A Wife for the Wolves

A Wife for the Wolves Matt and Mark Lunar have been waiting to become alphas their entire lives Together they could provide the leadership that the Lunar Pack sorely needs Their only problem They don t have a mate to comp

  • Title: A Wife for the Wolves
  • Author: Lola Kidd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Matt and Mark Lunar have been waiting to become alphas their entire lives Together, they could provide the leadership that the Lunar Pack sorely needs Their only problem They don t have a mate to complete their triad There hasn t been an alpha triad in the pack for decades and the twins are having no luck finding the special lady to complete their threesome In a lastMatt and Mark Lunar have been waiting to become alphas their entire lives Together, they could provide the leadership that the Lunar Pack sorely needs Their only problem They don t have a mate to complete their triad There hasn t been an alpha triad in the pack for decades and the twins are having no luck finding the special lady to complete their threesome In a last ditch effort to find a mate, the twins sign up with a mail order bride company Join the alphas in waiting as they search for their perfect mate in book five of the Mail Order Mates series.

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    • Itwasn't good. Fairly standard story, but the writing failed to capture my interest and even with menage, something that normally kicks up the heat factor, it was pretty tame.The Bottom LineYeah, it didn't work for me and I couldn't recommend it.

    • Teaming upWolf shifter brothers Mark and Matt knew that someday they would be in a triad relationship. They also intend to be Alphas to their pack, hoping to have a mate before becoming the alphas. It’s been months since they applied to LK Brides but just as they decide to just become the Alphas a bride match come in for them. Jackie has been a full time student for four years now constantly changing her major. Deciding to take a break and find out what she wants in life she applies to LK Brid [...]

    • DOUBLE THE PLEASURE AND DOUBLE THE FUN !!!Wow! What a tasty little tidbit! I love it! A Wife for the Wolves is the fifth release in the heartwarming Mail Order Mates Series by Lola Kidd and it has totally captured my heart. This is a stand alone short story with NO cliffhanger so you don't really have to read any of the other stories to enjoy this one but I was totally hooked after reading the first book and have read them all but I can't deny that it will certainly enrich your reading experienc [...]

    • I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Lola Kidd. This is book 5 of the Mail Order Mates series by the author.Mark and Matt Lunar own a restaurant and want to be alphas of the Lunar Pack but they are missing their mate to make a triad. They have been on Lovely and Kind Bride's list for a couple months but with out any luck so far. Jackie has gone to college for 4 years with out deciding on a major but she knows deep inside that collage is not for her. She wants a family [...]

    • Eh was ok. I liked this way better than Book 4 though. Jackie seems a little too agreeable. Matt and Mark dont really seem like alphas to me. I didnt really see any alpha characteristics. This was sort of boring actually. No real conflict and I dont mean like physical or war like conflict. I mean anything its like everyone just laid down and accepted things too fast. LOL. The sex scene between them was just boring. It wasnt really a menage. Not really. I mean Mark gets to actually have sex that [...]

    • What could be better than a sexy wolf shifter? Two sexy wolf shifters. that's right. Jackie doesn't want to be a professional student, but nothing seems to fit. What she really wants is to be a wife and mother.The twins Mark and Matt, are all grown up and want to lead their alpha-less pack. They need a mate, and in old tradition they want it to be a triad. Nothing about matchmaking is too much for Olivia. She's already had several successful matches in the shifter town. What's one more couple or [...]

    • This the fifth book in the Mail Order Mates Series by Lola Kidd - A Wife for the Wolves. In this round we have sexy twin wolf shifters - Matt and Mark Lunar of Sunset Falls looking for a wife and a beautiful curvy human girl - Jacqueline "Jackie" Frush, who's a bit lost on what she wants from life. I love these characters and how they interacted with each other. I want to sign up for being a mail order mate where's Olivia. LOL This book is a fun, romantic, has twin sweeties and is a light read. [...]

    • This is a novella and as such the story moves a a quick pace but not too quick.Matt and Mark are wolf brothers that own the local restaurant they have been watching their friends mate and marry while waiting for a mail order bride of their own. Jackie has been at college for a while swapping majors but she knows its not for her she wants a family of her own.Its a great plot with mention of some previous characters so an added catch up. Lovely characters and I really liked the brothers and the wa [...]

    • 3 1/2 Stars - Mark and Matt Lunar need to find their mate to complete their triad. They want to be the alphas of their pack. They would be stronger if they could find the mate that would make them that much stronger. Some of the pack does not want change. They have completed their profile for LK Mail Order Bride, but they know it could be years before they find their "one".Jackie wants a change in her life. She is tired of being in college. She researches LK and thinks she would like to try this [...]

    • Twin shifters what could go wrongMatt and Mark are twin wolf shifters who are successful running a restaurant but what they really wanted was a wife and to be the Alpha of their pack. LK Brides to the rescue. least for a brideJackie knew she wanted more out of her life besides college which she never received a degreeShe signs up with LK Brides and magic happensRead the book. Do the boys get their bride at the end? Do they become alphas and complete their triad? Read the book you will love it

    • 'I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review'3 1/2 HeartsI enjoyed it, but I didn't love it. When I read a book involving a Shifter Triad I really want some heat in the story. I didn't get that. I'm all for the fun, sweet stories but not when it comes to one when there's three of them in the relationship. That being said, it was a fun quick read and I do recommend reading.'Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews'

    • Menages are not my things and this one was poorly executed.I am still looking for an explanation (a valid one) to why there's a need of a triad but I am not sure I am going to get one.Well, most author must add a menage to satisfy certain readers but for me must be smoking hot to make me like it. This book here, flopped. The intimate scene felt rushed, awkward and weird. I am glad the book was not longer, for once.

    • I really didn't expect a triad, like in here it's a given that some wolves end up in a triad relationships xD- The combination of the so innocent and clueless heroine and the oh so sinful idea of a triad was really nice.- I liked how the brothers both courted the heroine - The heroine's shock when she realized that her HEA match was with two guys and since she's so innocent and clueless u can imagine her shock and intrigue Overall, *thumbs up*

    • *Arc copy for honest review* Very glad to see the twins finally get their story. The twins do everything together, why should getting a mate be any different. This was another cute story that ended to fast but had great quality to it. With this many happy couples the town might need to expand once it gets onto that magazine cover. These stories are a great way to escape from reality.

    • Another great book in Series Kindle Unlimited standalone book in series. They are looking for their mate. She's trying to find herself. When she fills out a mail order bride form, she gets a returned message within minutes. What will she do when she finds out there are 2 alpha wolves?

    • EnjoyableI liked Jackie, Mark and Matt's story, but it seemed a bit rushed I comparison to the order mail order brides stories. In this story it seems like the readers are given more about their "before meeting" life than what happens when they met. I still want to read more about the shifters of Sunset Falls, but this one is definitely not one of my favorites.

    • A Wife for the WolvesA super story deserves a higher rating, that is why I'm rating five stars. Matt and Mark are twin wolves, they do everything together. When they sign up for a mail order bride, they are not disappointed with Jackie. Readers will find this a great story. Surprises for all. Can't wait for your next story. Thanks Lola

    • Wife for the wolvesI choose this rating because the story flows very well. As usual you found a way to keep me interested thru out the book. The only thing I didn't like was the parents not actually meeting the twins,also the problem with the younger crowd. But like I said excellent read.

    • A Wife For The WolvesIt's always a pleasure to read books from this author. Every book in this series has been funny and just so sensual. Definitely looking forward to the next book.

    • I think I thought the 2 alpha wolves were much older than they appeared to be in this book. Didn't really detract from my enjoyment but I'm just wondering where I got that thought in the first place. Another cute read in the series.

    • Another winner!!!I love this series, and I hope there us much much more to come. I want the series to go in, and on! Lol. Very fun, very touching that more of the residents get mentioned. Very much worth reading!

    • Happy romantic short storyThis was a short romantic story. I think we will hear much more about Mark, Matt and Jackie. With all the happy couples we may need a book just to bring us up to speed with all the babies on the way and the least with each character.

    • OH wow Lola did it again. i love this triad story. she does a really good job writing the mail order mates series. this story is sweet and fun loving you get a bit of the pack life as well. sorry i don't want to give the story away so get this series.

    • This review is for books 1 thru 7. I give the series as a whole a 4.5 rating. Lola Kidd writes enjoyable stories with wonderful characters. Each story is different with each mail order bride reacting in her own way. The stories are fast to read. I recommend this series.

    • The series started out good but this one fell flat for me. All the couples are starting to blend together and just seems to be the same story over and over again.

    • Finally figured it outShe was in collage for 4 years. And still felt like she was missing something. When she decided to sign up for the bride's she found out what was missing.

    • Good seriesthis is a really good series and a fast read. I read a couple of them in a night. I recommend this series to all my friends and family that enjoy shifter romances

    • I love this I really like this series. It is packed with information and romance the right way. I will read this series again.

    • LOLA KIDD, WOWEven though they are short stories there's plenty of action,emotions and steamy scenes to keep you wanting to see what happens next.

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