Bride of Falcon

Bride of Falcon When is love not enough After five Seasons Ivonne Wimpleton has accepted she s an haute ton undesirable Her only suitors are men desperate to get their hands on her marriage settlement Guarded and al

  • Title: Bride of Falcon
  • Author: Collette Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781942368069
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
  • When is love not enough After five Seasons, Ivonne Wimpleton has accepted she s an haute ton undesirable Her only suitors are men desperate to get their hands on her marriage settlement Guarded and aloof, and always a bit ungraceful, she s resigned herself to spinsterhood She doesn t mind her fate since Chancy Faulkenhurst, the man who once held her heart, left for IndiWhen is love not enough After five Seasons, Ivonne Wimpleton has accepted she s an haute ton undesirable Her only suitors are men desperate to get their hands on her marriage settlement Guarded and aloof, and always a bit ungraceful, she s resigned herself to spinsterhood She doesn t mind her fate since Chancy Faulkenhurst, the man who once held her heart, left for India without an explanation.Six years later Chance returns to England physically and emotionally scarred His love for Ivonne remains just as strong, and when he learns she must choose one of the degenerates who ve offered for her, he s determined that none should have her but him Except, not only is she infuriated he made no effort to contact her in all their years apart, in Chance s absence, his father arranged a marriage for him and fully expects Chance to honor the agreement.Caution This historical Regency romance contains an intrepid, spinsterish wallflower convinced she s unworthy of love, a wounded hero determined to persuade her otherwise, and a cunning villainess you ll hope gets her comeuppance.Buy this 2nd installment in the Waltz with a Rogue historical Regency romance novella series for a rousing, emotional, and romantic adventure you can t put down.

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      USA Today Bestselling Author, COLLETTE CAMERON pens Scottish and Regency historicals featuring rogues, rapscallions, rakes, and the intelligent, intrepid damsels who reform them Mother to three, Collette admits to a quirky sense of humor, enjoys inspiring quotes, and anything cobalt blue A self confessed Cadbury chocoholic, she lives in Oregon with her miniature dachshunds You ll always find dogs, birds, occasionally naughty humor, and a dash of inspiration in her sweet to spicy timeless romances.Want her 3 book FREE starter library Join Collette s VIP Reader Club bit TheRegencyRoseBe the first to know the latest news, contests, releases, and enter her giveaways Follow Collette on Bookbub bookbub authors colleFollow Collette s blog collettecameron blue roseFollow Collette on Facebook facebook collettecameronauFollow Collette on Twitter twitter collette_authorFollow Collette on author collettecameFollow Collette on Instagram instagram collettecameronFollow Collette on Pinterest here pinterest colletteauthor

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    • Loved itI have to say I enjoyed every single word of this novella. I loved all the secondary characters, well I did hate Lord Kirkpatrick, and the sweet sensual love story. Of Falcon’s concern of Ivonne being disgusted because of the two fingers he’d lost during the war (he’d been gone for six years) and Ivonne’s ‘sometimes’ concern that she walked with a limp because of a broken leg that didn’t heal right. Theirs was such a wonderful love, yet neither of them knew how the other fe [...]

    • Another great book in the waltz with a rogue series!! Falcon has been gone for many years and comes home injured. Ivonne has been pinning for Falcon for over 7 years. She has turned down every offer because her heart has always been with Falcon. Before he left to the Indias he asked for Ivonne's hand in marriage but her father refused saying she was too young and that Falcon needed away to support a wife and family. When a scandal breaks out around Ivonne, Falcon is finally home to hopefully cla [...]

    • A sweet novellaFalcon returns from India a damaged man. He arrives at his best friend's home to find Allen's sister in their garden being pursued by a nasty man who wants to marry her. He steps in and tells the man she is already betrothed. This is what she would love he to do is marry him.

    • Soon to be one of my favorite authors, I am so happy I listened to this book! Now I believe I have listened to all available! The books I have listened to are entertaining. Enough humor, and interest to keep me listening all the way through.

    • Delightful Regency romanceIvonne has been in love with Chance Faulkener (Falcon) since she was 15 and he went off to war in India. Now, six years later, he has returned, wounded and disfigured. However, he cannot ask Ivonne to marry him because of other obligations and because he has nothing to offer her.A rejected suitor spreads rumors about Ivonne, making it necessary for her to be betrothed within two weeks and married within one month. Her choice of suitors is deplorable and she is devastate [...]

    • I've enjoyed Collette Cameron's works in the past. They're easy to read, entertaining, and total brain candy. You aren't challenged, nor do you need to think hard at all. It's like the lazy river of historical romances. However, I'm glad that this was free. This novella was not good. There wasn't enough backstory at all to engage the reader to the MCs. What is revealed during the course of the story is hardly compelling either. You have the H who claims that he's been in love with the h for five [...]

    • BRIDE OF FALCON, the second novella in Collette Cameron's A Waltz with a Rogue series features Ivonne "Ivy" Wimpleton, the younger sister of Allen Wimpleton from the first novella in the series, A Kiss for Miss Kingsley. Ivy has been in love with her brother's friend, Chancy "Falcon" Faulkenhurst since she was a young girl. He went to India to work six years ago when she was only fifteen and has finally came back to England. She's had many suitors, but none she's interested in mostly because she [...]

    • Oh, I do love some good star-crossed lovers! Cameron brings her world to life in this intriguing tale of love against the odds. She draws her readers into the ton, not necessarily via pomp & circumstance, but rather via feelings. Cameron`s eloquent yet formal writing allows readers to get a real sense of the people and situations surrounding the main characters without having them spelled out. And the rumour mill of the ton is out in full force here. I couldn`t help but laugh out loud at som [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book by Collette Cameron. It is full of fun, fashion, heartache, suspense, love and romance.In Bride of Falcon, Ivonne has been in love with Falcon since she was 15 years old. Little did she know that Falcon loved her also, but being protective of her, her father turned down Falcon's request for Ivonne's hand in marriage. He told him that if he still loved her and could provide for her in a few years then he could ask for her hand again.The six years that they went without [...]

    • Emotional!I really enjoyed Bride of Falcon, written by Collette Cameron, it's a short and charming Regency story of two beautiful tortured souls. Ivonne Wimpleton has resigned herself to spinsterhood. She doesn’t mind her fate, since Chancy Faulkenhurst, the man who once held her heart, left for India years ago without an explanation. Six years later, severely injured during a battle, Chance returns to England physically and emotionally scarred but his love for Ivonne remains just as strong. B [...]

    • A delightful novella from A Waltz with a Rogue Bride of Falcon is a real treat for Regency romance readers. Nothing more romantic than a returning soldier hero with scars. Collette Cameron weaves a charming story of love reclamation with all the tears and fears of what could be lost. It's a wonderful part of the series: A Waltz with a Rogue. It is a very entertaining mixture of characters entertwining the novellas. Although it can be read as a standalone it is an enjoyable collection of colorful [...]

    • I really enjoyed this short, traditional Regency novella. It had all the necessary ingredients for a sweet romance, including a villain, interfering royalty, a wounded hero, a vulnerable heroine, the gossipy ton, and a surprising investment turned into wealth. Chaz (Falcon) and Ivy waited six long years to get their happy-ever-after ending, but get it they did! I recommend this novella highly. An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

    • Totally enjoyedBride of Falcon by Collette Cameron second book in the series A Waltz with a Rogue is outstanding.The characters are very well developed. The plot flows effortlessly. I totally enjoyed reading this very engaging story. Worth reading. Thanks

    • Great story !!!I truly enjoyed this story. Collette writes with all the vocabulary of the Era. It is so fun to read. Some of the things they would say in 1818 are hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud. I highly recommend this book !!!!

    • WonderfulIvy has been in love with Falcon since she was 15, Falcon was in love also. He was a second son, he decided to serve in India. He comes back 6 years later with a few disfigurements, but he still loves Ivy and Ivy still loves him. They just have to see the light.

    • une jolie petite histoire d'amour toute simple avec des personnages agréables même le "méchant " est plus lourd, bête et sale que vraiment méchant.

    • Six years = five seasons. Five long seasons for Ivonne Wimpleton to accept that she is an undesirable. Six long years to realize & accept that the one man she has loved since she was 15 does not love her.Six long years - that's how long Chancy Faulkenhurst, Falcon, has been away from England. Six years since he's seen the one girl he wants for a wife, one that whose father refused him six years ago. Now he's home, poor & disfigured, with little prospects to woe the girl he wants & to [...]

    • I read this story as part of the box-set Captivated by His Kiss. Falcon is the kind of hero you feel and fall for right away. He’s too flawed both emotionally and physically because of what he thinks were his failings during his time as a soldier and now he thinks he’s not worthy of Ivonne’s love. Ivonne, our heroine's story, is in a dire situation because she must choose a man to marry or The Prince Regent will choose for her and the candidate is a man she detests. Her heart belongs to Fa [...]

    • Collette does it again! She has the ability hook me from the first paragraph. The interactions between the characters are very entertaining and it never gets boring. This is a short story and I read it from the Captivated By His Kiss (A Limited Edition Boxed Set of Seven Regency Romances).The story takes place in London during the 1800s. It is about a woman who is considered a spinster and a man returned from India scarred and disfigured.Ivy, the spinster, captivates the story from the first pag [...]

    • Ivonne Wimpleton has been in love with Chance Faulkenhurst, aka Falcon, as long as she can remember and he loves her too. As so often happens in Regency romances, they never bothered to tell each other of their love. This leads to amusing chaos and confusion as Ivonne tries to evade the amorous attentions of an odoriferous and revolting suitor whose only interest in her is her inheritance and property. Chance returns from war and learns that in his absence, his father has promised his hand in ma [...]

    • A quick,wonderful read! First published in the Anthology, "Captived by His Kiss". I so enjoy this author's stories, and "Bride of Falcon", was not a disappointment. Fast paced tale of second chances, romance and love. Two tortured souls, face scandal to find their HEA. Well developed characters that will capture the reader's heart. The storyline is interesting, and a bit unique. An enjoyable and satisfying read! Another hit by Ms. Cameron!!*Received for an honest review***Cross-posted on My Book [...]

    • I recently purchased this book without realizing I had read it previously in the Captivated By His Kiss book collection. I read it again and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. This short novella is sweet and romantic. Another great Regency romance from Collette!

    • It's a very cute short story. The heroine is the sister of the hero in "A Kiss for Miss Kingsley". Even though it's a short story the author gave you enough background info to know what was going on and why. I enjoyed it.

    • Gah, starting to get bored with silly plots and situations. This one was so bad I have to admit I skimmed in places. I couldn't tell you what it was about, more misunderstandings and girls in fear of forced marriages.

    • Good read of enduring love.Young lovers confront time and insecurities of self doubt and financial worth to find their tomorrow! They almost missed the boat because of their reluctance to express their true feelings!

    • An absolute, romantic story. I'm always amazed at how complete and full an author can make a novella. Well done Collette Cameron! This was a beautiful love story, and just what I needed.

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