Turn to Me

Turn to Me What Kathleen Turner doesn t know just may kill her Her boyfriend Navy SEAL turned high powered attorney Blane Kirk is keeping secrets from her the deadly kind and it may end their relationship befo

  • Title: Turn to Me
  • Author: Tiffany Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What Kathleen Turner doesn t know just may kill her.Her boyfriend, Navy SEAL turned high powered attorney Blane Kirk, is keeping secrets from her the deadly kind and it may end their relationship before it s even begun.Someone in the shadows is stalking and terrorizing Kathleen, and Blane must lose a trial with far reaching ramifications if he wants to keep her alive.What Kathleen Turner doesn t know just may kill her.Her boyfriend, Navy SEAL turned high powered attorney Blane Kirk, is keeping secrets from her the deadly kind and it may end their relationship before it s even begun.Someone in the shadows is stalking and terrorizing Kathleen, and Blane must lose a trial with far reaching ramifications if he wants to keep her alive Blane turns to assassin for hire Kade Dennon to keep Kathleen safe, a strategy that may backfire in ways than one Though Kade swears he hates her, he s helpless to guard against things he s never felt before and when they re together, Kathleen sees something forbidden in his eyes.Kathleen must find the truth behind the lies before her time, and luck, runs out, or she may pay the ultimate price for falling in love with Blane Kirk.

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      Tiffany Snow Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Turn to Me book, this is one of the most wanted Tiffany Snow author readers around the world.

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    • MindBLOWN!! Freaking blown. I'm a goofy, silly girl right now because I still have three books to read in this series. I'm over the moon with delight.Kathleen and Blane are in the middle of their relationship, but Kathleen is just waiting for the moment that she goes the way of all of his other flavors of the month. In her mind, she expects nothing more than what they have now. In her heart, she's scared for the way she feels for him.And in steps Kade. Dun DUN DUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!The chemistry [...]

    • 4.5 WILD STARSWell, this was another wild ride. Kathleen and Blane are together yet she's still holding her breath waiting for when Blane pulls the plug. His actions have her feeling like "girl-on-the side" because she knows so little about his life, his aspirations and he doesn't treat her like a partner. Of course, these two find themselves in danger again. This time, thanks to one of Blane's cases, Kathleen is now a target. Blane calls in little bro, Kade, to help.Colour me happy because we g [...]

    • BLANEWell I think this author had us fooled in book 1. It was a good read. I really liked it but it was nothing like the rollercoaster ride that this book took me on. There were twists and turns on every corner.“His lips twitched at my defiance. He moved his face even nearer to mine, our lips inches apart. "You feel that?" he nearly whispered, his voice low and intent. "You feel that rage inside? Burning hot in the pit of your stomach?" Confused, I hesitantly nodded. What was he doing?"That's [...]

    • *3.5 Stars*"Someone watched us have sex?" I asked in disbelief, my voice a high screech that I immediately regretted as my head throbbed. I felt violated and humiliated. What sick pervert would do that?"I don't think you're focusing on the important part," Blane said, his voice flat. "Someone tried to kill you."Gahd, these books will be the end of me. I mean…there are just so many wonderful things and ideas, but then for every wonderful thing or idea there’s a retarded counterpart you just c [...]

    • Kade, I've cleared a special spot on my book boyfriend shelf just for you. Kathleen can have Blane, I'm keeping you for myself!!

    • Kathleen Turner is the character in the horror movie you scream at when they wander off alone into the dark woods, no good can come from this. She is always and forever doing something ridiculously stupid to be put into a situation where she needs to be saved. If you are looking for a serious mystery then pass this one by….but if you are looking for something funny and almost spoof like then Kathleen is your girl.I can’t take this series seriously at all. There are so many cheesy eye roll mo [...]

    • >> OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG << I'm absolutely in love with this series! AwwBlane, you're so sweet!but Kade you're such a naughty Boy! **RAWR**Am I Team Blane? Or Am I Team Kade? AAAAAND I'M

    • WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!! I want more!!!!! Ok, I'm going to make this review short and sweet I've got READING TO DO!!!! I am well and truly hooked on this series. This is the second installment of the Kathleen Turner series, and I just CAN'T FUCKING GET ENOUGH!!!!!In this episode, Kathleen and Blane solidify their dating status and it's becomes quite apparent that she is more to him than a casual fling. Christmas is coming, but not even the festive holiday can keep the death thre [...]

    • I love this series so much! :) Overall, I would say this book seems more polished and less rushed than the first.This story revolves around a case in which Blane is defending a former Navy SEAL. A lot of threats are being directed at Kat and Blane so Blane brings his brother Kade in to help protect Kat. There are a lot of twists and turns regarding this case and as usual Blane keeps a lot of important details from Kat regarding the case, her safety, and his decisions. One specific thing that Bla [...]

    • 4.5 Loved It StarsI am completely hooked on this series. I’m not sure if it is the sexy as sin Kade, the hot lawyer Blane, the foolish and stubborn Kathleen Turner or all the bat-shit crazy things that goes on in these books but I LOVE this series.For me I enjoyed Turn to Me just a bit better than No Turning Back. Even with all the twists, turns and revelations with the suspense side of the book we also get to see the relationships between Kathleen, Blane and Kade heat up! On the romance front [...]

    • 4 starsBlane's current case is in the public eye. With dead bodies piling up and witnesses missing, both Blane and Kathleen have become easy targets. The only way to keep her safe is to enlist help from Kade.This book had my heart in a spin. I want Kathleen to end up with both guys but ultimately I think Blane has her heart. The things that Blane has done for her has my heart melting. And poor Kade for what he has been through.The storyline was gripping and I was never bored of all the action an [...]

    • WARNING: EXPLOSIVE ACTIONWARNING: WHITE-HOT LOVE TRIANGLEThe tides are turning for Kathleen, in this installment of the incredibly addictive series I've come to love and obsess over! I usually don't like love triangles. They're dangerous to the reader. Why? You've got a 50/50 chance of either hating or loving it. This wholly depending on the man you want to end up with the heroine.While in the first book I had no clear cut preference for Kat, in this one I'm leaningleaningleaning to a tall, dark [...]

    • Is it just me, or did Kathleen get her ass kicked even more times in this book than in the first one? She loses consciousness more times too, right?And I didn’t think it’d be possible, but she cries more in this one, doesn’t she?And her TSTL moments – those were more abundant also weren’t they?I’m pretty sure the answers to all those questions are a resounding yes, but I will still say again: I DON’T CARE. I don’t! I still had my eyes glued to the pages and read this book in only [...]

    • Picking up where she left off in “No Turning Back,” Tiffany Snow delivers a first-rate follow up with the second book in the series. Grabbing hold of me from the start, this installment did not disappoint. It continues on a high note. The author has a real knack for creating characters who are so appealing. Smart, witty and funny dialogue enhances the storyline as well. Suspense and romance are well-balanced and fast-paced. Plenty of steamy encounters will make happy campers of romance lover [...]

    • This series is like Sookie Stackhouse on Steriods, minus:vamps,weres,fairies,maynard,telepaths,shifters,witches,midget healersThere is never a dull moment and just when you think all is well, its so notwith Sookie I was team Ericwith Kat I'm team Kade and now?Now that I finished the second book and read the first chapter of the third, which was tacked on the end?I have to wait two months for the next installment !!What am I going to do? *looks around feeling lost*

    • The alternate title for this series is "Everybody wants to kill Kathleen, but that bitch just won't die."These are quickly becoming my guilty pleasure!

    • Kathleen Turner finds it difficult that Blane Kirk, high profile lawyer with aspirations to public office, former Navy Seal and all around charmer, would choose to be with her; Kathleen Turner, runner for his law firm and bartender. She's been dating Blane for six weeks now, though feels that this fantasy may come crashing down any minute, just seeing the warmth in his eyes when he looks at her, seems to ease her worry. As comfortable as her life may seem to be at the moment, there is always som [...]

    • I blogged about my love for Tiffany A. Snow's first book in the Kathleen Turner Series earlier in the week and let me tell you that I liked this book even more! It was everything that the first book was with a little more angst.This book just made me love Kathleen Turner even more. That woman is fearless fire and while she did have a couple of moments where she realized the severity of her situation as a possible murder target, she remained strong and continued to fight for those she loved. In t [...]

    • I have finally found a book that has gotten the love triangle right! Typically, they're so unbelievable that it's not even worth my time to get invested in them. But this one right here, this is the new standard of how a triangle needs to be written. At the end of this book I remmeber thinking this is what Twilight was aiming for but missed the mark by the entire western hemisphere.My jaw hit the floor when Blane asked Kade to come protect Kat. Seriously, my jaw made contact with the floor. Firs [...]

    • "Turn To Me" was the best sequel the first installment could have! The suspense was even better, the romance was more complicated and finally, the heroine did not blush so frequently!In "Turn To Me" Blane is defending an ex-Navy SEAL who killed an American citizen/potential threat on the battlefield. Which is a PR nightmare. You know, people take sides and then all hell breaks loose. So, when fellow SEALs start being threatened and/or disappearing and Blane starts receiving threats Kathleen has [...]

    • BOOK REVIEW: Turn to Me - Tiffany A. Snow.It's no secret that Blane and Kathleen are in love, however voicing their true feelings is something that neither of them are yet comfortable with. Afterall, Blane is in a different league, and Kat continually feels unworthy of his attentions. With Kandiwith an i, still in the throes of 'making her claim', she believes her time with Blane is limited.But, when Kathleen's life becomes endangered due to Blane's latest case, he makes a phone call to his half [...]

    • How this poor woman is still alive just beats me. She's abducted, attacked, betrayed and held hostage several times a chapter. I'm such a sucker for all of this excitement, I can't put this series down. Reading on

    • Argggggg! I can't stop reading! And I hate, I repeat I FUCKING HATE LOVE TRIANGLES!!! The only time, ONLY TIME I can justify love triangles is when: 1. It's blatantly obvious one person is better than the other. 2. I have a clear team determined. (Even this is a stretch) 3. One point of the isosceles is a fucking Ass Hole. Conditions where love triangles should be FORBIDDEN! 1. They are BROTHERS.2. I can't decide exactly what team I am on. (Kade and Blane are HOT and although I'm leaning toward [...]

    • I have the same objections I had on the fist book: Kathleen. She still hasn't learned the lessons. She is still TSTL and intelligent at the same time and I still want to hug her and slap her at the same time!What I liked here was Kade. Caustic and scarcastic Kade. Loved him!I wanted to hug him for all he suffered as a child!Blane is not my favorit person here I really don't understand what Katheel has that all the males she meets pant after her!! And I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Why's that I don't [...]

    • Well, it's been six weeks since Kathleen and Blane have been dating and at their first big party Kathleen realizes how little she knows about his life, his political relatives, his governor run and his new high profile case, defending a Navy SEAL. In this book there is loads of drama, Kathleen is threatened because of Blane's work and he says that they should pretend to be apart and well there is his ex Kandi and Kade. Kade and Kathleen become closer in this book, and Kathleen becomes an investi [...]

    • Ok, now this is more like it. Much better plot line and creative story in Turn to Me than in No Turning Back. Navy SEALS, wartime Rules of Engagement, suspense, conspiracies, murdersda lot more Kade! YES!Love the Prologue (Kade's perspective) and the Epilogue (Blane's perspective). And, I came to like Kathleen much more in this one. She's a feisty thang. Also, really am excited at the open-ended finish. Can't wait for the next book to come out and read what happens next!Happy to report: still Te [...]

    • Now I'm torn. In book 1, I was Team Blane all the way (still am I think) but after this one, my heart goes out to Kade :( GRR! This is exactly why I don't like love triangles. Not that they can even compare but I must admit that the Blane/Kat/Kade triangle kind of reminded me of Edward/Bella/Jacob. Kind of.Sigh. I am so LOVING this series so far! :)

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