Oath of Honor

Oath of Honor A break neck edge of your seat thriller that moves from the Aleutian Islands to North Korean spy ships to secret Sudanese prisons as former Marines Logan West and John Quick now members of an FBI sp

  • Title: Oath of Honor
  • Author: Matthew Betley
  • ISBN: 9781476799254
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A break neck, edge of your seat thriller that moves from the Aleutian Islands to North Korean spy ships to secret Sudanese prisons as former Marines Logan West and John Quick, now members of an FBI special task force, uncover a global conspiracy that threatens America s position in the current international balance of power Logan West and John Quick are sent to Dutch HarA break neck, edge of your seat thriller that moves from the Aleutian Islands to North Korean spy ships to secret Sudanese prisons as former Marines Logan West and John Quick, now members of an FBI special task force, uncover a global conspiracy that threatens America s position in the current international balance of power.Logan West and John Quick are sent to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, to investigate the possible presence of a Russian black ops team on a mission to steal United States next generation technology The resulting violent confrontation triggers a global search for the stolen technology and threatens to pit the US against China in a looming shadow war and technology race As Logan and John joined by the chief of the CIA s Special Operations Group, Cole Matthews battle their way through Spain, the Mediterranean, and ultimately, across Sudan, an imminent threat arises at home that FBI Deputy Director Mike Benson must face and determine if it is part of the deadly global conspiracy.Oath of Honor is an intense and gripping follow up to former Marine Matthew Betley s brilliantly conceived Clive Cussler Overwatch and solidifies his place among the greatest contemporary thriller writers.

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      168 Matthew Betley
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    About “Matthew Betley

    • Matthew Betley

      Matthew Betley grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, which he considers home after his family moved there from New Jersey, where he was born and which also explains his affinity for the New York Yankees He attended St Xavier High School and then Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he graduated with a B.A in psychology and minors in political science and sociology He also spent the first semester of senior year investigating felony murder cases as an intern investigator in Washington, D.C for the Public Defender s Office, a formative experience that provided countless stories that could fill the pages of a non fiction book Upon graduation, he worked in corporate America for five years in Cincinnati before joining the Marine Corps in 1999.Matt spent ten years as a Marine officer and was trained as a scout sniper platoon commander, an infantry officer, and a ground intelligence officer His experiences include deployments to Djibouti after 9 11, and Fallujah, Iraq, prior to the surge, both in staff officer support billets.Finally, and most importantly, Matt is a recovering alcoholic with nearly seven years of sobriety He credits the Marine Corps with providing a foundation in discipline and personal accountability for his desire to initially seek help Matt is open and direct about it and has spoken in front of large groups of people with one clear message if he can get sober, so can anyone He credits his recovery with providing the authenticity for Logan West s struggle with his inner demons.

    884 thoughts on “Oath of Honor

    • The highly anticipated follow up to 2016’s best debut Overwatch, by Former Marine Officer Matthew Betley. Oath of Honor picks up about two years after the events of Overwatch and starts off strong with absolutely no breaks in the action. Actually, I’m sorry, I have to take that back. There is a small break in action, an emotional event which Logan West must endure and I can imagine was harder for him than any combat mission he’s ever been involved in. Back to the action, along with our fav [...]

    • Unlike the last (aka the first) book in the series, this is buddy movie sort of book, with Logan West and his right hand man, John Quick, cracking jokes and wasting wimps throughout. They travel the world to stop the Chinese from performing perfidy, and pick up some friends along the way. Excellent action sequences throughout.In the techno-thriller field, Betley is one to watch.

    • Another outstanding Logan West book from MB! This one has you traveling, around the world & through the pages quickly!

    • I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC from the author as this was one of my few must reads for 2017. I know we are only a month into the year and we still have a little time before this hits the bookshelves, but this will compete for book of the year for sure. Logan West, a former Marine turned All American badass works all over the world in this Grade A follow up to Matthew Betley's first thriller OVERWATCH. I don't normally include spoilers and I will do my best not to ruin anything for you [...]

    • OATH OF HONOR. I RECEIVED A NETGALLERY ARC REVIEW COPY FREE FROM THE PUBLISHER IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. A good book. Solid writing, a fictional behind the scenes look into a major historical event in Africa and how it came to fruition. Gun, technology and a light sprinkling of paranoia where nothing is truly safe or secure whether it be life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The author shows great promise and as he continues to refine his writing style, I'm certain he will continue [...]

    • Betley's debut Overwatch was great but he had definitely refined his craft with Oath of Honor! Logan and John are back at it again. Someone is trying to get the world Superpowers fighting against each other while lining their own pockets. Can Logan and John so stop it? You'll have to read this to find out!

    • Oath of Honor is a globe trotting, mach 5, roller coaster ride of an adventure filled with some of the best action set pieces I’ve seen in years. Matthew Betley, who exploded onto the scene with his 2016 debut novel the Barry Award nominated Overwatch, has delivered a novel on par with some of the true greats in the genre. Oath of Honor sees us picking some time after the events in Overwatch and again focuses on the adventures of series protagonist Logan West and his right hand man John Quick. [...]

    • A slight improvement on the first Logan West book. Betleys series so far has been a pure action series that contains a relentless combat scene up after another to the point closing on a battle fatigue. So, if you are looking for an action series that it's not spoiled by a talky bits with realistic depiction of combat, i think this is the series for you (my random reader somewhere out there). What i like in my action-thriller genre is not just the action, but a whole geopolitical scene with its f [...]

    • Excellent book, and so well written. Matthew Betley has done a superb job with this Action Thriller. I love reading a book that can make me laugh out loud, and entertain me with so many great characters, and a well thought out plot. One of the standouts is definitely the great action scenes. You know you’re enjoying a book, when you start to read faster and faster. Captain Jack Dawson had no idea how important his cargo would be to another country, and the lengths they would go to get their ha [...]

    • The book was very good but I liked his first book, overwatch,better. However, that said, this book was the start of a new chapter, and I think the books for which he laid the groundwork,will definitely be enjoyable.

    • Matthew Betley set the bar high with his debut action thriller, Overwatch, a year ago and now with his second novel, Oath of Honor, he’s completely blown the lid off the joint. Oath of Honor is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in the last year. Best in the last 5 years. The action starts on page one and simply doesn’t let up.The action starts when a piece of top secret equipment is stolen from the U.S. Government in Alaska. A high-tech piece of satellite hacking equipment that must not [...]

    • ‘A black shadow in the shape of a man stood on the stairs, its right arm pointed accusatorily at him.’Ohio author Matthew Betley grew up in Cincinnati, attended St. Xavier High School and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he earned a B.A. in psychology and minors in political science and sociology. He also spent the first semester of senior year investigating felony murder cases as an intern investigator in Washington, D.C for the Public Defender's Office. After graduation, he worked i [...]

    • It wasn't just words, it was an oath, an oath of honor. Coming into the Logan West series in the 2nd book and I have to say it can be a stand alone. I would like to read the first one just to get some back ground of Logan West but you can find all you need to know on this military thriller. It is fast paced, it is not for the faint of heart and it leaves you wanting more.West and his colleagues are on a short time table to find out who is behind a conspiracy of all out global war with major play [...]

    • Finally finished the audio version of the novel. Since I only listened to the story while I exercised, it took several weeks to finish and I kept forgetting a lot of the details of the story. Now, we wait for the next book in the series.

    • If I could give this book 100-stars, I would. This book is absolute epitome of a page-turner. Matthew Betley absolutely crushes this one out of the park. As a huge fan of Overwatch, which I can confidently say is easily one of the best books of 2016, I couldn't wait to see what Betley and Logan West had in store for us. And wow, they did not disappoint. From Prologue to Epilogue, a nonstop thriller. We jump from country to country, as Logan West digs his way out of trouble and turmoil.I can't sa [...]

    • Matthew Betley joined the Marines in 1999, and spent ten years as a scout sniper platoon commander, an infantry officer, and a ground intelligence officer. His background and experience have allowed him an amazing opportunity to slip into his current role as the author of military thrillers. I read his first book, OVERWATCH, in a few days. Devoured it. Upon completing the reading of that book I dove head first into his latest novel, OATH OF HONOR. It picks up right where OVERWATCH left off. And [...]

    • Notable that the characters, who for the most part, are age 40+, all are in top physical condition; probably able to leap tall buildings. Here is a challenge I'll set for you - if you happen to come across a character who is not in tip-top shape - please let me know. This thriller dashes smoothly along - yet I stumble when an acronym, of which there are many, pops up. Here is a sample; and another challenge - see how many you know without checking your smartphone. MSS, HUMINT, MWTC, DARPA, ONERI [...]

    • #2 is Better—and Overwatch was good Logan West and his crew of battle buddies again travel the world to kick ass and take names; when they don't have a pen, well, they just kick ass.No one is holding me at gunpoint, so I won't be surrendering any spoilers here. But suffice to say, if you liked Betley's debut novel "Overwatch," you're gonna love you some of this outing.Same sharply drawn characters, even more slam-bang action sequences, but now perhaps a greater attention to story arc and narra [...]

    • Between fast moving and heart stopping action there is humorous banter between the characters which provides a captivating atmosphere. Definitely movie material! The Publisher’s blurb is an excellent introduction to this novel. It is also well written and the story is well structured building suspense and the inter relating of the various threads of the story.While this is the second in the Logan West stories it is a stand alone read as well. Mind you after reading the second in the series I w [...]

    • A lot of intrigue and misdirection as you go through the story. Logan and his team try to find highly classified equipment that shows up in Alaska. They get into a gun battle with a Russian special forces team but the equipment gets away. This eventually leads them to Spain and then to Sudan. I really liked the part with Logan and the CIA guy in the Sudan prison. If it has any truth to it, I would like to bring inmates from North American jails over there for a day or two. They always complain b [...]

    • I have not yet read Overwatch which first introduced Logan West and John Quick to the Thriller Genre, but I will now! Not only is this the best Thriller of 2017, but possibly the best Thriller I have read since Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series.Mathew Betley may be new, but he has my attention as one of the best. Each of the characters: Logan, John, Cole, Amira, Mike all become real to you as you read the story. Besides being trained Operatives, they become real people with emotions and humor that [...]

    • Matthew Betley made my permanent author rotation with this novel. Its a pet-peeve of mine to read a story that is accurate and he checks all the boxes. I just think that an author that makes major mistakes either doesn't do his/her research, doesn't care or worse, doesn't respect the readers. So, Betley did a great job of putting the reader into the suspension of reality mode and that really is only accomplished when the story is believable because it connects firmly with reality.

    • Another James Bond wantobe Unless you really like the type of book where America is being attacked by some super secret organization trying to take over the world you can skip this book. If on the other hand you do enjoy that type of book this is not a bad choice. It is fast moving with lots of action, though not for the squeamish, and people being killed in various ways.Only because this is not my type of book I would not recommend this.

    • Great Series.Sorry this was only a 2 book series. The characters were terrific making the books hard to put down. If Mr. Bentley writes another book I will read it. Very good reads.

    • Oath of Honor goes from 0-100 in about 1 second and doesn't let up until the end. The follow up to Overwatch picks up 2 years after book 1 and sets up the next few books very nicely. Character development is great as well as the introduction of a couple of new characters. The Betley wastes no time in hooking the reader and he progresses the story expertly. I especially love the dialogue between West and Quick and you can really see Betley's experience in it. Can't wait for the next one.

    • I love how the book opens and I love how the book ends. The middle got a little boring to me. The action scenes are well written but I wish there was more backstory. All in all a great idea for an international conspiracy and I think Matthew will get better and better as he continues to write.

    • A thrilling readFast paced novel with lots of action. A good plot with lots of twists. But the good guys always winning every fight seems a bit much. Despite that, good entertainment.

    • Can't wait for the next bookAs with both books, once I started reading it was tough to put down. Looking forward to the next thriller.

    • I liked this one much better than his first. I almost didn't read it, characters are more developed and now I'm looking forward to the next one.

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