The Means

The Means Part Primary Colors part All The King s Men The Means follows two complicated presidential candidates and the equally ambitious rising star journalist who is learning what it takes to get the story

  • Title: The Means
  • Author: Douglas Brunt
  • ISBN: 9781476772578
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Part Primary Colors, part All The King s Men, The Means follows two complicated presidential candidates and the equally ambitious rising star journalist who is learning what it takes to get the story right.Tom Pauley is a respected trial attorney in Durham, North Carolina, who is tapped by GOP leaders to campaign for the governor s mansion His bold style makes him a favoPart Primary Colors, part All The King s Men, The Means follows two complicated presidential candidates and the equally ambitious rising star journalist who is learning what it takes to get the story right.Tom Pauley is a respected trial attorney in Durham, North Carolina, who is tapped by GOP leaders to campaign for the governor s mansion His bold style makes him a favorite for a run at the White House.Mitchell Mason, the president elect of the United States, has finally surpassed his father s distinguished achievements Mason carries out his administration with a personal touch that creates both friends and enemies.Samantha Davis is a lawyer turned journalist, working her way up from the bottom in another cutthroat industry As determined as she is brilliant, her dogged pursuit of a decade old story threatens to trigger a scandal that could change the race for the White House.

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    • Douglas Brunt

      Douglas Brunt is an American novelist and entrepreneur He was the CEO of Authentium, Inc an Internet security company, which he sold in 2011 Trophy Son is his third novel He is the author of New York Times bestseller Ghosts of Manhattan and The Means.

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    • Politicians are sleazy and shady. Who knew???The couple of advanced reviews I’ve read for this book all said it was oh so great and a fantastic peek behind the metaphorical curtain to show what really happens in politics and during political campaigns. It was fresh and powerful and compelling, they said. It was a great read, they said.There’s a good chance I read a different book than they did.There’s really no plot to this one other than the not-so-mysterious outcome of a presidential ele [...]

    • A compelling book about politics and the secrets that lines behind it.Douglas Burnt's The Means is a surprise for me. The characters, much like their decisions are realistic. I believe that this work not only portrays politics as we not know it but it reflected our daily lives.Samantha, Mitchell and Tom represents each and everyone of us. ARC via Netgalley

    • What with the daily chaos and confusion in the Trump White House this book couldn't hold a candle to reality!! It was a very fast read with a strange abrupt ending that left me wondering why? This is my second book by this author and until I read the other reviews I had no idea he was married to Megan Kelly! This book was written in 2014, would love to see how he might have written the story in 2016????

    • I'd rate this 4.5 stars.Full disclosure: I received an advance readers copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.Having lived in the Washington, DC area for more than 25 years, I'm still simultaneously fascinated and reviled by politics. While I've had more than my share of politicians and their rhetoric and mudslinging, I have always been a sucker for the drama of presidential campaigns, watching a herd of candidates enter and only the luckiest one survives. That certa [...]

    • “The Means” by Douglas Brunt, published by Touchstone Books.Category – Fiction/Literature Publication Date – September 16, 2014.The dirty business of politics is the subject of this novel. A successful attorney, Tom Pauley, is convinced by the GOP campaign people to run for the governor of his state. Although a little reluctant he is fascinated by the challenge and he and wife agree that he should throw his hat in the ring. The best part of this is that he has led a stellar life and has [...]

    • This is just a bad book.The writing style is absolutely horrid. Brunt switches from POV to POV of various characters, telling us the complete life story of each of them even when they're completely irrelevant. Half of this book is completely irrelevant details. Brunt doesn't know a damn thing about journalism, which is surprising since I've learned he's married to a TV anchor. Several of these characters put themselves in dangerous situations or very illegal situations and some of them -- partic [...]

    • This was a horrible piece of fluff. I was really disappointed as the author is the husband of Megyn Kelly. I saw her interview him on her show and I was looking forward to reading the book. It was a total disappointment.

    • Overall rating 4 stars. Did seem to go down a lot of paths without fulling developing the plot as to what the author was setting us up for. I did enjoy the 3 main characters and believe their is a sequel coming!

    • the blurbs on the back include quotes from huckabee and the founder of home depot. that means this is a bad book. and it was.

    • Reading The Means was somewhat enjoyable, but it was like reading a shell of a book. The book covers probably around 5 years in time and is way too short to give five years justice. The characters are All-American with a little nuance, All-American with a different little nuance All-American and so on. It was easy to read which was nice, but it certainly wasn't fulfilling. I've never read a book and thought "The pacing is all off" until I read this one. The drama starts to unfold about 85% into [...]

    • I liked it! Given that Douglas Brunt is Megyn Kelly's (formerly of Fox news) husband, the central character reminded me a lot of Kelly. Enjoyable read. I'd read another of his books.

    • It was OK. The writing was clean and pretty spare but good. The story line was ok but the twists were not too surprising. It was a pretty good book and a decent read but not outstanding.

    • The GoodThis is an entertaining book. It kept me well occupied for a couple of days, the plot yielded a few interesting twists, and there are a couple of challenging ideas and concepts raised.The BadThe plot's a little thin and credulity straining.For starters, the crux of the book is a (supposedly) competitive election between incumbent President Mason (D-NY) and challenger Governor Pauley (R-NC). But Mason is such an unapologetic ass throughout the entire book that it's difficult to imagine hi [...]

    • This story of 2 politicians (both men) and a mainstream network reporter (who happens to be a woman) can leave you thinking; "why do I even bother to vote?" The political process is all about back room deals, backstabbing, and more often than not,ruination of the lives of those involved. That's what I came away with by the end. Douglas Brunt is no stranger to the world of politics or mainstream/cable news. Though fictional, with dramatic story lines, I'm betting his depiction of both worlds is c [...]

    • This novel had the material to be a 400-500 page book. Instead, it was a short 332 page book. Dealing with a male character running for Governor, and a short time later for Presidentother male character already President of the US and running for a 2nd termd a female character working for a major network as a reporter. Brunt gives an abbreviated version of what should be a detailed look at politics and networks in the 21st century. Adding to my disappointment was the author's use of the present [...]

    • I read this book because Nelson DeMille recommended it as a "fantastic political thriller" in his November 2014 newsletter. I liked the book a lot, it had it's twists and turns - unexpected twists an turns - but I can't say it was an edge of your seat thriller. The book follows three characters along separate and sometimes intersecting paths - the up and coming cable news journalist, the incumbent president, and the challenger. What are your expectations of these types of people? Where do you th [...]

    • I really enjoyed Douglas Brunt's first book, and I was eagerly awaiting this release. There was no Sophomore slump with this one.The author has a very crisp, quick, and engaging writing style, which was ideally suited to the political world that was being covered. There are several stories throughout the book, which all lead together, thought not in ways I was expecting. This is not like one of those "Soduku" movies, where there is no visible logical connection between the tales, until the last [...]

    • Some people should accept that they are not meant to be writers. Based on this one book, I would argue that Douglas Brunt is one of them. He writes strictly in declaratory sentences and much of the text gets bogged down in exposition. The ending managed to be both unpredictable and uninteresting. In fact, the book unfolds in a matter that is so entirely implausible that it makes me wonder who Brunt's audience was. I do not have the creativity to be a novelist and I can only imagine the powers of [...]

    • I read this book because it was recommended by author, Nelson DeMille (both on the cover of the book and in DeMille's most recent newsletter). And, I was delighted to read that Dana Perino was listed in the acknowledgements as having provided assistance with the research. This is a fast paced political thriller ~ not pro-Democrat, nor pro-Republican ~ but an equal opportunity expose on the corruption, affairs and scandals in the White House and politics. Highly entertaining and enlightening. Wil [...]

    • Hackneyed political "thriller" that aspires to be House of Cards but barely rises to the level of gravitas of Veep. The characters are paper-thin, the scandals would barely last one 24-hour news cycle, and the book not too subtly makes the Republicans the wide-eyed heroes against the mean, amoral old Democrats (probably should have noted the glowing blurb from Mike Huckabee on the back). The author wanted to deliver a capitol-shaking potboiler, and he does possess the opportunity and intent - bu [...]

    • As you may know, the author is married to Fox News anchor Megan Kelly.This book is not, in my opinion, as good as his first book that I read Ghosts of Manhattan. From the cover you might imagine that this one, The Means, is a political story that inter plays a female TV news reporter.There always seems to be a scandal when dealing with political novels and this one is no exception.A good read - but only 5 or 6 stars out of 10.

    • Not the next electionI got this book because I'm a sucker for politics.This is a very one sided look a the process. I can't recommend it to you.I was hoping for an O'Reilly type storyere was a lot that h was glossed over.I think the story could have been deeper. The style of jumping for scenario to scenario was quaint but not effective enough for the reader to not have lingering question about missing Plot action.

    • I just didn't like the way he writes. A political story about a journalist, a president and a president elect. It does tell how corrupt the politicians and all their people can be. A funny twist at the end but it just didn't hold together for me and didn't flow. I don't think I'll bother reading his first book.

    • Here we have a political novel involving a sucessful trial lawyer who runs for and wins the governor's race in North Carolina, the POTUS and a child actor turned attorney turned investigative reporter whose lives cross paths with a frequency that strains believability. However, I found the plot interesting. As an aside, I learned that Mr. Brunt is married to Megyn Kelly.

    • Three characters collide in this story: Samantha is a former child tv star, now an aspiring tv news reporter. Dan is a former lawyer, now governor of NC. Mitch is presently president of the US. When the three of them come together, surprising things happen . . . continuing the surprise right to the final page.

    • If you are a news and media junkie (like me) you will quickly get absorbed into this book as you would expect to be coming from the husband on Megyn Kelly. If not, not so much. I've considered that in rating it. For me, personally, it was a 4.

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