It's Just Love, Not a Time Bomb

It s Just Love Not a Time Bomb When Jordan moves in with his friend s cousin he thinks things will be easy Yeah screw that The woman is a pain in his ass from the start giving him whiplash with her hot and cold act Still Jordan

  • Title: It's Just Love, Not a Time Bomb
  • Author: Dawn Martens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: ebook
  • When Jordan moves in with his friend s cousin, he thinks things will be easy Yeah, screw that The woman is a pain in his ass from the start, giving him whiplash with her hot and cold act Still, Jordan can t help wanting Alix even if he does spend half the time trying to decide if he wants to kiss her senseless or choke her For Alix, men are worthless jerks She s madeWhen Jordan moves in with his friend s cousin, he thinks things will be easy Yeah, screw that The woman is a pain in his ass from the start, giving him whiplash with her hot and cold act Still, Jordan can t help wanting Alix even if he does spend half the time trying to decide if he wants to kiss her senseless or choke her For Alix, men are worthless jerks She s made a vow to steer clear of relationships, but the moment Jordan pushes his way into her life, her vow is shot all to hell Every attempt at avoiding the cocky bastard ends in tangled sheets and Alix wanting to kill the man But she wants him, than she cares to admit.Will this jaded couple give into their feelings After all, it s Just Love, Not a Time bomb.This book is a Romantic Comedy, but still should not be read by those under 18.

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      Dawn Martens is a young, spunky Canadian Author Being a wife to Colin, a mother to three beautiful little girls Sarah 2007 , Grace 2010 , and Ava 2014 and of course best friend to fellow author Glenna Maynard, hasn t stopped this Canadian Firecracker from pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer Dawn s number one passion in life is the written word, and she s extremely thankful that she has the ability to share the ramblings from the characters inside of her head with the rest of the world She also may or may not have the hugest girl crush on Author Kristen Ashley, who is her personal idol and helped inspire Dawn in the beginning of her Indie career.

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    • It was alright. I chuckled a couple of times, but it wasn't laugh out loud hilarious for me. I guess I'm not understanding the over the top pranks (throwing glue filled condoms at cops?) and just felt kind of like I was reading teen girls gone wild rather than 20 something year olds. Alix was annoying with her many freaking issues. It was a bit too much for me. I read it over 2 days when I had nothing else to do but overall my reaction was mainly A lot of stories of other characters I felt were [...]

    • Ok I had a few issues with this book:1- almost half the book was background and it was too long before the main characters actually met2- Alix was a bitch I get why she may have been in the beginning but it carried on the whole way through the book3- it seemed a bit rushed to me not sure whether this was due to how much time was spent on the background but by the time the Jordan and Alix actually meet it seems to move at the speed of lightThere are some funny moments in the book and it wasn't dr [...]

    • I am not a big Romantic Comedy fan but this book had me laughing from the start. I thought it would be more sad with how it started with Alix getting her heart broken not once but twice but no was I wrong. I usually judge a book on how good it is depending if I would read it again. I would read this book over and over for just the laughs. When someone jokes about not giving oral and then in the next sentence getting slapped in the face by a penis that is funny. That is funny that we all know to [...]

    • Awesome romantic-comedy written from the heart I absolutely loved this book. It was fast-paced, refreshing, and the writing was so realistic that it literally felt like you were listening to a friend tell you her story. It was a lot of fun to "watch" the friends to lovers relationship unfold between the two characters, Alix and Jordan.Alix is sassy, sarcastic, and over-the-top zany with so many hysterical random things that bother her that you never really know what's gonna come out of her mouth [...]

    • **JOSIE's 4.5 STAR REVIEW ** I have had the pleasure of reading several books by Dawn Martens and I have to say I am a fan of her work. This was a bit different from her usual genre being that it was a romantic comedy and it was freaking awesome. This author always creates characters that are lovable, relatable and enjoyable. This particular plot was deceiving. When I started the book I thought it was going to shred me to pieces but the author turned the darkness into light and had me swooning a [...]

    • 3.5 stars I love the cover of this book! It is full of color and just caught my eye. The blurb had me wanting to read it as soon as I could. I was so excited about it. Alix was funny but she was also a bit of a bitch. I get that she had been hurt but she was still a little to mean at times. She was also a little immature at times and that drove me nuts. Maybe it is just me but she was suppose to be a grown woman and she was freaking out over some things (don't want to spoil it) that I just don't [...]

    • Quick ReadI like that the author spent so much time on the H/h development and background. But, when she gets to the H/h relationship I felt like there wasn't enough detail in the development of the coupling. The other issue of have with the story is with all the detail on Alix’s character you wouldn't have thought she would turn into a slut, it didn't flow right, and seemed wrong. Loved Jordan’s character all through the book. Although, with Alix’s behavior I just didn’t see why he fell [...]

    • 4 starsI really liked this book, I liked Alix and Jordan they were really funny I don't know if the scheming Jordan did is really a good thing in a relationship but I liked that the author had the guy tricking the girl into pregnanycy for a change. I also enjoyed how the book started from when they were young and then onto their relationship and to the ending. It was nice to have an ending where we see the characters aren't perfect fashion models or rich men that they are just your normal workin [...]

    • Loved it!I loved this book! I had a hard time with the drama and teenage angst in the beginning but it was worth it in the end. Everyone has that crazy girlfriend that will say or do anything and Alix is that girl. She spoke her mind and did pretty much what she wanted. I loved her views on sex and her phobias. If Jordan has a fan club I'm in it. He was such a sweetie. He knew what her wanted and he was going to make sure he got her.

    • I have read most of the books that Dawn Martens has wrote. She has wrote some incredible books and I really enjoy her writing style and the stories that he has created so far. Seeing that Dawn is releasing a new book I was looking forward to reading it as I knew before I read the synopsis that it would be a book that I'd love if Dawn wrote it.Its just love, not a time bomb is a romantic comedy. I found myself chuckling to myself from through the whole story. There was a lot of pranks throughout [...]

    • 3.5 StarsThe blurb complete drew me in as it sounded like it would be a fun read. It was a cute story and definitely had me chuckling at times (cue the throw a condom filled with glue at cops… omg i nearly peed my pants). I loved Jordan, he seemed like such a kick ass guy, and really seemed to go out of his way to try and make Alix happy.I really enjoyed Alix's character at first. She was spunky, a smartass, and the banter between her and Jordan was pretty dang amusing. However, in the last th [...]

    • 3.5 stars. The story was highly entertaining and rather dramatic although I wouldn't say either Alix or Jordan where dramatic themselves. They both just happened to know other people who brought drama into their lives. Alix is not interested in a relationship having been cheated on by a previous fiance, only to be screwed over again later and to be betrayed by her family. Jordan has dealt with infidelity, too, but he's not nearly as jaded because the woman he was involved with wasn't someone he [...]

    • Coming from one half of the writing duo who brought us Renegade Lady, one of my favorite biker books last year, is this part romantic comedy, part cautionary tale of love, lust, psychotic delusional people and life in turmoil. Love can certainly BE a time bomb when you never know how and when it will all just blow up in your face. Just when you think you are happy, life is grand and all is well, BOOMere it all goes to hell and you are left holding the pieces of a broken heart and wondering what [...]

    • When Jordan moves in with his friend’s cousin, he thinks things will be easy. Yeah, screw that. The woman is a pain in his ass from the start, giving him whiplash with her hot and cold act. Still, Jordan can’t help wanting Alix—even if he does spend half the time trying to decide if he wants to kiss her senseless or choke her.For Alix, men are worthless jerks. She’s made a vow to steer clear of relationships, but the moment Jordan pushes his way into her life, her vow is shot all to hell [...]

    • Hilarious and sexy! What a combination OMG!! Dawn Martens had me laughing out loud and then swooning! I really loved this book - it is such a refreshing change to have romance that has you howling with laughter.I loved Alix and Jordan - I loved the dynamics of their relationship. I loved how they loved, how they fought and of course how they laughed. Both have been more than unlucky in love and their meeting is beyond fortuitous and for me it definitely felt as though the stars aligned perfectly [...]

    • This is the first book I've read by Dawn Martens and I loved it. Quirky, funny, sexy, and just enough angst to push the storyline forward. The book is told in dual POV and it builds the backstory very well. Jordan and Alix don't meet until both of their situations well explained to the reader. It sets the story up very well. Both of the main characters have had some major issues in their pasts and have every reason to mistrust and swear off the opposite sex.Alix has been betrayed by love, not on [...]

    • 4.5 Stars!If you're a fan of Romantic Comedies, then this book is a must read! I've alway been a fan of Dawn Martens and her sense of humor truly shines through in this book. The characters in this story were so funny and so relatable, I felt as though I were laughing at my own friends' silly antics. I'll admit, at times Alix could be extremely annoying and a raging bitch, but Jordan was infatuated with her regardless of her brazen attitude, and that made me love him that much more. I think my f [...]

    • i love reading books written by this author because her books aren't cliche and there's always no unnecessary dramas. the dialogue was pretty funny and refreshing at times but there were a few things which i didn't like. too much virtual yelling and what was the deal with the parents? how could they keep the secret to themselves for so long and not tell her thus making alix look like a fool? it doesn't seem like what parents would do, at least i know mine definitely wouldn't. that was a brutal b [...]


    • Wow, Liam and Michelle are scum. Shame on the parents also. Shaun cheating on Liz with that skank? Omg, why did she forgive him, that's a story right there. Also, I'm so glad Hilary and Brock got their stuff together. Smart. I loved Jordan but what did he see in Alix? She was a huge bitch through the last half of the book. He didn't deserve that at all. I do understand she was hurt but he was a good guy. Alix was just ott and ruined it. The end was a HEA but now we have to wait for Kellie and Ja [...]

    • Well I don't think I can handle romantic comedy I mean I really thought I was going to love Alix and in the beginning I did but by the end of the book I just didn't like her very much thought she was just a little too much. I like to laugh when I read but there was just too much for me. Then all the sexual stuff she was grossed out by and wouldn't even try I kept yelling come on are you kidding me. I liked Jordan a lot and hes the reason I finished the book I love take charge men. I really thoug [...]

    • Yes!!! I loved this book! I have never read Dawn Martens before and this was the best book to introduce me to her writing! I honestly felt like I was reading a part of me.I could relate to a lot of the story, Alix is just like me and Jordan is an ass just like my husband! Perfect fit! I laughed so hard and couldn't put the book down. Jordan and Alix were perfect for each other and I loved the way the connected, there was no sweet lovey dovey it was real and they still loved each other. The bante [...]

    • I honestly don't get how people gave this stupid ass book 5 stars Are you guys nuts? I have read books written by 13 year olds so much better than that. It was childish, the flashbacks were more than the actual timeline itself and the writer sped up the whole story by writing "2 years later" like 5 times I rolled my eyes so much that now I have to get a surgery or something. It was awful nobody should be reading this. Or it can be used as torture methods for terrorists or something like that. Ac [...]

    • This is one of those books that once you sit down and start reading you don't stop until it is over. It was wonderfully funny and felt like you were hanging out with friends that were telling you all about how they met and their crazy exs and screwed up family. I have read other books by Dawn and this wasn't like them but don't be discouraged because it was a fun read that didn't leave you upset and wanting to know why! She really did a great job with this one and makes me anxious to see what sh [...]

    • This book was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I started reading one evening and couldn't put it down. I loved the banter back and forth and sexual scenes were realistic. I am such a fan of Dawn Martens and will continue to read anything she writes. If your looking for a book to read that keeps your attention and keeps you intrigued please read this one.Like I said before this book ranks high on my list and i go through a lot of books weekly.

    • Adorable book about two people who have been hurt in the past. Can they both overcome that fear and begin to love again? Well love each other through the fighting that is. She is a hair dresser and he is a mechanic. The story takes a while to get going, but once it does it will make you laugh, love and lust. Great book. RATING: 4 StarsTYPE OF NOVEL: Mature Adult RomanceCHARACTERS: Jordan and Alix SERIES: standalone no cliffy. DATE FINISHED: 4/14/15

    • The book started off okay, but Alix was just way to much for me to handle. I get she was hurt from her past but once she finally fell in love with Jordan, why was she still soooo bitchy??? I really disliked her by the end of the book and by 60-70% in, I was skimming through just trying to finish. A lot of people really did enjoy this book, it just wasn't for me.

    • I loved the this book! The story brings you through the ups, downs and crazy moments both Alix and Jordan experience from childhood until their paths cross. I found my self laughing on numerous occasions over Alix's quirky ways and cheering on Jordan. FABULOUS job Dawn! Would love to read additional stories on the supporting characters! Bottom line: READ IT!!!!! :)

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