Tabitha Nothing could prepare Tabitha Jones for the dead infested world she woke up to Robbed of her loved ones and altered by the venom of an alien species she s forced to leave her old life behind and surv

  • Title: Tabitha
  • Author: AndrewHall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nothing could prepare Tabitha Jones for the dead infested world she woke up to Robbed of her loved ones and altered by the venom of an alien species, she s forced to leave her old life behind and survive the ruins of Earth.Haunted with grief and pursued relentlessly by monstrous swarms and desperate survivors, Tabitha must face her own changing nature and ever evolving abNothing could prepare Tabitha Jones for the dead infested world she woke up to Robbed of her loved ones and altered by the venom of an alien species, she s forced to leave her old life behind and survive the ruins of Earth.Haunted with grief and pursued relentlessly by monstrous swarms and desperate survivors, Tabitha must face her own changing nature and ever evolving abilities as she searches for the remnants of civilisation But when humanity turns on her, and the alien threat hunts their hybrid creation ever obsessively, Tabitha quickly realises that there s only one side left to fight for her own.

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      I m Andrew, a human My first ebook, Tales of the Strange and Grim, is a collection of short stories that combine my love of fantasy, sci fi and the downright weird.My first novel, Tabitha, is a science fiction which mixes aliens and superpowers with a post apocalyptic world It explores ideas about human nature, our place in the world, and how cool it is to battle swarms of alien spiders.Tabitha s sequel, Sky Queen, takes her further into the realms of sci fi action with plenty of survival, strange abilities and huge explosions I m currently writing Tabitha s third book, Ghost.You can also find my stream of nonsensical rubbish on Twitter at andrew_in_space.

    866 thoughts on “Tabitha

    • Liked it. A LOT!! I'm already bummed that it's only a trilogy. Can't wait to see what new adventures Tabitha gets into.

    • I found the blurb of this book quite promising and I let myself be seduced by the many five star reviews on . Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, this book did not live up to its promises. I actually contemplated to give it a two star rating on but it is too well written for that.The short of it is that Tabitha gets stung by an alien spider at the eve of an invasion of Earth. Once she wakes up she has mutated, and continues to mutate. Of course when she wakes up it is in a post apocalyptic [...]

    • It was really really really good!!! I liked the characters, and there were lots of funny bits. It felt a bit rambly and long I suppose, but I'm really grateful that it came out in one book and not two because I would have been waiting fooooooreeeveeer.

    • ExcellentGreat attention to detail. Good pace to the story.Fulfilling end of the world tale. Hooked from the beginning. Thx. Whats next

    • Andrew Hall writes well, expressive and descriptive. But I felt the story went on too long, some of the detail could be left out and some of the troubles Tabitha went through became repetitive. The man Alex, on the other hand, was not dealt with enough, and when he suddenly popped up and then disappeared from the story again it was confusing.But I found myself unable to put the book down, I just had to find out what happened in the end. And I was not disappointed. I was glad the way it worked ou [...]

    • The ultimate in sci-fi!Tabitha was a remarkable read. The lead character was interesting, strong, and blissfully human. So real! I haven't enjoyed a book like this in a long while. I recommend this story for anyone who loves the genre. Well edited and an enjoyable length, the book takes you through an alien invasion that devastates Earth and leaves you wondering who, if anyone, will survive the gruesome metal vampiric spiders. Tabitha hopes to save someone to make up for all she's lost, but she [...]

    • This is a different approach to an invasion from space alien thingy. It was a very interesting read with a lot, and I do mean a lot, of humans dying. There are also a very big heaping of surprises in the book. The action is very well defined, plot is excellent, characters are very well thought out and developed, intigue and plot twist are top notched. This was a very good read and you wouldn't be wasting your time to read it.

    • Wow! Great Book!This wasn't the type of book I normally read. But, when I saw how high all the reviews were, I tried it. Wow! I really liked the storyline and absolutely loved the way the author writes. I read every single day. This was by far the best book I've read this year. I really love this author's style.

    • Surprisingly decent!Very slow to start off with, but I enjoyed the slow burn after 1/8 in.The tech is nice and I enjoyed the final scenes.Recommended if you like tech or strong female characters.

    • I haven't enjoyed an alien sci-if book this much in a long time. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I got angry. So many ups and downs for poor Tabitha. While there are some heart wrenching moments, I wouldn't call this a chick book. There is so much action going on that I didn't want to put it down.

    • Superlative.Great plot and main character. I could not put it down and it has been awhile since I have not been able to walk away from a novel. 24 Hours since reading it and half way through a new book but keep thinking back to Tabitha. I need re-read it and get my fix. Update (10 Sept 2015) - managed to get 2 more books under the belt before having to go back and re-read Tabitha. Got my fix.Damn good story.2 Dec 2016Just heard that the sequel "Sky Queen" is imminent. Thank-you Andrew Hall, I wa [...]

    • This was a great story! There were multiple arcs, and I was always kept on my toes. Great twists, and very imaginative in general!! :)

    • Well written, but darkThe characters were fleshed out and interesting, plot twists kept things going, but at the base it was a darker, grittier book than I then to enjoy

    • Fully developed storyAs much as I share the cynical observations of the author, and the main character that has been shared, I am only giving this four stars. It really is a well done story, and the main character has to be one of my favorites. Through all of the horrible stuff thrown at her, she retains a sense of innocence that makes her all the more compelling. The four stars are only because of some of the twists that seem to be there only to force the story to not be predictable. To me, thi [...]

    • Meh The book blurb seemed like it had promise and once again the cover artists lead one on the believe something else. Tabitha is a person where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And through out the story she meets people and most of them seem to want her dead. The story also has pages where it is describing something and her thoughts, so it could take 4 pages to tell you that she looked down the street and saw x# of things.

    • Epic. Unafraid. A great book.Humans? Right.This a great story and I think it really shows both the good and bad parts of humanity. I also this it does a very goos job of showing just how badly we spiral as a species without power or our toys.Read it and weep, literally at times.

    • Nice reread, first time i gave it a 2 star rating but in a second read it became a 3 star rating. A good read! I would recomend it to othters because of the pace and the character development. a good book is worth a 3 star rating, an exceptional is a 4 star rating, a genre starter is a 5 star. ie tolkien is a 5 star. So this is a very pleasurable read

    • Enchanting in a grim way.The story began a bit slow. Soon, though the plot became more complicated and interesting. The characters were believable and it was a nice twist to watch Tabitha grow in strength of mind and body. Much like we struggle to grow with the changes that come in our lives. Not quite as bad as world domination by another species, but close sometimes.

    • Interesting story with a solid lead characterI think the character development of Tabitha is really well done, and the overall message of the story is one of hope. I enjoyed the surprises and interplay of each scene as it revealed a new development or direction. Well worth the time to read

    • Good story but darkGroups story with great characters. However, it was very dark width many of the characters you grow to live being killed off.

    • Great read!What's not to love in a mix of post apocalypse, sci-fi, fantasy with a grand dollop of good ole personal interaction? This is an author to watch out for :)

    • Good readSometimes rambled on and on but the story was very good and ended very different than I expected. I would recommend and read again

    • Well crafted science fictionLike so many of the hybrid books of this era the author combines science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, and urban fantasy. The book is well written with surprisingly few and far between editing errors. It is fun reading but at times a little slow with blinding transitions that seem abrupt. I recommend this book, And I am looking forward to the next in the series. I think this book was published in 2014 and the next in 2015 unfortunately the third of this trilogy is not [...]

    • Good enough so I will keep reading the seriesI was happy with it until Tabitha was flying the Dragon over the poll. The story got too unrealistic and the story line was unfocused. I will read the next book, but Andrew needs to bring the story back to someplace I can relate to. mrg

    • Soul crushing Think "invasion of the body snatchers" meets Terminator and you won't even be close. This author has written some kind of masterpiece that builds you up then turns around and yanks the rug out from under your feet. Portrays humanity both at its best and its very worst. Is there a happy ending? Well, this reviewer isn't telling but is, however, fervently urging you to pick up a copy with all haste.I sincerely hope that there's a book 2 in the near future.

    • Loved this book so much!I can't wait to start the second book! Tabitha is the kind of woman to make all women want to be like her. She learned not to give up and fight for what she wanted. Even with her losses she suffered she pulled through. Thank you Andrew!

    • I found this book to be quite emotional but not in a bad way. There are many parts that I found to be a bit slow, but it builds up a tragic narrative that grows all the stronger as the story goes on. Refreshingly, the protagonist isn't some action hero kicking ass all the time, but is behaving instead as a normal person going through tons of trauma and making the occasional mistakes.

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