Army Of The Winter Court

Army Of The Winter Court The heart and blood of life will give rise to the final army Evvie Hewett is human Or at least she thought she was An encounter with a handsome stranger turns her world upside down in an impossible wa

  • Title: Army Of The Winter Court
  • Author: Ali Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The heart and blood of life will give rise to the final army Evvie Hewett is human Or at least she thought she was An encounter with a handsome stranger turns her world upside down in an impossible way and everything she thought she knew about herself has changed Her history holds the key, not only to her future but to the future of the darkest kingdom in existence ThThe heart and blood of life will give rise to the final army Evvie Hewett is human Or at least she thought she was An encounter with a handsome stranger turns her world upside down in an impossible way and everything she thought she knew about herself has changed Her history holds the key, not only to her future but to the future of the darkest kingdom in existence Thrust into the middle of a rivalry between two brothers for the Unseelie throne, she must decide who to trust, and who not to However, knowing who to trust has never been difficult when one brother wants her heart, the other, her blood She holds the key to the creation of the ultimate army Threatened at every turn, she must find the truth before she loses her heart and her life Can she see past the lies and deception to stay alive, or will she fall victim to an ancient feud

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      USA Today bestselling author Ali Winters was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where she developed her love of nature, animals, and all things green For as long as she can remember, she s been mesmerized by the extraordinary world of books and fantasy There has never been a time when stories were not begging to be told, either by drawing, photography, or writing With encouragement from one of her favorite authors, she jumped in, head first, to pursue the career that had been calling to her since the day she opened her first book.She has a deep love for coffee, tea, warm blankets, dogs, creating art in any medium she can get her hands on, and family.You can email Ali at authoraliwinters yahooOr you can also find her on these social platforms.Web aliwintersFacebook facebook authoraliwinters Twiter aliwinters_

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    • Get ready to fall under Ali Winter's Spell and be immersed into a world of magic! Army Of The Winter Court is a dark seductive all consuming read full epic romance sassy sweet humor and heart stopping surprises Wonderfully woven fantasy with a plot that keeps U on the edge of UR seat wondering what's going to happen next! I Love Evvie & Aurelian they are absolutely delicious!!! One of my fave Evvie & Aurelian qoutes!"Where are your wings? My wings? he asked taken aback Yes you're a fairy [...]

    • I normally don't really like Novellas that much because i feel like it's hard to get a really good story full of substance into such a small amount of pages. However, this being said, i was thoroughly impressed with Army of The Winter Court. The world created by Ali Winters is one of luscious dark promise, and the depth with which each character is crafted is rivalled only by the richness of the rose brew which becomes an iconic image associated with this work. The details of how Evvie reacted w [...]

    • Army of the Winter Court by Ali Winters is an amazing read. It packs quite the punch for Evvie. She is torn between two brothers who are not telling her the whole truth at times. Nolan and Auri are both wickedly hot and she has a tough choice ahead of her of picking which one to trust with her life. Ali Winters is an amazing author who creates new worlds that will scare you at times and at other times delightfully excite you. I love how she draws the reader into the story and makes them feel lik [...]

    • An enjoyable story that left me wanting more! I love fae and I was excited to see this novella focused on the fae! The story itself didn't disappoint in the least. In a battle between two brothers over a half-fae to gain the crown and create an unstoppable army, only one can come out top. With everything to lose and gain the battle is on. Tensions are high in this book and it's easy to lose track of time and read until the very end no matter how late!I loved the characters and their chemistry. T [...]

    • This was a wonderful Novella and I hope that Ali Winters writes more to go along with it. I am giving this 4 strong stars. I will be looking forward to so much more. I enjoyed the twists and turns in this book. Just when I thought I knew what was going on it twisted into something I did not expect! Evvie Hewett has her life figured out. She enjoys school, photography and is about done with her degree. Then one day her life gets turned around. She meets Ian and agrees to a date. She is not sure w [...]

    • I received a arc for my honest review. The book started off slow but it got faster. Aurelian and Nolan are the next kings of the winter court. They need the half fae to decide the next king. Evvie is the half fae that Aurleian need but he claim her. Nolan isn't my favorite character. I wanted more back story to understand who Evvie father was and how her mother had her. Overall it is a great story.

    • I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I thought Ali Winters did a great job with the storyline and the characters considering this was a short novella. Since I am familiar with the Skeleton Key series and have read one of the other books in the collection, I also really enjoyed seeing how Winters incorporated the use of the key into her own personal story. This is a great light read that anyone can enjoy, even those who haven't read other Skeleton Key books!

    • The story opened up at the Winter Court where Aurelian lived with his brother, Nolan, and sister, Lilith. They were the Unseelie or otherwise known as the dark fae who had been at war with the Summer Court where the Seelie Queen resided. Their father, the Unseelie King had recently lost in a battle with the Seelie Queen tipping the scale of power to the other side especially since he didn't name an heir to his throne before he died.It was now up to Nolan, Lilith and Aurelian to fight over the cr [...]

    • What A Page Turner ♡♡♡♡I had no idea what to expect when I began this story. I very quickly became enamoured! This was one very creatively imagined world and the plot was indeed very curvy! Who knew that two Fae brothers could be so very different? Add a snarky sister to the tale and the intrigues triples! I totally loved and cheered for our heroine ♡♡♡♡ She was so utterly believable and both witty and strong willed. As you read your trying to dissect every little paragraph to fo [...]

    • I was sent a copy of this novella and wanted to share my opinion of it. I thought that, for such a small piece of work, it expressed just the right levels of intensity and mystery to make the experience of reading it an intriguing experience. Several characters are introduced in this novella, and while you may form ideas leaning one way or another about each characters true purposes, you may not always know for sure what's really happening until the deed is already done. I found this an enjoyabl [...]

    • **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**Unlocking Adeline by J.D. Hollyfield is part of the Skeleton Key book series. I really love the set up of this series. It is a group of almost 30 authors, each one writing a book featuring a skeleton key that unlocks a secret world. But all of the books are vastly different. Different themes, different age groups and different sub genres. I just love that idea. So whether you like young adult, new adult or adult, you will be abl [...]

    • I loved that this book deals with the Unseelie Fae! I haven't read too much where that happens, while I have read tons of things to do with the Seelie Fae, so I was loving it! I also enjoy when characters who are suppose to be bad or evil, go against character. Army of the Winter Court starts out with the Unseelie king having been killed without naming an heir to the Unseelie throne, so a rivalry for the throne begins to brew between the siblings. Aurelian and Nolan make a bet of sorts devised b [...]

    • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewHaving read a couple of the other books in the Skeleton Key series (written by other authors) and being greatly disappointed by the incompleteness of the stories, I was happily surprised upon reading Army of the Winter Court in that despite being a novella length you still get a complete story.Unlike the other novellas that left me feeling like I was missing half a book (because that is what the author has done, written a plot that n [...]

    • Aurelian, a dark Fae prince, needs to build an army to win his seat on the Unseelie throne before his brother can. In order to do that he needs to find the Halfling. She is the one who holds the key. Her choice will decide who will be king, Aurelian or his brother.When Evvie decides to go on a date with a handsome stranger, she has no idea the adventure it will take her on. Sick with fever she unlocks a secret door to the Winter Court with the skeleton key. Once there, she finds herself in the m [...]

    • I received a copy of Army of the Winter Court by Ali Winters in exchange for an honest review.Army of the Winter Court is part of the Skeleton Key Series where different authors recount stories of people finding a key that takes them to a different world.In this tale, we learn of Evvie, a human, who crosses over to the Fey realm. All is not as it seems as words we think we know are twisted to mean something else and people, or Fey, play a dangerous game to win the throne.There are several things [...]

    • I received a free copy of this book in exchange for this review.Army of the Winter Court is about a battle between Aurelian and Nolan for control of the Winter Court. Their sister, Lilith, has set rules so that neither one will have an unfair advantage.Evvie is a college student who meets a man named Ian. After one date with him, she suddenly feels strange. She takes a skeleton key and unlocks the door to another world, where she is the prize in the battle between Aurelian and Nolan.This is a no [...]

    • * Note : I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes by the lovely Ms. Winters. This does not , in any thought, form, fashion, wording or whatever else is possible in this vast world of books on Earth, influence my thoughts and opinions on the book in any way. The words below this note are purely from my own mind. * Get ready for yet another amazing book by Ms. Winters err, in this case, novella. ( A novella that I ended up finishing at like 1 am this morning. I mean. I can stay up [...]

    • I received this book for free by the author in exchange for a honest review. I did not like this book.Tha main character Evvie is just a rag doll pawn thrown back and forth between two brothers. she just accepts everything like it is and doest fight back? this book had a really bad editing part. 4 pages were repeated and few spelling mistakes instead of the word "come" the word "some" was usede story line was different. not necessarily bad but wow it was just thrown together not though fully pla [...]

    • Really enjoyed this story about 2 brothers who want the crown and a half-ling thru have to find so she can choose. Evvie had a great time with Ian after their date but the next day she felt ill. Seeing the skeleton key in her room she uses it and was transported into another realm and that's when she meets Ian/Aurelian. Thinking its a dream she wants so desperately to wake up from until she realizes it's not. Both brothers want her to pick them but she is drawn to Auri. But someone is trying to [...]

    • Ali Winters did it once again. She's officially one of my favorite fantasy writers now. Army of the Winter Court was very vivid and I felt like being transported to a different world once again. I enjoyed how the scene transpired and flowed. I like the characters too. I wished it could be a full length novel because I think that would help explore the Seelie and Unseelie Faes'very realm. The ending was not quite what I expected which was a good surprise for me. I have enjoyed reading about thi [...]

    • This is an interesting story about two brothers fighting to be king of the Unseelie world. They both needed a specific element to create their army, and that element was a halflingEvvie. Evvie & Aurelian are an interesting couple As to where I would have liked to see a little more passion out of Auri, I get that he was trying to fight it. Evvie, I do wish she was a stronger character, she let way too much happen to her without much protest. You do root for Auri to win the throne throughout t [...]

    • This was an entertaining and fun read. The storyline and plot were very mysterious throughout the book yet predictable in some aspects but also surprising in others which was what made the book so entertaining to read. Character interactions were good between all, giving the reader enough to get to know their personalities. I don't like the whole aspect of taking someone's choices away for personal gain and agenda but the way everything ended made the book very satisfying. A recommended fun fant [...]

    • I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I found this to be an excellent read! In this book you will read about Evvie Hewett and how she comes to terms with herself and how and who to love. I adored this book! It is packed with romance, adventure, and intrigue! It pulls at your heartstrings and doesn't let go. There are twists and turns and it's truly an all-around amazing read! I cannot honestly think of a part of this book that I didn't like. It is truly [...]

    • Ali Winters - hands down one of the best books I've read! I enjoyed this book from page 1! Throughout the entire book I was amazed with the story, the twists and the ending was phenomenal! I greatly enjoy each book I've read so far of the skeleton key series, but this book has to be my favorite! Thank you for the amazing journey! I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story, fast paced and one that captures the heart of the reader!

    • Could it be a dream?This story was not at all what I expected. It was better. Two brothers put against each other for one woman. The scheme set in motion by their little sister. Let the games begin, winner takes all or do they. Very surprising ending. I loved the story and would recommend it to anyone who loves a great story plot, and of course the Fae. Ali Winters out did herself on this one.

    • Oh snap!! Yep, that's right, I said that. It is my actual reaction to reading this bookd I love that! The king dies, two brothers want the throne, one is evil, one is good. As you read on you discover you actually can't tell which is the good one and which isn't. Unwillingly throw in a woman and you have an amazing PNR you just can't put down! Kudos to this writer for her unbelievable imagination!

    • Great book.Ali kept me guessing on this one, I wasn't sure who the bad guy a d who would be the good guy. Glad I got it right in the end. Love all things Faye and this book was a good read. I did guess who would rule early on, but I did enjoy the story getting there and seeing how it would go down.

    • This was a dnf for me I couldn't tell who she was supposed to end up because the first potential was so much of an a##hole. I just can't today with the mind games. But it may be perfect for some one else who is not pmsing.

    • Who doesn't love some Fae????? Two sexy as hell brothers fighting over one half Fae to get what they want Neither being completely honest But what Fae are right? Great story.

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