The Unexpected Waltz

The Unexpected Waltz From the author of the critically acclaimed debut Love in Mid Air comes this moving novel about a middle aged widow who finds her feet by embracing a new hobby ballroom dancing Kelly Wilder becomes re

  • Title: The Unexpected Waltz
  • Author: Kim Wright
  • ISBN: 9781476754222
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the critically acclaimed debut Love in Mid Air comes this moving novel about a middle aged widow who finds her feet by embracing a new hobby ballroom dancing.Kelly Wilder becomes recently widowed from a much older wealthy man with whom she spent her married life doing charity work, building a lovely home, and, as she says, pretending to be a whole lotFrom the author of the critically acclaimed debut Love in Mid Air comes this moving novel about a middle aged widow who finds her feet by embracing a new hobby ballroom dancing.Kelly Wilder becomes recently widowed from a much older wealthy man with whom she spent her married life doing charity work, building a lovely home, and, as she says, pretending to be a whole lot conservative and stupid and nicer than I really am Now, with too much time and money on her hands, Kelly has absolutely no idea what happens next So on a whim she signs up for a ballroom dancing class, and slowly, step by high heeled step, begins to rebuild her life with the help of friends old and new Nik, a young Russian dance teacher who sees the artistic potential she left behind Carolina, a woman in hospice, anxious to experience a whole lifetime in a few months and Elyse, Kelly s girlhood best friend who knows all of her past secrets including the truth about the man who long ago broke Kelly s heart.In the vein of Jennifer Weiner s novels, Unexpected Waltz is a deeply felt story about moving on after loss and finding a new walk or dance of life through the power of second chances.

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      When I was a kid I was so obsessed with books I used to check out four at a time from the library that was the limit in the small NC town where I was raised then walk down the street, sit under a tree, and read them as fast a I could so I could go back to get four Now I am the author of Love in Mid Air, The Unexpected Waltz, The Canterbury Sisters, and the most recent, Last Ride to Graceland, all published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster I also write the City of Mystery series which includes City of Darkness, City of Light, City of Silence, City of Bells, City of Stone, and the Christmas themed novella, The Angel of Hever Castle This series is set in the Victorian era and deals with another of my obsessions, the founding of the first forensics unit in Scotland Yard My chief detective, Trevor Welles, struggles to be a modern man in an antiquated system I am the mother of two grown children and recently became a grandmother for the first time I highly recommend it My hobbies include ballroom dance, travel, and dogs.

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    • A widow who married "the safe man" attempts to reinvent her life by taking dance lessons. While I loved the idea of someone trying something new, and assessing her life and relationships, I dislike books where the main character has all the money in the world to do whatever she wants.

    • I really enjoyed this book. I liked 52-year-old Kelly who is trying to survive after her husband has died a year ago. She has no direction, she has a big house and really has no purpose as she has no job. She stumbles into a dance studio owned and operated by three Russians and she decides to take a dance lesson. That lesson turns into another one and another one and next thing she knows she is sucked into the place. She is also a hospice volunteer and meets Carolina who is a firecracker even th [...]

    • In The Unexpected Waltz recently-widowed Kelly Madison finds herself questioning the value of the small life she has lived so far. With some accidental help from a local ballroom dance studio, she begins a long-delayed journey to self-awareness, personal growth and a purpose-filled life. Along the way she connects deeply to a hospice patient she has met through her volunteer work, while also finding herself growing closer to her teachers and fellow dancers at the dance studio. With a dance-as-me [...]

    • I just finished The Unexpected Waltz and sadly I was disappointed. Nearly 300 pages of "so what?" for me. The main character, Kelly Madison, is widowed, losing her much older and very wealthy husband a year ago. Living the life of a gilded bird, she takes a 30-min trial session in ballroom dancing on a whim and keeps going back for more. She becomes what in dance studio parlance is a "whale," a wealthy benefactor of sorts, a person who takes so many classes that their fees are what keeps the stu [...]

    • I was lucky enough to win this author give away through one of my book groups!! I thought this book sounded good but I didn't realize I would just love it. I love the characters, well most of them, there are a few jerks in it of course :-) As it says on the back of book, Kelly is a 52-year-old widow. She had a rich husband that she's not sure she loved at all. He certainly set her up nicely which is a dream in the story itself!! But Kelly has been laying around the house for a year grieving. Sh [...]

    • “The Unexpected Waltz” is book candy for women over 50. It’s comforting to see chic-lit for the over 50 crowd. It’s a fun read about a widow who wants to redefine herself. If the reader were involved in Ballroom dance, this book would be particularly interesting. Yes, the protagonist finds herself through Ballroom Dance, or more particularly, competitive Ballroom Dance. For me, the redeeming factor of this book is the “inside look” into competitive Ballroom Dance. I had NO idea there [...]

    • I loved this book. It was a wonderful story and the main character was wonderful, very easy to relate to and so real. This is a story about a woman who finds herself after her husband dies and she has wonderful friends and helps a lot of people. If you want an uplifting book, this is it. It's a feel good book all the way through, even with the loss of the husband because you don't really get to know him, it's what happens after he's gone.

    • Review originally posted:Traveling With TThis book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair and honest review.The Unexpected WaltzWhen Kelly Wilder becomes a widow, the theme that she hears from the lawyers is “nothing has to change”. Kelly, having been married to a wealthy man, a man who has made arrangements for Kelly to be taken care of- truly, nothing has to change. Kelly could live her life in the beyond comfortable fashion she has been living for the rest of her life.Except [...]

    • The waltz may be unexpected, but its arrival is well-prepared in this shadow novel of “Shall We Dance,” “Strictly Ballroom” and, most recently, “Silver Lining Playbook.” In one way or another they are all about competitive ballroom dancing. In this case, a recent widow from a May-December marriage inherits tons of money from Matt, her dearly departed, and decides to take up ballroom dancing. Waltz, tango, foxtrot—you know the list—and she slowly masters them all. She has a bit mo [...]

    • This book about a middle-aged woman having to move-on after a loss spoke to me. Her evaluation of her prior relationships, friends and herself as she struggles with being afraid of change and desperately wanting to move beyond the box in which she has lived her life were poignant and realistic. When Kelly stumbles into a dance studio and signs up for a complimentary first lesson, she has no idea how significantly it will change her life. Her endeavors in the dance classes give her the confidence [...]

    • This is my first Kim Wright book. I just thought I would give her a try . I listened to this book on CD and I am glad I did. At first , I thought well if you are a fan of 'Dancing With the Stars' on TV you will like this story. Then I kept listeningm, I do seek pearls of wisdom in all books I read. I heard, " need attention, crave attention", to describe some women. I heard, " Men like women who make trouble.", and " A man either cheats or he doesn't"a decision a man makes in his own head. The m [...]

    • I was happily surprised with this book. I was somewhat worried that since the main character was quite a lot older than me that I would not find her relatable or interestingy was I wrong! Kelly is extremely interesting and when she would talk about her days as a teenager and young adult I would find myself thinking, "Wow that is exactly how it is!" or "Been there done that!". Wright has successfully created a character that is mature, intelligent, and witty. There was not a single part in this b [...]

    • Talk about "unexpected", I don't even watch "Dancing with the Stars". However, I found this story of a middle-aged widow who falls in love with ballroom dancing to be an absolutely charming and engaging piece of entertainment. It is not trite or cliched, but refreshing and well-written. Bravo!

    • I liked it because of the dancing but other than that nothing grabbed me. Didn't believe the "examination " of her past or her present.

    • This was an engrossing read about grief and recovery and friendships and dance. Will definitely be looking for other books by this author in the future.

    • I didn't find everything about this novel a 4 star read, but overall I enjoyed it very much.A middle-aged, widowed, and wealthy woman accidentally stumbles into a ballroom dancing studio in a shopping center. Here she begins to find something that matters, and a circle of unexpected friends.It sounds cheesy in the description, but this was my favorite part of the novel, and the reason I decided to read it. Because the author herself participates in ballroom dancing and amateur competition, it is [...]

    • When I began this book I was not sure that I would be able to finish it. A book about learning how to dance. How interesting could it be?Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it! Maybe it was because of the nature of the business itself. Perhaps because of the character interactions. Or I might have simply been drawn to the notion that learning to dance (at any season of life), if approached with passion, can become a work of transformation.Whatever the case, I would recommended this sedate book to any [...]

    • Friendship. Love. Loss. Settling for less. Affairs. Mistakes repeated. Discovery. Suspense. Self-assessment. Growth. This book had it all. The ending surprised me. Most of all, it made me want to hold my valued friendships close - and made me wish I could dance.

    • What a lovely story. I stumbled upon this book and am so glad I did. Kelly's path to a new life is filled with new people and experiences. I particularly liked her commitment to hospice. This is a terrific book that reminded me why I love to read.

    • Interesting story, learned more about dancing than I ever have before in my life. It was a good story, good character growth,

    • This story was a bit different than what I expected. I was hoping for something more sentimental or romantic. It was okay, but some parts were boring.

    • I was disappointed by the book, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I saw this book in a FedEx store some years ago. It caught my eye because I love ballroom dance. What I found disappointing was Kelly. All of her. She's 52 years old but acts and talks like she's in her 20's. I wanted to tell her to grow up. I admire her stepping out of her comfort zone and taking ballroom dance lessons but that's about it. Her obsession with Daniel was annoying. I didn't really see the close friendship/p [...]

    • 4.5 stars.The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright is a captivating novel of healing and self discovery that is incredibly moving. This touching story is poignant but uplifting and I found myself utterly charmed by Kelly Wilder's honest reflection of her past, her relationships and her enduring friendship with Elyse, the one person who has been by her side through all of her life's various ups and downs."Nothing has to change." A statement from one of Kelly's lawyers as she is wrapping up the final de [...]

    • Kelly, the protagonist, is recently widowed and is uncertain about what to do with her life of privilege. One day she happens upon a ballroom dance studio and, on-the-spot, decides to take lessons. Kelly finds excitement in dancing, a new and delightful diversion and a life she hadn’t anticipated. I believed that the story would be quite good with a plot-line like this. I was however, let down by the rest of the book.There was nothing dreadful about this book, but there also wasn't anything re [...]

    • This was a thought-provoking read. Kelly is a middle-aged woman who's just lost her much older husband. He has left her very well-off but in the beginning, she can't even get the lawyers to tell her how much he left. She goes into a depression as she realizes she has no idea who she really is. She's been the trophy wife for too long.Trophy wife is a harsh term for her though. Abandoned callously by a lover, she uses men as medicine. Her husband was a kindly man who (when he found her chemise in [...]

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