Poison's Kiss

Poison s Kiss Alyssa has spent her entire life foolishly believing things are only laid out in black or white but now she finds herself stuck in the gray area The inner battle she faces with her own dark power tha

  • Title: Poison's Kiss
  • Author: C.M. Owens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alyssa has spent her entire life foolishly believing things are only laid out in black or white, but now she finds herself stuck in the gray area The inner battle she faces with her own dark power that she has denied for too long starts to brew all the fiercely Kane s coldness breaks her heart even than it s already broken, but fate s cruel sense of humor forceAlyssa has spent her entire life foolishly believing things are only laid out in black or white, but now she finds herself stuck in the gray area The inner battle she faces with her own dark power that she has denied for too long starts to brew all the fiercely Kane s coldness breaks her heart even than it s already broken, but fate s cruel sense of humor forces them to band together despite their torrid conflict The biggest problem There are consequences she didn t know she d have to face after giving herself to Kane, and she finds herself in pain each and every time she s near him A pain that leaves her feeling like a puppet Hope rests on the shoulders of her enemies, and her allies pile up in all the wrong forms When tragedy strikes, she s faced with dark choices to make Everything gets twisted, and she becomes stuck in the middle of an internal game of tug of war Gage is there, but he s just as much her enemy as a night stalker How can she trust any of them The world is fully of deadly beauties, and deception is their best played game Alyssa keeps learning the hard way how true this is.

    Poison s Kiss Poison s Kiss, by Breeana Shields Poison s Kiss is a fast paced adventure with plenty of earth shattering reveals and a romance that keeps you wanting You ll love following along as main character Marinda s story evolves from tragedy into mythology and her world opens up as she learns the truths that have been hidden behind her past, her family, and even her country. Poison s Kiss Deadly Beauties Kindle edition by C.M Mar , Poison s Kiss Deadly Beauties Kindle edition by C.M Owens Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks . Poison s Kiss by Breeana Shields, Paperback Barnes Noble Poison s Kiss is full of romance, suspense, action, and unforgivable betrayal There are so many secrets that have been kept from Marinda and she is faced with so much emotional turmoil while still trying to save the ones she loves. Poison s Kiss Breeana Shields Jan , Poison s Kiss heroine embodies the qualities that I look for in a protagonist, especially female heroines She s not afraid of making the tough choices, and she s firm in her convictions Marinda is a visha kanya, a poison maiden, her kiss is fatal to anyone who comes into contact with it. Poison Kiss Street Fighter Wiki Fandom Poison s Kiss by Breeana Shields About Poison s Kiss A teenage assassin kills with a single kiss until she is ordered to kill the one boy she loves This commercial YA fantasy is romantic and addictive like a poison kiss and will thrill fans of Sarah J Maas and Victoria Aveyard Marinda has kissed dozens of boys They all die afterward. Poison Kiss Poison s Kiss by Breeana Shields Pages Unbound Book Apr , Information Poison s Kiss Series Poison s Kiss Source For Review Published January , Official Summary Marinda has kissed dozens of boys They all die afterward It s a miserable life, but being a visha kanya, a poison maiden, is what she was created to do Marinda serves the Raja by dispatching his enemies with Batman And Poisonous Kiss YouTube Feb , Batman And Poisonous Kiss mister custodian Loading Unsubscribe from mister custodian How to make a Poison Ivy Doll GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Duration . Alice Cooper Poison Official Video YouTube Oct , I wanna kiss you, but I want it too much too much I wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison You re poison runnin through my veins You re poison

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    • Fantastic Read!! If you love stories about vampires, shapeshifters, and witches, you gotta' read this series. This series just keeps getting better. I purchased this book and finished it quickly. I got sucked (LOL!!) into the story and was saddened that it ended. I love the content: twists and turns, the hunks are so HOT. The characters seem to grow within each story. You'll definitely need tissue to wipe your eyes in this series. Allysa is a witch, who is on the verge of becoming immortal. She [...]

    • Oh man, this was so good. I loved book one, and book two didn't disappoint at all.Book one left my emotions all over the placeok two wasn't much better. I loved Kane, I hated Kane, then I loved him again. I'm definitely a fan of Kane. Gage is nice, but I really don't want them together. I really hope that Amy goes away permanently. I. Hate. Herd her character. There is NO way that Kane should be with her. I hope she gets written off in the third book. I seriously don't like her.I loved the endin [...]

    • I really love this story. It has action, romance, magic anything my little hearty desires. Although, I really hate love triangles. I disliked her flip-flopping, telling Gage to stay away and then having sex, but convinced not being in-love with him. She loved/loves Kane. Arrgghhh!I love the fact that when speaking of our Alyssa being the most powerful being, you actually read/saw how powerful she is indeed. Most of the books that talk about the heroine being the most powerful being, there is bar [...]

    • ANOTHER HIT!Another hit in my opinion. I can't wait for the Summer release of Red Moon Secrets. These books are so at the top of my list right now! I am holding back so hard right now to keep from giving spoilers but I laughed, cried and was on the edge of my seat through much of this book and Owens is a literary genius in my humble opinion when it comes to the novel and certain aspects thereof. she keeps you interested all the way through AND keeps you salivating for what's to come. Major props [...]

    • Great book will turn you on and still plenty of action and suspense.Great mix of sex and storyline neither overpowers the other and your emotions will flow right along side of Alyssas. looking forward to the third book. this book plays like a tv series in your brain. all the words turn to pictures and just the right amount of detail to make your imagination pop in the rest of the scene. well written and edited. 2 thumbs up.

    • Well you did it again. it was great. A few good twists, a complicated love life. what more can I ask for. Love your characters, and your storylines are new and original. Can't wait for the next one, please write fast.

    • I'm so Engrossed in this series it's all I think about!!I need nswers!!! This series is killing me. Alyssa what's going ? Gage really? Kane. Why???? Even dear old dad has me glued to the pages.

    • Goodness!! the more you think you have a handle on it the more you realize you don't.Kane: ok don't get me wrong, I love Kane but he getting on my last nerves. OMG get out your feelings. She was not the only one hiding things (pot meet kettle). And when he finally comes to his senses she has moved on to another pair of socks (loved the analogy). Alyssa: I happen to love Alyssa. She is just really tryin to find her way in the whole mess. At some point she will get it.Drackus: Now everyone has iss [...]

    • Fantastic read! I wasn't disappointed! The only problem now is waiting for the next installment.The writing is excellent, as we rejoin our heroine the situations get a bit darker, Alyssa's power is unleashed somewhat and things get a bit more push- pull between Kane and Gage. We see more of a relationship between her and her father, and there is a new character introduced wrapped in leather aptly named Dice. He doesn't play a huge role but does add some humor and strength.Quite an exciting read. [...]

    • Poison's Kiss is book two. Continuing with Alyssa's story, we find out for sure what we should have already suspected. and Alyssa's life is about to get complicated.Kane isn't quite as human as we thought. His coldness breaks her heart, and she's forced into the protection of a dark magic user and a changer, two people she'd never thought she'd trust. With threats still out on her life and her mother's kidnapping yet unsolved, Alyssa isn't safe. Her heart and her life are on the line, and she's [...]

    • This second book is even better than the first book in this series. The more I read of this series, the more I'm hooked. I literally stayed up all night again because the mind boggling suspense in this paranormal book kept me reading and not wanting to stop for a second. Great plot and incredible characters. I'm so ready and excited about the third book. This is truly fantastic paranormal writing.

    • I read all 3 books in this series back to back, so I'm going to be lazy here and write one review for them all since each book rated 4 stars for me personally. I paid $5.98 for this trilogy and I think it was worth it. The plot was fast paced, and I did enjoy the characters. The story was well executed. I'll definitely read more of this writers work.

    • This was just as good as book one. I do like this authors writings style and things heat up a lot in this book. However, I was slightly disappointed with the love triangle and Alyssa's 'push/pull' of both guys. Also, the author doesn't help by endearing both Kane and Gage to the reader. I'm torn myself and that's not a good thing! I look forward to the next book.

    • ***5+ Stars***Book one was a great introduction to this incredible series. Book 2 was definitely not disappointing with it's love triangle, killings, twists, and turns. Owens does it again and gains another 5+ stars!!!!

    • Not happy!! Lots of Mixed feelingsI loved the first book but omg a love triangle really!!! I hate them and to be honest just for that reason alone I don't think I'll buy the third one. I'm really quite disappointed 😕 it ruined the whole book for me which is a shame because I was really enjoying the main story line and of course I'm still curious as to what happens next but I dunno. I think I've always give 5 stars in my reviews bar maybe once or twice but I definitely have to deduct one star [...]

    • Binge readingI am binge reading this series and it's absolutely awesome. Not much of a fan for paranormal books, but this is exception. Totally enjoyed it. I will not spoil it for other readers, and I don't have any bad comments anyway. Just read the goddamn books. Start at the beggining. Enjoy the flight.

    • I enjoyed this book even more the second time around 😃Poor Alyssa/Airis has really been put through the ringer in this book. Heart smashed repeatedly, betrayal, destruction, death & deception all whilst trying to fight her love for Kane & lust for Gage!!! This is such a fantastic series. I'm off to read the final installment 👍 Debbie, 1970, UK

    • These were too much something for me. I felt the heroine was a bit much and too immature. I stopped reading the series after this, because I just lost interest

    • Love this seriesThis series is full of suspense, action, and romance. It keeps you on your toes, and wanting to read more.

    • Love it!!!C.M. doesn't disappoint! Love the storyline and the characters! Highly recommend this series to anyone who loves Paranormal. Witches, Vampires, Changers and more!

    • Poisons kissThis is good, mystery, magic, romance, love triangle, death, survival. It has it all. I had the third book downloaded before I even finished this one

    • Let me begin by saying I really enjoyed the first book and loved the drama. This book, however, was UNBELIEVABLY EXCRUCIATING!!! I hated the love triangle between Alyssa, Kane and Gage(Probably because I am 100% in love with Gage) Alyssa became the biggest slut EVER! Kissing one guy just to turn around and kiss another and then blaming it on her nearing change. She is so stupid and can't piece anything together. Yet I found I was bound to the story and unable to put it down. I have never been mo [...]

    • I love C.M. Owens and I'm slowly going through her back catalog. I just read this trilogy back to back and almost stopped halfway through the first book because it pushed a bunch of my buttons. Namely that 1)stalking is ok, let's just gloss over it and laugh and 2)Alyssa is constantly touched romantically by people she's said 'no' to repeatedly but it's fine because she's a forgiving person and it's all in good fun right? Ugh. And if I need to explain 'ugh' you clearly will not have the same iss [...]

    • Poison's Kiss, book 2 in the Deadly Beauties series by C.M.Owens. It's picking up right were we left off in book 1, Bloody's Fury. "I stare idly out the window, wondering how I ever ended up in such a screwed-up place. A dark user is on my couch, a night stalker took my innocence, and a changer is my best friend. I've lost my mind. That's it. I need therapy or a spell to make me forget the last few months of my life."The immortal world has many rules and twist that will make your head spin. It a [...]

    • Another whiny girl who can't decide between two guy. Could use a little humor in the series too. I do like all the action and paranormal.

    • When Fantasy meets nymphomaniac everything says it all Alyssa must has been living under a rock for the past 10 years, she doesn't know much about the immortal stories of Freya, Estella, Dragona and the other beings. She's rather gullible, naive and easy to trust others. Someone is there constantly telling her the story, instead of the author revealing it to the audience. Instead she makes Alyssa a clueless little witch. Might as well make her be adopted, that way she would have been too clueles [...]

    • Book 1 review gives more general comments. 1) I hate love triangles. They drive me crazy. As much as I loved Hunger Games series, I still found it annoying that the author kept trying to make me question who Katniss was supposed to end up with. You can throw a guy in for a little extra drama but don't make me love them equally!!!Well, C.M. Owens did it too and I still loved this book. Because of who Alyssa is and who the men are, the triangle is somehow believable. At the end of this book, I am [...]

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