Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts Emma Greyson s life has been in chaos ever since she met the irresistible Dr Alec Collins Just when she thinks their relationship is on steady ground the unthinkable happens Alec tries to understand

  • Title: Mending Hearts
  • Author: Brenda Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781312966543
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emma Greyson s life has been in chaos ever since she met the irresistible Dr Alec Collins Just when she thinks their relationship is on steady ground, the unthinkable happens Alec tries to understand the reasons behind Molly s drug overdose as Emma prepares herself to be a mother that Raelynn deserves.When Molly recovers from her drug overdose, will she get the help sheEmma Greyson s life has been in chaos ever since she met the irresistible Dr Alec Collins Just when she thinks their relationship is on steady ground, the unthinkable happens Alec tries to understand the reasons behind Molly s drug overdose as Emma prepares herself to be a mother that Raelynn deserves.When Molly recovers from her drug overdose, will she get the help she desperately needs Can Emma help Molly Or will Molly continue her destructive lifestyle as she fights for the man she loves Can Emma continue to love Alec while giving her son, James, a steady home, or will it all be too much for her Mending Hearts is the third and final book of the Freedom Trilogy.

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      Brenda Kennedy is an award winner, an , Barnes and Noble, and a Publishers Weekly bestselling author She is a true believer of romance Her stories are based on the relationships that define our lives compassionate, emotionally gripping, and uplifting novels with true to life characters, that stay with her readers long after the last page is turned Her varied, not always pleasant background has given her the personal experience to take her readers on an emotional, sometimes heart wrenching, journey through her stories Brenda has been a struggling single mom, a survivor of domestic abuse, waitress, corrections officer, hostage negotiator and a corrections nurse She is also a wife, mom, and grandmother Even though her life was not always rainbows and butterflies, she is a survivor and believes her struggles have made her the person she is today Brenda is the author of the award winning book, Forever Country The Rose Farm Trilogy Book 1 She has been dubbed The Queen of Cliffhangers by her adoring readers because books one and two always have a cliffhanger ending In Brenda s own words, I write series that end in cliffhangers, because I love them I always give away the first book in each series so you have nothing to lose by reading it She was born and raised in Zanesville, Ohio and moved to SW Florida in 2006 with her husband Rex They have a combined family, and she often jokes about not remembering what child belongs to who.

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    • I was gifted an ARC of this book from the author and here is my honest review. I am starting to cry just thinking of how I want to word my review. I don't usually write any spoilers but I have to warn you that there might be a few in this review. I don't think it can be helped. This is the third book in The Freedom Trilogy and for me, the best of the three. I encountered every emotion possible when reading this book sadness, happiness, anger, confusion, hysteria, love and so many, many more. The [...]

    • I can't wait to get my hands on this book!!! Not so patiently waitingFinally downloaded book 3. I can't wait to dive into it. I know I will finish it before the night is over!! =)***Well, I finished the 3rd book. While it was a great book I had a hard time continuing to read it. First around page 40 or so with the little bit about being a good parent and getting their child vaccines. I almost stopped reading there and then. I don't want the whole vaccine debate in the book I am reading. I kept g [...]

    • Where do I begin, once again Brenda has made another masterpiece! I love reading Brenda’s books not only does she draw you into her characters and make you love them but she adds new people to each one of her books and you get to watch them grow and fight through their own struggles. Emma and Alac have been through so much no only by themselves but as a family. If I had to choose two words to best describe Mending Hearts it would be “closure” and “happiness”. Brenda has a great way of [...]

    • I had the pleasure of beta reading this for Brenda and just like all her other books this one is another winner in my opinion. This is the dramatic conclusion to the Shattered Hearts trilogy. Told in multiple POVs this book will answer all of the questions we were left with at the end of book two. You will laugh,cry and have some OMG moments but that's to be expected from Brenda she likes to keep you on the edge of your seat when reading her books. Perfect ending to another perfect trilogy. Defi [...]

    • I love this book so much it is my all time favorite Brenda Kennedy books. I love and admire Brenda's story telling ability. I have not yet been able to put down any of her books once I read the first page. She is so discriptive with her words that you can almost smell what she smells and see what she sees. Just when I think that her books can't get any better, she goes and exceeds them all. I will never stop reading, recommending, or loving her books. Congradulations Brenda Kennedy on yet anothe [...]

    • Where do I begin. I loved this book. It was beautifully written. Brenda Kennedy did what she does best, had u in tears with all the twists in turns then wrapped it up the way that it should have been. Alec and Emma are ready to start their new lives but along the way there were some things that needed to be taken care of. There are plot twists and things that happen that will have you balling your eyes out w a box of Kleenex. Overall it was a great read and I highly recommend it. Trust me you wi [...]

    • This is my favorite trilogy from this author. If you think you know what will happen in this book then let me tell you, you don't. I find absolutely amazing how this story has so much love and compassion, now in days that's hard to find. In this last book we get to see different point of views and see what becomes of all the characters. The name "Mending hearts" is a true fit to this book.

    • This is final book in the Freedom Trilogy and the one word I would use is - closure, to sum it all up.By now you will have read my reviews of 1 and 2 so you have rough idea of how we left things off, and since you guys know I don't like to post spoilers I am afraid that there may be a few in this review.We start where we left off with, Molly in the hospital after an overdose. Now part of me wanted her to "die" because off all the hell she has put Alec through, then Emma, when she came back on th [...]

    • The absolute PERFECT ending to a beautiful, genuine and heartfelt story.Emma and Alec FINALLY get the HAPPILY EVER AFTER they more than deserve. Emma shows how big her heart is by doing what most wouldn't; she helps Alec's ex-wife Molly. In the process Molly seems to find a purpose to life, to happiness and in turn not only finds herself but find the strength she needs to fight to stay clean. Her love for her daughter is just the focus she needs. Alec, falls even harder for Emma and realizes tha [...]

    • An amazing ending to a heartwarming series.Loved that the passion, tenderness, and love was still going strong with Emma and Alec in this final book. They are such a sweet sexy couple. It was so wonderful to read about the trust and caring between them that allowed them to believe in each other enough to open their hearts (& family) to his ex-wife, her former lover, and her new boyfriend. By providing such a supportive network, I think really helped all of them become more caring individuals [...]

    • Another amazing read, the perfect conclusion to the Freedom Trilogy.In Shattered Hearts we met and fell in love with both Emma and Alec, their children and struggled with the tragedies they survived.In Broken Lives we saw their lives get flipped upside down and everything they had been building was threatened.And finally with Mending Hearts we get the end of the story. The much anticipated finale to Alec, Emma, Raelynn, James and Molly's lives are all changing and with a little help, trust, fait [...]

    • This book concludes the love story started in Shattered Dreams. And as with all her other stories I read it in one sitting. And I loved the way it ended. Just once I start it I have to find out how it ends. With all the twists and plots she introduces you think you know where the story goes, but still you are only guessing. I love the new characters she brings into this story because you know that even tho this story is ending you will be able to pick up a little more about these people in her n [...]

    • The Story Continues:Emma Greyson has been to hell and back, and came through it with a huge heart and a heart open to love. The love of her life, her son have been two against the world. Alec Collins is a kind man with the sweetest woman in his life, his daughter. They also live one day at a time, because they never know what will happen from one day to the next Dr. Alec Collins Past collides with his new promising future. Everything he could possibly want is in reach. Emma the woman he loves, t [...]

    • What a Wonderful SeriesLove how this series ended Alex, Emma, James and Raelynn what a love this family had for each other - shows how love can heal all kinds of hurt in one's life - losing a parent through death or some other outside influence is hard and to be able to move on and find love again is amazing. Emma has such a big heart to be able to allow the ex into her life and home, but what a testament to showing how to be an extremely loving person. Can't wait for the story of the others.

    • Perfect ending to their story. Such sweet love. Loved watching them all heal and grow through their love for each other. Loved watching Molly and Bobby getting help and finding peace. Brenda did it again with another lovely book.

    • I was gifted a ARC copy of Mending Hearts and I have to say it was a truly beautiful story from start to finish The whole series has been phenomenal Brenda is a very gifted author. This a book that you will definitely want in your library.

    • Well done Brenda Kenndy,once again you have made a fantastic book.ive loved reading it,have cryed through the book,well done xxx

    • I really enjoyed this trilogy. However for this final book I felt as though it ended a little too neatly. That is why I took a star off of my rating.

    • I was gifted with a ARC. What a great book to finish the trilogy. I love the whole book. It was such an amazing book. I love the way Brenda put so many characters in the book. Such a great ending.

    • This is the third and final book of this fantastic trilogy called The Freedom Trilogy. I fell completely in love with all these characters and their problems since the very first book and I couldn't get enough of these characters. This book deserves much more than 5 stars!!!This book brought forth much more emotion from me but in a good way. I have watched Emma's world crash and she had to pick herself up and push forward for the sake of her son James. I have loved watching how Emma has grown si [...]

    • I was gifted an ARC for an honest review. This is the third and final book in the Freedom Trilogy #3 by Author Brenda Kennedy.First, let me start out by saying, I loved this series from the start to the end. To see the journey Emma and Alec went through from the start with the ups and downs. We start off with Emma and Alec at the hospital due to Molly overdosing on drugs. What I loved about Emma is she was so strong for the whole family when a few tragic events have this whole family coming toge [...]

    • Favorite Quotes:“I love coffee. If politicians were to ever make it illegal, I would go to the bad part of town and ask, ‘Is anyone selling any Columbian?’”“…I don’t like salads. My idea of something green that’s good to eat is lime Jell-O.”“Girl, you act like you have never gotten your freak on with Mr. Kung Fu before,”My Review:A sweet, gentle, and fitting end to a gentle yet bittersweet trilogy. If only people were that insightful, forgiving, thoughtful, considerate, and [...]

    • *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review*I don't know where to begin Brenda has blown me away with this whole series!! Mending Hearts gives us a beautifully crafted closure to such an amazing series!! I think I have cried more while reading this series than with any other series! The emotions that this book & series has pulled out of me was so intense!! It says so much when a book can do something like that, let alone a series!! Finishing this book was so bitter-sweet! I had to k [...]

    • With Loss comes and New beginnig and Life with so much Love to give.Emma after loosing her first Love was given a second chance at Love with Alex. Alex found what he has always been looking for in Emma. Two people that have been through so much heartache find each other and their lives fit together perfectly. Alex's ex Molly who was out of his and their daughters life by choice almost became permanently. Everyone comes together to help right all the wrongs and help a mother reunite with her daug [...]

    • I was given a complimentary copy by author Brenda Kennedy for an honest review. This is book 3 of Freedom Trilogy series by the author.Molly makes a disastrous decision after another and now it almost almost cost but she asks Emma for help. Emma and Alex prepare for their future and their wedding. Hopefully things will work out for them on all fronts.WOW this story is very well written with some great characters. The author wrote a clean and smooth flowing story line in this book.This is for any [...]

    • While I did enjoy book one and two this third book took a drastic turn for me, did not like how rushed it felt like it had to be wrapped up fastly. I also did not like the way every single person just turned out perfectly fine and accepted one single apology and all was right and dandy again, everyone turns into everyone's best friend all wrapped in a pretty bow. Again I felt the author rushed through this just to end the series with a little too much happily ever after. Then everyone gets a pov [...]

    • So, I really liked these books. Great series. Very clean. All sexual activity was behind closed doors. I liked the characters. I thought the author got on a little tangent with several topics. Almost too much. And several times I thought there were long details, too much. However, great writing, and good twists. There were only a couple cuss words in the last book, but I don't remember any in the other books. Character were a little too good. A little unrealistic. I would read more from this aut [...]

    • All good things must come to an endAlthough some of the writing seemed stilted this was still a very good series. Alec and Emma stole my heart from the beginning. They went through a lot to be together. Molly was determined to be better for her child. Life is full of choices and we don't always choose the right ones. Our only hope is that we get the help we need to be better. I loved all the secondary characters. They made the book even better.

    • Emma didn't think she would be able to love someone again until she met Alec. Though life has given them a run for their money Alec comes with some baggage. Emma loves his daughter Raylynn, but she also got his crazy druggie ex. When Molly overdoses she wants to get help, but Alec has heard this so many times he doesn't want to believe again. Can Emma and Alec overcome another Molly moment or will this be the end of it all?!

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