorite childhood books. Touching, suspenseful, sometimes terrifying. Anyone with an interest in young adult books, ghosts, or the Victorian era should read this book.

    • The first chapter book my Dad read to me. I choose it cos the copy we have is titled 'Come back Lucy'. Scared me shitless.

    • One of my favorites as a kid, but it took me a long time to find it again. So glad I did! (I can still imagine the fish and chips scene, with the grease dripping down to her elbow.)

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