The Sheriffs of Savage Wells

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells He s the most fearsome sheriff in the West A force to be reckoned with The stuff of legend So is she May the best sheriff win Paisley Bell knows the eccentric people of Savage Wells From the absentmin

  • Title: The Sheriffs of Savage Wells
  • Author: Sarah M. Eden
  • ISBN: 9781629722191
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s the most fearsome sheriff in the West A force to be reckoned with The stuff of legend.So is she May the best sheriff win Paisley Bell knows the eccentric people of Savage Wells From the absentminded shopkeeper who always thinks she s been robbed to the young man who has returned shell shocked from the war, Paisley has compassion for them all When the sheriHe s the most fearsome sheriff in the West A force to be reckoned with The stuff of legend.So is she May the best sheriff win Paisley Bell knows the eccentric people of Savage Wells From the absentminded shopkeeper who always thinks she s been robbed to the young man who has returned shell shocked from the war, Paisley has compassion for them all When the sheriff up and leaves town, Paisley steps up and assumes the responsibility, partly because she loves the work, but also because she needs the income to take care of her sick father So when the town council decides that the position of sheriff should really go to a man, Paisley finds herself fighting to prove that she s the perfect candidate for the job, even though she wears a skirt.Cade O Brien is heartily sick of shooting people In his many years as a lawman, Cade has seen his share of blood and violence So when he answers an advertisement for a sheriff job in the sleepy town of Savage Wells, he believes he s found the peace and quiet he s always desired But when he discovers that his biggest competition for the job is a woman, he begins to question his decisions.Tension between the two begins to sizzle when both Cade and Paisley realize the attraction they have for each other, but when Paisley s former beau shows up in town, along with a band of bank robbers, the blossoming relationship between the two sheriffs is tested They will have to work together to thwart the bank robbers and keep the town safe.

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      Sarah M. Eden Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sheriffs of Savage Wells book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah M. Eden author readers around the world.

    950 thoughts on “The Sheriffs of Savage Wells

    • I really, really enjoyed this one! I'm trying to decide what all to say since the book doesn't actually come out until September. I've been a fan of Western Historical Romance for awhile now, the genre is filled with the naughty verity, but the clean ones are a little harder to come by. Maybe that is why I loved this one so much. Just good clean fun, with a swoony romance. I'm convinced Ms. Eden can write in any genre, she's a master at Regency and has tackled Western without a hitch, I've also [...]

    • I'm not a brave soul and I don't like to buck the trend, but I love reading about characters who are completely opposite of me. When the sheriff of Savage Wells leaves town, potential candidates move in and try to win the job. Paisley has been acting as sheriff, behind the scenes of course, for a few months and thinks she should be a shoe-in. But women in the Wild West aren't afforded the same positions that men are and it's a hard battle--especially going against well-known sheriff, Cade O'Brie [...]

    • What a fun western romp! I was hooked on the characters from the beginning, and could feel Paisley's frustration and Cade's as well as they work towards the same goal of becoming the sheriff of a sleepy western town. Paisley has proven to herself that she's competent, but unfortunately the community can't see past her gender. Cade has real respect for her which develops into affection, then something stronger, but he still feels that his reputation will act as a deterrent to criminals who would [...]

    • All I have to hear is "Sarah Eden" and I'm in. I don't care what genre it is, or how long the book is. I'm in. Sarah is a fantastic writer. She knows how to create characters that feel natural and real, and places that feel like home.This book steps outside what I have had from Sarah Eden so far but like I said before, it doesn't matter. Sarah can write any genre and be fantastic. This book is set in Wyoming in the small and simple town of Savage Wells. There were a lot of characters in this boo [...]

    • I have a new favorite Sarah Eden book. There are so many things I loved about this book. First off, the cover is eye-catching, as well as the title. I know the "Savage" and "Wells" that the book is named for and they are incredible men. Next it was the characters. As soon as Cade strolled into town, I knew I would love him. He has a presence that is immediately noticed. I instantly loved Paisley as well. She is an amazing character with spunk, knowledge, and compassion. She was surrounded by a l [...]

    • Love all the bantering. Great characters. Fun story line. If you like clean romance add this to your to read list. A great book that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys strong female leads and lots of laughs.4.5 Stars - Highly recommendContent: CleanSource: Netgalley

    • This one didn't work for me. I wanted to love it, but there were a few too many things that felt gimmicky and not authentic. It was sweet and the climactic scene was well done, but the characters ended up frustrating me a lot of the time.

    • Sorry, Sarah! I usually love your books. I am surprised that I am giving one of yours a 2. I'd say it is probably hovering between a 2.5 and a 3. (Please allow for half-star ratings, .) I will say that I did finish the book, so that is something for it. If I hate a book enough, I will not finish it or I will skim through to the end. But this book just had so many problems for me. I don't even know where to start. This will probably be a novel. Here I go:The RomanceAt least for me, there was abso [...]

    • Optimistically cautious, was my approach when I requested to read & review this one from Shadow Mountain. I have confidence in the writing of Sarah Eden, yet this genre & time period is not necessarily my favourite. That said, I don't think there was a page of this book, that left me doubting - from the very first, 'The Sheriff's of Savage Wells' is a witty, fun story, woven throughout with a serious and heart rendering tale of the tragedy that is Dementia. The uniquely peaceful Wyoming [...]

    • Author Sarah M. Eden is back with a vengeance. Her new novel, The Sheriffs of Savage Wells, is everything wonderful and more that you've come to expect from this writer. She has created characters that will jump out and grab readers from their first meeting.The small western town of Savage Wells ( I loved the name of the town knowing the two authors this town is named in honor of) is looking for a new sheriff. Paisley Bell has been doing the job behind the scenes for months while the sheriff who [...]

    • Seriously? Who doesn't love Sarah Eden. She is a very talented author and I don't think I have EVER picked up a book of hers I didn't love. In fact, I know that I have loved all of her books. I first read her Regency books and was amazed at her writing. She has proven time and again that she can create a story in any time and setting.This book is set in the Old West. Savage Wells is a quiet community in need of a new sheriff. The pay and the quiet calls to Cade O'Brien. He is know for his skills [...]

    • I always enjoy reading a Sarah M. Eden story! This one, however, was a little slow moving and didn't keep my attention as well as many of her other offerings. The banter was delightful but there was very little real depth. Still, I would have given it a higher star rating if not for the ending. We are refreshed that the relationship is allowed to grow without all the graphic detail and thoroughly enjoy the sweet kisses and budding feelings but when that is the case, we need a "proper" ending! Ca [...]

    • One of the best novels I've read all year, filled with witty banter and deep, complex characters. There was a great mix of laugh out loud humor as the hero and heroine verbally sparred, plenty of romantic tension, and poignant issues with family and interpersonal relationships. The heroine was strong, yet vulnerable as she learned to trust and love. The hero was perfectly swoon-worthy and the best combination of protectiveness and confidence in the heroines capabilities. This is a must read!

    • Thankfully I'm back to loving another Sarah Eden's​ book! It's a nice change to read a Western and especially one with a woman who wants to be Sheriff!

    • Another great read by a favorite author. Or rather I should say, a great listen. Snagged this audiobook on an app that I have a subscription to. So fun to read(listen to) the banter between two great characters. Both trying to become the next Sheriff of little ol' Savage Wells, a quiet town out West. What they don't expect is the danger and problems coming their way. Can they work together to protect the town they love or will the thieves and bandits soon overrun it and bring more danger than th [...]

    • First off, I have to say for the record that I love Sarah M. Eden's books. She's generally a great author and one of the few that I will actually pay good money to read without knowing anything about the book first. But that being said, I didn't enjoy this book. I'm being generous giving it 2 stars.The main characters areokay. The hero has no story arc and no growth. He was okay, just not particularly interesting because of that lack of character development. The heroine suffers from the same pr [...]

    • I can't believe I forgot to review this when I read it. I think I wanted to sit with it and mull it over. It just wasn't one of my favorites of Sarahs. I mostly buy all of her books but not this one. I think the leading lady needed to let up, there are more important things in life then getting your own way and I feel like that is what this book was mostly about. A little OCD in the west. The romance took a back seat to this story line and it just hurt the book for me. There was not the depth of [...]

    • I love Sarah M. Eden! I was so excited when I saw she had a new book coming out. And I loved it!! The first chapter pulled me in and from there it just got better. Cade and Paisley are a great pair! I really enjoyed their witty exchanges. I loved watching their relationship develop and their respect for each other grow. The citizens of Savage Wells added so much to the story. What an endearing bunch! This definitely goes into my re-read pile!

    • It was better than okay, but the romance was lacking. Especially at the end. I liked the characters and the town, but I felt like everyone had so many problems. Dementia and PTSD and crippling self doubt and on and on. Don't get me wrong. I liked it okay. I just like more romance in my proper romances.

    • I have read everything Sarah has written and I do believe that this is my favorite book from her--SO GOOD! Such an interesting story line! Strength -- Endurance -- Stubbornness -- Hope -- Written so incredible well! A MUST-READ!

    • It is 1875, and the United States is still recovering from the Civil War. Wyoming is not yet a state but a territory and a small town named Savage Wells is in need of a sheriff.Cade O'Brien, has spent most of his life as a law official of some sort. He is looking for a change of pace and found an add in the paper for a sheriff position in a small town. He decides to relocate and apply for the job. When he arrives in the town, he finds that the mayor and town council have set up a sort of contest [...]

    • Great storyline ! Paisley Bell wants to get the job of Sheriff in Savage Wells and her personal life is certainly not without challenges and heartbreak. She has to prove to the town council and to the town folk of Savage Wells she is the right fit for this position of employment and to a certain lawman Cade O'Brien competing for the same position. Although it is staged in the late 1800's there seems to be common health care issues to our present day time that we can totally relate to, as Paisl [...]

    • *** 8/2/16 UPDATE *** Finished this little gem & was not disappointed! After winning an advanced copy thru a Giveaway which made me ridiculously happy, btw I couldn't wait to jump into the story! I've enjoyed all of Ms. Eden's Regency stories as well as her Longing for Home duo - she can switch genres seamlessly; which I love. She's long been a favorite author of mine. Two great MC's - Paisley Bell and Cade O'Brien, both vying for the position of Sheriff in the sleepy town of Savage Wells [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Still a big fan of Sarah Eden's, but this one wasn't my favorite. Loved the first half of the book and loved the two main characters, but it was missing all the depth of her Longing for Home series. I liked the idea of it, but I found it predictable, and towards the end Cade's dialogue suddenly felt fake. It actually felt like he had a personality overhaul halfway through: tough no-nonsense sheriff to folksy not-to-worry-little-darlin' cowboy. I loved him the first half, and liked see [...]

    • Only average for this genre, so a disappointment from Sarah Eden. It wasn't bad, I did like it, but I was simply expecting more. The beginning of the book was a bit boring and cheesy, and the bad things that happened were very cliche. I felt the book was missing a lot of the meaning some of her others have, that the amusing parts (quirky characters, a lot of banter) weren't balanced with anything more substantial.

    • I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this book had a bit of everything. Romance, humor, action, mystery I loved meeting everyone on Savage Wells. Paisley was tough, but a little broken. Cade was arrogant, with reason. I love a lawman, so this book was right up my alley.

    • I enjoyed this clean romantic read but wish the tests had progressed beyond the first. It was so fun to read a new Sarah Eden book again. Her female characters are always those I would want to meet in real life.

    • I was excited to read Sarah's new book and was a little disappointed. The story was fun and had interesting characters for the most part. I just didn't like the end.

    • Liked it, but it didn't have the clean passion of some of the other books, the romance was almost secondary to me and the problems/quirkiness/sheriff was the main thing. Great characters and story, could've used a few more toe curling kisses. Moral Note: Some mild western violence.

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