The Highlander's Bride

The Highlander s Bride Critically acclaimed author Amanda Forester entertains readers with a new romantic Scottish Highlander series After years of fighting in France Sir Gavin Patrick longs for his Scottish home and for

  • Title: The Highlander's Bride
  • Author: Amanda Forester
  • ISBN: 9781492605430
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Critically acclaimed author Amanda Forester entertains readers with a new, romantic Scottish Highlander series After years of fighting in France, Sir Gavin Patrick longs for his Scottish home and for an easier life off the battlefield However, laden with a shipment of orphans, a massive treasure to transport, and Lady Marie Colette a sharp tongued French heiress Gavin reaCritically acclaimed author Amanda Forester entertains readers with a new, romantic Scottish Highlander series After years of fighting in France, Sir Gavin Patrick longs for his Scottish home and for an easier life off the battlefield However, laden with a shipment of orphans, a massive treasure to transport, and Lady Marie Colette a sharp tongued French heiress Gavin realizes that the real battle is only beginning Colette expects a painless trip as Gavin transports her to her Highland fianc , but their relationship takes an unexpected turn Forced to pose as a married couple in order to sneak out of France, Gavin and Colette fight against their developing, forbidden attraction all the while yearning to fulfill their pent up desire.

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      Amanda Forester holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a Masters degree in theology As a psychologist, she has worked as a clinical researcher and a university instructor what they call you when they don t want to give you tenure None of which has anything to do with writing romance novels After trying for many years to stop the internal storylines floating around her head, she finally gave up and wrote one down Now when she is caught daydreaming and talking to herself she can just say, I m plotting a scene for my next novel, which sounds so much better than, I m hallucinating and responding to internal stimuli Amanda lives in the Pacific Northwest with her officer and a gentleman husband and their two remarkably active, naturally brilliant children They share their home with two fiendishly destructive cats and one lazy dog The Highlander s Series represents Amanda s first venture into writing historical fiction, so she would greatly enjoy hearing from readers.

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    • This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary  Highland Warrior, Gavin Patrick, fighting in the 100 hundred years war, for France against the English. Gavin ends up saving the life of a French nobleman, a nobleman that has a plan for him and a way to return to his homeland. His duty is to escort Lady Marie Collette, to her Scottish fiancee. Marie Collette, knows that she has never had choices in her life. Never been show any affection accept with her father. Other than that, s [...]

    • I've given this an A- for narration and a C+ for content at AudioGals.I don’t have a very good track-record with Highlander Romances. I haven’t read or listened to a great many, it’s true, but those I have read have tended to have identical plotlines (boy-meets-girl-from-opposing-clan, boy-and-girl-hate-each-other, boy-and-girl-fall-in-luurve – that sort of thing), so I’ve been wary about choosing review titles with the word “Highlander” in the title. In fact, I’d seen The Highla [...]

    • Confession time The Highlander's Bride was my first experience with historical romance (unless you count paranormal with centuries old vampires). Quite honestly, I'm not sure what was holding me back from giving historical a try but I'm so glad I did!Obviously I have nothing to compare The Highlander's Bride to when it comes to the historical factor but it definitely sucked me in and I couldn't put it down until Gavin and Colette got their HEA. The writing did take a little while to get used to [...]

    • I really loved Gavin, especially the protectiveness in him for Colette, "nay, there must be another way.” Gavin closed his eyes and bowed his head so that his forehead touched hers. “I canna lose ye. I canna watch ye wed another." I mean he was really protective and I found it sexy, "Gavin swept her into his arms. “Are ye hurt? Did he touch ye? If he touched ye, I’ll kill the ***tard, prisoner or no." I liked this book, action, adventure, love, and surprises.

    • There are something like a million books out there (ok, I’m exaggerating, but there are a lot) that share the title or some variation of The Highlander’s Bride. We like our Scottish heroes and imagining what’s under—or not under—their kilts. Come on now, Gerard Butler? Richard Madden? Sam Heughan? Kevin McKidd? *fans herself* So highlanders and their stubborn brides abound. It’s almost its own genre. I admit that I didn’t expect much from Amanda Forester’s version of this histori [...]

    • This isn't presented as Christian fiction, but it kinda is. I say "kinda" because while Scripture quotes and prayer and statements of faith are salted all through the book, there are also some PG13-R scenes that are likely too racy to pass editorial standards at a traditional Christian press. Personally I think those standards are unnecessarily strict, but I know there are readers who prefer their reading material to be squeaky clean, and I'm glad there are publishers who strive to provide that. [...]

    • I really enjoy Amanda Forester's novels and I also enjoy novels that feature Highlanders as the hero, but for some reason this one just didn't do anything for me. Gavin was ok, but I felt more could have been done to explore (and explain!) his backstory. Collette was a little blah. I understand she's been very strictly raised to present a certain image to her father's people, but this in turn made her boring and cold. Even the secondary cast, while interesting in theory, merely seemed to fill th [...]

    • I totally got sucked in by this cover. I can't point to one thing that sticks out, but it just caught my eye and put me in the mood for a story about a man in a kilt. Yum.In the midst of fighting among the French and English, Sir Gavin Patrick (a Highland mercenary) saves the life of the duc de Bergerac. In thanks for this great feat, the duc decides that his daughter, Marie Colette, shall be given over to Gavin to be escorted to her betrothed in Scotland. Tricky duke, tricky. I'm so glad we don [...]

    • I was absolutely elated when I discovered an historical fiction novel including the MacLaren Clan, my husband’s ancestral lineage!The author immediately pulled me in with a ferocious battle, holding me captive with superb writing throughout. Gavin and Lady Marie Collette are wonderful characters who exemplify the truest forms of hero and heroine. As each contributes to better their situation, they become closer and more trustful of one another. After a series of unusual events, the lines of pr [...]

    • The Highlander's Bride is the first in the Highland Trouble series. I found this book to be just OK, which was truly disappointing for me as I have enjoyed Amanda Forester books in the past. Gavin and Colette's attraction for each other grows with the pages. But what can happen, does. Sadly, there were no shocking plot twists. Everything that happens to the couple during their journey is expected and seen from far off. I almost DNF'd this book but I simply hate a book to beat me. All-in-all I fo [...]

    • I have had this book sitting on my bookshelf so long I was afraid it would fill with dust Today I finally took it off the shelf to read. I am a sucker for Highlander stories it makes me want to learn more about my heritage (if I am part scottish or russian or indian anything like that). Amanda captured me on the first page, on the first sentence, more like on the first word. There are no words to describe how much I truly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read more by Amanda.

    • great storyline certainly not predictable. Only noted some mistakes about the baby. Colette and Gavin bounced of the bed during the storm,were shaken a lot of time,and the ship bounced so hard they almost jumped from the bed but the baby doesn't cry or even wakes up.Also at the end in the castle of Ronan Mackenzie Colette gets the baby from Pippa in her arms, but when she kisses Gavin and puts her hands around his neck the baby is suddenly gone

    • The chemistry of the two main characters was excellent. The story more of a far fetched fairy tale than anything resembling reality but still a satisfying read. Some stories teach us things, some stories encourage us, some stories challenge us, and some are there to entertain. This story entertained from beginning to end.

    • The audiobook narrator sounds uncannily like Gwyneth Paltrow and pulled off all the varying accents perfectly. The story itself was good, but never reached its full potential, especially with character development.

    • Well, I found the heroine to be a bit of a bitch. The H was great though. I understand that she had been brought up a certain way, but really? How could you fall in love with someone that pathetic? I was not able to connect with her until the very end.

    • This book felt like it was a parody. The fact I finished it and gave it two stars is all in large part due to the incomparable narrator Mary Jane Wells.

    • The Highlander's Bride is the first book in the Highland Trouble series by Amanda Forester. It is currently scheduled for release on September 1 2015. After years of fighting in France, Sir Gavin Patrick longs for his Scottish home and for an easier life off the battlefield. However, laden with a massive treasure to transport and Lady Marie Colette, a sharp-tongued French heiress, Gavin realizes that the real battle is only beginning. Colette expects a painless trip as Gavin transports her to he [...]

    • A mix of French nobility and Scottish knight provide the base for this story. When Gavin saves a man’s life, he is introduced to Colette, not as a bride, but as a treasured possession that he is to escort to Scotland to deliver her to her fiancé. While Gavin is instantly attracted to the beauty before him, his honor and his duty require him to complete the mission to the best of his ability. Colette has been raised to obey and make a marriage that benefits her family. Unhappy with leaving her [...]

    • Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyWhat a delightful read! Amanda Forester writes a moving story about two displaced individuals who find love when trying to do no more than their duty. I seriously enjoyed this book. The premise of course is a simple one and a writer less talented could have done nothing more than retread other books but instead we have a lovely couple that brings a sweet sincerity to this story. Sir Gavin Patrick is just what a Highlander should b [...]

    • Since I loved Ms. Forester’s Highlander series (The Highlander’s Sword, The Highlander’s Heart, and True Highland Spirit), I was thrilled to receive an ARC e-book via NetGalley for her next release, The Highlander’s Bride (Highland Trouble book #1). This steady paced Scottish romance has some twists and turns, a likeable, believable cast of characters with a storyline that is not bogged down with too many historical facts nor overly steamy scenes. It centers mainly on French heiress Lady [...]

    • I enjoy a good historical romance, especially one set around the medieval period. Throw in a highlander or a viking and I'm sold. So when this came up for review I jumped at the chance.Let's set the scene. Gavin is a highlander warrior in France making his fortune and showing his mettle by helping the French fight their common enemy, the English. When he saves the life of duc de Begerac, he is invited back to the man's home where he finds out he is to escort the duc's daughter to Scotland to mee [...]

    • ‌A new book from Amanda Forester is always a welcome treat! I've read a few of her highland stories, and her Marriage Mart trilogy set in the Regency era. Her strength is in dialog and period detail, and imbuing her characters with a faith to endure day to day situations as well as more life altering ones. Her women are sweet but tenacious, and her men are real men who aren't afraid to admit their weaknesses or show kindness.Highlander's Bride with its gorgeous cover is first in a new series a [...]

    • I loved this story of Marie Colette a renowned beauty, and she has been strictly raised to be seen and not heard and to serve her father in the only way a daughter can by her father. She has been raised by her maids who believed she should not be heard. Our hero a Highlander Sir Gavin Patrick is struck by her beauty. He has saved Marie Colette’s father and he wants to thank Sir Gavin with a reward. Sir Gavin thinks he will be rewarded, but her father feels Sir Gavin will not take a reward and [...]

    • This is book 1 in the Highland Trouble series.For years, Sir Gavin Patrick, has been fighting in France. Ready to finally go home, he is tasked with transporting Lady Marie Colette to her fiancee in Scotland. Thinking it an easy task, Gavin is shocked to see what all the woman plans to take with her. Not being able to talk her out of it, they begin their journey to the port where they will meet their ship.Marie Colette thought she was doing her duty to go to the highlands and marry her fiancee. [...]

    • This review originally appeared on Heroes and Heartbreakers:heroesandheartbreakersLady Marie Colette has been raised as a precious object, rare and beautiful, pure and idolized, her sole duty to serve her family in marriage. In Amanda Forester's The Highlander's Bride, the time has come, and her father the duc has betrothed her to a Scottish earl in exchange for troops to help fight the English in the Hundred Years War. Gavin Patrick has been tasked with escorting her and her enormous retinue to [...]

    • Highland Writing in Trouble Let me preface this review by stating that I love historical novels, particularly historical romance novels set in Scotland. That said, I struggled to get through this one despite a promising plot. Aside from the substandard writing, I was especially put off by the multitude of grammatical errors, typos, subject/predicate disagreement, incorrect verb tenses, and the frequent use of double subjects in the dialogue (perhaps intended to be an affectation of french speake [...]

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