Stronger My name is Jasmine and I have HIV I was years old the first time my mother s boyfriend hit me and at the age of I was forced to be a prostitute Cast away by the same people I thought were famil

  • Title: Stronger
  • Author: Lexie Ray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Jasmine and I have HIV.I was 14 years old the first time my mother s boyfriend hit me and at the age of 18, I was forced to be a prostitute Cast away by the same people I thought were family, I was ready to take my own life Until I met Nate He didn t run away when I said I was sick But I wonder why a handsome, funny, Mr Right like him would love someone likMy name is Jasmine and I have HIV.I was 14 years old the first time my mother s boyfriend hit me and at the age of 18, I was forced to be a prostitute Cast away by the same people I thought were family, I was ready to take my own life Until I met Nate He didn t run away when I said I was sick But I wonder why a handsome, funny, Mr Right like him would love someone like me My name is Nate and I have a secret.I met Jasmine at a crossroads in my life She was beautiful, desperate, and inspired me in ways I didn t know were possible She makes me better in everything and I want to help her get better, too But I have a secret, one she doesn t have to know until the time is right.

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    • quick reviewPro-always something going on-character traits-interesting situationsCon-I wish the synopsis didn't give so much detail away-moves too quickly for me, loose ends-room to improve character and plot development

    • Well let me just say this book was way better than I thought it was going to be!! I was hesitant to read it because a love story with HIV sounded terrible. However this really had some of the dark elements that I love in a story and the sad and loving moments that I also love. Poor Jasmine though, her story is really fucking rough!! When she meets Nate and things came into light I just cried. It's been awhile for me to have a book make me cry! I recommend this one for sure, it short but damn doe [...]

    • Overall, I liked this book. But, I did have a few problems with it. Mostly the fact that she (the main character) had all of this horrible stuff happen to her in her past and it was like it all went away when she met Nate. Like "Oh he's so nice to me" so I can just forget anything happened to me and act "normal" which I can tell you is not accurate of a sexual assault survivor. Or an abuse survivor at all. Another thing that bothered me was Brenda and her family's reaction to her condition. They [...]

    • this book was beyond depressing it literally brought my whole mood down i thought I was reading a love story where exactly was the love she has hiv he has cancer they fall in love and he's going to die in a year the end what the hell!!!

    • This is a little different from my normal reviews, but it is the most concise way of writing down my thoughts.- the start wasn't easy to read and I did think I was going to give up at one stage. I thought I was getting a romance and it was taking too long to arrive. When it did, I was disappointed with it.- there were too many plot strands crammed into a relatively short read. It meant there was little development on each individual strand leading to a choppy writing style. Things weren't develo [...]

    • This is a roller coaster of a read,So many problems and heartache all packed into 131 pagesThis is the first of the series and although I enjoyed the writing style, I found the plot too unbelievable.Jasmine's life would have been hard with a fraction of the problems she faced and I think I would have had a easier time making an emotional connection rather then an outsider looking in. would I read the rest of the series? I'm really not sure, although the blurbs do look intriguing.

    • This was basically 139 pages of heartache. The heroine in this story seemed to drift from one wretched situation to another continually throughout. This was a sad and depressing read, but it was quite captivating and emotionally charged. I'm undecided yet on reading book 2. I may if it's moderately priced.

    • was sad in a few parts of the story , with everything that jasmine had to go through, from jack to mama, to brenda and jeff, cocoa was nice with her, she meets nate and her life changes but the only thing that i dont like was her reaction when she found out the secret of nate,

    • This was a crazy, wild, fun ride. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the main characters, and felt such pity, fear, love, joy and finally comfort with this journey.

    • Gutwrenching beginning cheesy endingThe first half of this book will tear at your heart, it is graphic, things are done to this girl that are unimaginable. The pace is fast and the storyline constantly twisting and turning, always keeping you on your toes. Every time you think Jasmine' found her savior you're slapped in the face with another unimaginable act. Yet the ending is "too perfect" so it makes it cheesy. And for this typical happy ending I have it a 3 out of 5.

    • I read this a few years back, forgot all about it, and read it again. It was interesting enough for me to finish a second time, although the first part of the story seems rushed. It's a sad story for Jasmine, but it's good to see better things eventually came her way.

    • Wow!Wow! What an amazing story! How inspiring it was I can't even put it into words. If you feel like the weight of the world is on you, please read this book.

    • Admittedly, I got this book because it had the same cover model as Samantha Young's On Dublin Street, and she is one of my all-time favorite authors. (Oddly enough, Young's On Dublin Street series is the only work of hers that I haven't read.)And I only started reading this because I saw some review of it from one of the bloggers I follow, and I was like, "Hey. I have that book, and this person said it was really good. I should read it."And so I did.WOW. That's what I gotta say. Wow.The story wa [...]

    • Also posted to Jen in BooklandI really wanted to like Stronger. It is the kind of story I enjoy reading. This story though was too simple. Very few, if any, people could go through what Jasmine does and just instantly be okay. It just didn't make any sense to me.So Jasmine has a horrible past when the story opens. Her mom is kind of a mess, but she manages. That is until she meets and moves them in with her horrible abusive boyfriend (and then turns into a major alcoholic). Things could still ha [...]

    • A little bit of forgiveness asked for in advance, I'm not very good at writing reviews.) If you are looking for a very "quick read" this is a good choice.(I finished it within a few hours.) The preview of the book gives far too much away. I did not see the preview, or I may not have read it at all, since the preview basically gives away the most significant turn in the story which doesn't occur until halfway through.A generic heads-up: there are quite a few very graphic descriptions of rape and [...]

    • Jasmine is acting like a brat. Jack is offering her her own room and because it's in the attic she's disappointed. Jasmine does not want to live with Jack because she never met him, yet she's going to live with Mama after just meeting her.Please explain why Jack treated Jasmine the way he did, I do not understand his behavior? Why in the first place would Fiona love a man that hurts her daughter and then drink herself to death. This is too unbelievable. Fiona was a stupid mother for not protecti [...]

    • I felt like this was two different books. SPOILERSThe first half was harrowing. Young girl moves in to the home of her mothers abusive boyfriend. Mother eventually dies from alcohol abuse (probably mixed in with physical abuse). Boyfriend then abuses the girl to the point she runs away to live on the streets. Girl is rescued by the owner of a nightclub, but wouldn't you know it, that turns out to be a brothel and more physical abuse follows. Girl does not insist her clients use condoms, and no s [...]

    • While the idea behind the story was fine, it was very poorly constructed. I don't know if it was intended as a novella, but there was way too much history to make it work as such a short story. I think things moved too fast. You're finally getting into to one chapter of her life then it suddenly shifts and you're left wondering why the writer even bothered. This book was utterly predictable and chalk full of clichés. "I roamed the street for hours, trying to find the pieces of my broken heart." [...]

    • I started reading this book because it was free on yesterday. It was not the best book I have ever read or anything of the sort, but it was an interesting read. The book is very short and very easy to read so it does not take too much of your time.The story is interesting, it had enough details, I did not feel like there was something missing. It considered it a short story and I was content with the amount of details it contained.The plot is interesting, it shows that life is not always easy, [...]

    • My review:I was so happy to stumble across this book. I enjoyed it immensely. It was different from the run of the mill my-life-is-awful-book. This book makes you re-evaluate your life. You realise that there are people who are floored by the happenings in their lives, but they get up and face it and survive it. It made me appreciate what I have and see life from a different perspective. Brilliant. Please read. You will not be wasting your time!Synopsis:Jasmine had all but given up on life after [...]

    • This story was better than I'd expected. It is a novella and the first I had read from Lexie Ray.This story follows the character Jasmine, whose early years of poverty then violence find her a young runaway picked up by an apparently kind and caring woman her staff call Mamae leads her into prostitution and is a thoroughly nasty uncaring piece of work when it comes to anything going wrong in her brothel/nightclub.This follows Jasmine and eventually through much trauma Jasmine's character develop [...]

    • I really liked this story from the beginning. I loved that despite all of the pain, heartache, awful shit Jasmine went through, she pushed through and came a little bit stronger and tougher each time. I couldn't dealing with some of the things she did, but see that it's possible. I thought once she got away from the sadistic asshole Jack and found a place at Mama's, things would be good, but after seeing that she only saw dollar signs, kind of made me sad. I was happy when she found a 'home' wit [...]

    • This was a very heart wrenching story, so grab the tissue. Jasmine has been through so much in her short life. She survived being drugged, sold for sex, physical and sexual abuse. She was betrayed by several people that she thought had cared and wanted to help her. She decided to end her life when she is stopped by a stranger. This stranger befriends her and shows her what happiness and love is. Then her life comes crashing down on her once again, but she is strong enough to stand on her own.I w [...]

    • Original (full) review on GotToReadThoseBooksStronger is an unbelievably touching new adult story. I’ve never really cried over a story or movie, but this story brought tears to my eyes. Jasmine is a strong person, even after all she's been through. And Nate is cool too. He made me smile when the story made me oh so sad. But I thought the author could have given him more characteristics. I don’t know how old Nate is. I only know he is a ‘man’. For all I know he could well be fourty years [...]

    • Not bad, I felt that it was rushed in some parts and the summary gives half the story away. There is a least two parts that are graphic and a little bloody but other than that smooth sailing with a bumpy road. Loved Nate! His character was great his actions however when he meets Jasmine are a little unbelievable, but that just makes you love him even more. As for Jasmine, I guess I'm a cold hearted B, I knew what happened to her wasn't her fault, but she was almost 18 when things started happeni [...]

    • CONTAINS SPOILERS! This book was good, but it moved waaaay too fast. Jasmine is a girl, who gets abused by her mothers new boyfriend, her mother dies of choking on alcohol, she becomes a prostitute, she runs away again, finds a family, moves in with them, life is going fine,and then she has HIV, the family hates her, and runs away yet again, she meets a guy and moves in with him?? they fall in love, she finds out he has cancer by herself, she hates him, she runs away yet again. she then finds an [...]

    • A lot happened in quite a short book, Jasmine was really put through the mill. I think if the book had been longer there would have been a breathing space between events and more character development. However this is not a story where the love interest is there from the beginning, and maybe I would have been annoyed if the author had spent loads of time on plot points that didn't involve the hero? I don't know for sure. It was important to tell Jasmine's story and I can imagine that there are a [...]

    • This was an interesting debut novel. It had a lot going onSO many stories and experiences packed into one short book and a not so surprising terrible consequence resulting from the life our heroine lives. It has elements of tragedy and romance and dysfunctional family horrors which can be a little on the "soap opera" sidebut all in all it was fairly entertaining (if you can call reading about a young woman brutalized and taken advantage of her whole life "entertaining"). I was happy that Jasmine [...]

    • So much happens in this book! My heart hurt for Jasmine at almost every turn, and rejoiced when everything finally fell into place. I hope to see more of her through the rest of the series.My only complaint: she mentions a few times, that after her backpack was stolen while she was on the streets, that she lost all trust in people. But every single action after that required either large amounts of trust, or ultimate stupidity. in to mama's, go home with the family from the shelter, Nate, new ro [...]

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