Extinction This is the sixth and final novel in the action packed series following Special Forces captain Lee Harden and a group of survivors struggling to survive while rebuilding an America devastated by a bac

  • Title: Extinction
  • Author: D.J. Molles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the sixth and final novel in the action packed series following Special Forces captain Lee Harden and a group of survivors struggling to survive while rebuilding an America devastated by a bacterium that has turned 90 percent of the population into a ravenous horde.The merciless tide of infected is flooding south, and time is running out to stop them Bolstered byThis is the sixth and final novel in the action packed series following Special Forces captain Lee Harden and a group of survivors struggling to survive while rebuilding an America devastated by a bacterium that has turned 90 percent of the population into a ravenous horde.The merciless tide of infected is flooding south, and time is running out to stop them Bolstered by new allies, Captain Lee Harden continues his struggle to establish a safe haven from which the embers of a shattered society can be rekindled.This is the sixth and final novel in D J Molles bestselling series Book One The RemainingBook Two AftermathBook Three RefugeesBook Tour FracturedBook Five AllegianceBook Six Extinction

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      D.J Molles has two published short stories, Darkness and Survive, which won a short fiction contest through Writer s Digest The Remaining and its follow up The Remaining Aftermath are his first novels and have been met with overwhelming success He lives in the southeast with his wife and daughter.

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    • This is one of my favorite series and even though this is end, there is plenty of room for the author to continue the saga of Captain harden and his group. This a great series that answers all of the important questions by the end. I enjoyed how it all ended. While some of the events I saw coming, for the most part I was wondering what was going to happen next and it turned this book into a real page turner. Great job Mr. Molles and if on the small chance you read this review, PLEASE WRITE MORE. [...]

    • This book is well deserving of the five stars I gave it. There are some extremely hard hitting passages in this book and some of them feel like textbook examples of emotive writing without alienating the reader. Captain Harden continues what feels like a natural character progression throughout this book although it feels like he is almost cast off at the end. It's nice to see almost all of the loose ends through the series get tied up in most cases quite neatly. I would have liked to have read [...]

    • I picked up the first book in the series as a filler until I could find something better. Well turns out I didn't have to wait long, maybe 3 pages and it only got better with each installment. Through out the series, our protagonist, Capt Lee Harden was one of several men in secret underground bunkers all around the country. They are trained to emerge at a specific time when called upon to assist in the rebuilding of the nation in case catastrophic events brought it to its knees. After several f [...]

    • A lackluster end to the series I thought. Some huuuge questions were left unanswered--the one I was most intrigued about and was teased for several of the books and then left unmentioned was the fate of all the pregnant zombies. Are their offspring the hunters? But the hunters seemed to happen pretty early on where that doesn't make sense. Was disappointed that was never finished off. More of the same. People race from point A to B. Various people backstab others for no real reason. The finale w [...]

    • A very satisfying conclusion to what I think may be the best zombie series I've yet to encounter. Yes, I've read quite a few and I'm proud to say so. I still believe that the third book in this series, Refugees, was the best book in the series and probably the best zombie book that I have ever read. However, since this was a tidy end to the series, I believe that it deserves five stars as well.Although most of the loose ends have been tied up in The Remaining, the division between the midwest an [...]

    • I got about 30 pages into this one and then realized that I just don't care anymore. The series started out pretty good, but got duller and more repetitive as it went on, and now I can't even work up enough interest to finish the final book. Oh well. I'm sure it turns out just as bland and unremarkably in the end as the previous few books in the series. I'm also pretty burnt out on zombies. They have gone way past stale, way past overused, way past cliche even, and into if you even mention somet [...]

    • Finally a Remaining book worth the investment. Author D J Molles can write some excellent action adventure scenes and this concluding installment in The Remaining series is payback for all of us who suffered through the hundreds of pages of filler and pointless tangents that padded the middle books. The Remaining: Extinction is basically an excellent war novel told from the platoon level perspective with occasional glimpses of the big picture.

    • I loved this whole series. It was sad to say Goodbye to Lee and the crew. I will read them all again someday :)

    • Great end to the series and as usual not everything went right. I almost wish there was going to be more, but it's nice to see something end as well.

    • I enjoyed Extinction far more than I thought I would. After the colossal bore that Allegiance turned out to be, I had my doubts about Molles and the direction the series was going. I mean, how could the previous 5 books (and 2,000+ pages) be wrapped up in one final novel, especially one that would have to close a lot of open doors and tie off more than a handful of loopholes.Well, for the most part, Molles delivered. The book itself is actually quite good. It picks up right where the horrible cl [...]

    • Great endingI've read all 6 of D.J.Molles' post apocalyptic series and enjoyed them all. There is a glut of zombie apocalypse series out, I've tried many, truly been impressed by a few (my next book is the latest Awakening novel), and realized why I did or didn't like them. They need a twist, here the secret government project to ensure civilization outlasts an apocalypse. The second is the characters, Capt. Lee Harnden kits part of Project Hometown, and slowly becomes a leader in the aftermath. [...]

    • Really? Does everyone have to die? I mean I get it, it's the zombie apocalypse, it's the final book in the series. But still. Come on, you're killing me here!!!!Finished the book now.What an intense ride. I saw many other reviews of people complaining of the series not having an ending. I thought the ending was brilliant. Yes the story could have gone on, with more resolutions and tie up all the loose ends. But I think it ended at the right spot. This will forever and always be one of my favorit [...]

    • I love this series. I have made it my mission to read all the zombie\apocalypse novels that I find. Out of the 80+ books I have read in this area so far, this series is my favorite. DJ Molles has written a series worth reading. Even reading over and over again. I would recommend this series of books even to those who do not necessarily like zombies or the apocalypse. The books are full of heart, action, and the human connection. It gives us something to think about. who will we become if the end [...]

    • The Remaining is by far my most loved series of books, from the thrills to the down to earth nature of it this series has kept my interested from start to end. The Remaining: Extinction was a good book but not as well rounded as some of the others in the series (personally the original was the most interesting) but still a great read. Along with this nearly all the characters seemed to change in personality along with behavior as this book moved along. The final installment left on a good note a [...]

    • World's OKest EndingI was a huge fan of The Remaining series and really looked forward to the conclusion. Unfortunately this installment fell a little flat. There just wasn't as much action to showcase what a bad ass Lee can be. Lee seemed far less important to the story and that bummed me out. Overall it was just ok.

    • Good closing to a series I've been reading for about 4 years now. DJ Molles really knows how to write, and keeps you in suspense, even when the characters are seemingly safe. In this post apocalyptic place, nothing is really safe, and you feel that in every passage.It's almost anxiety inducing, but it's so, so good.

    • One of the best apocalyptic series I have read. Well written, characters that are real, that you love and hate, characters that you relate to and root for. This is my second time reading this series and I highly recommend this series.

    • This series was a fun read, and this last book was definitely action packed! But the ending of it seemed a little hackneyed and forced - way to Rah Rah America for my tastes and it seemed to come together with too much of a nice little bow.

    • Love this series and even this book. But the weird and tonally intrusive ending was as dignified as a birthday in a whorehouse - all bunting and sparklers. Weird. Could not figure out why it turned into a Fox News bumper. Really disappointing.

    • A reasonably satisfying conclusion to a pulp fiction zombie apocalypse series. What else is there to say? Again, reasonably written. Moves along and is pure, pulpy fun.

    • I was unaware that this was the final book in the series until late in the book. Sorry to see it end, but well worth the time!

    • This was an exciting finish to the series, which was one of my favorites of all time, (probably top three behind Cornwell's warlord series and Wooding's Retribution Falls series) but there is room for more as there are some questions to be answered as to the hunters and what was going on with the rest of the world, is it a world wide epidemic or does someone now try and cash in on America's weakening? Whatever is asked, I think Lee Harding has done enough, has gone through enough. The series ill [...]

    • Well I don't know why this is the sixth and final installment of the series. I mean so long as things can keep going I think they should. Lee's trials and tribulations are far from over the whole deal with Briggs hasn't been resolved yet. Plus too much is left in the open and it would be nice to see them find other surviving communities and the troubles they have with Briggs or don't as the case may be. That I am fighting so hard for reasons that the series should continue should tell you just h [...]

    • Just finishing this the last (?) of the Remaining series. Much to my great surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this series. I am not a zombie fan, however I do like apocalyptic themes. This series works for some strange reason. They accomplished their entertainment goal 100%. Personalities are well developed. The "hero" is human, unlike so many other books in this genre. I could relate to most of the characters. This was a great escape for cold winter days. I "read" these as audiobooks, the narrator [...]

    • I really enjoyed this series and was pleasantly surprised when I began it at how well done they were this one kept me along for a good bit until the last 50 pages, and suddenly things got a little. transparent. I'll leave it at that. Kind of ruined the whole series for me.

    • It hit some bumps here and there, but the conclusion really flopped.Series ending in a nutshell:" Some people died and we bombed the s**t out of a zombie horde ".I think this series is called " The Remaining " because things just remain the same and there's no closure.

    • I had to finish the series, to see what happened to all these characters. However, the story started to become a little ridiculous! I was hate-reading a little bit by the end.

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