Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days When Superheroes don t get their way when they re sad when they re mad when they ve had a bad day they COULD super tantrum they COULD but they DON T because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN T they WO

  • Title: Even Superheroes Have Bad Days
  • Author: Shelly Becker Eda Kaban
  • ISBN: 9781454913948
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Superheroes don t get their way, when they re sad, when they re mad, when they ve had a bad day they COULD super tantrum, they COULD but they DON T, because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN T they WON T All kids have trouble getting a grip on their emotions, sometimes even young superheroes But what do they do when they re having a bad day Colorful action pWhen Superheroes don t get their way, when they re sad, when they re mad, when they ve had a bad day they COULD super tantrum, they COULD but they DON T, because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN T they WON T All kids have trouble getting a grip on their emotions, sometimes even young superheroes But what do they do when they re having a bad day Colorful action packed illustrations and a dynamite rhyming text reveal the many ways superheroes and ordinary children, too can resist the super temptation to cause a scene when they re sad, mad, frustrated, lonely, or afraid From burning off steam on a bike or a hike, to helping others, this energetic picture book has plenty of fun ideas to help kids cope when they re feeling overwhelmed.

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      Shelly Becker Eda Kaban Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Even Superheroes Have Bad Days book, this is one of the most wanted Shelly Becker Eda Kaban author readers around the world.

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    • If superheroes have bad days just think of the tantrums they could throw! Great lesson for little children when they are having a bad day - sure to help mom and dad on days when they are cast as supervillains!

    • My kids love superheroes, so it's no surprise that they enjoyed this book. It's about controlling your emotions and not letting your anger or frustration get the better of you.When superheroes have bad days do they end up hurting people? No. They could, but they don't. Instead, they channel their frustrations into doing good deeds and helping others. By helping others, the superheroes lift their own spirits as well. You can change your outlook and change your day simply by being kind to others.E [...]

    • Packed full of power, this book grabs kids' attention, while showing them how to handle sour emotions without blowing up the entire world in the process.Superheroes have bad days, but if they throw a tantrum even super villains have to run and hide. Through action packed illustrations, the problems superheroes have to control their bad emotions becomes crystal clear. But they do it (after all, they are superheroes) and this book gives a peek into their emotion controlling secrets.The front and b [...]

    • Picture that let's us know that "Superheroes" are people too! I think we forget that most of our favorite heroes are human and they have human emotions. This was a picture book that was definitely written with adults in mind.

    • I remember one of my first steady babysitting jobs - a 4-year-old who loved all things Power Rangers, and was bound and determined to grow up to be the Red Ranger someday. And I could get that kid to do *anything* if I told him that it was what the Power Rangers did. "You know, I bet the Red Ranger always eats his breakfast so he's strong enough to fight the monsters." "Power Rangers pick up their toys." "Have you ever seen the Red Ranger yell at someone that way?"Man oh man, if I'd had this boo [...]

    • They could be pretty destructive if they have a bad day, but superheroes are better behaved than that. The rhyming text is reminiscent of Jane Yolen's dinosaur books with a touch of Dr. Seuss, but that doesn't hurt anything. And the superheroes remind one of The Incredibles - but have neat little touches here and there (the frightened cat on the roof and the police celebrating with donuts - oh, and laser-eye guy toasting a marshmallow with his laser vision - hahahaha!). A good message in a fun f [...]

    • This book is a winner. I'm not usually drawn to picture books that feature superheroes nor cartoon-like illustrations, but this one captured me. I found the rhyming clever and not forced; the illustrations were fun. Though there wasn't a narrative, the action was imaginative enough to keep the reader turning the pages. There was an obvious lesson contained in the story, but it didn't feel didactic because the humor was so fresh and clever.

    • This book was really good! Very interesting premise; it's a very important theme that is not given much attention to in other childrens' media. My kids loved the charming rhyme and my son went crazy over the superhero theme!What a fantastic way to give kids the tools that will enable them to be a real superhero in their own life!

    • Seriously one of my favorite books! This is one that will go on my children's shelf because when those emotions arise we all have choices to make, and this one gets us thinking about which choice is the best for those around you. The lesson is fantastic. The pictures are great. It's rhyming and cute. Definitely a 5 star book!

    • What do superheroes do when they have a bad day? Shelly Becker shows what they have the power to do if they are miserable, but do they wreak havoc when they're upset? Is there another better option for their behavior? Becker's illustrations of superheroes gone bad are especially hilarious. Fun way to model good behavior for kids.

    • Emphasizes that your actions are a result of your choices, not your feelingsText to text: Tough guys have feelings tooLesson: Don't do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.

    • How fitting that I happened to read this the day after the election. I think everyone could benefit from reading something like this. It's okay to be upset, to frown, to sigh, to cry. But you pick yourself up and get on with your day.

    • Great book on how to react to your feelings when things don't go your way or someone makes you feel bad. Using Superheroes to show taking the higher ground seemed to hit home with my son. We've used some of the situations in the book in real life when he's having a bad moment. Highly recommended.

    • Considering we had zero good superhero books a year-and-a-half ago when we had the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme of Superheroes, this is awesome! It's clever and fun, and the kids will love it.

    • My elementary school students relate to the story and enjoy drawing the heroes. Great message and artwork.

    • Recommended by a child advocate. This opened up an opportunity for me to talk with my daughter about her anger.

    • Even Superheroes Have Bad Daysis perfect for it's age group. It acknowledges the emotions we have when things go wrong (which is so important for little ones to learn to identify) and it shows how to turn those emotions into positives. The pictures are funny and will capture a young interest, because what kid doesn't love and want to be a superhero? I love that the illustrations are not the 'famous' superheroes but more like the little ones imagine themselves to be when the make their own super [...]

    • This superhero book discusses how you have to still be a good person even when your temper is up and suggests some things that you can do. I am using it for a Superhero program but obviously it would be good for teaching a message.

    • Genevieve is really into superheroes right now, she’s also really into throwing tantrums. So this is the perfect book for her so she can see that throwing a tantrum isn’t necessary. We even talked about how superheroes have to use their nice hands even when they’re angry.

    • Laughed and giggled our way through this book today in class. We loved their take on what to do when we have a bad day.

    • Even Superheroes Have Bad Days is a new storytime contender for preschool and family audiences. Featuring a diverse mix of non-standard superheroes who are having a bad day, the book dramatically explains how to make positive decisions when dealing with these hard feelings. This would be a great for a superhero storytime or an emotions and feelings theme though you might consider skipping a few pages to shorten the presentation depending on the audience.

    • This book is about superheroes. Even they have bad days. But what happens when they do? They could super kick, punch or pound. They could use their super strength to throw things super far. There are so many things they could do when they are mad. BUT. Superheroes have choices. Instead they could blow off some steam by hiking or biking. Or channel that energy into doing good for the city. They could "super-rampage" but because they are Heroes, they wouldn't. It's okay to have bad days but after [...]

    • Summary The book Even Superheroes Have Bad Days shows its readers that no one is immune to bad days. Not even a superhero. A superhero could use their super-powers to cause a big scene but this book shows us that instead, superheroes find different ways to get a grip on their emotions. ActivityAfter reading this book have students create a "My Grump Book". This is a mini booklet that the students can keep in their desk or take home. On one page they can draw something that upsets them. On the pa [...]

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