Walk in the Flesh

Walk in the Flesh Terrorists killed his wife In the aftermath of a terrorist attack Neil is given the chance to serve his country by serving up revenge He soon becomes England s premier spy and assassin As a man he was

  • Title: Walk in the Flesh
  • Author: PeterBailey
  • ISBN: 9781622060405
  • Page: 387
  • Format: ebook
  • Terrorists killed his wife.In the aftermath of a terrorist attack Neil is given the chance to serve his country by serving up revenge He soon becomes England s premier spy and assassin As a man he was unpleasant, dangerous and of little use As a cyborg he is unpleasant, very dangerous and extremely useful His suicide missions fit his strengths and his weaknesses He exTerrorists killed his wife.In the aftermath of a terrorist attack Neil is given the chance to serve his country by serving up revenge He soon becomes England s premier spy and assassin As a man he was unpleasant, dangerous and of little use As a cyborg he is unpleasant, very dangerous and extremely useful His suicide missions fit his strengths and his weaknesses He exacts vengeance, kills without mercy, then destroys the evidence by destroying his temporary body The aftermath is someone else s problem.The scientists that created this nanotechnology knew they were creating a monster They did not know that Neil was monstrous before they started What do they tell their superiors when Neil s atrocities escalate With every mission a success, will the bureaucrats even care But Neil is worse than homicidal and psychopathic, he s untidy When he leaves his severed head in Iran, he leaves a pathologist a puzzle to solve If she succeeds, it will destroy England s only chance to survive in a terrorists transformed world The humanity of every member of this top secret team will be maximally tested when they are ordered to send this powerful psychotic assassin on a rescue mission.

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    • Find this and other Reviews at InToriLexActual Rating 3.5 Full of action and a well moving plot, this was a really fun read. I don't usually read anything labeled horror, but this was a nice and easily digestible mix of genres. Neil is a sympathetic and complex protagonist who uses his exciting abilities in a entertaining but psychotic way. I was engaged and invested in where the story led from the beginning. The science behind the future technology was well described and the future setting of a [...]

    • Request for Honest Review by AuthorThe phased array radar that had been so conspicuously placed would not be able to get a lock on the attacker's radar-absorbent composite materials, but the shorter range heat seekers had been placed by an expert. At exactly the point where the bombers would lose their stealth capability when they launched cruise missiles, fields of camouflaged S-300PMU missiles waiting for them.This was such a guy's book. I was baffled with the amount of seriously unwanted info [...]

    • This is one of the few books I’ve read with a cover that really relates to the story. I mean there’s a cyborg as the main character—you can’t get a better cover than the one this book has right now. I don’t mean to spoil things for other reads but the plot is very interesting. It reminds me of a futuristic version of that old show, 24. There’s terrorists, twisting plots, deceiving lies, and good action. The main character is scarred from an attack that leaves his spouse dead. Natural [...]

    • Terrorism. Nanotechnology. A killer designed to erase his body - and all evidence of his presence - after each murder. A man made into a killer through loss. There's a lot happening in Walk in the Flesh; and under a different hand, the results could have been confusing - but Peter Bailey's ability to draw in even the most seasoned thriller reader with something unexpectedly different will especially delight those who are far too used to predictability.Opening with Neil's insertion into Iran with [...]

    • Neil is the perfect soldier. Especially in those moments when he becomes a psychotic, ruthless killer with preprogrammed nanobots running wild inside his head. This is what makes him truly scary. That, of course, and the fact that he can come back from the dead to kill all over again.Peter Bailey has done a superb job of creating a thriller sci-fi classic that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the books in this genre. And it's the added zest of grimly detailed horror that permeates the [...]

    • There is not one minute given to get comfortable with the complicated plot in Peter Bailey’s thriller “Walk in The Flesh.” Soon after the readers first introduction to Neil, the novel’s protagonist, Bailey begins to unravel a hastily placed and original literary domain unique to this genre.The novel is clearly an indisputable satire of the prevalence of technology and its capacity to essentially ruin lives. However, what Bailey does so interestingly in his richly detailed and realistic d [...]

    • Peter Bailey does a fantastic job in Walk in the Flesh in more than one respect. One part that stood out the most to me was how well he communicated the feelings of women in foreign countries being systematically oppressed as the countries regress into religious rule. I wasn't expecting to find that in this novel! Also, I absolutely hated the main character, and yet I was drawn to his story. I couldn't stop reading, but was caught helplessly in Bailey's web as events unfolded. Now, I was vaguely [...]

    • Walk in the Flesh by Peter BaileyIn a terrorist attack Neil's wife is killed. He gets a chance at revenge when England turns him into a cyborg assassin. But they didn't realize what a monster they created. Neil kills without mercy, he is sloppy not caring what trails he leaves behind. He is a homicidal psychopath on a very serious mission. Soon his team of top secret creators will be tested, but what will the outcome be?An action-filled complex story. The characters are well developed. The story [...]

    • This book has a good, solid plot. The characters are well crafted and rise above caricature. Everything that happens makes sense, and it's a clever sci-fi spy thriller. It could be a great book. Except for one thing: editing, or rather, the lack thereof. I try not to be too nitpicky, especially given that I'm not perfect (neither is my editor, but don't tell her that), but there's only so much I can ignore or forgive in a published book.In print, this book would be roughly 275 pages. Of those, 2 [...]

    • Neil, is a man, set on revenge. After the death of his love Jane by some terrorists. Neil is offered a chance to do with something, that could be the end of it all. Nanobots are used In different hosts to gain needed information on each mission.This is a head scratcher because is Neil really alive somewhere? It's a question that wasn't answered throughout. There's plenty of action and suspense, that can keep the reader on edge, wondering what's going to happen next! I enjoy books like that. You [...]

    • Despite its title, and ’s tendency to classify this book in the ‘horror’ category, this is not a zombie romp. Far from it. This is a near-future action thriller with a high-tech twist and an equally high body count. It introduces a near-invincible uploadable assassin who can jettison his meatware once a kill has been completed. This was a great concept when Richard Morgan brought it to life in the Altered Carbon series, and it’s no less intriguing in this iteration. Author Peter Bailey [...]

    • Gory modern sci-fi thriller with a military twist! Neil is a UK government hitman who has an artificial brain, wetware, which he uses to alter the host body’s physical processes, such as enhanced speed, for combat and survival needs. After each assignment Neil must upload the mission’s success via wi-fi to his superiors, and then he must commit suicide after every mission to erase all evidence in order to ensure he doesn’t talk to enemies. This setup allows Neil to escape culpability every [...]

    • Synopsis: Nanotechnology. An Assassin. A woman. What more can you ask for?Neil was chosen as the perfect human (read: assassin) for experimental nanotechnology and they successfully inserted his personality/memories into different host bodies depending on what his mission was. The book starts with his mission in Iran and as he goes to destroy the evidence (his body) after the mission is done, he doesn't quite succeed and a severed head is left behind. No worries, though. He was able to upload al [...]

    • Originally posted on citygirlscapes.We’ve been receiving a lot of emails from authors lately with review requests for books that we likely might not have stumbled on otherwise. I’m usually pretty open to taking a chance on anything, not expecting too much, but I’ve had some great successes with these leaps of faith and Peter Bailey’s Walk in the Flesh was no exception.Things started off quite quickly and never really let up. Pieces of what was happening came together quickly, but everyth [...]

    • Walk in the Flesh is a dark, twisty sci-fi thriller, set in a future where a breakthrough in nano-technology has made it possible to upload the consciousness of a military operative into the brain of anyone that British Intelligence can take off the street for two weeks - anyone from a Chinese diplomat to an Iranian teenager. Provided that Neil, the military operative in question, is able to destroy the head of his host body at the end of each mission, all evidence of his presence is erased. Pet [...]

    • Grade: 97%Rating: ★★★★★I did get a copy from the author for a complete and honest reviewRead Full Review: writingnagiblin/walk-inThis novel is set in a futuristic world in which England was bombed in a WWIII. In this blast, Neil's wife is killed making Neil thirst for revenge. His prayers are answered when he becomes a cyborg-like thing that borders on the morality if Neil is still human or not with his bloodlust and uncharacteristic dark thoughts. He is "uploaded" into new bodies to a [...]

    • Title: Nanobots Gone WildWalk in the Flesh by Peter BaileyReviewed by S. DavisSeptember 29, 20154:00 p.m. Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey is a science-fiction/action thriller that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the duration of the novel. The book follows Neil, a troubled, ex-military man who has become the government’s secret weapon in order to carry out tasks that no individual could do. The very essence of Neil’s being has been “imprinted” into nanobots, wh [...]

    • Peter Bailey did an amazing job with this book. It was creepy and disturbing while at the same time action packed and emotional. Bailey does what I think is tantamount to impossible…he makes you care about a psychotic killer.Neil is no doubt a psycho. A certain passage stuck out to me from the book…Neil was admiring Ariana’s ear and musing to himself how beautiful it was…then he thinks about how best to preserve it after he kills her.He is supposed to be rescuing her!The nanobot take on [...]

    • The e-version of Walk in Flesh by Peter Bailey was given to me in exchange for a review.The premise of this book is a twist on the usual assassin type story. Neil is an assassin, but the way he works is the twist. (You know I don't do spoilers, so you'll have to read the book to know what the twist is.) Walk in Flesh sci fi with political intrigue and current world events. Political ethics(?) are explored as are fundamental Islamic tradition. Male archetypes are employed to show the conflicts of [...]

    • ***NOTE: I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review***In Walk in the Flesh, Neil, an ex-soldier on the brink of death, is given the chance to live on and exact revenge on the people who killed his wife in a terrorist attack. The British government will use nanotechnology to insert his consciousness into host bodies, allowing him to carry out covert missions undetected. Now, besides becoming a perfect killing machine, Neil has also become a monster. Or perhaps he was [...]

    • This is one of the creepiest books I’ve read in a long time. Neil is a psychopathic soldier who ends up with the choice of dying or becoming a computer program with a chance of gaining revenge on the people who blew up London with an atomic bomb and killed his wife. The book has two levels. The first is Neil’s work as he is implanted in bodies, then sent to kill the close friends of the people who used to live in those bodies. The concept of an eternal warrior who keeps waking up only to be [...]

    • From the very first sentence, with the words 'neck broke with a wet crack', to the last sentence you are met with non stop twists, turns, action, and excitement. Some, if not all, of the scenes were so violent and graphic that you almost want to close your eyes as if it's a movie you can block out! The problem is that since you are creating the "pictures" in your own mind's eye, you can't shut it off by closing your eyes.I don't believe I have ever read a book quite like this one. As a matter of [...]

    • A classic thrillerA classic thriller combined geniously with sci-fi. I enjoyed the story, as it was disturbing, yet very interesting. I couldn't put it down. This is the first book I've read of Bailey's, and his writing kept me captivated. It's perfectly creepy and disturbing, qualities I love in a great thriller. There was something deep, internally and probably eternally angry about Neil, and it was one of his most calming qualities. A definite heart-pounding thriller. "Samuel slathered ten an [...]

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