The Strange Year of Vanessa M.

The Strange Year of Vanessa M When Vanessa got into her car that winter s afternoon she had no idea she was setting off on a journey with no return An inner journey that would call into question a whole life spent living up to ot

  • Title: The Strange Year of Vanessa M.
  • Author: Filipa Fonseca Silva
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Vanessa got into her car that winter s afternoon, she had no idea she was setting off on a journey with no return An inner journey that would call into question a whole life spent living up to other people s expectations.With tragic and comic episodes that bring together a domineering mother, a hippie aunt, a boring marriage, an insufferable boss and a friend who nevWhen Vanessa got into her car that winter s afternoon, she had no idea she was setting off on a journey with no return An inner journey that would call into question a whole life spent living up to other people s expectations.With tragic and comic episodes that bring together a domineering mother, a hippie aunt, a boring marriage, an insufferable boss and a friend who never knows when to shut up, The Strange year of Vanessa M shares Vanessa s voyage of self discovery with us And it makes us marvel at the power we have to question things, because there s no end to the pursuit of happiness.

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      Filipa Fonseca Silva is a copywriter, blogger and Top 100 author She s mostly a fiction writer but recently ventured into non fiction with a humorous essay on motherhood, which caused quite a controversy in Portugal, where it was originally published Besides writing, Filipa loves painting, collecting shoes and eating watermelon She lives in Lisbon with her husband and two children.To keep update with her work, you can follow her Facebook page facebook pages Filipa Or blog pipaswonderland in English cronicasdumafashionvictim em Portugu s Or even email her to filipafonsecasilva AT gmail

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    • This book is written in a very "monthly" way - the strange evolution of Vanessa during one year of her life, from the moment she leaves home in search of meaning and of herself, till the moment when, after a lot of events and mistakes, she finaly discovers where she wants to be and who she really is.Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 7 June 2015.

    • This was a likable albeit somewhat predictable story about a wife and mother trying to determine what she really wants from life. Kind of a midlife crisis scenario. Vanessa's year-long journey to self-realization was entertaining enough, but the ending, while not a surprise, was disappointingly too neat and tidy. 3 stars.

    • This Review is by Http://Chicklitpad So Flirting with Forty, minus a vacation-though there's an appearance of a surfing loving hunk who is ten years younger-and an irritating husband. I am getting pissed at myself for commencing my reviews with: I love, love this book. But I can't help it, I really loved, loved this book (Apologies Niecey for the repetition. Still your unalloyed fan.) If not for the blog work, I would spend another week doing this all over again.When I say, this book is so(oooo) [...]

    • So it's my turn to make a review of ONE of my favorite books.This book is an easy-reading, and a can't stop reading type.I think that in some point of our life we have the same questions that Vanessa has, and we start to think about our lives and "what could have happened if we do or we don't something"It's the second book of the author, and a more serious side of her, showing that mature and delicate topics can be addressed in an easy and fun way.Now, for the HATERS that FOR NO REASON rated thi [...]

    • The Strange Year of Vanessa M. starts with Vanessa appearing to have the perfect life with a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a good job and a nice home. Appearances are often very deceptive and Vanessa soon finds herself questioning her choices and making changes. With the help of her hippie Aunt, the interference of her bossy mother and the unwanted advise of her self-proclaimed best friend, she makes changes one by one and comes to a conclusion at the end and finds what she is looking fo [...]

    • É constante, não diria lições de moral ou lemas de auto-ajuda, mas um certo tom de reflexão sobre a sociedade em que vivemos e a vida que levamos hoje em dia. Cada vez mais virados para o nosso umbigo e preocupados com o trabalho, os filhos, as tarefas em casa, as pessoas invejosas e rancorosas e que muitas vezes esquecemos-nos de tirar um certo tempo para olhar à nossa volta. Pode parecer cliché mas não deixa de ser verdade e gostei bastante de como a autora introduziu o tema da repeti [...]

    • This was a delightful book, - it took me completely by surprise. The cover is simple and eye-catching, and yet looks incredibly professional.The content is exceptional, a literary fiction tale of identity and belonging, it guides the reader along at a lovely pace. The writing is exquisite, and definitely breaks the literary mould of ‘slow and purple prose filled’. This is a book of clean language, each word has purpose and it paints the picture of Vanessa’s life, her journey, and ultimate [...]

    • An early mid life crisis? A true personal awakening? A little bit of both? What a year Vanessa.d her husband, and her daughter, and her mother, and her aunt, and her co-workershad! Some for the better, some not. It's crazy to think we can end up living a life simply to please others or, at least, not upset someone else's apple cart. Although prompted into therapy because of a court ordered issue, Vanessa truly challenges herself, makes tough decisions and does the hard work to rebuild her life. [...]

    • In spite of the sometimes awkward translation, I really liked this book. Vanessa is a woman struggling to find her own happiness in a world that has dictated her happiness until her 30's. She wrestles with issues that strike close to home while at the same time prove difficult for some people to understand: ambiguous feelings toward her child, dissatisfaction with her (by all accounts) adoring husband, conflicted feelings towards her cold mother. The story starts a bit slowly, but it is a great [...]

    • Filipa Fonseca Silva traz-nos uma Vanessa na casa dos trinta, casada, com uma filha, nem emprego com um chefe incompetente e que detesta. E vive infeliz, porque sempre viveu a vida que os outros queriam ou esperavam que ela tivesse, em detrimento daquilo que gostava e queria fazer. E este livro é precisamente isto: a busca pela felicidade, o 'grito do Ipiranga' para a descoberta de si próprio e do que quer fazer da sua vida.Art. completo em: aminhaleituras/201

    • I loved the book, and I highly recommend it: it's simple, exciting (I read the book in 2 days), about the real life.It's a very current story, which could have been experienced by anyone in our society. I think we all have a bit of "Vanessa" inside us, but read and confirm for yourself!I've read the book before (Thirty Something: Nothing's How We Dreamed It Would Be) and also enjoyed a lot.Congratulations and best wishes / much success to Filipa Fonseca Silva, who is an excellent writer!

    • The strange year of Vanessa M. is the story of a wife and mother that finds herself in a kind of non diagnosed depression/ general unsatisfaction about several aspects of her life. She decides it's never too late to seek happiness and starts a sometimes comic other times very serious journey to find it. I don't want to reveal more, but the author has a writing style that puts me "in the zone", as if I was watching the movie based on the book:)

    • Recebi o ebook oferecido pela autora!^^ Em vários aspectos, revi-me na personagem de Vanessa Especialmente na necessidade de provocar uma reviravolta em alguns aspectos da vida à procura da felicidade que um dia esteve presente!! Este livro foi uma lufada de ar fresco, leve e viciante! Bem como a minha estreia na leitura em formato digital!

    • « Emocionante, esta obra. Retrata aspectos da vida que são muito comuns, e a autora descreve-os de uma maneira magnífica! Pela primeira vez, li um livro desta autora, e fiquei fã, aliás, super fã. A maneira de escrever, como descreve os acontecimentos, tudo. »Resto da opinião em : lovelygirlwholovesreadspo

    • Definitely a great read!Definitely a great read!it's easy to see women in Vanessa's same situation. what I couldn't foresee was how she would change her life. I truly enjoyed this book.

    • Já li o O Estranho Ano de Vanessa M. e venho dizer que adorei, o livro prende-nos de tal forma que não consegui parar de ler. Estou agora ansiosa para ler os 30. Obrigada pela sua escrita, não conhecia o seu trabalho e fiquei agradavelmente surpreendida.

    • Li o primeiro livro desta autora e achei muito bom, hilariante até, não esperava que este segundo livro fosse nitidamente mais maduro e na minha opinião com uma escrita muito mais evoluída.Parabéns á autora e está na hora de começar a pensar no próximo.

    • Gostei muito deste livro, é mais uma prova de bons autores que podemos encontrar em Portugal! Faz-nos reflectir sobre a vida, sem ser propriamente um livro de auto-ajuda ou um livro com uma lição de moral. Espero ler mais livros da autora :)

    • its been a while since i read a book without stopping. i completely fell in love with the humanity of the vanessa. a amazing, real read from which you can learn a thing or two. awesome!

    • An easy read which explored the difficulty of just letting life run away with you. Very likeable characters.

    • The Strange Year of Vanessa M. is a somewhat strange book. I think Vanessa had a bit of a breakdown, or maybe delayed postnatal depression, but she eventually found herself back where she belongs.

    • Fácil de ler, mas bem escrito; uma história simples, mas cativante! Aconselho!Easy to read, but well written. A simple story, but impossible to put down. I recommend it!

    • I loved it!! I read this book only in one day becausa i was wonderfull withe story! I recommend this book!!!

    • "Is life really that much easier for men?As long as he's got that just-out-the-shower smell about him, a man with disheveled hair and unshaven chin is sexy. A woman with disheveled hair, with no time to wax her legs, is a slattern who ought to be ashamed to show her face in the street." (LOC 27) Vanessa is just plain bored of the tedium of everyday life. With work, family, chores, and the spectacle of the people around her, she wonders if jail would've been a lot better. I like her already! "The [...]

    • 2,5* Começo por felicitar a autora por ter entrado no TOP 100 da e por agradecer o ebook disponibilizado gratuitamente através do seu site. Deu para sentir um cheirinho da obra que a fez ficar na História É um livro que comecei a gostar verdadeiramente depois de passar o meio. A primeira parte pareceu-me um excerto de 'dona de casa desesperada' à portuguesa. Por um lado, é 'positivo' porque a autora conseguiu (a meu ver) descrever a realidade de tantas mulheres casadas e até mesmo soltei [...]

    • the Kindle edition has some annoying typos and errors. The story was easy to get into, and the author does a great job of getting the reader to feel the anxiety & frustration that Vanessa is experiencing. The problem is that the supporting characters are very one-dimensional. I enjoyed reading this story and couldn't wait to get back to it whenever I put it down, but the end left me just flat. It felt like the journey Vanessa had taken was the result of selfish navel-gazing and immaturity. I [...]

    • What an odd little bookt much happens but a lot happens. Don't really see the point of the story. The major incident gets significantly glossed over and the rest of the story is frankly rather pedestrian. It is translated from Portuguese but doesn't feel like a translation until you stumble over a couple of really poor grammar instances or horrendous typos. It reads like a pre-teen book. Granted, having just read Nearest Thing to crazy and Into the Darkest Corner, any book would struggle but thi [...]

    • In this rather short book (after all it is one year in Vanessa's life), Silva brings forth thoughts that I truly believe most women experience in their lives, both personal and professional. It isn't about what shoes or lipstick to buy, but it is about choices. I don't think this specific book could be a Hallmark movie but I'm sure one has been produced on the same premises. An easy read that certainly could impact readers differently depending on where they are in their own lives and decision m [...]

    • Quick read - enjoyable enough to finish in an afternoon, but it could have been 100 pages longer. The book covers a year in the life of Vanessa after she's arrested and forced to endure 60 sessions of court-ordered therapy. It's an interesting ride of ups and downs, but it feels like we finally get to the meat of the story -- her relationship with her (ex)husband -- and it ends up in a few pages, tied up with a neat bow on top. A side note that caught my eye: the significant men in her life are [...]

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