The Angels of Morgan Hill (Women of Faith Fiction)

The Angels of Morgan Hill Women of Faith Fiction The Angels of Morgan Hill Women of Faith Fiction

  • Title: The Angels of Morgan Hill (Women of Faith Fiction)
  • Author: Donna VanLiere
  • ISBN: 9780312334529
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Angels of Morgan Hill Women of Faith Fiction

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      334 Donna VanLiere
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    • Donna VanLiere

      Donna VanLiere is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author and gifted conference speaker She has published ten titles including The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessing, both of which were adapted into movies starring Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams Perry and Neil Patrick Harris and garnered big ratings for CBS television LifetimeTelevision adapted The Christmas Hope starring Madeline Stowe and premiered it December 2009 Donna s non seasonal novel, The Angels of Morgan Hill, has captured the same warmth as her Christmas books and continues to please loyal and new fans alike.Donna is the recipient of a Retailer s Choice Award for Fiction, a Dove Award, a Silver Angel Award, an Audie Award for best inspirational fiction, a nominee for a Gold Medallion Book of the Year and was recently inducted into the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Hall of Excellence joining such luminaries as Coretta Scott King, Hugh Downs, Dr Norman Vincent Peale and Senator John Glenn Donna is an in demand conference speaker having appeared at countless women s and family events, including select Women of Faith conferencescmillan author donnav

    451 thoughts on “The Angels of Morgan Hill (Women of Faith Fiction)

    • This is the prequel to The Good Dream (great book, comprehensible as a stand-alone). Nice to see so much of Henry Walker and his wife Loretta, favorite characters in The Good Dream, but why didn't we see more of his sister, Sarah Ivorie Walker? Compared to The Good Dream, there is slightly more romance woven into this plot, but nonetheless this is primarily a post-war historical about a few white families uniting to help an orphaned homeless black boy (little Milo). It's a heartwarming, heartbre [...]

    • I have seen this book so many times on that I decided that I needed to read it. I laughed, I cried and I loved it. There are some very sad parts of the book, and I don't recommend it to readers under 14 because of the subject matter, unless they are very emotionally mature readers. The characters are very real and it tells a story that could have very well happened. I didn't want to put it down once I started reading it. It's good to the very end - and there's a nice little surprise at the end, [...]

    • This was a very good book takes place during the summer of 1947. Jane Gable meets a sharecropper family by the name of Turner who by the way are the first black people to setting in Morgan Hill, Tennessee. Then an incident happens that upsets everyone's lives and Jane's family has to make a decision how to handle it they do with the help of the "angels" of Morgan Hill. This is a feel good book full of warmth, humor and family unity. VanLiere did a wonderful job writing this.

    • My daughter, Christa called and told me I could download this book on my nook. She had previouly suggested I purchase Donna VanLiere Christmas books for my library. They have always circulated well, so I quickly downloaded this novel. It did not disappoint!Jane Gable thinks 1947 will be like every other year in Morgan Hill. However, her normal consists of an abusive, alcoholic father, a precocious brother (John) and a pregnant mother (Fran), who is resigned to their less than pleasant life. Jane [...]

    • I have read one other of Donna VanLiere's works, and though this is most definitely a fiction tale, I couldn't help but wonder how things would turn out for this young fella Milo. Best start in the beginning; It starts when Jane and her brother is burying their father (who died at age 29 from alcohol related diabetes) sadly none of the members are sad that he is gone since he was more trouble than he was worth; It also happens to be the same day that Milo and his family, the Turners come to town [...]

    • I picked up this book because of the word Angels in the title, knowing nothing about the author or her other works. After the opening paragraph, however, I was hooked. Set in Tennessee during the 1950s, Jane Gable (the 9-year old narrator) tells the story of the day her daddy was buried and how she and her younger brother saw their first black family. Through humorous anecdotes of life in the South, we learn of the contempt of some for the 'colored' sharecroppers and how far these folks would go [...]

    • If you like southern writers, and stories of the Jim Crow era you might like this book about a little boy trying to fit into a poor, fatherless white family who's adopted him and the struggles the family deals with regarding poverty and racism.There are heart-touching moments with the mother and Milo, the little boy, and with Fran and Joe, some lovely writing regarding Henry, quite possibly the biggest saint in Morgan Hill.But there was also some editing that needed to be done prior to publicati [...]

    • A good story. As I predicted, I cried throughout the whole thing. I can't stop myself from crying for children put in such sad circumstances with good people who just can't catch a break. It's hard to know what some people mean by a clean read. This story had a truly sweet romance element. But it also had despicable people in it, one of which made a despicable attempt. Not terribly graphic in details, but enough to get my heart pumping in concern for the female character. (Just a warning that yo [...]

    • A very touching story that takes place in Tennessee back in 1947 - A nine year old's story of how her family (white) and another family (black) get through the madness and meanness surrounding them that try keep them from being friends and at last trying to be family when a tragedy occurs. Donna VanLiere once again delivers a great story just like she did with her other book "The Christmas Shoes".

    • so glad I read this, and I am so happy that people are if not less judgemental a little less openly judgemental. It was hard to read parts of it because it hurt so much to read about how horribly people will treat others, but then It ended very nice and happy, maybe almost too well depending on the type of reader you are.Great book, I really enjoyed it.

    • Received this book as a gift many years ago but never thought of reading it until now. It's a nice book to read for children, set in post-world war 2 era . The story circles around the theme of racism, care, kindness and most of all the angels in our society. The people who are sent into this world to make it nothing but a better place . A better place for themselves and for others.

    • This is a great book about race relations. It was a very heartwarming and sweet story where the goodness of humankind triumphs!

    • Delightedly, this is my second Donna VanLiere novel/novella. I'm growing quite fond of her simple, yet humanly perceptive, uplifting stories. This one in particular played upon my emotions and gave me pause. Quite the bittersweet, satisfying read - historically, culturally, and spiritually. "I can't recall how long we stayed at the creek and listened to Henry's stories, but I remember the laughter and the deep feeling of happiness I had on that afternoon. Maybe that's our way of wanting to remem [...]

    • I have read most or all of Donna VanLiere's Christmas books. This is not one of them. Donna really dealt with the issue of racism back in the 40's and 50'sDonna has a wonderful way of making her story characters so real, three dimensional, flawed but hearts that can be filled with courage, caring, compassion and willing at all costs to stand up what they believe. From the first page of the story, I was in love, in awe, connected to each character. Small town, poor in things, but rich in the good [...]

    • OMG! I loved this book! I really enjoyed all of VanLiere's Christmas themed books, but this book has moved up to the top of my list as my favorite by this author. Sometimes when I read a book that has moved me emotionally, I become confused that a book like this has gotten so little attention. A sweet and moving story like this would make a wonderful movie. This is also a book that would be a good recommendation for students to read. If you loved "The Help", "Mudbound" or "Calling Me Home", then [...]

    • It's 1947 and the Turners (Willie Dean, his wife, Addy and their children, Milo and Rose) are the first black family to move to Morgan Hill. The Gables (Fran and her children, Jane and John) are kind, hard-working people who don't have much. Despite the disapproval of her friend, Margaret, Fran becomes friends with Addy Turner. Tragedy strikes and Fran makes a promise to Addy that she intends to keep no matter what Margaret and other narrow-minded, prejudiced people in town have to say about it. [...]

    • My first by Donna Vanliere, more shall definitely follow. I like her style, quite like some other writers from the Southern part of the US. It reminds one of 'To Kill a mocking bird' and 'The Help' and yet is distinctive and interesting in its own way. Touching . moves one to tears many times. The righteousness and innocence of children, the struggle and triumph of goodness and humanity are heart warming indeed. One is hooked on to the book right from the beginning and then it stays and lingers [...]

    • This is a wonderful book! It was hard. But this is a wonderful book!The setting is the small southern town of Morgan Hill, Tennessee. It’s 1947, “the year everything changes”. A black family moves in. Everyone in town has to decide how to deal with this fact.The book ends with a funeral. I believe that was my favorite part.Here’s a quote to remember. It was posted on the side of the cash register in Henry’s general store. “Character is found in how you treat people who can’t do any [...]

    • This short little book moved me to tears at the end. Set in rural East Tennessee, 1947, Jane Gable's life is changed forever when a young black family moves to town. Tragically, they are lost in a suspicious fire, and only, six-year old Milo lives. Fran Gable then has to make a decision whether to keep her deathbed promise to Milo's mother or let him move in with a black family. Milo decides. Read this book in (2) nights. Pick it up!

    • A very gripping story told through the eyes of a girl, starting in 1947 when she was nine years old. The day her abusive alcoholic father was buried she sees her first black person. Her world is full of strong wonderful characters, and neighbors who look out for each other. This master story teller has hit the bulls eye, showing us that even in our darkest hours, we are never truly alone.

    • Beauty in wordsEverything about this book spoke to my heart. I am almost 60 and am an avid reader. One week ago I discovered this author and have read two of her books. The writing is simply beauty in words. The toils, the friendships the strong women who have to make difficult choices. I have enjoyed every line and am blessed by the stories!

    • Angels within reach in Morgan Hill. 1947 was the year that forever changed a life of a family. A black family moved to their Tennessee town. The only family of color in the town. Racism at the start. A horrific tragedy that lead to an act of compassion. That also lead to fear and faith. Another outstanding book by Donna VanLiere that I just couldn't put down.

    • This was a very good read. An AA boy is raised by white people because his mother/father /baby sister where burned in a house fire because the a certain white man in town did not want them there. The story tells how he came to live with a white women and her child.

    • I found this book very readable. The setting is rural Tennessee in the years immediately after World War II, and I could relate to the way of life in many respects. The evil of racial prejudice is addressed in a compelling manner.

    • This is a story that takes place in the late 40's about a family in a white southern town. A black family moves in but a fire wipes out all but one young boy. The Gable family takes him in. The story tells about the trials and tribulations of this family decision.

    • When a book can make you feel emotion and tears come you know it's a good book! I can't fully say everything I want without spoiling it. All I can say is WOW! I love this book and is on my "read again" list. I haven't felt like this about a book in a very very long time!

    • When I read "The Good Dream," I thought it was an incredibly touching story. Naturally I decided that I wanted to see more of what Donna VanLiere was writing, so I chose "The Angels of Morgan Hill," since it was a sort of prequel to the book I loved so much. Though I enjoyed seeing familiar characters from "The Good Dream" and delving more into who they were, "Angels" did not deliver in the way I had hoped."The Angels of Morgan Hill," like "The Good Dream," is a story about finding happiness aft [...]

    • A glimpse into how one small town in the South handles the arrival of a black family. The characters all had their struggles, but most of them managed to become better because of them. There were many moments where I cried because of the events in this book. Its messages of love and overcoming tragedy will stay with me for a long time.

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