The Second Girl

The Second Girl He s a good detectivewith a bad habit Frank Marr knows crime in Washington DC A decorated former police detective he retired early and now ekes a living as a private eye for a defense attorney Frank

  • Title: The Second Girl
  • Author: David Swinson
  • ISBN: 9780316264174
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He s a good detectivewith a bad habit.Frank Marr knows crime in Washington, DC A decorated former police detective, he retired early and now ekes a living as a private eye for a defense attorney Frank Marr may be the best investigator the city has ever known, but the city doesn t know his dirty secret A long functioning drug addict, Frank has devoted his considerableHe s a good detectivewith a bad habit.Frank Marr knows crime in Washington, DC A decorated former police detective, he retired early and now ekes a living as a private eye for a defense attorney Frank Marr may be the best investigator the city has ever known, but the city doesn t know his dirty secret A long functioning drug addict, Frank has devoted his considerable skills to hiding his usage from others But after accidentally discovering a kidnapped teenage girl in the home of an Adams Morgan drug gang, Frank becomes a hero and is thrust into the spotlight He reluctantly agrees to investigate the disappearance of another girl possibly connected to the first and the heightened scrutiny may bring his own secrets to light, too Frank is as slippery and charming an antihero as you ve ever met, but he s also achingly vulnerable The result is a mystery of startling intensity, a tightly coiled thriller where every scene may turn disastrous The Second Girl is the crime novel of the season, and the start of a refreshing new series from an author who knows the criminal underworld inside and out.

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    • David Swinson

      David Swinson is the author of A DETAILED MAN, November 2011 and THE SECOND GIRL, June , 2016 by Mulholland Books Little, Brown Co He is a retired DC police detective, and a former alternative and punk rock promoter in Long Beach, CA in the eighties.

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    • Frank Marr is a retired Washington D.C. detective with two excellent skill sets: he's a great investigator and he's also very good at managing and concealing his long-time drug addiction. After leaving the force early, Frank is now a P.I. who works most often for a defense attorney. To support his addiction, he also rips off drug dealers and in the process of doing so as the novel opens, Frank accidentally discovers a young girl who is being held captive in a drug house.Frank takes the girl out [...]

    • I have my friend James Thane to thank for this one.Frank Marr is a retired Washington, D.C. police detective, revered for his investigative skills. He was good at his job, well-liked by his peers, but he decided that the job got to be a little too much to live with, so he retired early and does some work for a former colleague on the police force who is now a defense attorney.Or so the story goes. Because only a few higher-ups in the department, know the truth behind his retirement. And only Fr [...]

    • I was almost unable to write a review of David Swinson’s detective novel, The Second Girl, as I was overwhelmed in the agony and hopelessness of being denied yet again another Giveaway. This makes 96 rejections in a row—going back over a year. Do the folks at simply hate me and wish nothing but destruction and doom for my life, or are they just too busy—maybe baking brownies for an ISIS fundraiser, or perhaps downloading possibly illegal pornography from the internet. Something no doubt [...]

    • I received a copy of this book through the giveaway program. So thanks, , I really appreciate your doing thisBut as for the book? I got a little more than half-way through and said okay, that's enough. The MC is a retired cop and a drug addict but he has few redeeming characteristics. (If I can think of one I'll add it to this review.) He saves a girl, yeah, okay, big deal. But he does so in the course of stealing drugs from a gang which was dealing. As for finding her? It's an aggravation; it [...]

    • Ouch! Was this novel good approaching great. Especially for this particular gutsy "dick" genre. If bad = good. Because Frank Marr is bad. This reminded me more than a dozen times the mood/feeling/tension that I felt within "True Detective" series- the first year with Mathew Mcconaughy and Woody Harrelson. In order words and a quote from that series:"You touch the darkness, the darkness will touch you."And not only is it dark, but it's daily urban ghetto to the highrises real. In fact, this is th [...]

    • Frank Marr is an ex-cop, now working as a Private Investigator, sometimes for a Defense Attorney.Frank is a functioning drug addict but no one seems to know. He's very good at hiding things. He's also very good at breaking into drug houses to keep his supply of drugs and money. It's during one of these runs that he accidentally finds a young girl being kept prisoner. He frees her, does some hocus pocus, spins a well-thought out story and turns the girl over to the attorney he works for.It so ha [...]

    • A gritty detective story with authentic dialogue and a plot like a cold, fast-moving river where bodies are dumpedI had the pleasure of an advance read of this authentically-told tale of finding a missing girl on the mean streets of DC. I loved seeing the evolution in David's writing from his first book--this is a tight, tense tale that sucks you in and, while sometimes repellent, won't let you go. There is a feel of the TV show "the Wire" about this book, along with writing that's reminiscent o [...]

    • Frank Marr used to be a great cop, but his drug habit got in the way and made him dirty. Now he is one of the best Private Investigators in Washington DC. Liked by most of the cops he used to work with - they don't know about his secret drug habit, they only know he was a great cop and friend who retired early from the force - and feared by criminals.While breaking into a drug house to steal drugs, Frank rescues a captive teenage girl and becomes an instant hero. His police friends are clapping [...]

    • "It isn't the first time I've had to leave a body, stuffed in a suitcase, in the back of my car."Crime fiction doesn't get better than this. A tense, multi-layered thriller set in DC's underbelly, featuring a flawed, desperate, but resourceful (and very human) protagonist. Highly recommended.

    • What a great novel! The author navigates you through the tough streets of DC and police politics. Much of which will feel familiar if you've spent some time in DC. The Second Girl leaves you wanting to read more about Detective Frank Marr.

    • Frank Marr is a retired detective who was forced out of his job for reasons his former colleagues know nothing about. Since he's no longer a cop he's no longer constrained to the rules that police (ostensibly) have to follow, so he's constantly abducting "suspects" who end up being murdered in the next chapter, but that's not why he was kicked off the force. You see, Marr uses, like, so much coke. "I've got a nice chunk of coke on the glass table to chop up. I can't think of anything better to d [...]

    • I defy anyone to find a more exciting opening scene than David Swinson has written here. From there it moves along with the pace of a runaway train and somehow he manages to keep it from jumping he rails, bringing a deft facility with words and an insiders knowledge of the game to the story of an ex-cop desperately trying to keep one step ahead of his demons and maybe find a little hope along the way. One helluva a good read.

    • This book is an excellent example of modern hardboiled crime fiction with an anti-hero protagonist. The story starts as Frank Marr, retired D.C. cop and drug addict, stakes out a house which he hopes to plunder for its drug stash. Instead, he finds a teenaged girl from the Virginia burbs, tied up in the bathroom.Given the circumstances, Marr handles the situation in a way that helps the girl and covers his own ass. But as the old saying dictates, "No good deed goes unpunished." And one missing g [...]

    • Frankie Marr is not a good guy. After seventeen years on the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police, he was forced to retire when the brass discovered he had been helping himself to the drugs recovered in narcotics busts. Now, he works as a private eye to supplement his meager police pension. To feed his habit, he breaks into drug dealers’ stash houses to steal cocaine, marijuana, and prescription painkillers. Frankie persuades himself that he has everything under control because he resists using [...]

    • A new author for me, but familiar territory as I grew up in the DC area. Fortunately, not the area of crack houses, brothels, drug dealers and gang bangers. The continual movement through these areas gets a bit wearisome, almost like listening to your car's GPS but it does lend some authenticity, as does the dialogue in this story of a retired cop turned PI. Might be a bit of a stereotype except this one is a cocaine addict who needs his fix throughout the day. Interestingly, it is while ripping [...]

    • A decent little crime novel. Swinson's writing won't set your heart aflutter, but he has a gift for dialogue and a talent for narrative. In fact, his latter two skills so outshine his prose that I kind of wonder why he isn't writing movies or TV shows, but if he wants to stick with novels, it's hardly a disastrous choice.Swinson's narrator, private investigator Frank Marr, is an ex-cop on drugs. That's not exactly original, but Marr's refusal to agonize or rationalize is certainly a nice change- [...]

    • Frank Marr was a cop, an anti-hero who no longer plays by the rules, a man with secrets, and who never stopped working the bad guys, and now saving the innocent one step ahead of personal disaster.

    • Audience: Readers who enjoy fast paced, drug fuelled thrillers with a little bit of heart.Rating: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧Summed up in one word: Paradoxical Author Bio: David Swinson is a retired police detective who served 16 years with the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department. The Second Girl is Swinson's second novel, his first being A Detailed Man.First Impression: If you are looking for a non-nonsense thriller that features an unpredictable, drug addicted, ex cop turned privat [...]

    • I have to admit that I really enjoyed this novel and have found another great character in ex-Detective turned P.I. Frank Marr. Frank reminds me a lot of Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder as both are addicts. Scudder an alcoholic and Marr a cocaine addict and both leave the force under a cloud, although the nature of Marr’s misdemeanours are never fully revealed. Frank gets his cocaine supply by hitting stash houses of local D.C. suppliers, who he stakes out. While raiding one such house however [...]

    • elleisforliterature.Ray is dirty and willing to do deplorable things as well as charming and a hero. Also love how it captures D.C. This is a gritty real mystery novel - I believe due to Swinson being a highly decorated Police Officer in Washington D.Ccluding doing undercover in Narcotics A very 'real' gritty novel and I will definitely read more by Swinson.

    • David Swinson has started a new detective series with the publication of his novel The Second Girl. The protagonist is Frank Marr a decorated former police detective who now works as a private detective for a defense attorney. Frank has a secret that he hides from everyone: He is a drug addict hooked on cocaine. He has lent his considerable skills to hiding his secret from others, but after he accidentally discovers a kidnapped teenage girl in the home of a local drug gang, he becomes a hero and [...]

    • Mainpain smorgasbord.Frank Marr is a drug addict, a former cop, a drug addict, a PI working some missing persons cases, and a drug addict. Did you get that he's a DRUG ADDICT? I've heard that addiction can wipe out all other aspects of someone's personality, and I guess that's what happened with Frank, because DRUG ADDICT is basically all you get.I'm all for books starring complex, morally ambiguous antiheroes, but Frank is boring. There is no nuance to his characterization or this story. The no [...]

    • 3.5 starsFrank Marr, a former police detective turned private eye, has just saved the life of a kidnapped and abused young woman. That he did so while attempting to rob a drug dealer to feed his own secret habit is something he’s reluctant to make common knowledge. While walking the thin line between public attention and private vice, Marr finds himself investigating the disappearance of a second young woman who may or may not be connected to the first abduction that he stumbled across. Blunt [...]

    • I could not put this book down. I had never heard of the author David Swinson before but the book showed up in one of my recommendations. It did not disappoint. The main character Frank Marr is a retired police detective turned private investigator who plays by his own rules. I kept feeling like I wasn’t suppose to like Frank but I was rooting for him from the beginning. Frank stumbles upon a case while trying to supply his drug habit. The case involves a missing girl and the DC gangs. Human [...]

    • It has everything a dark crime novel should: a retired Narcotics Detective that confiscates the evidence of target crimes for personal use as well as an assortment of underworld characters, such as prostitutes, drug dealers, corrupt cops, overzealous FBI agents, and drug-addicted teenagers, cumulatively painting a compelling portrait of how to straddle the moral boundaries between justice and crime. The action is non-stop and the vocabulary filthy. You put all that together and you come up with [...]

    • 3.5Not quite up to the "another Pelecanos/Lehane" hype but otherwise very engaging debut crime novel featuring Frank Marr, former narcotics detective in D.C. and now P.I. with a secret/serious drug habit.Will Frank successfully navigate between the local drug gangsters and his former colleagues to find a missing teen? Will his secret life be revealed? Will the sexy defense attorney realize Frank wants more than an occasional roll in the hay?When put like that it does sound quite cliched but Swin [...]

    • My thanks to James for bringing this book into my radar. Jim, ya done good!According to the dust cover, David Swinson is a retired cop, as is his protagonist Frank Marr. They tell would be authors to write what you know-- and boy, did Swinson ever do so! I am very impressed by his ability to create such an "anti-hero" as PI (former detective) Marr. You want to like him and just when you're about to cheer him on, his addiction to coke, and assorted other substances makes you wonder how you could [...]

    • Swinson's job as a former crime detective serves him well in this gritty novel of a former cop turned PI. Unfortunately, this cop also has a mean drug habit as well. It is a down and dirty story of a man who helps solve an arms and drug ring coupled with a missing girls scenario but didn't draw me in. I didn't care about the characters and didn't find the pace suspenseful. Resolution of his drug habit wasn't part of the premise leaving many threads dangling . An ok read, but one you could miss

    • I loved this book, but I feel guilty that I was able to read a preview copy of this and everyone else has to wait until next June! Frankie Marr is one of those characters who on the surface has no redeeming qualities -- and yet you find yourself rooting for him. And as a DC resident, I loved that the author got all the little DC details just right (unlike some other authors who shall remain nameless). If you like your thrillers with depth, this is the book for you.FYI -- the initial 3 star ratin [...]

    • Being a DC guy, I'm probably genetically hardwired to like David Swinson. It's always a breath of fresh air when someone gets your city right and most people who write about it don't know what they're talking about. Beyond that, Frank Marr is my kind of compromised protagonist. This is great, modern detective fiction, and Swinson (a retired DC detective) knows his business. Looking forward to the sequel.

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