A dalt tot està tranquil

A dalt tot est tranquil En Helmer s un granger que amb cinquanta cinc anys i una vida marcada per la solitud est a punt de prendre les regnes de la seva vida Gerbrand Bakker ens envolta dels pensaments d un protagonista qu

  • Title: A dalt tot està tranquil
  • Author: Gerbrand Bakker Maria Rosich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • En Helmer s un granger que, amb cinquanta cinc anys i una vida marcada per la solitud, est a punt de prendre les regnes de la seva vida Gerbrand Bakker ens envolta dels pensaments d un protagonista que tracta d entendre el seu propi a llament, i ho fa a trav s d un llenguatge directe que ens diverteix, ens emociona i ens porta a preguntar nos el perqu de les nostres prEn Helmer s un granger que, amb cinquanta cinc anys i una vida marcada per la solitud, est a punt de prendre les regnes de la seva vida Gerbrand Bakker ens envolta dels pensaments d un protagonista que tracta d entendre el seu propi a llament, i ho fa a trav s d un llenguatge directe que ens diverteix, ens emociona i ens porta a preguntar nos el perqu de les nostres pr pies decisions Els constants viatges entre el passat i el present ens fan part cips d una hist ria que podria haver estat diferent.Premsa El ritme de vida a la granja s el que s, al cap i a la fi, i aquesta obra de Gerbrand Bakker el sap capturar d una manera espl ndida Marina Espasa al Diari Ara Crea un m n propi on el lector pot refugiar se Jose Luis de Juan a El Pa s Descobrir un d aquests escriptors, que s n conscients que la seva obra no s una mercaderia sin la m s exquisida manifestaci de la seva nima, comporta sempre una enorme satisfacci Xavier Serrahima, El Punt Avui Una novel la de tendresa continguda i humor lac nic J.M Coetzee Aquesta s una novel la de gran brillantor i subtilesa Cont escenes d una envoltant for a psicol gica The Independent s una d aquestes rares obres de ficci que tothom hauria de llegir Est plena de vida i veritat, tot transm s a trav s d una veu narrativa que es nega a permetre al lector allunyar se n ni un moment The Irish Times.

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    • Just finished The Twin, literally minutes ago, and want to get my thoughts down as quickly as possible. Not because I’m so very excited. It’s just that I know I have a problem doing a proper review after a few days have passed, and the truth is I don’t even know what I think of this book right now. Maybe I should let it marinate, but just in case, here goes.The original title in Dutch is Boven Is Het Stil, which translates roughly to "Above Is Quiet." I would have liked to have known that, [...]

    • Wat is de stilte en het naar binnen gekeerde leven van deze boer in Waterland meer dan prachtig beschreven. In alle eenvoud mooi!

    • I'm always flattered when an author doesn't interpret her/his work for me, doesn't tell me how to feel or even what his characters might be feeling. I was taught to "show not tell" in fiction. Maybe that's why right from the start Bakker's The Twin had me "watching" it (directed by Ingmar Bergman, I think) in black and white perched on the edge of my chair. This was a two day marathon. And in the end I was awarded a quiet day of contemplation about what had happened and why, its reality and its [...]

    • I’ve just finished reading this book and should perhaps wait a day or two to write my review so that maybe my gushing and cooing about how wonderful this book is will wear off a bit. But I doubt that I’ll feel different about this book tomorrow or ten years from now. Amazingrfectant. Leaves me utterly speechless. For meis is what fiction is all about.To say so much with such simplicity.To so aptly and accurately capture the essence of a place I have never been but will recognize when I get t [...]

    • “Everything is different when you have a coffin in your living room”These are the kinds of sentences that fill The Twin: subtle, understated and crackling. This beautifully written novel shines with its character depiction of Helmer, a man who has made no choices in his life other than selecting the chickens for the farm. His home, the larger farm animals, his furniture and even his work clothes were passed on: choices that belonged to others.However, the impending death of his father leads [...]

    • Back in September, I suggested Gerbrand Bakker's 2006 novel The Twin (translated by David Colmer) as an unconventional but relevant choice for the Gothic and mystery-themed RIP Challenge V. Having now actually read The Twin, I'm pleased to say not only that I enjoyed it quite a lot, but also that I can firmly stand by my odd categorization. There are other ways to read The Twin—as a pastoral novel, or a piece of quiet psychological realism—but I thought it might be fun to spend my post readi [...]

    • Definitely not a book for all tastes--but it surely was for mine. I read "The Twin" because a website I browse occasionally ranked it as one of the top five international novels of last year, and I'm glad I did. The style is simple, even flat, and the Dutch countryside portrayed here is bleak. The story is told my Helmer, a man in his mid-fifties, whose identical twin, Henk, died almost forty years before. Helmer still lives in the shadow of Henk and feels himself to be only half a person. He re [...]

    • Ooo, I loved this book, but it's difficult to pin down just why. It reminds me of those fabulously arty films with long shots of a solitary person tending cattle on a farm in a bleak landscape, complete silence except for the constant moan of the wind, the odd cattle call and the cry of a bird.ButAs the camera closes in, the muck and hard work become clear, and we see the father dying in the bedroom upstairs, surrounded by pictures of mushrooms and sheep and dead relatives.Helmer I half love him [...]

    • The book is strange and quite beautiful, both in the way it is written and in the scenes it conjures. It is suffused with the stillness of the watery Dutch landscape it depicts. As with the birdlife's apparitions so with the humans, it is all somehow unique yet true to an eternal nature. In its spareness, in the present tense descriptions of mundane activities and exchanges the narrative is also full; it rests in itself and breathes with nature -until it kicks with nature. It is clear and terse [...]

    • My first "book club" experience: the member who suggested this read is moving to Holland in a couple weeks. We met at Pegasus Pizza on campus, I drank a beer with my breadsticks, and reveled in the idea that the four people at the table had just read the same dull, terse book. Father's dying. There is a hooded crow in the ash tree. Since my twin died, I'm half a person. My twin's old girlfriend sends her son to be my farmhand. There are homo-erotic undertones. My life has stood still with the mi [...]

    • Bakker schrijft met een bijna beklemmende soberheid en net dat maakt het verhaal zo beklijvend. Je blijft gefascineerd lezen, ook al doet het hoofdpersonage vreselijke dingen, en uiteindelijk ga je die ook helemaal begrijpen. En hoe grauw het verhaal bij tijden ook is, het is tegelijk een liefdesverklaring aan de schoonheid van het platteland.

    • Initially I expected this to be what I call a boring must, but it turned out to be a strangely feel-good, well written novel that abounds with exquisite imagery, terrific characters and even subtle humor that elicited the occasional chuckle.Its unhasty pace reminded me of the good old books I used to read as a teenager when books were just good, and not 'thought provoking', 'unusual', 'novel' (pun intended) , 'cross-genre' and what-not, when authors didn't feel the need to challenge form and sub [...]

    • ****(*)Het is de klok, die oude staande klok, die de seconden - minuten - uren - dagen in het leven van Helmer wegtikt. Een leven dat onvolledig is na het overlijden van zijn tweelingbroer Henk toen ze 19 waren, zoveel jaren geleden.Het schijnt alsof Helmer's leven in een soort wachtstand staat, dat het stopte die dag van dat grote verlies, wat leidt tot verbittering. "Boven is het stil" is een prachtig boek over het ogenschijnlijk eenvoudige leven van een vrijgezel, een boer van middelbare leef [...]

    • This is my preliminary review. i will be discussing this book in our book club so I still have some in-depth studying to do.I must say I prefer the Afrikaans translation of the Dutch title, "Boven is het Still" to "Bo is dit stil". Calling it The Twin I believe misplaces the emphasis. i do not believe this novel is about being a twin, rather it is about a world beneath the deceptively simple life Helmer leads. His farm is out of the way, yet it is the space in which a bitter existence between a [...]

    • A spare quiet story of an ordinary man, a farmer who feels he was put into his way of life by external circumstances that he no control over. His twin brother died when they were young men, so he ended up taking over the family farm, although he had planned to become educated at a university, and had only recently started his studies. Now it is 35 years later. His father is dying and lives, neglected, in the same house with only his son for company, who seems to hate him in a quiet sort of benig [...]

    • Chosen for discussion at a book group. It is slow, plodding character study set in Netherlands, translated from the Dutch. The twin is left to run the farm when his brother diesnts it and his aging father for all the years he missed out on his own dream. Discussion may be interesting next month.

    • This is a beautiful book, a sort of modern elegy written in a country farmyard. Not a lot of plot but tons of emotion floating about even if the characters have some difficulty voicing their feelings at times.

    • Ik heb genoten van dit relaas over een stugge Hollandse boerenzoon die veel denkt, maar niet veel spreekt. Spreekt hij toch, dan gebruikt hij weinig woorden en komt hij er niet toe te vertellen wat hij echt wil zeggen. Eigenlijk leeft hij het leven van zijn gestorven identieke tweelingbroer Henk die in zijn vaders boerenvoetsporen zou treden. Maar wanneer Henk sterft, krijgt Helmer die rol toebedeeld, te nemen zonder commentaar. Het gevoel dat hij geleefd wordt blijft hem zijn hele leven lang ac [...]

    • Una prosa semplice, scarsa, raffinata, con frasi brevi e secche. I personaggi sono agricoltori, ma la vera protagonista è la natura del nord: il cielo, il mare, la terra, l'acqua, gli animali, il clima. Dolori, ricordi, nostalgie, dentro gesti minimi della vita quotidiana in una fattoria, creano un'atomosfera unica. Bakker, figlio di contadini, non rinnega le sue origini e qui si rivela un eccellente contadino dell'animo umano.

    • 4.5/5Io non so come facciano gli scrittori nordici (volevo dire scandinavi, visto che ora lo pronuncio anche nel modo esatto, ma tecnicamente l'Olanda non rientra in Scandinavia- posso dire gli scrittori dell'Iperborea?) a narrare così bene del normale, della quotidianità. I tre libri migliori che abbia mai letto sull'argomento, come lo chiamo io, "Ma poi, è proprio necessario essere qualcuno?" sono stati pubblicati dall'Iperborea e sono "Che ne è stato di te, Buzz Aldrin?", "La vita perfett [...]

    • Half a BodyAs with the Archipelago Press edition of his later novel, Ten White Geese, Gerbrand Bakker's The Twin has a lovely cover. In this case, a picture of half a dozen cows in a flooded field in Holland, the animals and the big Dutch sky reflected in the water like a mirror. It is a beautiful picture, spacious and calm—and entirely uneventful. The spacious calm is important to Bakker's novel too. I would not call it uneventful entirely, though reading it is a bit like watching cows placid [...]

    • The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker Now here's a book to get to grips with. If you are American, did you know that books written in English are translated into American? words you may not be familiar with like "telephone box", "motor car", "nappy" are translated into words you may understand. If anyone was doing this in reverse I'd be insulted if anyone thought I was not intelligent enough to either grasp or lookup a word or two. The downside to this, apart from the implied insult, is that Americans g [...]

    • A review of The Twin I stumbled upon was intriguing enough that I jotted down the title and eventually added it to my 2nd list of 100 Books to read.It was refreshing to find a contemporary writer who doesn’t pale among the revered early 20th century writers. The next time I hear someone claim there are no good writers anymore, I’ll throw Bakker’s name their way.A Dutch farmer living with his elderly father reflects on the life he was dealt after his twin brother dies unexpectedly at age 20 [...]

    • Stark, bleak, and Cold. Not my style of book to read but I wanted to try something different. It was a free book, and I read them all the way through to be fair. It just left me cold and lonely.

    • Boven is het stil vertelt het verhaal van Helmer. Het boek begint als Helmer zijn vader 'verstoot' naar boven in de boerderij. De oude man is zwak en dat wordt er door de manier waarop Helmer hem (niet) verzorgt niet beter op. Af en toe krijgt hij iets kleins te eten. En als iemand vraagt of die zijn vader mag zien zegt hij: die slaapt. Overduidelijk heeft Helmer een diepgewortelde afkeer van zijn vader. Een oude, hulpeloze man.Langzamerhand kom je erachter waarom dat zo is, hoe dat zo is gekome [...]

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