The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant Following her forced departure from Fourline Natalie Barns has been aching to rejoin the struggle to overthrow its evil dictator With Soris and those she left behind constantly on her mind Nat bides

  • Title: The Last Remnant
  • Author: Pam Brondos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following her forced departure from Fourline, Natalie Barns has been aching to rejoin the struggle to overthrow its evil dictator With Soris and those she left behind constantly on her mind, Nat bides her time, determined to find a cure for the duozi those infected by the terrifying Nala.An unexpected discovery propels her back to those she has sworn to protect, but her rFollowing her forced departure from Fourline, Natalie Barns has been aching to rejoin the struggle to overthrow its evil dictator With Soris and those she left behind constantly on her mind, Nat bides her time, determined to find a cure for the duozi those infected by the terrifying Nala.An unexpected discovery propels her back to those she has sworn to protect, but her reappearance in Fourline is anything but straightforward, particularly when familiar faces appear when least expected Despite the warnings of her friends and the looming threat of the vengeful Nala queen, Nat joins the fight in Fourline, both in her mind as well as on the field of battle Her decisions may salvage Fourline s future but at the risk of her own horrifying fate.

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      Pam Brondos is the author of The Fourline Trilogy and lives where the wind blows on a daily basis.

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    • The Last Remnant is packed with danger and adventure, and the stakes are even higher than in the previous two books. Natalie is a smart, resourceful and likeable protagonist, and the other characters bring their own quirks and skill-sets to the table. Natalie and her friends' journey and their mission to save Fourline has had its effect on all of them, and it's wonderful to witness the character development that's happened during the course of the trilogy, and even just during the Last Remnant.A [...]

    • I'm a little sad that this story is over. I really really enjoyed this trilogy, and I loved getting lost in the world of Fourline. This is definitely going to be one of those stories that I have to reread every now and then! I totally recommend you read these books! Like right now, just do it.

    • I’m so glad I committed to reading this trilogy to the end. The story, characters, and pacing get elevated to a new level here in book three. The first two books in the series captured and held my interest (for the most part) but book three refused to let go. It’s taken some time for me to care enough about the characters and problems in Fourline, but within the first few chapters of The Last Remnant, that all changed for me. That said, I still don’t really like Nat. She’s too impetuous [...]

    • LITERALLY yelling. I WEPT. This trilogy had me in tears. It's 1 am here and I stayed up to finish it. I'm in love with this series. I need MORE.

    • This third and final book was a satisfying conclusion to Natalie's adventures. There were parts of the story and character development I really enjoyed and even a part or two that surprised me. (view spoiler)[ Something I particularly liked was the art show at the beginning as it tied into Natalie's troubles and story progression well.(hide spoiler)]I also liked the focus of the story being brought back to Natalie's growth along with some added trials determining her relationship with Soris, Cal [...]

    • Finishing The Last Remnant made me sad. I looked forward to the continuing adventures of Nat in Fourline and back on Earth. Now, it has all ended. After reading the first Fourline book, each subsequent book went to the top of my TBR pile. I loved reading all the characters, and the rich history of Fourline and the people there.I knew book three would be awesome because the first two were. I knew it was the last book of the trilogy, and I had certain expectations about the story. I’m happy to r [...]

    • Much better than the first two books in the series; the entire plot moved quickly. I thought this was a nice wrap up.(view spoiler)[I will say that the Hermit's death niggled at me. It felt like the author had to have an obligatory party member death, and so she chose the Hermit. He and Andris were the least likable characters, but she couldn't kill Andris because obviously unhinged Emilia needed her love interest. Just the way it felt to me. (hide spoiler)]

    • I thought with the first novel that Natalie would be an atypical YA heroine. But with the 2nd and 3rd she slips into annoying YA girl hero. She's super whiny (and we add her whiny sister), she makes really irrational decisions, she's go a serious martyr complex going on. She will take ridiculous risks (which backfire most of the time) but doesn't want anyone else to take any and the teen jealously/true love. I did want to find how it all wrapped up and liked the conclusion.

    • I loved the first book so much, but as the series progressed, everything became a little tarnished for me. One thing I loved about the first book was there was a legitimate reason that the people from Fourline needed the help of someone from another world, and it didn't seem to be rooted in some Special Destiny. Over the course of this book and the previous, it turned out that Nat was part of a Special Destiny. Thematically, I am really uncomfortable with the Nala being pure villains that need t [...]

    • Slow starter, satisfying endingThe characters and the place of Fourline enchant. There is an attempt made to explain where Fourline is in the universe, but no explanation as to why they speak our language. Oh well, like Natalie, if you just accept some things about Fourline, then the Journey is more Enjoyable. The Nala are not humanized or given any traits that may cause you to feel sorry for them, or bad about their impending extinction (come on, you know it's going to happen). A great ending f [...]

    • It's hard to describe how refreshing it feels to read a fantasy book where the entire storyline is not actually dependant on the hero (heroine in this case). Natalie is a headstrong, smart and selfless character it's easy to like and she fills all of the hero criteria. However, the author makes sure to remind us that the world would manage just fine without her as well, which is what makes this series stand out. Definitely worth a read!

    • Fantastic SeriesAmazing ending to the Fourline series. The world of Fourline and its flora and fauna were so well fleshed out, I feel like I've been there! And certainly hope I get to go back!

    • Loved it Would have given 5 stars but two things irked me. The Nala I feel weren't described well physically and the lore is lacking a bit. Would have liked a more extensive history.

    • Great end to a trilogyLove this book. It finished out the trilogy well and didn't take any short cuts. All the story lines played out well.

    • Very good the elements of this book work together so we'll to create the perfect fantasy. The ending was a little predictable but only if you have read the second book

    • Best book of the trilogy! I enjoyed the interaction between Cal and Nat.tually felt sorry for Benedict character development with Emilia. Not much I can say without giving anything away.

    • Great final installmentClosure without leaving too many questions. This one has a few mind games that keep you on your toes till the last chapter.

    • Fantastic!!This 3rd instalment was just as strong in story, twists and plots as the other 2 books. A fantastic way to the it all up

    • So satisfying to my adventurous, romantic heartJedi meets Outlander. This story just has it all! I shouldn't have t o write eleven more words !

    • What A World! Absolutely loved this trilogy. The character growth and flaws were awesome. The action was just great. I absolutely loved this book and all the characters.

    • Fun world and readGood arrival of person story. Nice characters and discourse on family and acceptance. Interesting take on dreams. Cool warrior ladies.

    • Overall, a nice trilogy. It did not turn out all lollipops and rainbows so more realistic than some. I'm curious if Natalie ever returns to Fourline but it doesn't look like this will be addressed.

    • An absolutely perfect ending!!!An absolutely perfect ending!!! Can't wait to find out what other gems the author has up her sleeve. Fun ride

    • A world so real, it will be greatly missedA world that will be missed. Real characters, growing relationships, it was like reading a true story that happened a few years ago.I hope the world of Fourline will still be explored as there are no doubt other places, kingdoms, countries. An origin story is also one that is a curious one, especially the membrane. Or, new adventures by her sister Cal.They will all be missed. It was an adventure that rings true for many of us. The discrimination, corrupt [...]

    • Perfect ending to a great story! I highly recommend this story it anyone. So glad I found this trilogy.

    • ExcitingI loved this series The world and the characters draw you in and hold you. The main character is intriguing and lovable.

    • This was a great book. It was much quicker pace than the second one and kept up the whole book. It was exciting and a fun book to read.

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