The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott

The Lady of the Lakes The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott One is his first love The other is his best love Which will be Walter s true love Walter Scott has three passions Scotland poetry and Mina Stuart Though she is young and they are from different stat

  • Title: The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott
  • Author: Josi S. Kilpack
  • ISBN: 9781629722269
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • One is his first love.The other is his best love.Which will be Walter s true love Walter Scott has three passions Scotland, poetry, and Mina Stuart Though she is young and they are from different stations in society, Walter is certain their love is meant to be For years, he has courted her through love letters She is the sunshine of his soul.Though Mina shares Walter sOne is his first love.The other is his best love.Which will be Walter s true love Walter Scott has three passions Scotland, poetry, and Mina Stuart Though she is young and they are from different stations in society, Walter is certain their love is meant to be For years, he has courted her through love letters She is the sunshine of his soul.Though Mina shares Walter s love of literature and romantic temperament, it s hard for her to know if she truly loves him or if she has only been dazzled by his flattery When she meets the handsome and charming William Forbes, her heart is challenged Who will she choose But as every poet knows, the course of true love never did run smooth, and on a windy morning in the lake country, Walter meets Charlotte.At twenty six, Charlotte Carpenter believes she will never find love After all, she is a Catholic born Frenchwoman living in London with a family history shadowed by scandal Though quiet, practical, and determined to live a life of independence, her heart longs for someone to love her and a place to call home.Passion and promises collide as Walter, Mina, and Charlotte must each decide the course for their futures What are they each willing to risk to find love and be loved in return

    • Best Read [Josi S. Kilpack] ☆ The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott || [Poetry Book] PDF ☆
      427 Josi S. Kilpack
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    • Josi S. Kilpack

      I wrote my first book while on bed rest with my third child in 1998 and haven t stopped My most recent books have been Historical Romance through the Proper Romance line with Shadow Mountain Publishing.I currently live in Willard, Utah with my husband, and children.

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    • The Lady of the Lakes: The True Story of Sir Walter Scott by Josi S. Kilpack is a 2017 Shadow Mountain publication. I loved watching this couple fall in love. I loved the deep feelings of friendship that became the basis for that event, and knowing the couple made a wonderful match, and a good life together. Theirs was not that all consuming passion that fairy tales are based on, but it was so much more special and real. I absolutely loved it.This is a clean historical romance, recommended for a [...]

    • What a beautiful, swoon worthy book. I love reading fiction based on true stories and this was just that. It was fascinating reading about the life of Sir Walter Scott. This was a true romance story, love was thought to be found,lost and then true,lasting love was found. So glad I got a chance to read this. The Lady of the Lake is a published work by Sir Walter Scott in 1810.Pub Date 03 Jan 2017 Thank you to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for a review copy in exchange for my honest opi [...]

    • This was a beautiful story about discovering yourself and your heart. If you're looking for a fast paced, fluff read, this is not that book. I savored and slowly enjoyed reading about Sir Walter Scott and the people in his life. In high school we studied several of his works but I don't remember if we talked too much about his life(maybe we did and it's just been too many years to properly remember). I really enjoyed this historical fiction about his journey of falling in love and learning his c [...]

    • Classics live Ivanhoe and Rob Roy fueled my love for history and deep tempestuous romance. Imagine my delight to see the author of such favorites is the hero of this sweet historical romance. I had no idea the man, Sir Walter Scott, had his own unrequited love story only to get a new chance so when I saw this one I just had to read it. It was a lovely story and the author did a fantastic job marrying fact and fiction.The story begins with young nineteen year old Walter Scott falling in love at f [...]

    • When I was younger, I loved to read a series about the biographies of famous people in history. I loved learning more about these people and how their lives shaped or contributed to history. As I grew older, I found myself enjoying fiction a lot more and non-fiction a lot less and I hardly ever read those types of books anymore. However, I still find them very fascinating.This author took on a book about well-known writer, Walter Scott. I don't know much about this man, aside from some of his w [...]

    • There is something wonderous about this book. I was so completely enthralled with it and as I sit here thinking about the whole story, I find that outside of two very slow moving romances, there was not really a lot going on. No danger, no big heart pounding moments of suspense and no heart wrenching scenes of tragedy and dying. It's a simple tale of a man with a romantic heart, falling in love. Josi Kilpack has done an amazing job of crafting a story, so simplistic in it's base form, into somet [...]

    • The Lady of the Lakes is another fantastic book by Josi Kilpack. These Historical Proper Romances are a wonderful way to get to know the people they are based on. Of course, they aren't true biographies, but I liked how Josi was able to take parts of what was known of Walter, Mina, and Charlotte and create a very compelling story. I enjoyed getting to know each character when the story would change point of views. I enjoyed the progression of the story, showing bits and pieces from each characte [...]

    • I love historical fiction. When there is an emphasis on the history, it makes it a little more interesting.This story is about the romances of Sir Walter Scott. I love to read, so I am familiar with his name, but I was not familiar with his life. I love that this book made him more real to me. He isn't just a name anymore. He was a man with hopes and dreams. At the beginning of the book his hopes revolve around Mina. She was from a "higher" social class than he was. She was the daughter of gentr [...]

    • This one caught my eye at the library, and I felt lucky to get it. I've read others in the "Proper Romance" series, but not the other Historical one. (It's on my list to read.) This one wasn't quite as satisfying as the others I've read, but was still enjoyable! Sir Walter Scott and his love troubles made for good reading. He was a man who felt deeply, and was a romantic at heart. That might've been to his detriment, but I'll let you decide:) Read it to see what you thinkAs usual, it was clean a [...]

    • I listened to this on audible and loved the various accents the narrator used--from Scottish, to French, to English. Well done. I loved the character of Walter Scott and his over-the-top personality (ah, those creative types). And I loved how his true "true love" was able to ground him rather quickly. I listened to the chapter notes a couple of times, and loved the additional details they offered. Exceptionally written and made me want to go read all of Sir Walter Scott's books!

    • I was so drawn to this book! I couldn't wait throughout the day until I could pick it up again and read. It is such a compelling story. Love given. Love taken. Love lost. Love found. SO GOOD! I think it is the best story Josi S. Kilpack has told to date!And to know it is based on the true love story of Sir Walter Scott makes it all the more captivating. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. IT!

    • It's difficult going in to a book knowing you are going to read about heartbreak. But luckily, we also know that there will be great love to come afterwardsooke-brookesbooks.c

    • I always feel kind of harsh giving less than three stars, but this book just wasn't for me. It was kind of slow and just didn't hold my attention.

    • Walter Scott falls in love with Mina Stuart the first time he sees her—and spends the next five years planning their future together. Mina is flattered by Walter’s attention and swept up in his romantic flattery, but she doesn’t know for sure if her heart truly belongs to himd when her parents encourage her to consider the attentions of William Forbes, she finds herself more torn than ever.Charlotte Carpenter is a Catholic, French-born orphan, with the added disadvantage of being the daugh [...]

    • This is based on the true love story of Walter Scott, Scottish poet and author. It’s about first loves and best loves. The author did an AMAZING job weaving history into a heart-tugging tale. I really loved Walter. He’s a passionate soul that wears his heart on his sleeve. He believes in love at first sight, because he has experienced it with Mina Stuart. They correspond long distance for over four years and he believes he will marry her, even though she’s in the upper class, and he’s bu [...]

    • Great Scott, a good gentle romance!Not that gentle romances can't be good. But truth is usually more interesting than fiction, so a fictionalized version of an actual story has a hard row to hoe. Kilpack, however, delivers, sending me back to the library catalog to find #1 in this series.Walter Scott met Mina Stuart when she was still in her teens, and was instantly gobsmacked. Mina cares for Walter, too, but, alas, she comes from money and a title, so her family expects her to aim a wee bit hig [...]

    • I've read a lot of books by Josi S. Kilpack but this is the first Historical Proper Romance I've read by her. I'm not really into history (it seemed so boring in school), but the way the author told the story of Sir Walter Scott, was so interesting I really got into it and enjoyed learning about the life of Walter Scott.I could see what was coming with Walter and his first love, Mina, but he certainly didn't. She never would've been happy as his wife and it took him over a year, and some wonderf [...]

    • When my son saw this book he asked if I was reading "one of those Amish love stories". Haha. No idea how he even strung those words together, but proof that this isn't the typical kind of book I have lying around. However, I did enjoy reading this "Proper Romance". It is best summed up by the oft repeated summary, "One is his first love. The other is his best love." My favorite quote from the book is, "Stop waiting for moonbeams and rapture and instead look for equanimity of mind, values, hopes [...]

    • It has been great learning about the real people behind these stories that Josi writes. We've all heard of them but I really wasn't very familiar with Henry Longfellow (her first Historical romance book Forever and Forever) or with Sir Walter Scott. The books themselves, while they had added embellishments to necessitate the flow of the story, were informative but I also have enjoyed doing a bit of my own research to understand these men and their role in history. These are real stories, not fai [...]

    • Based on the true story of Sir Walter Scott - his first love, and his last love. From the first moment he saw Mina as a young woman, he was taken with her, and pursued her. For five years, he showed her complete devotion, and thought he had her's in return, but was devastated when she eventually chose someone else. Charlotte, an orphaned French woman, raised in England, has never felt at home and is trying to find a way to have some independence without giving in to an unhappy match. And then sh [...]

    • 3.5 stars. This is one of Kilpack's best books! It's the story of Sir Walter Scott's "first love vs best love" story. I enjoyed reading it, and loved the notes at the end. But in reading the notes and seeing how much was made up and assumed I felt so disappointed that it dropped a star. I was hoping he'd left behind enough journals and letters that it was largely taken from his real life, but she really had to guess to fill in the holes of what we do/don't know. She told a very sweet story, so i [...]

    • I knew I would love this book the moment I opened it. As a lover of British literature and especially of the Romantic Era, I was eager to devour this book.I enjoyed the characters and the deep emotions at play between them. I found Walter Scott to be a compelling and complex protagonist and I absolutely loved his courtship and love for Charlotte. This was a book I couldn't put down and finished feeling completely satisfied. Loving all the historical proper romances from Josi Kilpack! I hope she [...]

    • Another great title in the "Historical Proper Romance" series! This one is about the true-life love story of the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. Loved the attention to detail and the historical notes! Sir Scott's story shows that you never really know how life will unfold. An inspiring story of courageous folks who followed their hearts!

    • I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I am always leery of “based on a true story” as I generally prefer fantasy to real life but the literary license the author took made for an engaging, sweet story. I did not like Mina even a little but I loved Charlotte from the start. Definitely worth the read.

    • This book touched my heart in different ways. You have love, lost, found and love again all in one book. Though I enjoyed the book there were a few times when the story line slowed down. Overall it was a good read and I recommend if you enjoy Romance & Historical fiction.

    • *I received a copy of this book from the publisher.*I didn't know much about Sir Walter Scott or his personal life, so this book was interesting simply for learning about this famous author, even if the story felt predictable. I did like out the author developed the characters and their conflicts, but I was disappointed in the quality of the writing - I kept wanting to encourage the author to make slightly different vocabulary choices and to develop a richer atmosphere to draw the reader in (to [...]

    • There needs to be a Higher Star Rating for this book! So. Good.Let me start by saying I devoured this book in one day. Devoured. I could not put it down. So. Good.I cannot get enough of a good love story. It always makes it fun when it's a true story. That, I think is the reason I was unable to put it down. It's not like I didn't know the ending, but it was fascinating to read about what Sir Walter Scott went through on his pursuit of marriage.I don't know about any of you, but I will always rem [...]

    • Josi Kilpack does such a great job writing historical romances. Her Sadie Miller culinary mysteries are great as well, but this historical romance based on the life of Sir Walter Scott comes together so beautifully. The prologue, told from Walter's point of view, introduces the reader to his first reaction to the young Williamina Belshes, later Stuart. He is smitten from the very first time he lays eyes on her. Walter is determined to win Mina for his wife, but of course has to wait for her to r [...]

    • This was a lovely read. I had a few other books I was supposed to be reading, but as I started this one, I couldn't put it down. I loved both Walter and Charlotte. It was lovely to read about them, about their concerns, their lives, their hopes and disappointments. JK imagined a lovely story about real people that spoke so truly and was so genuine and honest. Walter's (view spoiler)[story of disappointment, and his broken heart healing after meeting Charlotte (hide spoiler)] was tragic, sweet, a [...]

    • I really like this book. I loved learning about Sir Walter Scott's life. I feel really bad for him though because of what he went through. First time reading one of Kilpack's books

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