No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked When a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow on the brink of death he takes her back to his house and when she has recovered employs her as a maid Immediately Elira realiz

  • Title: No Rest for the Wicked
  • Author: M.L. Sparrow
  • ISBN: 9781518779794
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow, on the brink of death, he takes her back to his house and, when she has recovered, employs her as a maid Immediately Elira realizes that Anthony Luther is no ordinary man and nothing about the house she now lives in is as it seems, for Anthony is a powerful wizard Inexplicably drawn together, they begWhen a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow, on the brink of death, he takes her back to his house and, when she has recovered, employs her as a maid Immediately Elira realizes that Anthony Luther is no ordinary man and nothing about the house she now lives in is as it seems, for Anthony is a powerful wizard Inexplicably drawn together, they begin a tentative romance, but it s not just Elira s uncertainties and the rules of upper class society which drive a wedge between them rivalries and a precious family heirloom, a priceless necklace of unforeseen power handed down through generations, threaten not only the couple s happiness, but also their lives and the safety of the people around them

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    • Best Read [M.L. Sparrow] ☆ No Rest for the Wicked || [Fiction Book] PDF ✓
      436 M.L. Sparrow
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    • M.L. Sparrow

      M L Sparrow is currently the author of four full length novels, two novellas and a slew of short stories published in various anthologies Her novella, A Tangled Web, was a finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and in the 2017 Readers Favorite Awards Another novella, Red Days, was also a winner in the Book Excellence Awards, Current Events category She will write pretty much anything that pops into her head, no matter the genre, and enjoys keeping her readers guessing as to what she will write next, though you can pretty much guarantee that there will be some degree of romance As well as writing, she enjoys travelling and is currently living in Tokyo Her travels are a constant source of inspiration and she has an endless supply of ideas for future novels To find out check out her website mlsparrow.wix mlsparrow or stalk her on Twitter MLSparrow1

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    • I am always excited to read one of M.L. Sparrow's books. She is such a fantastic writer and I love the worlds that she builds within her novels. No Rest for the Wicked is no different. Even with a different genre, Sparrow excels with her writing. Romance isn't my kind of genre but it worked really well with this novel. I really like how it starts off quickly and doesn't dwell on boring introductions. Upon the first couple of pages, we already meet the main characters Elira and Anthony.Elira is a [...]

    • This was a cute story, the characters were well developed and the imagery was brilliant. I loved all the characters. I really loved with Elira, she was so young and innocent; I immediately felt like I should mother her, like Moira did, this is why I connected with her. Anthony, well he just sounded yummy from the start; seriously, who doesn’t want a man that owns a self-cleaning house? Hello! I’m here…Though the characters and writing were great, I felt it was a bit “over-written;” it [...]

    • 5 StarsNo Rest for The Wicked by M.L Sparrow is a wonderful Urban fantasy, with paranormal elements, wizards, magic, and a wonderful, spicy romance. I have read several of Ms. Sparrow’s book now and have really enjoyed them all. This book is quite different from the others that I have read, it is definitely my favourite so far. Elira is found early one morning, unconscious and frozen in the snow. What was she running from to leave her stranded in a snowstorm? But, thankfully she is rescued by [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked is the third book by M.L. Sparrow, and the uniqueness of this story really made it stand out amongst the other books I have read lately. This is the story of Elira and how she was found by Anthony in the direst of straights. The differences with their social statuses and how secrets from Anthony’s past could tear these two young loves apart made for a great story. What I loved about this story was how Sparrow mixed so many different genres that it leaves the reader hangi [...]

    • Anthony and Elira's story was captivating. She's been left out to freeze after a rough past. He's a rich wizard. Thankfully he saves her from the cold and employs her in his house. Romance blooms between them and his enemies set out to target her. His abilities test their budding relationship. Will their love survive? This book sucked me in and wouldn't let me go into I finished. M L Sparrow's writing is unlike any I've read before.

    • Elira is a young woman who finds herself without a job, when her previous employer makes advances. Homeless, she collapses in the snow and almost dies. She is rescued by Anthony Luther, a rich gentleman who brings her to his home and offers her a job. But Anthony is no ordinary man, he is a wizard. The two begin a relationship but can they ever be together? Elira is a great character. Despite the time period and the fact that she is a servant, she is quite wilful and independent. You don't know [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M.L. Sparrow was an fast pace magical romance with all the fun of an epic adventure. This was my first book by M.L. Sparrow, and I was thoroughly impressed with her writing style, tone and how she kept the plot moving while simultaneously developing the characters, keeping the bubbly romance as realistic as possible, and setting up the explosive climax that tossed the story into another direction. She knew how to build, and it was fan-freaking-tastic. Elira was strong, [...]

    • No Rest For The Wicked by ML Sparrow is a paranormal romance story. This is not my first book by this author but it is my favorite of hers yet. This story has a little bit of everything in it, suspense, mystery and romance. I enjoyed her writing style that was easy flowing and understandable. Her attention to details made me feel like I was right there in the house with the characters. Her characters are both connectable and lovable. This is the story about a man who finds a woman laying out on [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a sweet romance mixed with a bit of adventure, danger, and magic.I loved the way the characters were written, particularly the humorous independence of the female lead, Elira, and the way she could be both hesitant to stand up for herself due to some things in her past, and incredibly strong in moments that truly mattered. I am also appreciative of the way that the indecision about the relationship is portrayed. In some books the back and forth becomes tires [...]

    • No Rest For The Wicked by M. L. Sparrow was a wonderful tale. Her characters are perfect, her plot intriguing, and her descriptions of the action are finely detailed. I really loved the plot of this story. It was well thought out. The action never stopped. And the dynamics that came into play sparked my interest and kept me turning the pages. M.S. Sparrow has captured an amazing array of complexity in her characters. Anthony is exquisitely charming. You get the true sense of a child longing for [...]

    • No Rest For The Wicked by M.L Sparrow is all of my favourite things wrapped up in one! It's a beautiful romance, which definitely has its hardships, whilst incorporating magic, paranormal fantasy. There is suspense that means you can't put it down, there are shock moments, happy moments and all other emotions come out reading this book. The book reads very easily, you don't lost with too much information, but enough that you attach to the characters. I unfortunately had never come across this au [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked is a magical story by M. L. Sparrow. It is my first encounter with this writer and I know it will not be the last. I am happy to have found another writer to keep my eye on!No Rest for the Wicked is a story of Anthony and Elira. It is a story filled with magic and drama and sex, a paranormal fantasy and it offers something to everyone. I liked how the writer created a world within a world – first when I started reading I thought, hey, it sounds like we are in London and [...]

    • a brilliant read about magicians helping people. The magician Anthony Luther lives his magical life in Liddel when one fay he discovers a woman unconscious in the snow he rescues her and when Elira is feeling better, he employs her as his maid. she gets used to cleaning in a magical house that changes each day until evil magicians threaten her life several times. When these forces endanger Elira's life, can Anthony save her? Can she deny the feelings of love that spark between them despite their [...]

    • No Rest For The Wicked - by M L SparrowCharacters: 4/5Plot: 5/5World Building: 4/5Story Flow: 4/5OVERALL SCORE: If allowed, it would be a solid 4.5 out of 5 StarsVIEWI have to hold my hands up to being a sucker for a good PNR, and I was pleasantly surprised and certainly not disappointed with No Rest For The Wicked.Elira (the female lead) is strong and likable as well as quite relatable in aspects and thankfully was not the usual whiney damsel of the PNR genre. Anthony is romantic, bold, and st [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked is a novel by M.L. Sparrow. This is my first novel by this author.While taking a walk, a man notices a figure laying in the grass now covered in snow. He picks her up and takes her back to his house.When she awakens, she is confused as to where she is but gets dressed anyway. Later, she meets the man, his man Anthony, who explains to her what happened.The girl, Elira informs Anthony that she was kicked out by her former employee. Anthony who is intrigued by the young girl, [...]

    • No Rest for the WickedBy M L Sparrow5 stars!! This is the second book that I have read by this author and it was just fantastic! I think it had everything I love in a novel! It had romance, great characters, some magical/paranormal elements (my new found genre!!) and it had a definite historical feel about it! The detail that the author went into in this story was just outstanding. I could imagine every little bit of scenery she was describing. Her character development was also really good and [...]

    • I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a fantasy romance! I fell in love with both of the main characters; Elira and Anthony. I loved how confident and independent Elira was, despite her being a damsel in distress at the beginning, and the morals she lives by. I also liked how her background was presented. Anthony’s character was not what I expected! At first you think he’s just a rich gentleman who uses his authority to get whatever he wants but he was actually so [...]

    • No Rest For The WickedBy M.L. Sparrow5/5 Stars No Rest For The Wicked by M.L. Sparrow is a great paranormal romance story, you will enjoy from beginning to end! Trust me, you will have a difficult time putting it down!! I have read several books by this author before. But this one, is one of my favorites of hers so far!! I absolutely love paranormal romance stories! I don’t know what it is exactly, but I love the imagination it entails!! The story starts off when a man finds a woman laying in [...]

    • I give No Rest for the Wicked by M L Sparrow, 5 stars.I'm in love with this book! The story is amazing! As a whole, it may have been heard before -- poor woman and rich man have feeling for each other. But this book is so much more than that. Elira and Anthony are such great main characters. They are so realistic! You understand exactly how Elira feels and why she feels that way. It was the way things were back then. Then there's Anthony -- the very rich gentleman who apparently has a lot more t [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M L Sparrow5 Stars!!!!! I am in absolute reading heaven. I couldnt put this book down the pages just turned as though by themselves. If an action packed romance is what you are looking for with a bit of intrigue then this is definately the book for you! The realations between Elira and Anthony are absolutely smoldering. When you add magic and things from his past and her past into the mix its absolutely an inferno! I just love how the author uses thing from their pasts [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M.L. SparrowThis story is a paranormal romance book. The story has a little bit of everything a reader could as for. A female lead, Elira who was found barely alive and Anthony a handsome wizard with money set in a town that brought their lives together. Elira has questions about Anthony and if he is able to be trusted. She has been hurt before and wants to move slowly. Anthony’s social status is upper class which tends to get in the way of his relationship with Elira [...]

    • No Rest For The Wicked written by ML Sparrow. This story is a stand alone. Elira and Anthony are the main characters and it is told through their perspectives. This story was a little hard for me to get into as historical timeline stories are not my normal genre. The characters were well written even though Elira started out shy and meek she grew into a stronger, independent woman. Anthony was interesting in the beginning, who walks past a woman sleeping outside and carries them home and offers [...]

    • M.L Sparrow’s No Rest For The Wicked was not a book I could pass up given it’s synopsis, it reminded me of the “magic” of fairytales with a darker, more adult element I couldn’t wait to delve into. No Rest For The Wicked is not like any book I’ve read before, and I mean that in a good sense.I really enjoyed how the book pulled me in immediately, introducing both main characters almost instantly vs a long build up to the storyline. Immediately I was drawn to Elira’s character, she c [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M.L. Sparrow is a paranormal fantasy that tells the story of Elira and Anthony. Elira has had a rough life and has hit rock bottom when Anthony finds her lying in the snow. Anthony takes her home and offers her a job but Elira has trouble believing that their are no strings attached. I really enjoyed watching this love story play out. M.L. Sparrow has crafted an imaginative magical world and writes with vivid detail that makes you feel like you are living the story righ [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M.L. Sparrow is a great paranormal romance novel. The cover is absolutely beautiful, also love the title (it’s why I picked it up;). The story starts off hauntingly engaging, and keeps you sucked into the amazing world! So much chemistry between the main characters: Anthony & Elira! Love the wizard element, there are so many paranormal characters out there but few are wizards. Many emotions throughout this book-all the feels! Very well detailed, and had great flow [...]

    • I read No Rest For The Wicked by M.L. Sparrow. I rate this book 5 stars. This is a paranormal romance that grabs you from page one. I loved Anthony and Elira. I loved seeing them form in something that really is love. This story was fabulous!! It was a refreshing different read than what I normally read, and I loved it so much! The author did an amazing job on the character development as well as the bringing the story together This book was brilliantly done and I will definitely be reading from [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M.L Sparrow4 Stars This book has a bit of everything; a bit of romance, some sex, drama and magic. I found this to be a light read. It was a sweet romance with nothing extreme. Not too much drama or too much sex; it had just the right combination. The story takes place in the 1800’s when there were strict rules in society. There was a large gap between classes and you weren’t supposed to mingle, let alone get into a relationship. Elira is very poor and grew up in an [...]

    • What a fantastic introduction to M. L. Sparrow's work I received when I picked up No Rest for the Wicked. I was transported to a fantasy world where witches and wizards reigned supreme. Magic was around every corner and mayhem usually was in hot pursuit of this divine couple.Elira and Anthony were an extremely charismatic duo that never failed to surprise, impress and thrill me. Getting to know them was pure joy, and the other characters were crazy, yet intensely entertaining. This eclectic bunc [...]

    • No Rest for the Wicked by M L Sparrow was a great weekend read! It was full of some of my favorite things romance, magic and amazing characters! I really wish I owned Anthony’s house! I loved how the story kept me on my toes while I was falling in love with the characters! This was a super fun read and Sparrow didn’t disappoint! I can’t wait to read some of her other books!

    • I loved this book. From start to finish I couldn't put the book down. I enjoyed the thought the Author put into the characters. The plot even seemed to be well thought out. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a comfort read or a good book. Will definitely recommend.

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